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Sunday, March 29 2015

Im a complete loser, i'm married to a woman who cheated on me within 6 months of being married. I have started my own shitty business and it's only resulted in getting myself in debt, while all around me people have started and succeeded in business.

I don't drive, have no money, no respect from anyone and feel like i am running out of time to make a successful life.

but most of all my life has no meaning, no matter how hard i try to make things better, i fail at every step.

29-Mar-15 11:31 AM By Matt 1 Comment

I need to tell my sister something really important,but im too scared. I need to tell her that I cut. But imma coward,so.. Well,theres my shit.

29-Mar-15 10:55 AM By Blues shit 2 Comments

My boyfriend of 11 years dumped me on Thurs:(

29-Mar-15 03:18 AM By kh 1 Comment

Saturday, March 28 2015

hi, everyone i'm worthless guy and a complete failure man on this planet...i am good at nothing, people make fun of me nobody even care about me. I don't have much friend because i am so dumb and retarded, cowardice, pathetic and boring guy. i hate myself and sometime i confuse why i was born?

Sorry about my bad English, i just don't how to write correct sentences.

28-Mar-15 09:13 PM By mett 1 Comment

And when we think we reached the bottom and it's impossible for things to get worse... things DO get worse

28-Mar-15 06:19 PM 0 Comments

Friday, March 27 2015

I am so afraid of failing...I tried to take my life by overdosing an now I'm in foster care but seriously all I want to do is go home...I feel like I have no one an my foster mom is a bitch..I feel like I'm failing at life...I wish I would have died that night.

27-Mar-15 08:38 AM By Rayne 0 Comments

And this can't last, as nothing ever lasts

In a forest of flesh

There is a need to sever myself away from happiness...

27-Mar-15 12:03 AM By TheDirge 0 Comments

Thursday, March 26 2015

Carried through life in squalor

26-Mar-15 11:48 PM 0 Comments

the darkessest days in a mans life are the ones of an absence of willpower to move forward sinking deeper and deeper into a coma of black

embraceing lifes joys and wonders are no longer a privilege

26-Mar-15 03:04 AM By experiment of skull and bones society 0 Comments

an overbearing mother has caused my life to be ruined along with Asperger syndrome. im 20 and cant do anything becose she is always on my back and im have anxity really badly so i cant work or make friends. im so lonely and depressed and isolated i feel like im losing my mind and going to break any day now. i graduated school when i was 17 and from there i wondered when life would take off but its been almost 4 years now and i havnt been able to do much. im afraid to burn in hell or somthing bad if i take my own life or maybe im already dead and this is my own personal hell idk my mind has been crazy from being alone so long idk what to do. i would drink and stand up to the bitch but im not 21 yet and my friends that do buy me booze are moved on in life with jobs and relationships so i dont see much of them anymore.

26-Mar-15 02:39 AM By slave of illuminati 1 Comment

Wednesday, March 25 2015

Hey, what would you do if i killed myself?

25-Mar-15 08:16 PM By ♂ыùξ 2 Comments

I'm an immortal shapeshifting being whose usual form is a gigantic, disfigured, horrifying eight-legged green monster with black hair that looks like it's made of thousands of humans all jammed together in one crying mess, but who was born as an eight-legged green leech-like creature. I try to disguise my ugliness by taking on a beautiful form, but people just mock me aesthetic sense and my fashion sense – they say my slim frame and smooth, taut muscles are feminine, that my hairstyle looks like a palm-tree, and that my clothes look like something a twelve-year-old schoolgirl from a Victorian household would wear under her clothes. I can't feel and positive emotions, I don't have any friends, my father makes me do terrible things or else he'll drop me into molten metal, I'm unable to take pleasure in anything except schadenfreude and sadism, and to top it all off I'm in love with a guy who thinks I'm the most evil thing ever to walk the earth.

25-Mar-15 06:45 PM By Envy 1 Comment

I'm unable to focus on my work, I'm procrastinating all day every day, I don't have a job and I'm running through my student loan because my rent is through the roof, I'm married and worried I won't be able to support my wife, I have a bad case of stress-induced bowel irritation, there is a massive skin problem on the back of my hand. And I can't get over Lelouch's death.

25-Mar-15 06:37 PM 1 Comment

I have done nothing with my life and have nothing going for me. I have no social life, extremely poor grades, only two or three close friends, so much stress, and no future. I am socially awkward when people talk to me. When I sit with my friends and a few other people, they are all talking with each other having a good time and I sit there all quite and barely say anything. But when I do speak up, I get ignored. I just feel like that person who is just there and other people can't really remember if I was there or not. Then I have the stress of school and my grades. I am failing almost all my classes (have been for years) with maybe one class I am not failing in. The stress of constant homework, work, and my own problems and just everything. It drags me down and all I want to do is shut down and not deal with it. I understand that stress is a part of life but some people just can't deal with stress as well as others and I am one of those who just can't seem to deal with it. I know I am pretty smart, not a genius, but I know I am smart. But I feel so stupid. My self confidence and self-esteem and belief in myself are so low that I have decided to say screw it. I loathe myself and feel like a disappointment. I have been stuck in the same spot for years and can't get out. I have tried to but when I do, there is always something bad that happens and drags me back down. It has gotten to the point where I don't enjoy the things I used to, I hide so I don't become a bother to anyone, and spend every waking hour thinking why I can't succeed or do good. I am just a nobody.

25-Mar-15 12:15 PM 0 Comments

I am good at nothing I do. I can not play any sport, I have no hand-eye coordination, I have no strategic ability so puzzles are impossible. I struggle to fit in socially. I can not talk to women, I am getting on 21 and have never had a girlfriend. I'm not rich. Some people think I'm smart but I doubt it greatly. I can make any situation awkward and sometimes I feel like my whole world is falling apart.

25-Mar-15 03:05 AM 2 Comments

Tuesday, March 24 2015

My friends wont even talk to me hardly anymore so I literally go to college an sit with them in silence and have no social life apart from working which is the only time I properly have a conversation with someone. I also feel like I am going to be alone forever, I have no boyfriend and I dont feel like I will ever get one because I have no social life. And then I will grow up with no family and probably a shitty job because I am going to fail all my exams and I just completely have no life.

24-Mar-15 07:34 PM 0 Comments

This won't last, nothing ever lasts

24-Mar-15 07:22 PM 0 Comments

I have everything and nothing. I am smart,good looking and have a family that doesn't give a shit about me but at least provides me with enough money necessary for things I need. When people first look at me they think I'm going to be cool. Then they take a closer look and realize I'm an anxious,depressing,nerdy guy with no backbone that is too prideful to be himself. No one likes me, that is a fact. Even people who look like my close friends on the outside will never try to initiate contact with me. The best thing that's happened in my life is smoking weed and I got caught so now I can barely even do that. I am about to fail High School cuz I can't get my depressing ass focused on doing anything but feeling sorry for my self. Wtf is my problem, every time I get close I go back to square one again

24-Mar-15 07:04 PM By Baek 0 Comments

I never had much of a chance from the start. Mentally ill, narcissist parent, illness from a young age, hormones gone awry very early.

My life has no substance. I don't have close friends and acquaintances, I have people who judge me. My career is tanking. I've been sick for a while now and have been unable to care for my home and it is in need of care. I look around and everyone has family and friends close by and they are all engaged in and loving life. I know that's probably not true, but it certainly appear that way.

I wake up every morning in terror. It's just a cortisol thing but it makes my life impossible. I also have extreme fatigue and depression.

I want this life to be over. The one thing keeping me from "jumping" is a my cat. I can't bare the idea of her having to survive without me and I can't put her down. But if I didn't have her, I'd have done myself in a long time ago.

I try to make a life but my heart is just not in it. I don't see a win in this at all. All I'm doing here is waiting until it's over.

I hate my life. There is nothing worse than when your own mind is your worst enemy. My mind constantly betrays me and there is no escape.

24-Mar-15 06:16 PM By a 0 Comments

so, i have two assessments due tomorrow and i've only done half of the first one and it's 9 pm and i'm tired and i don't know aht to do can someone shoot me pls

24-Mar-15 03:26 PM By maya 0 Comments

Hey owner,close this shythole already you greyhole scumbag ape,this place does no good.

24-Mar-15 02:01 PM By lyles 1 Comment

Today was my zoology exam and i studied so hard for it.. i have never studied like this in my entire life. i wrote the paras amd pages line by line and understood them and learnt them 5 times.. but the next day.. the qiestion that were being repeated for 10 years.. changed this time.. and one ques which i had studied so hard for.. i was unable to recall even a single sentence. I used to be a topper and now. Whatever i study m not able to remember it.. i hate it. I have turned into a complete failiure.. its so frustrating and irritating.. i suffocate all the time... i want to commit suicide.. that would be better than living a failed life.. i have seem to lost Intetest in my way of living. I sleep longer than usual bcoZ its like what will i do when i wake up.. afterall am a loser why bother trying.. i worked hard today for the last time.. now nomore.. i really want to cry out loud but i cant bcoz i dont want to show my weak self to this insensitive world.. yeah i endure and endure to the point of bursting and then i explode in tears in washroom.. i cant handle this all by myself.. my friends seem to have complains regarding their lives but trust ne they dont know anything about real suffocation.. i just laugh uncontrollable. In front of my friends and relatives and joke around everytime..... just so that they cant see my true self which is crying for help every second thay save me plz.. no one will ever know about my true self..i also want someone to hold me tight and ask to cry to my heart's content and say its all gonna be alright.. i hate myself for being a loser..thanks for hearing me out.

24-Mar-15 12:01 PM By nashra 1 Comment

Monday, March 23 2015

I wanna die.. I wanna cut.. Im a failer.

23-Mar-15 10:15 PM By Blue 1 Comment

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23-Mar-15 08:42 PM By moto 0 Comments

Fuck you all. I've tried being nice and no one ever respects that. I will do something about this. This won't fly.

23-Mar-15 08:12 PM By Fuck you 0 Comments

I win at failing at life. I have been out of work for years, pretending at being an "artist", but let's face it, I've been hiding in a hidey hole of oblivion, ignoring my failure to succeed at anything. I qualify only for one job title: administrative assistant, a job which is just as awful as it is demeaning. I have managed to reach nearly middle life with nothing to show for it. I'm isolated, with no one in my life who will listen to my feelings. not my friends nor my spouse. They all have these ridiculous ideas about what I'm supposed to be able to accomplish and I just don't see what they see. In fact, I see them as naive, even stupid in their overblown advocacy of my skills and talents. I wander through my days and don't remember much. Life has been vignettes of smiles against a background of overwhelming darkness and sorrow. I wish I could end it but I have neither the means nor the courage. And so I wander, lost and ephemeral, all the days of my life. Pathetic.

23-Mar-15 02:23 PM 0 Comments

Sunday, March 22 2015

life kills me all the time. its just me against the world

22-Mar-15 01:01 PM 0 Comments

So the 20 March 2015 solar eclipse caused a fallout bw my friend and me. So sad, I'm all by myself now. Forever alone.

22-Mar-15 08:46 AM 0 Comments

Friday, March 20 2015

If I could,Id slit my damn throught..

20-Mar-15 04:34 PM By Blue 2 Comments

I'm 16, my dad is an alcoholic, my mother is unemployed. My brother is a stoner and my little brother is amazing but gets shit on by life. I'm smart as hell. I build robots and memorize hundreds of digits to pie. But I have F's, I suck at the sports I play, my parents are poor dumbasses, my girlfriend causes more problems and doesn't even like me anymore. I'm getting shit on by life. I don't fuck around and skip school. I try in life. Sure I never do homework... And my drunk father just yells at me. Having no role models and no water or sun to let my flower blossom. I drown my depression in working out at the gym every single second.

20-Mar-15 12:29 AM By life 0 Comments

Thursday, March 19 2015

I failed an important test today. I failed many things before this important test today, (broke my phone a few days prior, failed a calculus test, failed a quarter of physics class) but this one was different. I studied hard. I studied long. I studied like a champ but I still failed. I never understood why I failed whenever I studied. Everyone around me, comrades and strangers alike, passed with flying colors. I was ashamed. I had this insatiable rage! I was most certainly mad but then I realized I was just sad. I crumbled upon the floor weeping like the worthless sack of failure I knew I was, contemplating on my life’s failures. I always joked that whenever I failed at something I would say, “God’s not on my side.” He most certainly wasn’t on my side for this one! Then I realized, why would he be? In reality, God isn’t on my side. Instead, one has to choose whether or not to accept the Lord into their life. God wasn’t on my side because I wasn’t on his side! This sudden enlightenment calmed me a little. I still feel like a terrible loser but I’ll strive to do better or, at least, move on.

Maybe its all just a joke and I should stop trying. I was always with God because I'm a faithful Christian, so I probably failed because I suck. I do suck. Sometimes I don't study, and what happens? I fail. If I do study, guess what happens? You're right, I fail even harder. It's really getting to me, that I suck...I'll fight this battle or try to. I shall not give up, even if I still suck at the end of the day.

For everyone out there reading this, don't give up. I don't care how pathetic this sounds but keep moving on. If you don't have friends then do without are make new ones, it isn't hard. Find yourself a hobby like video games or become an enthusiast with movies or automobiles. Study geopolitics, its quite fascinating. All of the aforementioned will do the soul go. I may suck, but that doesn't mean that my life has to suck. And to Hell with failure! I'll gladly accept the new challenge.

19-Mar-15 08:16 PM By Another Tear at the Soul 0 Comments

I basically suck at everything. Just failed my driver's test and I feel like a piece of shit. Also failing like three classes this semester and am barely attending school. No motivation what so ever. I honestly just want to die.

19-Mar-15 02:24 PM By Lisa 0 Comments

I'm not particularly a fan of this world. I see so many bright people with the best of intentions go to waste simply because this shallow world around them judges them by their ability to do some stupid test. We should not judge people by their ability to complete a mundane task, but rather by their intentions and character. I am a victim of this. I'm extremely talented and gifted, and for that I am grateful, but the system doesn't see this. They instead judge me based on grades. What are grades anyway? They certainly don't judge people based on their strengths. They are certainly not tailored to the individual needs of a person. I hope the world will change someday, but I know that it won't.

19-Mar-15 02:05 PM 0 Comments

i need to be forgiven from all my sins and i need to be a christian becasue jesus died in the cross for my sin and that he is the only way , i am lost in this world and broken have no where to go i am sick of people making a joke out of me because i am Asian with little eyes but i forgive them i am a good shy person . never got a chance to talk to girls i am 20 years old but i dont have girl friend because i need one , i also need complete healing and to be born again

19-Mar-15 03:56 AM By Please Pray for me 0 Comments

Wednesday, March 18 2015

I don't know what to do anymore. Used to be passing all my classes now I failed 3/4. My motivation has left . It's like a dark cloud. No matter how much I try to make the sun shine. My life just gets pouring rain. I have nobody. My mom is extremely critical and unhappy with me . I even got withdrawn from school to try to get a new start with my grades. I'm hoping it doesn't come crumbling down. I already failed everyone. I've gotta at least pull things together for myself.

18-Mar-15 10:26 PM 0 Comments

I feel so insecure and I can't handle criticism. Always crying when nobody's watching.

I should make myself usefull, write my reports and papers, but instead i'm just whining about how weak I am.

18-Mar-15 04:06 PM By just a nobody 0 Comments

dont kill yourself, lisent to vapor wave

18-Mar-15 01:57 PM By Bastard 0 Comments

Tuesday, March 17 2015

Well, today I found out that I would not be attending my dream college at UNCW. I am a freshman at UNCP and I dont like it here at all. All my friends are simply living life as happy as can be. Im just here, like Im not even here for a reason. Im a waste of space. Lately, everything has been downhill for me. I cant pass a test to save my life, I feel like my parents dont care even thought they do. I always try to make my parents happy in whatever I do but I dont think I can do that any more. I am currently in the library trying to study but Idk for what. Im typing this because I have no one I can talk to. On top of this one of my good friends took his life last week....Its just nothing NEVER goes right for some people, you know? and I think I have entered that category.

17-Mar-15 09:16 PM By Student in Distress 0 Comments

When I was younger I was the top student at my school, got the highest grades, most of the trophies etc.. When I went to high school my grades didn't stand out as much but they were good- As, Bs, the occasional C. But when I came to college... Everything just went downhill.. Failing grades began to be the norm.. At one point I just stopped caring. I had no motivation to do anything.. it's not that I don't understand the work, I just.. I don't know.. For every step forward it's as if I'm pulled 2 steps backward.. I began overeating.. Lol look at me straying. Nobody's gonna read this anyway. And it's more than my grades I just can't bother to get into it. I suck at expressing myself. It's like.. all the thoughts accumulate at a point and cause a blockage, so none of them get through.. or they go through in stupid pieces.

I'm always late and if I wake up earlier than usual something comes up to make me late. Always.Always. This was never a problem before. Punctuality was never an issue. Often times I wonder if I'm cursed. Lol I really do. Like what have I ever done in my life to really deserve this.

I'm just a screw up. I sit and wonder what's the point of living if I'm just a waste of space. Cause thats exactly what I am. I serve no purpose, I'm not beneficial to anyone so..?

I many even consider suicide anymore lol. I'd just be an even bigger burden. I think I was placed in the wrong universe .

17-Mar-15 08:06 AM 4 Comments

People fail to realize that when we die we become psychic ghosts. As soon as you're dead you're a ghost.

17-Mar-15 05:26 AM By loser 1 Comment

Monday, March 16 2015

I got a girl pregnant that I dated for only a week. After six weeks later of no contact with her, she tells me she's pregnant. Kid is now 9 months.

I never wanted kids. I never wanted my life tied to her. She is bi-polar. I now have to be completely sober (not even 1 drink at the bar with friends) or I'm afraid she'll use it against me in the future.

She won't let me see my daughter alone; her or her mom need to be around. I can't even take my daughter to see my parents without my daughters mother or grandmother with me.

I hate my daughters mother, and I'm a bad dad because I still don't want to be one. Sad thing is that I'm the mature money making person in this situation and she has had issues all her life with this, that, and the other. I hate my life and don't see a point in it anymore. I don't enjoy anything anymore.

16-Mar-15 11:49 PM By Jay Em 0 Comments

Everyone else is succeeding and I failed at life.

16-Mar-15 05:53 PM 2 Comments

I am 43. I live with my partner in a lovely little house in a shitty area. I have a good job, but I am in over my head. People don't get me. I'm awkward and weird I guess. I'm way below average intelligence - thick as shit. I'm fat and ugly. I have no talents at all - there is literally NOTHING that I am good at. Even though my intelligence is low it's getting worse which is a pretty unbelievable situation, but it's happening. My memory is getting worse month by month. I could read an article I find interesting and straight after I read it - I forget most if it.

Life is an embarrassment - why did I get such a good job. It's so annoying that I am concencious enough to realise I am crap and worry about it. I wish I was dumb and content to be so.

I love my partner but we are really just friends.

I just don't see the point. Life is just not great and I see no way out - I hope I don't have a long life but then again I am afraid of death...

I suck

16-Mar-15 04:47 PM By M 1 Comment

Sunday, March 15 2015

Hahahaha my life is such a failure. Poor, ugly, fat, short, no girlfriend, no friends, no talent, no confidence, ugly. It's so funny how life laughs at my face. Like they say, laughing is quite contagious so I'm laughing at myself too. What a funny little ignorant man I am. lol, someone should give me money so I can tattoo "failure" on my forehead.

15-Mar-15 11:33 PM By Laugher 0 Comments

We are all going to die in the end

15-Mar-15 01:59 PM 3 Comments

Here is my another failure story. Yesterday I failed in GATE 2015. I am sitting idle.I am 35, married and staying with my parent with no job. It seems to me that I have no future at all. My life is in vain. I have no work to do. I am failure. What will happen to my children ? I am from India.I keep on sleeping. I gave many interviews but of no use.

15-Mar-15 08:48 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, March 14 2015

Dear God,

Take me home.

your child,


If God had a mailbox,that would be there.

14-Mar-15 05:53 PM By Blue 1 Comment

Lu lu lu I've got some apples

Lu lu lu You've got some too

Lu lu lu Lets get together, I know what we can do lu lu

14-Mar-15 02:33 PM 0 Comments

Friday, March 13 2015

Why am i having both suicidal AND homicidal thoughts?!?

13-Mar-15 07:22 PM By frowning and scared 4 Comments

Back in school, I was top of the class. Currently I am doing two majors, MSc Computer Science and BSc Psychology, and I have reached the point where I am so burnt out that I either have a nervous breakdown during the exam or simply do not turn up at all. Out of the last five exams I passed only one. I know I am severely depressed but I just don't have the energy to try and find help. I think I'll have to kill myself. I don't see where my life is going. I can't decide on anything. What is the point in doing a double major? I can't imagine what I'll do after that. There's just too much and too many possibly fatal decisions. I can't decide. Whatever I'll do it will be the wrong decision. I know this is depression but I have been depressed for the last 8 years and I don't think I'll ever be normal. I think I am doomed. I can't go back but I can't go on. Whatever I decide to drop now will later turn out to be the thing I should have pursued. Better end everything now. I am such a failure I am so sorry, mum. I love you but I just don't know what to do anymore. I have four more exams coming up and instead of studying I am complaining on the internet but I just can't stop crying. I know that I am doomed. It's when you just *KNOW* something. Some people are born this way, for some people that's all there is in this world and it's hurtful but I have realised I am one of them, I was born defective, there has never been a future for me. I can't imagine being alive at 30. I just can't. I wasn't born for that. I am so sorry but I don't think I can change anything about this. I am so sorry. Sorry.

13-Mar-15 04:47 PM 2 Comments

Thursday, March 12 2015

I hate myself. I cant DO anything productive, like a waste of space. I dont like being in the way of people, it makes me feel bad. Maybe I should just die in adark hole.

12-Mar-15 07:45 PM 0 Comments

I just a failure. I promise my dad I'll go to school but I didn't. 2 days in a row. But he still forgives me...I feel bad. I hate myself I kill self

12-Mar-15 04:32 PM By Failure 0 Comments

I just want to die.I had enough being humilliated and rejected because im ugly and i hope everyone will suffer as much as i did.

12-Mar-15 04:39 AM By yakupov 0 Comments

I failed 4 subjects out of 7, my mom wasalready pissed when i failed 3 what the hell will she do now when she found out i failed 4... god damn it

12-Mar-15 03:05 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, March 11 2015

Someone stole all my gadgets and I have to starve myself for two months to save enough money to buy a new smart phone. I get all my income from my parent who send me money to take care of myself while I attend school. I have panic attacks so I hate attending lectures due to the uncontrollable sweating (embarrassing) , so the exams has been depressing when I am unable to pen a simple answer on my booklet. I am wasting my father's money.

11-Mar-15 01:38 PM 1 Comment

Tuesday, March 10 2015

All I do is make complaints on this site. I spend all my life on here. People say they wanna help but they don't. No one wants anything to do with someone as ugly as me. Ugly trash. I am nothing. I am no one. I achieve nothing. I give nothing to this world. I am a slithering worm. Out of the earth I came and to it I shall return. Say goodbye to me. Say farewell to this pathetic low life poor trash. It's sad that I'm like this. I would've never thought. I used to have no connection with people like me. But now I understand. None of my family knows my pain. I hope they never do. It will pain them to see their cheerful child in pain. I cry inside....I'm crying. Help me....

10-Mar-15 09:56 PM 3 Comments

Hi. Basically in school I am bad at every subject. Literally it is as if my own mind/brain is turning against me and making me less smart. I also take awhile to process things and always need a teacher to explain things a second Time. My options (lessons that I get to choose) are coming up and if I stay like this forever I'm going to stay in a low set and I wont be able to get the science job I have always wanted to do. Please help me.

10-Mar-15 01:42 PM By Jordan 1 Comment

Hi. I am from a small town in India. My board exams are going on and I have math tomorrow. I do not know a thing. I wasted the whole year in a relationship with a guy i know i have no future with just to distract myself. My mum raised me all by herself and alll ive ever done is disappoint her. To top it all off, i think i might be pregnant. me and my boyfriend had sex some days back and now im late on my period. it might be just a common thing in another country but in india..i cant even go to a drug store and buy a preg test. people are going to interrogate like im their 5 year old kid. i know 15 is too young but whats done is done. i am seriously considering committing suicide. im just.. a big fat screw up. Help me. please.

10-Mar-15 12:08 PM By 15andsuicidal 1 Comment

Monday, March 9 2015

So my mom broke up with dad and im living with dad only because i know why i chose for my dad.i used to be the best at primary school and middle school when i lived together with mom,dad and bro+sis. now that we're seperated of all the problems im sucking bad at school failing my dad works all day+night. i have no control over me and i do what i want instead of making my homework and studying. i always used to do a thing fast before now i do it the last bloody seriously addicted to the internet now and watch porn a lot while i used to be a nerd before and really respect girls.i feel like giving up but just came here to hear for some hope to cheer me up and make me rise. sorry if my english sucked cuz thats not my 1st language

9-Mar-15 10:08 PM By useless4life 0 Comments

I seriously suck at math.

9-Mar-15 07:35 PM By Julius Westwick 2 Comments

Sunday, March 8 2015

I failed all my classes. Every. Single. One. My mother is single and raising my four other siblings, and we barley scrape by. A scholarship was my only chance to make something out of my life. I fucked up so badly, not a single college will ever accept me. Now, just seeing the disappoint in her face is enough to make me want to slit my throat. But I can't, because without my part-time job, they wouldn't be able to pay the rent on our shitty apartment. Great.

8-Mar-15 09:55 PM By seiko 1 Comment

So I posted here earlier. I failed out of college because of health issues, and psychological conditions. I got back into community college, and I am now studying to become an RN. It has become a life obsession of mine now to someday get my msn. It's only community college, but I have a 4.0 at the moment for the first time since grade school. I work part time, and go to school full time. I am 26, and live with my mother so at this point in my life I am probably a failure, but I no longer care if I don't finish my RN I am just going to jump off a bridge so it's ok.

8-Mar-15 05:33 AM 0 Comments


8-Mar-15 01:48 AM By BlueLifeX 0 Comments

Im failing soooo bad in school.. why dose it feel like nobody cares? Oh well. I'll be reaching for a razor if you need me...which you probably wont.

8-Mar-15 01:41 AM By Blue 0 Comments

Saturday, March 7 2015

I'm 20 no girlfriend ever, I hate myself and want to die because I feel like I'm a worthless person who will never find happiness with another human being

7-Mar-15 04:18 PM 1 Comment

bad childhood, no talent, no skills, no success at work, special needs kid I don't know how to parent, ugly, out of shape, husband hates me, death will be a relief

7-Mar-15 11:37 AM 0 Comments

I just googled, "i failed". And up came this site. Ha. This is how low ive gotten in life. Ha. I cant help but feel im being watched...My every move ugh.

7-Mar-15 12:14 AM By Mumbo Jumbo 0 Comments

Friday, March 6 2015

I know you guys fail at life, but can't you at least use correct grammar and spelling when typing up your post? It'll make reading about your misery a lot easier. Put effort into SOMETHING!

6-Mar-15 03:10 PM 1 Comment

21 years old. Still living w/ single mother. Father died when I was four years old. Have struggled with severe anxiety/depression all my life. Had to partially homeschool. Graduated but now unable to work. Life is pointless.

6-Mar-15 02:43 PM By Rose 1 Comment

Thursday, March 5 2015

38 years old, no career/job, ugly, no wife, no savings, and no future. Considering suicide, but just don't have the courage. huh!

5-Mar-15 12:00 PM 0 Comments

38 years old, no career/job, ugly, no wife,no savings, and no future. Considering suicide, but just don't have the courage. fuck!

5-Mar-15 11:40 AM By imron 0 Comments

Schadenfreude schadenfreude schadenfreude schadenfreude schadenfreude!!!!!

The sole reason why I love reading all these entries, it makes me feel better about myself. Sorry.

5-Mar-15 11:31 AM By schadenfreude 0 Comments

Who cares?This website is useless.What's the point of posting your stories here?You don't get any comments.

5-Mar-15 06:03 AM 0 Comments

Im fail at my life my mom is mean and always verbal abuse me my dad never give what i want, my sister hates me,my brother just busy on his life, i have no friends, i have no talent, im so ugly, im stupid, im fat, i always fail at test, i always try to do my best but its just a vain, my crush ignore me, when i want a course my family never agree, and i hope i live on my dream T_T

5-Mar-15 03:28 AM By CJ 0 Comments

Dude, that post below wasn't a "haiku" it was just a run-on sentence. One loong sentence. Try again.

5-Mar-15 02:07 AM By poetry fail 0 Comments

Wednesday, March 4 2015

my life is going miserable day by day,i cant do anything gud to to my parents eventhough i am at that age to help my parents,right now i am in college doin bsc nursing and i am in fourth year but l have back papers of of second year pending,i always hope for better in exams but when results come it is totally the opposite one i never got what i expected since i joined my college,i m worrying day and night and sometimes i fel like i am no morecin this world,

4-Mar-15 10:24 PM By jhon 0 Comments

I'm a big failure I love my parents but they want me to be a doctor I love them but I suck at math and don't want to be a doctor I know they'll be ashamed if I become something else I love them to much to fail but I feel like I'm suffocated I always loved writing and helping others but they say there are no good careers in that and I have self esteem issues when I see the mirror I feel like throwing up all I know is I am a failure.

4-Mar-15 10:14 PM By haiku 1 Comment

Math is the sword that rips through the fabric of my very sanity. If I fail this year, my mom's sending me off to live with my aunt. I don't even want to be an engineer/any other career that includes heavy amounts of mathematics, I just want to be s journalist.

4-Mar-15 09:41 PM By Zabriskie 0 Comments

I'm awful at everything I do. I try playing piano properly, but I always end up making a mistake of some sort. School doesn't go well. I suck at every subject. I can't get a 90% average for shit. I'm awful at sports. Everything I try I fail doing. Every time I think I have something fixed, it breaks again. I'm just not intelligent. That's all. I've been contemplating hanging myself for the past few weeks.

4-Mar-15 06:02 PM 0 Comments

I fail. I graduated high school with a GPA of 2.2 and an act score of 18. I barely got into a community college which I failed out of at 18. I am now 21 and already in debt of about 5,000. The only job I can get is working as a care provider for 8.15 an hour and I am barely making it. I have very few friends. I want to study psychology but I can't even get back into the community college, I don't qualify for in state tuition and my grades are so shitty that I won't get any scholarships. I dont understand anything about school. Never have been good at school. There is no use at trying because I'm just going to fail. I can fuck your brains out and that's about all I'm good for. My family is disappointed in my and I never finish anything. My life hasn't even started yet and I've already failed at it.

4-Mar-15 10:53 AM By con 0 Comments

I failed in life. I can never become what i want to be. I am afraid of trying any more. I am worth nothinhg. I am a useless person.

4-Mar-15 09:11 AM 0 Comments

Hey Wild Cat Scientist, that was an entertaining post. You should write more.

4-Mar-15 04:09 AM By some internet stranger 0 Comments

Tuesday, March 3 2015

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3-Mar-15 06:59 PM By American Football 0 Comments

It really is a hard knock life when you don't have many friends, are just above poverty level, live with your mom. Don't have a vehicle nor even drive for that matter, because you don't have the skills because no one was around to teach you, but that's neither here nor there at this juncture in life, because you've developed a comlpex for being behind the wheel anyway- I suppose riding shotgun with your brother while you both were drunk 5 or 6 timezs wasn't worth it afterall.

When school liked you, you liked it... which sadly was as rare as getting the color of gumball you wanted from the machine. Intensifying your self pity you can't even remember a time that happened... in fact, normally you got the color you despised. Needless to say by the time you reached middle school your mindset was as such, school wasn't worth the price. Day after day of getting the wrong color can weigh on a person. Looking around at the other people ALL getting the color they want! They're always winning while you're always losing... falling short, inadequate, worthless, inferior, feeling lower than dirt as every dirty look, every harsh word, everyday of having to sit alone at lunch eats you from the inside out. Grades mean nothing to you anymore, skipping school, escaping the negative feeling becomes all important. You play hookie more than you attend class now, hanging with the crowd who will try and convince you its cool, but something is never right and, looking back, they were just as hurt as you.

Situations like thi, if not taken control over, can lead to all kinds of mental complexes. A mentality that you aren't smart enough to pass a simple school exam becomes you never being confident in your own abilities later. Being dishearted over that one girl who called you ugly in school manifests into a belief that you aren't worthy of being loved. Seeing all those other poeple in school who seem so happy and cool. while you're a walking misery, causes you to distance yourself later because you believe everyone is better than you and you aren't worth their friendship.

Now, you're shy. A total shut-in, but others don't talk to you ONLY because they think you must be uptight! Or... maybe they feel the same way as you do. Yes, even that one girl at work who walks around like she's better than you and seldom talks and when she does its always a rude remark! She, can relate with yo, so despite her ignoring you you still value her even more than those who are friendly and nice.

Everything we think about ourselves is instilled there. From real circumstances comes false ideas.

I'm tired of typing lol. But the above is my complaint. Its not you, its me. But at the same time it is you. It just made me feel better to pretend I'm narrating a story line.

3-Mar-15 02:45 PM By Wild Cat Scientist 1 Comment

Just don't be ugly and everything will be alright.Mark my words.

3-Mar-15 12:14 PM By rodriguez 0 Comments

Fellow fuck ups! Just start smiling now, least we can do! Smile through the doom and gloom, trust I really fucked it all from day one to this moment! from now let us detach from the pain and just take some time to appreciate everything, it will benefit the whole, one simple win we can all do is smile, please join me in this humble smile and let's win something for once! Peace

3-Mar-15 10:58 AM By last resort... smile 0 Comments

My life sucks, I couldn't become what I wanted too, I have no friends in my college, I don't like anyone, I hate myself also. I have failed in ststudying, I couldn't live myself or even for others sake. I feel like I want to die, what ever I do, I will be disappointed. Every one in my class are first and get good grades but I couldn't even pass in the subjects. But one thing I know this as happened to me because I couldn't become what I wanted. I used to beg my death. But I always wanted my death to look like accident or natural, I should die like that. I am always in front of smart phones and laptops and tv. Why am I like this. I realised but couldn't change myself. I failed my life.

3-Mar-15 04:26 AM By alsatian 1 Comment

I always wanted to become a unique and great fighter but my parents put me in an engineering college and wasted my 18 years.I couldn't study, I have failed in four subjects and i became worst, started to bunk class and go to a lonely place and speak to myself and record what I spoke like a Mental. Now I am always unhappy, angry. And i started to Search about foreigners of different countries, I became crazy about foreigners. And I tired of trying to stop all these kind of activities. I wanted to be good but I couldn't, I wanted to become what I to, but I couldn't. I failed in everything in my life. I don't like anybody and don't like love also. I have become useless guy.

3-Mar-15 03:54 AM By joe 1 Comment

There is good we can all do if we keep trying. I get very depressed sometimes but it is important to stay focused, especially for the ones that you hold close to heart.

3-Mar-15 02:35 AM By Stephen 0 Comments

Monday, March 2 2015

Just like your fingerprint, You're unique. People who post on this website have already given up, don't let that be you. Work hard and be dedicated, The rest should align along.

2-Mar-15 03:31 PM 0 Comments

I hate life I don't know what to do , I'm doing really bad in my studies and I feel I can't pursue in anything , I have a gf but I don't think I'm the one for her so yea I basically wanna give my life away , but what should I do ?

2-Mar-15 01:26 PM By xavier 0 Comments

I'm searching for like minded people in California who are through with life. Please leave contact information so we can connect.

2-Mar-15 09:37 AM 0 Comments

I've been buying lotto ticketsfor 10 years now, I just want to be rich. Will that make me happy? Happier maybe, but damn it, why are some people luckier than others?

2-Mar-15 08:59 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, March 1 2015

Life has been so hard and unbearable for me. i can't seem to make things work at all. most of my effort, self motivation and my best just isn't good enough. my high school years were terrible, but atleast i managed to pass all my exams, now college was an endless source of grief and untold misery for me. i failed during my first year, my second year wasn't as bad as my first, but thinking about my past failures caused deep depression inside that i no longer had any strength left to go on. my life was practicaly over when i dropped out of college. everything that could go wrong went wrong. my life still sucks and it appears that other people i met in college seem to be doing so much better than me. just yesterday, i met some former college mates and they have jobs, they are driving cars and are in serious relationships. i have non of those and i just feel so much of a loser. no job because non of the companies i applied to would hire me, no car or money and girls simply ignore me. wish my life was better.

1-Mar-15 05:47 PM By Christian 0 Comments

I'm tired of feeling guilty for everything I haven't done. There is no absolution, I just want to go out in the cold June rain.

1-Mar-15 09:57 AM By Sinking ship 1 Comment

Saturday, February 28 2015

I fail over and over again at everything. I used to read lots of books, being interested in foreign languages and history. Ever since I entered High-school I became more and more lazy and unmotivated. I don't do anything right, I don't read anymore, I don't have a passion, a specific hobby of mine, a special thing to part me from other mundane students. I am a boring human being if not even worse. I am a failure.

And to make matters worse, I'm also stupid and I think I may be mentally slow. I'm currently studying at mathematics and computer science profile because of my father's pressure to form a logical thinking. But it doesn't suit me at all. I feel I have lots of lacunas and I'm just to distracted by too many things, uninterested and I do procrastinate a lot.

God, I'm so lazy. Some days I just wish I could sleep forever, like in a deep sleep where I just got to dream whatever I like. I'm to much of a coward to commit suicide and there are times that I think life is beautiful...but I still feel like crap.

28-Feb-15 05:19 PM By a girl 1 Comment

I failed to keep my parents marriage safe I feel like a useless child . I couldn't even keep my parents marriage what good am I . Day by day , I'm getting hurt wherever I go , I make enemies in school when I want to be friends with them . I can't even cry anymore I just feel sadness . I just want everybody around me to be happy in exchange for my happiness

28-Feb-15 06:18 AM By I failed 0 Comments

Thursday, February 26 2015

I hate my life. No one cares.

26-Feb-15 11:46 PM 0 Comments

21, lonely and useless

I don't have a job, live with my parents and I'm extremely shy one of the reasons I won't get a job, besides the fact that I don't go out looking for one i just send resumes by email, I haven't finished highschool, I am in community school (I think that's what is called) at 21 only had one job in my life which was with my dad so doesn't count, no friends, still a virgin, my brother thinks I'm useless he hasn't said that to me but I know he thinks so and I think my dad feels that way too, my mom is like she doesn't care sometimes, I'm always ignored when I say things or when I want to do something my brother is always saying the cons, I'm only feeling ok when I watch TV or Netflix which is what I do most of the day I don't even want to go to my classes anymore which is only 3 days a week for 2 hours. I want to die, I don't want to kill myself i couldn't do that to my parents nor my cat, sometimes I want to get sick and die so it won't be as sudden and painful for my parents, but I'm tired of feeling like shit everyday, I want to be successful, i want to go to college and get married, but I just don't do anything to change my life besides crying and feeling like shit, I just want the pain to stop already.

26-Feb-15 07:33 PM 2 Comments

How sad is the life of the ugly human male. Forced to suffer and be at the bottom of mankind.

26-Feb-15 12:12 PM By baldlose 1 Comment

Wednesday, February 25 2015

I have ruined my life because I procrastinate too much, even know I'm procrastinating.

I'm stupid.

I'm not lazy I just get distracted too much. If I could rid the distractions my life would be soo much easier and more complete.

From now on I will NOT procrastinate (lets see how that goes :p) and I will try and do something in order to become a success in life.

25-Feb-15 02:44 PM 0 Comments

can wait to pull the trigger and blow my brains all of the wall. to bad if the roof springs a leak and ruins the hard wood

25-Feb-15 09:48 AM By Rifleman 0 Comments

Tuesday, February 24 2015

I lack the initiative to do anything substantive, so it's no surprise I've never done anything worthwhile. Still, getting, let alone staying disciplined isn't as easy as it seems. If I didn't work at a family business, I'd probably be dead, which I wouldn't mind. I've failed at everything I've tried. No one has done so little with so much. Yes, failure is part of life, but I have a tough time with menial tasks, despite my efforts. In short, "Failure" is my middle name. At 47, I doubt I'll ever do anything worthwhile, even if I develop better disciplinary habits. I suck.

I wish all of you the best.

24-Feb-15 09:40 PM By Reds 0 Comments

I'm failing the studies I have indebted myself to. And soon I will not have any place to live. I'm a stupid lazy turd that had too high expectation of himself.

My parents are poor as fuck. I don't know where I'm going and what I'm doing with my life.

24-Feb-15 08:57 PM By jo 0 Comments

hey guys , my life sucks

i feel no one like me

i want to help my family but i can't

i don't want to say : "WHY?"

but i don't know what to do

i'm confused :(

24-Feb-15 02:02 PM By hamed 0 Comments

Why was I destined for shit

24-Feb-15 10:11 AM By brett 0 Comments

Why don't girls like me? Sounds so cliche right? But, honestly, why? They all hate me. I knew I was ugly, but I didn't think I was THAT ugly. I don't talk to anyone all day. I crave attention. Give me it.

24-Feb-15 12:18 AM By Why 3 Comments

Monday, February 23 2015

my life its very non cool it sucks cuz my friend tudor keeps his hand on my shoulder.that sucks:(

23-Feb-15 07:18 AM By ionceltrist 1 Comment

Luck always gets the better of me. Fuck.

Fuck my life.

Why did God even send me here when life smothers me every single minute?

... Why does sadness even exist?

23-Feb-15 01:26 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, February 22 2015

I am heading to a great embarrassment today... It's inevitable ..I am in a situation where nobody can help me or help myself...

22-Feb-15 07:20 PM By anonymous 0 Comments

Saturday, February 21 2015

I'm just a big failure joke. I'm always in last place. Quiet in school with no friends. Bad grades. No girlfriend, no car no driving skills, fat ugly, short, poor....everything bad. I suk at everything I do so I just live in the fictional world of gaming, but even there I suck and am last place in everything. I don't know why I suck at everything. What is talent? How do people accomplish anything in this world? I cant i csnt

21-Feb-15 08:42 AM By Failure 0 Comments

Thursday, February 19 2015

why is the male gender so fucked up

19-Feb-15 06:45 PM By charli 2 Comments

I just want to die.I can't go on anymore,everyone hates me because i'm ugly.I tried to fix myself but it's only getting worse and every next day it's more painfull.

19-Feb-15 01:29 PM 0 Comments


You're annoying. Stop visiting this site, it only makes things worse for you. You'll read this post and think to yourself, "Some stranger on the internet hates me, boohoohoo!" Who cares if people hate you! Move on with your life, damn it!

19-Feb-15 11:48 AM 0 Comments

Dear Sir, if my misery makes you happy, then browse my personal records, send me fake job offers use it against me or whatever. I brought this upon myself with my desperation and arrogance. I didn't want an enemy, just wanted to forgive a friend, however I failed that too. I've seen misery before in childhood, some vaguely shared, but many things are better left unsaid because only stupidity comes from my mouth. I don't want to self harm, because I worked hard for my mother for everything I have, even though it may mean little to anyone now.

I'm already in pieces, the best that I can do is apologise to all those who I have the misfortune to offend by my existence. I just don't want this senseless hate, I'll leave now with disgrace, but I will love you, even if you hate me for whatever reason. Farewell.

19-Feb-15 08:07 AM By Stephen 0 Comments

Why do I feel so angry all the time? There's this rage within me. You know when you boil water and it boils over? That's how I feel. I can't cool down. I just want to punch people in the face, I have an aggressive demeanor. Ahhhhh I want to just calm the hell down for once!

19-Feb-15 05:08 AM 0 Comments

I'm that person that would kick you while you're down. I would use your weakness against you. I would be happy and thrilled to see you suffer in misery. I love seeing you fail.

19-Feb-15 01:47 AM 2 Comments

Wednesday, February 18 2015

I'm a misanthropist, therefore, I hate you. I hate all of you.

I think we're all selfish, greedy, whiny, ungrateful, lazy, and ignorant slobs.

18-Feb-15 05:17 PM By I hate you 0 Comments

I have been jobless since May 2014, and have hit a wall where I have no desire to look for work. Yet I hate that my life consists of Netflix, and all things internet. FAIL.

18-Feb-15 04:21 PM 0 Comments

They say the truth will set you free; the question is into what? Firstly indeed I satisfy the parameters of a colossal d*** head by my gift to hurt people with words, even when I don't realize. However this time was unique in that deservedly but secretly I discovered what an oblivious moron thou art. I was so devoted I completely overlooked sarcasm as a complement. Moreover, the slow firing of my neurons from long term reclusion and unemployment prevented me at first from understanding what I had said, but as usual it was something severely dark and disrespectful. Unfortunately by that time there was so much hurt on both sides, that I was left feeling completely numb and deranged that the only condolence I could provide was yet another disturbing contextually lacking insight from my complete numbskull. That is when the panic and anxiety returned; what a nightmare. Yet here I am trying to purge myself and maintain a semblance of normality. But I'm convinced my visual cortex can't process the beauty of this world, or basilar membrane will never transduce the music of this world.

However, now all this mess I’ve created has fallen on my conscious so heavily that each walking day the image that greets me in the mirror is of mental sickness and spiralling thoughts. It is pointless to even try to ask for forgiveness anymore, the only god I know is this universe, and it has many gifts in store. I feel so sad for my mother’s sake that I have brought even more shame. I calculated that 1 million seconds ~ 277 days, and adding to that fateful day, is precisely October 1, a Saturday. So if I can regain focus, it gives me something to work towards while I sort out the affairs.

18-Feb-15 10:50 AM By Ste 1 Comment

I hate my boss. He embarrassed me and keeps threatening to sack me and i can't get a new job. i hate life

18-Feb-15 09:52 AM 0 Comments

I hate good looking people. Why am I so insecured? Gorgeous people make me sick.

18-Feb-15 07:55 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, February 17 2015

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Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?