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Tuesday, September 1 2015

I wanted to know something. Is there someone or some people who monitor this site?

I was thinking that maybe in some especially extreme cases you could suggest or refer some of us here to counseling or something. I really feel like I could talk to someone,but the only ones I've found online are fakes and I was hoping you guys would know some genuine ones. That's all.

1-Sep-15 03:44 PM By HelpMe 0 Comments

An old high school friend of mine is having a party this weekend and literally begged me to show up.. Now I feel the need to make up some story so people won't know the loser I turned out to of the guys who used to have a difficult time grasping stuff back then has done well for himself and recently bought a sweet ride. As for me,the person voted most likely to succeed,the one who was loved by all parents and was the exemplary student,A BIG FAILURE. AND A PHONY.

1-Sep-15 03:36 PM 0 Comments

I have also failed at life. I cursed my Father like a dog for no good reason and he died 2 days later of a heart attack. My last words to him were hateful and disrespectful. I killed my 10 year old dog I raised from a puppy because I couldn't afford vet care when he was old. I am full of malice and hatered for mankind and myself. I fuck up everything I do. I hope I die soon, I'd kill myself, but I'd fuck that up too and just be a vegetable/burden to someone else.

1-Sep-15 09:23 AM By Kin 0 Comments

I am Wenjun, a Chinese homosexual who failed at life because I have been living in a basement for years and working as a lowly loser who can't do anything other than complain and grouse at everything.

I became gay because no girls like me and I think they are all gold-diggers, and I've been single for over two decades and is still a virgin. I felt like committing suicide...

Pls call me at 98945012 (Append 65 to front) for sex...

1-Sep-15 08:06 AM By Chew Wen Jun 0 Comments

Monday, August 31 2015

I am 47, most of them, on drugs, couldn't finish my studies. To make things even worse, I am a sound engineer, where the environment isn't the healthiest you can find.

Now I am back to my moms home. Got no money, no job, no hope.

Maybe tomorrow I am gone, for good......

31-Aug-15 10:06 PM By Hugo 2 Comments

Sunday, August 30 2015

I'm 21, married, and have a 9 month old son. I'm happy I have my family, but I can't do anything to help us get out of the hole I've dug us. And I keep hitting problems at work.

im scared because I have no real skills and no real experience because I either jump around too much with my employment or I quit before I learn anything useful.... I'm scared that my current employer is sick of my mistakes. I'm worried that I won't be able to care for my boy. What a sack of shit I am.....

30-Aug-15 08:45 PM 0 Comments

Saturday, August 29 2015

Im failing but im trying to get a better life

29-Aug-15 10:58 AM By Calvin 0 Comments

Friday, August 28 2015

I completely fail at life. I feel like I am cursed/have made myself cursed. I have failed college so many times and I am awaiting results where I just know I have failed again. there is no way out. I can't be this burden any longer. I have ruined my familys life/cost them so much money. I also fail completely out of my friends. They are all moving on in life with successful carreers and im still in college..going Nowhere. I also live in their shadow as the ugly friend/girl with the annoying face.. whats the point anymore!

28-Aug-15 06:13 PM By rayray 0 Comments

I'm 22 years old, a broke and a failure. I flunked engineering school because of my wrong study habits this 2015. It seems that so much mathematics, materials and machines are too much for a simple goofy guy like me. No other school has the same cheap tuition that my former school offers.

I got frequent bouts of pneumonia from staying up late to study for my exams, now I'm broke. No social life, no study buddies, no diploma, no job. My life now focuses on being home doing household chores.

I failed to be a smart person, a son, and a role model to my siblings.

Now I'm having a hard time getting into another college because of my failed grades.

Some evil power set me up to fail in life.

Also, I despise those professors who love to destroy people's hopes and dreams by not giving them second chances.

It seems that I do not study smart.

But I got some skills in machining, repairing electronics and computer programming.

Oh well...Life as it is...

28-Aug-15 03:38 AM By V 0 Comments

Wednesday, August 26 2015

I hate my life. I'm 21 years old and have Nothing. I'm such a failure and it seems like i can't keep my head up in this world. I'm ugly, short, shy, and i have no goal in life. I don't know what will happen to me in the future. I feel very disappointed about myself. Everybody hates me. I know that I'm not a good person....:((

26-Aug-15 10:00 PM By hello 1 Comment

Monday, August 24 2015

Hi. Well I'm 28, married, two kids (one daughter and a step son), and I'm a failure. I work in the natural gas industry. Well at least I did. I have been in this line of work since 2010 when I moved back to PA from Florida. I love it, but it doesn't love me. I try to just work hard and keep my head down but everywhere I go I'm steamrolled by people who don't deserve their positions and only got them because they "know somebody". All I want more than anything is to provide a stable home for my family. Every time I think I am on to something and that we will be okay it all falls apart. I love my family more than anything and as I look over to them I can't help but realize how they deserve so much better. I am a failure. All I have ever wanted was to be a husband and father and be an inspiration to those around me. I'm not. If anything with all these constant failures I'm only a burden. A waste of space. I'm not providing the life that my family deserves and I'm not sure how to turn it around. I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to and I usually do. Except for this. In this day and age it has become impossible to be a success without running a few people over in the process. That's not me. Not that I don't have the "balls", I just have too much heart. My heart is my strength but it is just as much my downfall. I'm a failure. I don't deserve my family.

24-Aug-15 05:13 AM By Shell of a Man 0 Comments

Sunday, August 23 2015

I am just tired of life. I have struggled my entire life to try and find meaning and direction and a path for me to follow but I have never been successful.

23-Aug-15 10:33 PM By NoBuddy 1 Comment

Saturday, August 22 2015

My whole life was ruined by my looks.I have nothing,will never have anything and will probably die a virgin shattered by loneliness.Im already dried out at 19.

22-Aug-15 03:36 PM By spoon 1 Comment

Thursday, August 20 2015

I am no one

Not one person cares about me. I have failed. I've been in high school since 2010 and I'm still in it even though my past classmates have all passed even though they all have friends and are loud. I am quiet and i have no friends. Yet I still failed. I can't get a job, never had a gf, never had a job, I'm ugly, out of shape, unhealthy....I don't understand why.

So my safehaven is prayer. All I can do is pray and ask God to have mercy on my soul. I've suffered here, but in the next plane I hope to make things right.

20-Aug-15 09:35 PM By No one 0 Comments

Wednesday, August 19 2015

I am failed in my life....everyone leaved me in this world...alone in the mids of the millions...!

19-Aug-15 01:59 PM By SHadowFax 0 Comments

My final year of University starts on the 24th (Political Science major w/ minor in Creative Writing) and I don't have dorm housing

My options are

-Living at home w/ my narcissistic mother 30 miles from campus (I'll need to commute 60 miles a day); Hell no

-Living off-campus tho I;m afraid I don't have much time or energy to plan this out

-Going on leave from University to pursue a craft and enter the working world

19-Aug-15 12:37 PM By Jon 0 Comments

I did all i could but nothing changed ive bee wating for like 5 years

19-Aug-15 12:07 AM By iGaming94 0 Comments

Tuesday, August 18 2015

I'm 38 and have been working the same data entry job for the last 15 years. I have an entirely useless Creative Writing BFA, with a focus on poetry - something that hasn't interested me in at least a decade. I have no marketable skills. Aside from my professional and educational failure, I have failed to make any close friends in my entire life. Which is probably for the best since no one will miss me. I also lack the nerve to bring my suffering to an end. which some of you think is great, but it just means another day of waking up and suffering all day. Yeah. wonderful. Everything is perfect. I am so looking forward to going to sleep tonight and waking up in the morning. Because life has such.. "promise."

18-Aug-15 11:01 PM By Jerk 0 Comments

None of you are losers, none of you should feel bad about yourselves or the situations you may find yourself in. Its all circumstance. Do what you can to change the circumstances and if it is meant to be it will work out, if not you must find another way. You are all valuable and important to the furtherment of humanity. You must remember to be the change you want to see, be the example for others to follow. You may be trodden on, you may be put down, but no one can stop you. They can only slow you down. Show them who you are, go out there and kick some ass and take some names! They will remember you.

18-Aug-15 06:02 PM By Hismajesty 0 Comments

Hey little Portugal bro. I wrote the post before you, let me tell you man life is hard. Its true. But dont for one second think that because you are fat or because you will inevitably suffer in life that it isn't worth it. What makes life all worth it is that 5 percent. What I mean by that is this, yea life will suck sometimes, and yes you have hard a hard time overcoming things. Lets even say for the sake of argument that life sucks 95 percent of the time, its that remaining 5 percent that remind you of why life is worth living. Its climbing a mountain and standing on top during a clear sunset. Its getting good grades and graduating with honors. Its getting married, its having kids. Ita having your first kiss. There is so much to life little bro, and yes there will be a lot of hard times. But you need to go out there and make that 5 percent count for youraelf, because no one elsevis going to do it for you. No one is going to graduate for you, or get married for you, or have kids for you or have your firat kiss for you. The things that make life worth it are the things worth living for, and they are YOURS and no one elses. But you must ne willing to go out there and get them. I know what depression is like, I know what its like to not see the point of it all. But I am telling tou from experienxe little bro, that life is good. You just have to find the good parts yourself, no one is going to find them for you.

18-Aug-15 05:50 PM By Hismajesty 0 Comments

I'm a teen and I don't know what to do with my life. I know lots of people come to this website and they have real trouble, but I don't know what to do anymore... I've always been a good student, had a couple of best friends and I was happy. But now I just hate myself. I feel really fat, I just look at other girls and see that they are all gorgeous and skinny, while I am disgusting, fat and ugly. I can't buy new clothes because I am ashamed of myself and I just cry when trying them. I cry almost everytime I look at a mirror because of my disgusting legs.

When classes begin, in September (I live in Portugal) I'll go to a new school and everything, now I am on holiday and I just stay home because my parents just want me to go to the beach, but I can't, I feel SO FAT and horrible! I also don't go out because I get really nervous when I am alone. I'm afraid of going to school, I just want to be a good student, but I also want to be beautiful and skinny... I tried to diet and exercise for three years but I always fail. I am so scared of life...

I don't see any purpose in life. People just struggle to be perfect and they end up buried where no one can look at them. I've been cutting myself for a year, I just want to stop but I can't... I want to be happy, but I can't love myself, I hate my body, I hate everything about me. I don't understand why I am here, I wish I'd never been born, sometimes I just want to die, but I am afraid of killing myself... My parents are always screaming at me, they say I don't do anything right, and that I am useless. I don't understand why people always say life is something so precious if most people only suffer... I don't know where I belong... Help me, please...

18-Aug-15 05:35 PM 0 Comments

I was in the Army for 6 1/2 years, did some pretty cool stuff and went on 4 deployments. I just got out last year and am going to college, but I'm not doing as well as I had hoped. I dropped a couple classes this past summer semester and because of that cant work at school where I had my job (it was a work study job that required me to be enrolled). I depend on money from my gi bill to pay for rent while I go to school and surplus that with the money I get from work to help make ends meet, but I used the last of my saved money to pay rent and bills this month and now I have no money to pay rent or bills next month. On top of that my lease renews this month and they have raised my rent 50 dollars a month which is another 600 dollars a year that I have to pull out of my butt. I typed up a resume and have gone to a few places seeking employment, but to no avail. I have already asked my stepfather to borrow money before and I dont want to do it again. I am 26 years old now, and after all the things I have been through I feel like a failure not being able to support myself. All I want is to be able to get a degree and join the military again. I see all these people around me who seem like succeeding comes natural to them in the civilian world, whereas I am having trouble just supporting myself. Im tired of it. Im tired of this constant stress I have of whether or not I will be able to afford anything, food to eat, a roof over my head. I like Ramen but it gets old sometimes. Im tired of feeling like im playing catch up with my peers, they have lives and families, some of them are married or about to be, and I cant afford to pay rent while I try to get an education. I dont know what to do and every day I become more and more disgusted with myself and my situation. Any one who can lend some friendly helpful advice, I would appreciate it.

18-Aug-15 01:58 PM By Hismajesty 0 Comments

My sister was really mean to me today. I spilt vinegar on her. I'm a failure. To my family and to my friends. Maybe I should kill myself. Been thinking about it for awhile.

18-Aug-15 11:22 AM By Finn 0 Comments

Have you ever seen someone who tried to dress like a gentleman but you can see poverty written all over him? Well that's me.

My cloths are faded to the point that I was once harassed by security at a bank because I obviously looked like a penniless person (I was sent to deposit some cash in someone's account).

When I roll in bed late at night unable to sleep, it is because I am trying to figour out if I should use my transportation money to buy soap to bath. An old classmate of mine came back into town and I couldn't visit her because I don't have transportation fees. I read a lot of motivational book online. So I don't let people know that I hate my job (I get paid less than the national minimum wage and if I get fired, I would literally stave to death because their is nothing like gov't social support in my country). I walk 10 hours per day everyday including holidays and my birthday.

I have zero savings and almost had a navous breakdown 4 years ago. That was when I realised that having goal with deadlines might not be right for me. I passed the deadline I set for myself and almost lost my mind.

I summaries my story by saying; I never imagined that I would be the loser that I am today...

18-Aug-15 03:11 AM 0 Comments

Monday, August 17 2015

While some have serious failures where you can't even see yourself tomorrow,stupid 12 year olds come talking about "boo hoo I'm ugly and can't get a girlfriend" well stop trying to get at girls who are out of your league. As for the "I'm gonna kill myself cz I'm a virgin" clan,I DESPISE YOU! ALL OF YOU!

Really? You fail at life cz u can't get freakin laid????!??? If you so desperate why not look for prostitutes? Huh?

There are people here who lost jobs and have nowhere to stay,people who long failed at school and can't even work as waiters,people who had their kids taken away from em,people who don't know what they'll be eating in few hours cz they don't have money. People who've lived SO MANY YEARS,now in their 40s-50s-60s and can't point out a single they've achieved. And you come here after living for what,10 years? And cry "ohh I got a blue toy car,I wanted a green one,my life's over"

You should actually be taking note and making sure you don't make the same mistakes as some of these people,or you really wanna see yourself posting here in the next 40 years? Do you think it's fun,they enjoying it? You still got your parent's house to stay at. You still got people taking care of you,take advantage of that and be a better person damnit!

17-Aug-15 06:20 PM By maad 1 Comment

I sometimes wonder what happened to the once ambitious kid I used to be..

Growing up sucks!

From being the best student since kinder till high school,to failing the very first semester at the uni of my dream. Two years later I'm posting on a pathetic site on the internet. No qualification,no job,no friends,no boyfriend,no money,NOTHING. What kills me though is that everyday my mom calls I act like all's well and school is going just great. Haven't told anyone that I failed. Wasted money. Disappointed my poor family who had high hopes for me,thinking I'd be the one to take dm outta the state of poverty. Can't even go into prostitution cz I was given a very small frame. Can't go into the porn industry cz its illegal back here. Can't get into anything.

17-Aug-15 06:05 PM 1 Comment


I need help .

since i was a kid i was happy , smart and relaxed evrething went wrong after 6th grade my life became upside down i am out of controle cant even help my self .

Now i am 21 years old and still weak , dumb , lazy and filled with fear i tried to change my self but i couldnt i failed college because of this i cant even work because i am lazy if some one can hep me for free because i am poor and weak i am also addicted to watching porn And gaming ive tried to quit it but i couldnt one day i was crying alot and was deprest i heared and angelic voice it told me that God wants me to work .

I really need help before i go kill my self

Sorry for the gramatical errors

17-Aug-15 10:58 AM By iGaming94 6 Comments

missed every single opportunity that has ever come my way in every aspect of life due to stupidity, cowardice laziness or all of the above. sick of life all i want to do is sleep forever

17-Aug-15 07:10 AM 0 Comments

i am 20 year old men....i have no money... “I

Want To Die” or “I Want to Kill


17-Aug-15 05:20 AM By looserk... 0 Comments

Saturday, August 15 2015

Thank you, Mom, for everything you have done for me. I am sorry that for my mistakes and wrongdoings.

15-Aug-15 10:56 PM By Freeman 0 Comments

Wednesday, August 12 2015

I fucked my years up. I'm still in high school at age 20. It's not working. I don't know why. I am a loner with no friends so it's usually people like me who excel but instead all other people with lots of friends who are loud and go to jail end up graduating before me. I am so slow. Now I have a few credits left to have but I'm never going back go that school. Never. No one will make me. I refuse. I demand my God given right to live freely. Fuck you if you think otherwise.

12-Aug-15 05:55 PM By Lib 0 Comments

Tuesday, August 11 2015

I'm squandering every great opportunity thrown my way and I have no way to turn the ship around at this point. Every day I wake up and wonder what I'm going to screw up next.

11-Aug-15 10:29 AM By DJasper Probincrux 0 Comments

I'm squandering every great opportunity thrown my way and I have no way to turn the ship around at this point. Every day I wake up and wonder what I'm going to screw up next.

11-Aug-15 10:29 AM By DJasper Probincrux 0 Comments

Monday, August 10 2015

I am 15 (almost 16) and female. I live in New Zealand but my family comes from a Indian background. Being Asian my parents always expect me to bring home Excellence. As a kid my parents used to hit me and yell at me so now that I am older I just avoid speaking to them because I am afraid. When I get bad results I try not to tell them, but somehow they end up finding out anyway. They yell at me and hit me and offer no support. I have asked for a tutor many times and have received nothing but more books. My friends are all smarter than me and are all set to go into medical and engineering and computing. I have no idea what I want to do career wise and have tried getting help but nothing has worked. I enjoy drama but in New Zealand wanting to be an actor is an unrealistic goal. I try my best but I always fail. And there is no one there to support me or help me.

10-Aug-15 02:46 AM By Prags 1 Comment

Sunday, August 9 2015

My life...haha. Just a waste. A waste of consciousness, air, water, blood, life. I have a different personality with everyone online that I talk to. I lie to them. They think I'm someone great and beautiful but I'm the exact opposite. A cowardly virgin who runs when all matters expire. *pulls trigger and carpets the tile with red crimson*

9-Aug-15 09:49 PM By Deathlyhollows 0 Comments

I love you all. You probably will hate me for saying that. Life is hard, really hard but I wish all light and inner strength.

You ain't failed til your dead.

9-Aug-15 06:17 PM 2 Comments

I have to say I'm a complete failure at life. I'm just staring at my .45 thinking about ending it. I work 3 jobs and can't get anywhere no matter how much effort I put into life. I don't have any friends and have really bad social anxiety. I feel like just ending my life. I don't feel like I fit in no matter how good I am at work, I always feel deathly afraid of failure even when I get compliments on my work. I should just shoot myself.

9-Aug-15 06:06 PM 0 Comments

Guess I've caused all my problems myself, but I'm just tired now.

I don't have real friends, I don't have anybody close to me for more than some months. I'm lazy and I don't want to improve myself. I feel dangerously calm about all this, as if I'm already done with everything that can bring be happiness. My future is the same flat gray line as it is now.

9-Aug-15 05:27 PM 1 Comment

I'm 22. I've never had a girlfriend, never had sex. People tell me I look good and this makes it even worse to me: it means that the problem lies in my personality. I wasted three years studying stuff I didn't like. I want to start again from scratch. It feels like my life is stuck. It feels like I'm missing out the most beautiful thing in a man's life: love (and sex). I feel like a loser. Everyone is better than me.

9-Aug-15 08:41 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, August 8 2015

I want to die, not matter what I do I'm always wrong and a loser, everyone hates me, my mother hates me, my family wishes I would fuck off and die, i can't even get a piece of ass, I'm uglier then fuck kill me NOW

8-Aug-15 11:24 PM By miss.loser 0 Comments

Friday, August 7 2015

im worthless fuck boy and i want to die

7-Aug-15 04:17 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, August 5 2015

I don't know anything in this life. I'm unsure of everything. This heat and sun don't match my withered reality. I am a sad man. No peers, no friends, no future....

I am sorry for the ones I disappoint.

I wish I could make This right.

I know that you pretend to be proud of me but I am a mute without conversation. I disappoint.

I can't help myself, no one could

5-Aug-15 03:11 PM By Alone 0 Comments

Friday, June 12 2015

Im 15 years of age and I have a shitty school and outside life . In school I have been the outcast from society , I have not made a single friend since grade 2 and I've lost my only friend a few years back because of her friend saying that she should leave me alone and forget about me . Ever since then nothing much has changed , except the fact I'm being bullied more often . I feared to step out of my house but I still went back to school , it was a retarted decision but what else can I do ? I'm just a child who can't even keep his parents marriage safe .

12-Jun-15 03:34 PM 0 Comments

Thursday, June 11 2015

I'm a 14 year old I have had a bad life in school I've never been excluded so that will look good but they have put me on their behaviour course but its a substitute instead of been excluded . I'm in year 9 and I think I've fucked up my life. My dream job is to be a policeman ever since I was a kid I have wanted to be one to bring down crime, I was wondering do you think ille fail?

11-Jun-15 02:41 PM By Liam 1 Comment

Lexi from Chipolette fails at life

11-Jun-15 09:45 AM By Ian Blanchard 1 Comment

hosting cutfest at 7 pm tonight cause we all fail at life

11-Jun-15 09:33 AM By Shyonne Fail at life 0 Comments

Wednesday, June 10 2015

I don't know you,and you don't know me,and we'll never meet. But we have more in common than either of us will ever know.

Anyway,I know I may not be of any help to you,but sometimes talking about it helps,even if it isn't in person. So of you need someone to talk to,feel free to comment,and I'll help the best way I can,even if it isn't physical.

10-Jun-15 01:59 PM By ImHere 0 Comments

If anyone posts on this site about their problems, Will be tracked down through IP and arrested or worse. Please do not post on this site anymore as the owner is a 45 year old stalker named Eric Kinney. Please stop.

If you dont we will be forced to go to your house and kill you with a gun. STOP

10-Jun-15 12:41 PM By US Police Department 3 Comments

nfjhbdhfbd bfudbfdbf bdufbdufbdu fdufbdufbd dufbdufbd f f f f f f f f f f

10-Jun-15 12:27 PM 0 Comments

i had anal and my dick broke off fml

10-Jun-15 12:14 PM 0 Comments

im a failure.. they call me ghosts, midget, photoshop failure. i hate my life

10-Jun-15 12:06 PM By please read 0 Comments

85 anderson road brooklyn ct 06234 mates come trickbill with me

10-Jun-15 12:01 PM By Nick Steele 0 Comments


10-Jun-15 11:55 AM 0 Comments

i fail at life my address is 85 andrson road mates

10-Jun-15 11:41 AM By yo 0 Comments


10-Jun-15 11:27 AM By yo 0 Comments

I lost my mother who I loved the most, I was not able to save my mother and now I feel like I am completely failed in life and there is no use of me living in this world anymore

10-Jun-15 03:09 AM By Chander 0 Comments

Tuesday, June 9 2015

I try to stop eating like a fatass, but yesterday I just lost it and started eating all the fast food I could, after eating reasonably for a week. I ate a whole package of cheese this morning, and now I'm going to get the shits from that. I get angry at other people when they are overreating, because it makes me hate myself for doing it. I want to stop, but once I start I feel like I might as well go all out, its disgusting.

9-Jun-15 11:09 AM By Mary 0 Comments

Monday, June 8 2015

I have no reason to live. There is nothing I care about and I don't have any goal in life. I don't have any friends, I'm still living with my parents, I don't have job and never had so far, I'm not good at anything. I'm 24 and I'm still virgin, never had a girlfriend or even just a female friend, I dont even remember if any girl wanted to talk with me for more than 10 seconds. I'm sleeping all days or watching movies. There is no reason to continue this, I need to kill myself.

8-Jun-15 06:14 PM By failman 4 Comments

I've failed myself and the people around me.

With what little money they had, my parents sent me to university abroad. I failed them. Everything went wrong even before I stepped off the damned plane. I arrived late, I had shitty professors, I had a shitty dorm with shitty brats. I endured it for a while, only to start breaking down out of exhaustion. The world doesn't seem like it wants me to succeed. Setback after setback plagued my stay at my dream university, especially that fuckbuddy of my roommate. I'm forced to deal with her shit till 3am everyday since she wants to be in the room with my roommate. I couldn't study, I couldn't focus, I lost my will and just flunked.

The worst part is, the people at home who send me messages congratulating me and asking how I was doing. I can't bear looking at or talking to them, and they know I failed them. There is no future for me with only a highschool diploma in my country, I am only a burden to those around me. Why am I still alive? What is the point of me wasting the oxygen of this world? Why did they send me and not my excellent sister who could have had such a bright future?

What is my purpose in this world?

8-Jun-15 11:53 AM By AWasteofOxygen 0 Comments

Sunday, June 7 2015

things to do today:

1. wake up

2. survive

3. go to bed

7-Jun-15 10:54 PM By FlyingFail 0 Comments

well,skrew life.

I feel like im getting farther and farther away from my friends. Im getting more attached to my 3ds than i should. im giving up on school. I isolate myself in my room all day and try not to attract attention. why do i hate myself?

7-Jun-15 07:44 PM By antisocal 0 Comments

I wish I could say that my life sucks but it doesn't. I'm the one that sucks. I'm just a useless twat. I call myself a Christian but I'm useless in that too. I had a career job but I'm so much of a coward and useless that I left it because I couldn't handle it. I feel like I got married only because I couldn't do life by myself in the fact that by now I'd probably be homeless. I'm basically a child living with my mother. I really don't want to be alive anymore. I just can't handle the stress of my own uselessness.

7-Jun-15 03:14 PM 0 Comments

im useless scum. undependable, loser who fall into the same mistakes again and again. i have nothing to live for, geez i dont even want to look my face in the mirror cauze i know my loser face wont change. im so ffffuuuu

7-Jun-15 12:21 AM By nobodycare 0 Comments

Saturday, June 6 2015

I appeared in an exam twice. Failed both the times. Now my parents wish I never existed. People give me sh*t. I lost all my friends in the process of spending 3 years studying for the exam. I don't know where to go now.

I cannot move out. My parents won't allow that.

I can't get a job for the same reason.

They've put me on house arrest so I can't even go out.

I have nobody who can talk to them.

They think of me as a burden.

If I stand up for myself I'm beaten up.

I don't know what to do.

6-Jun-15 04:50 PM 0 Comments

Boredom, frustration, bad luck, and bad choices. That's what my life is made of. Nothing good will happen. I love her. She might love me. But in person im a horrible mess. Help me now

6-Jun-15 12:34 AM By SpareMeThePain 0 Comments

Friday, June 5 2015

I am 51yrs of age & only 12th pass I m searching for good job so please try to help me out thank you very much.

5-Jun-15 10:42 PM By Bhavesh A. Gandhi 0 Comments

I have never accomplished anything in my life.

I'm not doing well in college, and I don't see any value in my course any more.

I had no friends for the majority of my school years, and made no good friends after high-school. My old friends all live half a world away.

I have no talents to speak of. I never learned how to play an instrument or a sport properly. It sucks, because I'd love to play an instrument, but I need to get a job and there is just no time for that stuff.

I have lost all motivation to even try any more, because I feel I will fail at everything I do, no matter what it is.

What's worse is that everyone in my family is an overachiever. They do really well at school and have loads of friends and are very talented at something or the other.

And I'm sick of people trying to tell me it's okay, because it's not okay. I feel like a waste of oxygen. I actually wish my parents had been super-strict, so I could look back and know that I did well at school, or had something to be proud of.

5-Jun-15 09:54 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, June 4 2015

I am approaching the very end of my schooling career, failing every subject.

There's no way I'm getting into university.

I am so ugly.

I have no girlfriend.

I'm hungry.

I like pingas

4-Jun-15 11:47 PM By Andrew 0 Comments

I have no relationship with my mother at all

I am going to senior year and I have to retake 3 semesters of classes that I failed last year and I most likely failed 2 classes this year.

I can never relate to anyone

I suffered from social phobia from the age of 4 to 10

then from 10 to 17 it turned into severe social phobia everyday was hell to go to school I spent 2 years having to cover my smiles by looking at the ground because for some stupid reason it felt awkward to smile. all the time I felt that everyone was watching me judging me thinking about how awkward and how much of a loner I was

Besides having no close friendships at school my dad would constantly get pissed off at me because I dint have any friends to hang out with

He would tell me things like 'Tell me what is wrong with you I am afraid that if I do not send you to a psychologist your going to end up blowing up or shooting the school What my father literarily thought of me was that I was going to end up killing people and that I dint have any friends because I was actually secretly some sort of hateful antisocial psychopath

I have failed in everything that I set my mind to I joined the football team as a freshman and was never put into a game

I joined the wrestling team I would work out 5 to 6 hours a day 6 times a week and go to almost every practice and I ended up being the only one to not get a match in the whole team.

I started to play guitar at the age of 14 and until I was 17 I spent so much effort trying to put together a band that never happened I spent the whole time playing alone in my room

My social anxiety has now finally diminished a lot and now I realize that the reason that I had social anxiety my whole life was because I was trying to fit in into society but in truth I am just way too different

I clearly do not belong

I am different that even the most outcaste people out there

I mean the parents that I have are not genetically related to me I grew up living a lie

I was so disappointed that the people that I loved are not even related to me. No wonder I am such an outcast.

I was born a complete bastard my mother was a person that could care less about raising her own children. She put up my brother up for adoption and when I was a baby my ungenetically related grandmother was the one that had to take care of me.

Apparently my real father, if he is still alive, would be turning more that 85 years old because my mother would go around with old man probably for money and had me as a mistake.

4-Jun-15 08:06 PM By louis 0 Comments

Wednesday, June 3 2015

I went to a new job this morning to take a pic for my badge they sent me home to shave my beard which I should have did this morning. Then I went back and the buses were outta service and im on the bus because im stoopid I made 12 thousand dollars in the last 2 months that I blew because im a drunk womanizing idiot. The only reason the boss gave me another chance is because she is friends with my wife who Im separated with I know deep down the boss is thinking like I see why she wants to divorce his dumb ass...My GF now is even dumber than me I cant stand how dumb she is.

3-Jun-15 04:37 PM 1 Comment

I do not do anything.I have been called a witch, stupid and a child. my husband insults me all the time I really I'm very tired and wish that he can find someone who can make him happy and all I wish for me is to sleep forever

3-Jun-15 12:09 PM By cindy 0 Comments

Tuesday, June 2 2015

What can be said here that hasn't been said. My complaint is about hope. For losers such as I? Hope is pure evil. The longer you have hope along with the amount of hope you have will only cause massive damage to your being and soul. The kind of damage you can never come back from. I am 51 today, living out of my car. On a positive note I was able to finagle a couple a packs of smokes. So I guess it could be worse after all.

2-Jun-15 07:31 PM By 1LoserGuy 0 Comments

I've been working for a temp service at the same assignment for 1 1/2 years. Where I'm assigned Evil H.R. told me she'd love to hire me, but there's a hiring freeze. Another temp in my department just got hired permanent after less than three months. So the hiring freeze only applies to me.

2-Jun-15 02:30 PM By Queen of the Employment Losers 0 Comments

only way i wont be failure is if i start to take some medication and be cunning as fuck. talk shit about every one behind their back so i m the good one. then i will be responsible. if i make wrong decision i would blame others. yea wat else. all i got to do is lie. just gotta get good at it. then only then i see some hope for me.

2-Jun-15 01:18 PM 0 Comments

I'm broke, still jobless almost 1 year, and nowhere to run. have no friend, and of course nobody care. job hunting was suck, got rejected many times with varies reasons and now still waiting for miracle. My great regret is quit from my last job. I used to be a smart or the best at college, but now i end at the brink of insanity.

2-Jun-15 09:11 AM By Lozerz 0 Comments




2-Jun-15 08:02 AM 0 Comments

Faith is one of the main reason for my failure. I have faith that thing will flow good for me but guess what... WatZzzzzzzzzup. Watzzzzzzzzupp .. Watzzzzzzzzzup. Watzzzzzzzzup.... This is whining site please... soo. Watzzzzzup....

2-Jun-15 02:08 AM By failure 0 Comments

I failed and failed, cause I am ugly. Why god? Why? I fail cause I am ugly. Fuck!!!!... I think I about to get cut 18th of an inch deep. Damnnn it! it hurts so baddd. Fuck! feels good though. I think only think i m good at is being a pussy and crying. Goddddd! What can i do?

2-Jun-15 01:58 AM By Scott Alan Barry 0 Comments

Sunday, May 31 2015

Failure #: 146-1992-08368 (CUSIP)

Name: Scott Alan Barry

Fails at everything in life.

31-May-15 09:32 PM By failure 0 Comments

Da only thing I know how to do is steal! I suck I can't do anything but steal even on computers I'm a thief and dats all I can be in fact as a kid I used to make da chocolate and potato chips stealin plans, I'm a master thief and I have a 1% Chance of failing to steal whatever I want to steal on da other hand I have a 99% Chance of failing at anything dat isn't stealing, now I'm in my 20's and I'm still da same.

31-May-15 06:27 PM By John 1 Comment

Da only thing I know how to do is steal! I suck I can't do anything but steal even on computers I'm a thief and dats all I can be in fact as a kid I used to make da chocolate and potato chips stealin plans, I'm a master thief and I have a 1% Chance of failing to steal whatever I want to steal on da other hand I have a 99% Chance of failing at anything dat isn't stealing.

31-May-15 06:09 PM By J 0 Comments

Have faith in yourself that you can do it - I believe that all of you, no matter what has happened, are capable of success. The purpose in life is to keep learning so never ever give up.

31-May-15 01:49 PM By Faith 0 Comments

i am just a failure! I am average college student with a descent grade. Just finished my junior year. Living under the parent support and government aid. There is all kind of future waiting ahead of me. This is what scares me the most. What should I do with my future? Where should I go? Who will be there for me? Problem is that I have done very little commitment to create a set path for my future. Feels like everything I did was just a waste.What am I even suppose to do with my degree. I am going to be college graduate and will still be lost. Will still have no social skills. Will still be weird and lonely. Ohh BTW, i hate the pricks who just thinks they are better than me cause they are doing something with their life and yea screw them. Why haven't I get involve in any of the academic program? Why I love doing useless activities? My resume is just a shit with only classes that i took. will i even get a Job. I feel powerless. I have passive personality for most of the time unless I am drunk. I feel insecure everyday and every minutes. Everybody that I make friends with ends up hating me at then end. My self-steem is just down in the gutter. I feel like I am the dumbest in man kind. everything that i say will come out to be richardish. I do not know if I am just unlucky or just been making wrong decision. If I did make the wrong decision then what is the right one. How am I suppose to know what i want to do? Does those path decision that i take defines me or the hope that I have for my future? Whats my identity? Who really knows me? Cause of the very fact that i am lost write now, I consider my self as failure. I am just a loser. I love being loser. It can be easier to accept my self when i break all the bridges with past-mate and family, I really don't want to. I know that the condition where I am standing right now is far better than the condition of the people who struggles everyday just for the food. However, i consider them to be sucessful. their success is their survival. they work hard and the manage to put food in their plate. but for me, there is always food on my plate, still can't do anything with this life as a college graduate. I am a failure. yea, still have bad grammar and spelling. Darn it still can't write. I hate my life.

31-May-15 04:30 AM By failure 0 Comments

Saturday, May 30 2015

i am fat, ugly, lonely, untalented individual with absolutely no direction or purpose in life, plz help me find a reason to live

30-May-15 06:32 PM 0 Comments

I just need to know that somebody is out there looking out for me. 'cause I've been feeling lonely for a long time now and I can't seem to hold it inside me.

Every person I've ever wanted to be near, my parents, friends ,family ,and so on... Circumstances have always pushed me far.

Every thing I have ever achieved in life seems to just vanish from in front of my eyes. And now I'm just too scared to take another step forward. It's like I have 'uncool' touch. Everything I choose to do suddenly becomes uncool.

And all of these complaints also come with a supplement that I don't have much time to live.

30-May-15 06:29 PM 0 Comments

Thursday, May 28 2015

I'm not depressed anymore, first of all. I can't focus on anything, on a task or on life. I'm aimless.

But I do wish i could kill myself (but I'm too scared to) because my existence too hard and no reward or joy. Did awful in high school, in every aspect. I didn't learn until 4th year that I have attention problems and depression. I have so many goals and loves but don't ever amount to anything. I want to love, but am too stupid. My parents' abuse and incompetence mad things worse.

28-May-15 06:51 PM By chief red 0 Comments

I keep letting people down, I don't take initiative. I had a permit for driving and it expired before I got my license, I took the new test today and failed. for the first time in my life a girl is interested in me. She is my only motive i have ever had. but she is too pretty for the likes of me and deserves someone better. I used to think about suicide, but right now i cant because of her.

28-May-15 01:33 PM 0 Comments

I can't go on living like this. I keep failing college, and now I just got out the requirements of FAFSA. What keeps me here to keep suffering? My sister who keeps being a drama queen, to a future that I won't survive in to being a disappointment to my family. Its too much.

28-May-15 02:02 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, May 27 2015

I wanna fking do things people would say "Why would anyone do this? How could he." How I die and restrain myself from avenging myself everyday.

It's so easy to be as bad as you wanna be, even for as long as you live if you're subtle about it. Takes no effort, and only requires willingness.

Life is so unfair it is laughable. But, at least I know this is how it was meant to be. There are millions like me. That's life and the beat goes on.

27-May-15 06:06 AM 0 Comments

I m commiting suicide today. I had given my 12th exam recently n my result is published on 25th may.. I was shocked to see my result as i was fail written over there in bold letters "FAIL" I don't find any other way rather be called as a failure

27-May-15 05:05 AM By Yamal 3 Comments

I suck at like everything

27-May-15 02:04 AM By Elias 0 Comments

I think I failed 3 subjects this semester. I don't know what's wrong with me. I really tried to do my best but it's just not translating into good grades. I don't want to disappoint anyone anymore.

27-May-15 01:03 AM 0 Comments

Monday, May 25 2015

I failed the entrance, maybe luck didn't favr me this time. For atleast two year i wantd to study with u in the same school. But i still haven't lost hope, i will find a way. Jealousy is one of my friend maybe he can help. M in a big desperation bt what is a succes without a failure. U may or maynot c dis post, bt its to u , once a failure is not always a failure.


25-May-15 10:37 PM By Rajeev Empi complain to myself :-| 0 Comments

My parents thinks i am graduating in 2 days. My boyfriend thinks that i have been going to school twice a week every tuesdays and thursdays. I've spent many of those days just sitting in my car, waiting for the time pass. I have avoided many of my family to avoid school questions. I have missed many family events. Months ago i have planned to be dead by this time so I won't have to watch them look at me like im a failure. Now I have 2 more days left before the big day. My parents probably already has their outfits ready. What do i do? What do i do? Thats all i could think of all day everyday. I have taken forgranted many thinks that many people only dream of. I have failed in life. I am a liar. I am a failure. I am a disgrace. I am useless. I do not deserve to live and my love ones does not deserve me.

25-May-15 09:09 AM By KC 1 Comment

Sunday, May 24 2015

I wanna do good on my finals but the truth is all this stress and pressure just makes me wanna give up.

24-May-15 09:29 PM 0 Comments

I am so sick of feeling defeated, lonely, afraid. I have tried, there are children here who count on me, who love me and I feel like I fail them. It seems like I have never had any close friendships all my life. I am not even sure I know I know what friendship is. I school, social interaction was awkward. I had no girlfriend. I avoided people and events. I gave up on sports just a couple weeks in. Over the years I thought I might actually get past this and live a healthy happy life. I figured I would stumble into the right job, meet some nice lady and get married, etc. Today I am 47 with one teen left in the home. I try to walk the line, I am a good person but I have had some trouble along the way with the law...little stuff. Something very strange beyond my control happened to me which got me into trouble here recently. I lost my business of 15 years which I considered the only way I would ever overcome debt and be free. Relationships that were distant at best were put under a new strain. My credibility was lost. I lost two cars and tens of thousands of dollars. Its constant, I cant get away from me. I am lonely. My job is a good one but I dont earn enough money to even pay my monthly bills they just stack up. I am frustrated beyond imagination. Its Memorial Day weekend and me and my boy are just sitting here cause theres no money to do anything fun.

24-May-15 02:02 PM 0 Comments

Saturday, May 23 2015

How do I live? How does anything get into motion. I see you and it doesn't look pleasant

23-May-15 04:48 AM By Isthatyouintheshadowme 0 Comments

Friday, May 22 2015

Die.This one word keeps replaying in my head.Music is my escape,but recently its been invaded.My thoughts and music along with my life keep getting darker.One day, it wont matter if i smile. It wont matter if i have a couple of awesome friends, a caring family,good grades (which i never had).Sooner or later, all that will matter will be the pills in my hand,or the rope around my neck, or the knives in my hands making art on my arms. Thats why i stoped caring.So what if i completely fail in school? So what if my friends start to hate me? It wont matter.Wether anyone likes it or not, my end will come. Wether its tonight, next week, next month, fuck i dont care.I hope and will only try to get out of life. Who knows? I might begin a whole new life in heaven. Will you care? I dont know. Maybe im just part of the process, or just another fish in the sea to you, ready to be eaten or caught. All I know is im going to die, im refraining from bawling my eyes out, and im not the happy person everyone thought i was.

22-May-15 09:00 PM By Zara 2 Comments

Thursday, May 21 2015

i m fail in class 12th.. I prepred my exam nd then 2 time regular fail this is not fair what i can do next of my life .i really say recheck my paper . I am sucide today. When u dont do anythink.

21-May-15 06:16 AM By Simran walia 0 Comments

Schizoaffective men should be single and stay single with no friends. It is a dangerous unpredictable disorder.

21-May-15 03:40 AM By crazy person 0 Comments

I wasted the six most productive years of my life with utter stupidity, dumbness and ignorance which resulted in a loss which i guess is never going to be compensated and that loss itself is and will drive me to waste another good years and finally commit suicide and die alone in a cold dark water in a winter night.

21-May-15 12:18 AM By Loser 0 Comments

Wednesday, May 20 2015

I have no motivation whatsoever. seriosly. So im in year 12, im quite bright and have so far gotten good marks. Lately though, it seems I have absolutly no motvation to do my assignments, go to school, work out or anything. Iv always beeen a procrastinator but it has gotten soo bad.I feel that I am whay behind everyone else because I have just moved into this country and have just a few friends and im gonna be 18 soon, i havent gotten drunk, even had a first kiss let alone a boyfriend. Im so insecure and self conciouse about the most stupid things (what if when I do get a boyfriend and we cuddle- and i fart?) thats so stupid right? Far out, i am hopeless. Its so stupid because I have everyting available to me and Im not doing a single thing about it. Im just lazy. The problem is just me and I know what to do about it but I. Just. Dont.

20-May-15 09:15 PM By WTF is wrong with me? 0 Comments

If you think you're a loser, read my story. I'm ugly, fat, kinda stupid, unemployed, still living at my parents, no diploma, bearly having friends, no man, broke as shit, 30000 in depths and just turned 30. I hate my life. I can't seem to find to turn it around. Everyday I hope a miracle will happen, but it didn't. I need a friend.

20-May-15 05:38 PM By lonely girl 0 Comments

I want to rewrite matric cz i fail matric in 2010 but the problem i dont have money my symbol are maths 1, physics 1, life science 3, geography 2, life orientation 5, english 2, xhosa 4 plz any one who can help cz i want B symbols my dream is to become biomedical technologist

20-May-15 01:57 PM By Phakama Shumi 0 Comments

Tuesday, May 19 2015

After I ran over the hooker, I really began to see my life for the pathetic waste of atoms it really is. When my computer crashed from too much anteater porn, I resorted to making videos of myself shoving picklejars up my ass and masturbating with a cheese grader. I became obsessed with the human centipede and made a smaller scale hampster-centipede. Soon nothing was enough. I began to make animated videos of Shrek raping the shit out of young boys. Little did I know it would become popular on YouTube. I'm a millionaire now.

19-May-15 12:39 PM By Wallace Willbur 0 Comments

i am failure person in earth two times fail in tenth

19-May-15 02:44 AM By raunak razz 0 Comments

So, I am 49, and I am a total star at my job, make a crap load of money, and most everyone likes me. I have great health, good looking, and I like my job a lot.

However, My wife hates me, and I can't seem to get a divorce, so, I am just freaking miserable.

19-May-15 01:53 AM By fml 0 Comments

Monday, May 18 2015

I have never been good at anything no matter how hard i try. And when i make friends all of them stab me in the back. Either playing games with me or just making fun of me. I have decided that if i dont get into medical school that im going to commit suicide... there is no other choice becasue if i cant be a doctor, then i cant support my disabled brothers and everyone will laugh and make fun of me for not making it... I need to be a doctor not only for myself but to prove everyone wrong, and if i cant then they will all just laugh at me. Anybody want to tell me anything please do but this is a forsure thing.

18-May-15 10:47 PM By Hadouken 1 Comment

I have always failed in life. I always had bad luck, my first bad luck happened when my only dream was to become a fighter pilot, I was 10. I planned everything out, to do well in school, to get a distinction from university, go for pilot training and make my dream a reality. Then, somehow my eyes weakened which meant you can't be a fighter pilot as you need 20/20 vision. From that moment I never had a dream as high as this. I passed high school without studying, got into a good university somehow. My first year was bad, I had no dreams so I have anything to study for, thus I failed my courses. I managed to resit them and passed, but then came second year in which I promised myself not to fail. First semester was a breeze, I stuck to my promise but then came second semester. I don't know what happened, I didn't go to classes, missed out a lot and when exams came I knew nothing. I am now sitting here, having just done my exam, came home to see the tears in my parents eyes. I don't know what to do, I am sitting here thinking where do I belong.

ps. I was really good at badminton, I got selected for my university team but 1 week after I broke my leg in an impossible way and so that was over for me as well. This is like one of many example where I have felt failure. Seems to me everything I do ends in failure.

I fail at life.

18-May-15 07:31 AM By Loser 0 Comments

Sunday, May 17 2015

I really hate this guy named Alan. I hope he fails at everything he pursues in life. Asshole.

17-May-15 07:20 AM 0 Comments

Friday, May 15 2015


I've been logging these thoughts around with me for a while now. I don't think anybody will care about what I have to say. I'm only one special, little snowflake in a whole avalanche. But writing this down in a public place at least gives me some relief.

I have two masters degrees. Granted not in the most lucrative of fields, but they're mine none the less. And as the first person to every go to university in my family, I'm quite proud of that. But now as I'm turning 27, I feel like I have nothing, that I don't have the right to be proud of anything in my life. I've been looking for a steady job for almost a year now. I get the standard excuses, that I'm too inexperienced, too expensive because of my degrees, too arrogant because I aim too high. Most of the time I just stare at my computer, browsing various positions, feeling extremely overwhelmed with all the choices and not being able to choose one.

I've tried writing it down, what I want. But it all just seems so far away. But still time goes on and I feel like a useless person, living out wasted days. My sociale anxiety and my fear of death are only getting bigger.

I'm at a loss.

15-May-15 04:28 PM By B. 1 Comment

wow seeing you people complain about things like school grades and loneliness is pathetic try having your own biology betray you to the point of never ending physical suffering i can't even imagine the pety sht that you people complain about and evan consider killing yourselves over just wow just wow

15-May-15 12:33 PM By wow 0 Comments

After doing hard work i does not qualified ipcc now i have no option . In the whole life i alway failed

15-May-15 08:35 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, May 14 2015

i am so weak at math i really need help...what can i do?

14-May-15 07:18 PM By mallian grant 1 Comment

I failed at everything I did in life. Bullied all my life. I think I deserved it. I have no one to call or talk to. My husband does not even like me, let alone love me. I walk in a room, he walks out. I leave the room, he goes back in. Every day I wish the sun had not risen. Of course I am suicidal, thinking this is my solution.

14-May-15 11:09 AM By Tuxedo Cat 1 Comment

spent two weeks studying at university for a maths test and got 15%.

i'm sad that I never realized how stupid i was . I need a hug .or atleast more Ritalin

14-May-15 10:52 AM By sigh... 0 Comments

Wednesday, May 13 2015

Hi. You don't know me, and probably no one will ever care about what i'm about to say. But writing this here, gives me an illusion of talking to someone. maybe listening to my complains, which makes me feel less lonely and more as a human being...

I dropped school when i was 17, and moved to a different country. (I am now 22) Stuck and scared, I became a Shut-In. Hermit. Hikikomori or whatever you wanna call it. I have No friends, No education... I have shut myself in my room for now 3+ years without any social/physical contact with a human being. The only contact i have with people is Via the online games I play. I want to have friends. I want to have an education. But i'm just so tired of everything, and i have no power left. I am at a point, where I don't know what to do anymore... If anyone is willing to befriend me... or feel the same way as i do... you can add my skype: "kamishiro_rize" If anyone actually took their time to read this.. thank you.

13-May-15 10:20 PM By The loner... 1 Comment

i am stupid :) and i love cheese

13-May-15 03:22 AM By Ch 0 Comments

I'm 17, and I've already fucked up my life. I've been depressed since I was 10 and it's affected school, faith, and life. I ask myself why wait 60 years to stop breathing, and why not just end it now. it wouldn't affect the great scheme of things anyway...

13-May-15 02:48 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, May 12 2015

I dont know what to do. i have about a month left of school and I'm failing all 4/7 of my classes and I'm pretty sure that this will hurt me in the future when i'm --Trying-- to graduate.. and sometimes when i feel the motivation to try, something comes up and just drains the energy right out of me. why cant i do this? .... /,\

12-May-15 11:32 PM By DaRcY 0 Comments

I don't know why I am so messed up in life. I've been in high school for 5 years. That's bad enough, but in those 5 years I hadn't one friend. No girls either. I fail at everything I do. I am not creative, just a feeder of good ideas. I feed off ideas. I have no future. Well, I do but it's me in a grave on a sunny happy day, rotting. Goodbye world.

12-May-15 07:19 PM By TheGroundskeepist 0 Comments

Monday, May 11 2015

I just cant find any funny memes.

11-May-15 10:55 PM By /aimemes/i 0 Comments

I need somebody to see this.I hope to god somebody sees this. It doesnt't matter to me that i never had sex or never had a girlfriend or a job, it doesn't matter to me that i have no friends. I just want to be healthy. It doesn't matter to me if i fail i just want a chance to try. why cant i just be healthy and have a chance to try? i would love to fail at something because at least i could say i was blessed with the oppurtunity to try. i just want health. i want the ability to try to get a job, to try to get friends, it doesnt matter if i fail i just want a chance. i pray every second every moment i express these thoughts im so alone in the silence nothing can here me why cant i just have a chance like everybody else? i Envy all of you my heart cry's out for help i have done everything i could do to help myself but life won't let me live. i just want to be healthy i just want a chance at life it doesn't matter if i fail as long as i have the opportunity to try i will be content pls pray for me because god or nothing can here my cry's for help.

11-May-15 09:10 PM By Justwantsachance 3 Comments

I gave up everything for my depression because I thought it might help taking a break from things but all it's done is made it worse.. all I think about is suicide now and it's bringing everyone around me down.

11-May-15 03:25 PM 3 Comments

the more good i try to do the worse things become the better i try to be the more bad things get. there was a time in my life when things were so bad i new that they couldnt get worse i turned everything around dedicated my self to being better and now here i am worse then when i started. im so scared but more importantly im so sorry. I don't know what i did to deserve this maybe i was a serial murderer in a past life or a rapist maybe i destroyed planets, galaxies or Evan universes i don't know what i did but im so sorry im so so so sorry please i beg of anybody anyone anything that can here my cry for help whatever i did to deserve this im so sorry please forgive me i leaned my lesson please please forgiveme let me be free im so sorry

11-May-15 01:11 PM By plshelpme 0 Comments

Sunday, May 10 2015

I passed my matric last year but i didn't go to university because my parents are not i feel worthess bcz i don't find the job,i don't even have friends because i'm not talkative.some peaple think that i am a stupid and is the reason why i want to kill myself.i don't have a talent to show them that there is something i can do.i am dumb so i'm useless

10-May-15 03:58 AM By Asanda Gcume 1 Comment

Saturday, May 9 2015

After nearly 2 years of unemployment, and constant failure and mishaps, finally found a very nice job. Pays really well and can grant me my dreams and secure my future.

But 1 month in screwed up. Bad. Boss is extremely disappointed. Should've been more honest. I hate myself so much.

Another opportunity is slipping away from me. The best opportunity I had in my life. The only thing that can help turn my pathetic life upside down...

And I'm seeing it, slowly drifting away. No more. Too much. I'll break if I'll lose this.

Had suicidal thoughts and attempts in the past. If I lose this job, I'll lose my life. This is the only thing I have. I have no friends, lover, family. This is all I have. This is all I have.

9-May-15 10:39 PM 0 Comments

Hi ppl. I could literally kill myself with everything that my mom left me in the house but i cant. im too scared of what would happen if i failed. i suck in school; if you guys are past 7th grade then youd probably think i suck too. the only subject i am actually good at is LA. I cant do any-freaking-thing right. im just a depressed suicidal self-harming black emo chick who is very suckish in this damned world trying to escape, knowing its impossible to do righi now. What the hell am i going to do in this life? survive,no matter how bad im failing at doing that.

9-May-15 08:26 AM By Very Suckish Person 1 Comment


Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?