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Sunday, July 24 2016

I am Wenjun, a Chinese homosexual who failed at life because I have been living in a basement for years and working as a lowly loser who can't do anything other than complain and grouse at everything.

I became gay because no girls like me and I think they are all gold-diggers, and I've been single for over two decades and is still a virgin. I felt like committing suicide...

Pls call me at 98945012 (Append 65 to the front) for sex. ..

24-Jul-16 08:52 AM By Wenjun Chew 0 Comments

Wednesday, July 20 2016

im literally so sick of everything only if one could understand. I have a hard time talking about anything and everything but ill try cause shocker im sick of keeping it all in. I fail at life literally. I will be taking SAT's this year and every single practice test i have taken i have failed. Im the biggest disappointment my parents have ever seen. My brother, he will be a sophomore at Purdue University. Most days i wish so much to be him its mainly pathetic. Hes the sibling that did everything right in life and im well the sibling that didnt. He got a perfect score on the SAT's. 2400. Even made it in the newpapers. Know what its like to be compared to someone like that when youre a mere disgrace. We went to a school named Basis. Strategic. Gruesome. Horrible. Competitive. First AP in the 8th grade. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology classes starting from the 6th grade and every year onward. Economics in the 8th grade. Anyways you get my point.I was there three years. Only three years but oh boy were they three very, very long years. Every year it just got harder and i just got sadder. I tried my best but i never quite succeeded. SO of course i moved schools. Then there was my brother who graduated that horrible school taking 12 AP's with a 4.0 and 5's and 4's on the tests themselves. ME well im the one who wasnt smart enough to stay there. Sometimes i wish i couldve and i wish i wouldve but it was never healthy for me. Everyone i knew including me was extremely depressed by the third year. Need i include that most people did leave and my brothers graduating class only had about 20 graduates left. Anyways this is way too long. My point is i feel worthless sometimes. I battle with depression every single day and though i have not gotten a diagnosis, i have finally came to a conclusion and accepted the truth considering years of self-harm, suicidal tendencies, and (im 90% positive) social anxiety. And starvation not to the point of anorexia. Again no diagnosis's because these are some things you just dont talk about in my house especially to my parents. These are almost like unsaid forbidden topics and i dare not speak of them. Except for about twice my mother (and dad only first time not second) found scars on my arm and screamed at me: "THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!" so basically im a freak. nothing i hadnt already knew. Also ps i was so embarrassed probably one of my worst memories. So anyways i learned not to tell anyone really. Anyone but myself at least. My parents are great dont get me wrong. Its just they do not understand. I sound like a mindless stupid teenager but i honestly mean this when i say it. They dont know what it feels like. They blindly compare me consistently making me feel like im not good enough. I tell them to not compare me and their mere response is "Thats not comparing that's explaining." It just gets old. I try to push out all the thoughts or at least to the back of my mind. Its either that or get worse and fall back into that dark hole. So im pretty much left with no other option than to 'help myself' in which i am trying very hard to do. But you know you just have those days where you constantly no longer want to be here. I have those days pretty much every day but i remind you i push it to the back of my mind as a mere illusion that the thoughts arent there. But reality is, theyre still there. Poor me boohoo. Oh also (why i keep acting like anyones reading, no ones reading but thats okay ill just keep on goin) this is my current boohoo complains. DOnt ever let me get started on my past, it would never end! I honestly have lost a lot but who hasnt right. So no pity really. Just a let it out for once in your life i guess ya feel. But since this is the complaint page, im honestly so tired of everything i dont know what to do anymore i just wish i wasnt me. fat, short, stupid kid w no friends in high school thats me :)))) also im the kid that had to sit alone at lunch because the few friends i had sat at a table with no more room for just one more person so thats just great. also i vicariously live through the populars and yes they are still very real in high school. yea enough of that boring ass high school crap, im done. one more thing im getting no where in life.

20-Jul-16 02:11 AM By antisocial pessimistic nihilist 2 Comments

Tuesday, July 19 2016

I have a terrible character... I get nervous to everyone i speak to except my family which make people dont like me. My face is so UNFRIENDLY... I hate myself....:((I just want to cry.... i have no choice in my life...

19-Jul-16 07:15 PM By no choice 0 Comments

my 18 yr old ex gf got knocked up by her new boyfriend who is a 35 yr old drug addict abusive rapist. they are both super stoked about the baby. she ruined her life and now shes bringing a baby into the world who is going to be sexually abused and suffer. how could she hate herself this much? pls pray to god that no more babies are born to suffering

19-Jul-16 02:52 PM By icant 0 Comments

Monday, July 18 2016

It's about my life I'm worried about it I just finished 6th and 7th grade and during those years and even in elementry I wasn't much of a learner. Learning is tough and in life and in the United States making money is a struggle I felt as if I had no talents and I worry about my career and don't want to work fast food I feel stupid for not trying and everything and feel as if I wasted my years in school not learning I feel stupid for that I even feel like ending my life I failed my mother who always wanted me to make good money in the future she always yelled at me and screamed and said how am I going to make good money enough for me to support myself I never cared about that I just felt like doing your homework was the most hard work and feel as if I couldn't do it. If I could be held back to elementry I would myself except it I would learn as much as I can and be proud and fix this.

18-Jul-16 03:44 PM By Me 0 Comments

Sunday, July 17 2016

i a complete failure i failed at everything even my mother calls me dumb all the time people make fun of me i dont know why they do this they laugh at how i walk when i was at school teacher asks question amd dont answer then whole class start laughing

17-Jul-16 04:10 AM 0 Comments

i just try to help out with my family, but they always take things the wrong way. My own brother called me a snake and keeps saying I keep throwing him under the bus. I'm not smart, I can't remember things I wish my brain could be better. Maybe that would be why I'm I wish I could die. I wish I could talk better. Sometimes I think I have a mental problem I love my family so much I try to help them, my mom has a hard time with dad and I try to to help her and she talks to my brother that I always try to put her under the bus. I don't understand... I think I just act weird or there is something about me that she doesn't like. I wish I could just die.

17-Jul-16 01:23 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, July 16 2016

I failed at many job interviews. such a loser, I can't even answer stupid questions. many tries many fail

16-Jul-16 11:56 PM By saaakaaaaaa 0 Comments

16-Jul-16 05:28 PM By loser 0 Comments

I am a good for nothing in life.I fail at everything.

16-Jul-16 05:57 AM 0 Comments

I hate my job and I mess things up each time I go there. I have to work with lots of people and everyone knows I am not good in social situations and I don't like communicating. But here I am working even on weekends. My coworkers hate me also and don't even reply when I greet them. Everyone is uneasy around me. I wish I could find a job where I work alone at night with no one around...

16-Jul-16 04:23 AM 1 Comment

Thursday, July 14 2016

Hello, my name is Sorry. I am angry at the owner of this website for not allowing sentence enhancers like the f-word. This is a bridge of my civil right.

There are some thing ordinary words cannot explain. I just wrote something while angry but no one knew I was mad. These type of cencoship belongs in China or Thailand with that worthless old king (that I f'ing hate so KERFUFFLY much).

I am going to be at work all day (12 hours) amd I didn't plan for it. So am going to be intensionally late. I intend on getting stoned and my 'eye; must be slightly cleared before I go to work (because I have a motocycle).

My phone is ringing off the hock. Each time it rings, my blood presure jumps (and am 29). no rest for 'the son of man' in this life time.

14-Jul-16 04:38 AM By My phone 4 Comments

The manager where i work made my co-workers to start looking down on me. I am not seeking validation from anyone but it cuts like a knife when a co-worker is giving me the attitude. Now I am at home depressed because my whole life is messed up and i get a message (after several unanswered calls) that i should come to work because someone has resigned.

God I need a facking purpose.

14-Jul-16 04:10 AM 1 Comment

Wednesday, July 13 2016

That girl is FINALLY talking me again. It feels Greaat :). But ironically, she started talking to me again Right before i finally Got over her too. Hindsight tells me i shouldnt have just replied to her message. SO how do we sacrifice love, and sacrifice possibiliites with someone, and sacrifice important parts of ourselves in order to focus on NOT failing at life anymore. So to not fail at life, and school, should i sacrifice more until the only thing left is my goals? seems like whatver your not willing to sacrifice pins you, makes you weak, makes you predictable. At first she was why I did good, now I want to be on my own strength. Damn I just want to Focus damnit, let me focus on NOT FAILINGGG

13-Jul-16 10:43 PM 0 Comments

i failed pre calculus. i just get so scared when I take tests and nowadays I can't think because I get paranoid of everything.. I know the math, but when I get into a test room or meet other people, I can't speak or talk. I'm so scared. :( I feel so sad because even though my family has anger issues (REAL bad issues, borderline abusive) they want me to do well... well my other family wants me to fail.. But getting shouted at when I was little makes me scared of going outside. .. I wish things could be different.

13-Jul-16 02:05 PM 0 Comments

I'm 18 years old and I don't have a girlfriend and I'm tired of watching porn. I have a shit job in mcdonalds and the manager yelled at me a few times. My parents always bossing me around telling me what to do. My life sucks, I wish my parents never married or used a condom.

13-Jul-16 12:30 PM By David 1 Comment

Monday, July 11 2016

I'm 40. I failed at everything I tried. I have no money, no job, no family. No life.

11-Jul-16 12:29 PM 0 Comments

Sunday, July 10 2016

I hope your happy. try to smile everyone. I feel sad now.. like oh well... :( But I dont know anymore. What can I do? I just wish I can meet kind people. I dont know. The institution i went to... they ruined me. / people listen to Hero in your heart by thomas bergesen, you will feel better. :) :'( i wish I could be able to triumph over the ones.. there in that place. I know you all can, you and all of the good people in this world have the strength to move forward. I know we all can.. :)

10-Jul-16 04:35 PM 0 Comments

Saturday, July 9 2016

Just to let you know this site was defaced years ago and whoever did that really fails at life so come on try ME!!! Insult ME!!!

9-Jul-16 07:21 PM By site-was-defaced 1 Comment

my cousin just posted something on here. She is lying about everything and doesnt have a husband becuse she is forever alone

9-Jul-16 05:24 AM 0 Comments

I fell over today, and i hurt my leg to make matters worse my friends called me unco and i my husband keeps calling me a little shit in bed

9-Jul-16 03:42 AM By JoeBo 0 Comments

Friday, July 8 2016

I gaveup everything for this girl, and she is just ignoring me now... The reason im doing better in school is cause i improved myself for her. I bought a tutor and paid him alot of money so i can pass these dang exams. Now that im passing I look behind me and she not their. It feels like theirs no point if i cant text her and tell her I successful now in my classes. I dont even care about the grades.

8-Jul-16 12:43 AM 12 Comments

-_- I loved this girl. she talked to me all summer through text, then just suddenly stopped. OUT OF NOWHERE. I text her and her texts are short and she says shes busy ;_; ..... I just want to die. I've been single my whole life. I thought I was finally growing up and gonna start dating... apperently I have to be more patient. WTF im almost 25, and this is just killing me. I loved her ;_;

8-Jul-16 12:19 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, July 7 2016

I'm 26 years old, recently kicked out of university due to extreme laziness, depression and social anxiety; and with absolutely no clue about what to do with my life.

I cant get any job, even the shittiest ones, because in all those years I've never worked for a single day in my life, so they wont hire an old useless piece of shit who has no experience and dont know how to do anything besides jerking off, playing video games and getting drunk.

Im also a small dicked (around 4") virgin, never even kissed a girl, and was bullied throughout my entire schoolife, so as a result I developed social anxiety and have no friends.

The best thing is that apparently I dont seem to give a shit about anything, and Im too lazy to get a few books, start studying again and maybe get out of this hole.

I have no motivation to keep living, but Im too coward to kill myself, so Im stuck in this hell.

7-Jul-16 10:36 PM 0 Comments

there are days where i think and look at my life. And I recognize that international school bangkok really screwed me up.

7-Jul-16 06:38 PM 1 Comment

Wednesday, July 6 2016

I have to do a buisness pitch

6-Jul-16 08:05 AM 1 Comment

Cheer up....thank you so much for this website. WHEN I FEEL disappointed, this website is number 1 that I can think about to lessen my sadness

6-Jul-16 03:00 AM By nolove 0 Comments

Tuesday, July 5 2016

i am a complete failure i failed in my class 12 exam and i wanted to commit suicide but i was unable to gain much courage i am suffering from ocd and that kills me i am 17 years old i wanted to do parkour but i am very lazy so i never did it when i was at

5-Jul-16 09:58 AM 1 Comment

Monday, July 4 2016

I hate plastering a smile on my face while self absorbed customers expect me to have knowledge of 1000+ products in the store. 

I hate serving the till where old ladies hold up a long line behind them thinking their weather updates & chats with their best friend Margaret are important to me. 

I hate how customers are out for themselves and have no empathy - away yelling at an employee over a product a few days out of date while the worker just got told his father had cancer 20 mins before. 

I hate when self absorbed customers walk in 5 mins before closing thinking I'll be more than happy to serve their disorganised disrespectful self serving ass selves than go home to my family. 

I hate doing a shift to cover someone else's lazy excuses and they don't return the favour. 

I hate the fact that I quit this job 2 months ago and actually miss it. 

4-Jul-16 07:35 AM By MiserableRetailBitch 1 Comment

Friday, July 1 2016

I am lonely and horney. I really don't desire company but I desire casual sex (without commitment).

As for my goals and dreams, I have since passed the deadline I set for myself. 8 years ago, I wrote 5 years goal, today, I haven't accomplished half and it seems impossible.

God please help me not to remember my troubles because it really 'beats me up'. I'm tired.

Recently I discovered that; 'Frustration is what awaits anyone who puts hope on other people. Nobody would save you but yourself.' Even I am undependable. How can I save myself?

People have a right to life, we should also have a right to die. I wish to find success or to quietly be vaporised. I want to disappear instead of living in misery.

1-Jul-16 02:56 PM 2 Comments

I met the guy I like for about an year now for probably the last time.I looked into his eyes and hugged him for the last time. He got into a great college (abroad) I didn't. Also to add to my woes the girl he likes is also ending up at his college. Ugh.. I won't say i fail at life but I definitely fail at love.

1-Jul-16 02:49 PM By Sadgirl 1 Comment

The year is half gone and these are my 'achievements'. For the first time in my life, I am at the best physical shape ever. This is after many years of study and procratiation.

But I still have a shitty job. I often work an extra 10 hours because my co worker often quit and I would have to fill in until the new person is trained and yet I have no prove that am a salary earner.

My worthless friends always want to borrow stuff. They only remember me when they are broke or in trouble and I am sick of sacrificing.

The thing that really hurts me is; I have flunked out of school so many time (earlier on it was mostly due to Social Anxiety Disorder) but as the years passed by and some of the kids I graduated high school with are now pursuing their PhD, I discovered that I now dislike the classroom. I can't attend lectures and since I still live with my parents I have to obey some of their order or face homelessness. My father got me an admissions late last year, and I have not been attending lectures or taking test ( I know I have already fail) but am afraid of the day he would eventually discover. I know I am less than two months away from homelessness because their dreams is for me to get formal education and would only accommodate me if I am doing so.

8 to 10 years ago, I was an innocent suicidal young person, but after drug abuse and some other vices I engaged in, I am neither suicidal nor innocent. I honestly have hope because the people who are successful don't have two heads on their shoulders. The problem is, I just don't know how to make it. Just like workout, starting is difficult, but once you have done 15mins, it is easier to go 2 hours (that is how I view success) but I don't know where to start.

Panic attack in my last teens was what ruined me, but my family thinks it was the drugs and not going to university. They don't know that the drugs and dropout was as a result of SAD. Today - am almost cured of it, I make cold telephone calls, and I have done some heroic things where everyone else was chicken and stood up. but once in a while, my old demons catches me, and I find myself in a mess.

The only thing I need now is money, money would give me confidence (since everyone else worship it), money would restore my dignity among my mates and family. Money is all I need.

1-Jul-16 11:02 AM 1 Comment

Fuck it all,even my effort was useless to prove i'm able enough to care myself.i hate myself for i cant fullfil my own wish and keep considering others oppinion which it only destroy my own life.FUCK IT ALL..really screwed

1-Jul-16 12:44 AM By Lone wolf 0 Comments

Thursday, June 30 2016

international school bangkok ruined my life

30-Jun-16 01:03 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, June 29 2016

its sad to think that the biggest mistake of my life was not killing myself when i was a teenager

29-Jun-16 12:37 PM By regret 0 Comments

I cant understand anything no matter how many times people tell me. I become sad because I fell like I'm stupid. I don't know how to fix it. How do I fix this?

29-Jun-16 12:17 AM By Me 0 Comments

Saturday, June 25 2016

I am pretty sure I am gay and the enviroment where I live right now, with my family is a really gay non-accepting place. I don't know what to do because I love them so much and I can't imagine not talking to them or having a bad relationship with them. I am also scared they kick me out of the house because I still depend on them to pay for everything. I wanna be myself but I don't want them to hate me. What do I do?

25-Jun-16 12:18 PM By Me 1 Comment

Friday, June 24 2016

I'm a very poor girl because of many things happened in my life, so my family doesn't have any money. I always use old things and use them for a long time until they get damaged. I dont usually go to restaurants or drinking starbuck or watching movies at movie thearter or shopping because my family can't affford it. I have a job , but i have enough for car and buying some important stuffs to live and no more for other activities. Thus, i dont hang out with friends much because meeting friends always has to have party or go to restaurants or movies, etc., and i have denied so many invitations from friends. I feel so bad about myself... how can i do?

24-Jun-16 08:51 PM 0 Comments

So sorry for my life. I am invisible. I'm a boring girl, an introverted girl, a shy girl, an ugly girl and low self esteem girl in a very poor family. I dont know what to do anymore.

24-Jun-16 08:43 PM 0 Comments

Sorry in advance for the long post. I've got a lot to get off my chest. From what I've read in comments so far, I'm a bit older than most people writing here. I hated school because of the bullying. I'd get the crap kicked out of me by both boys and girls EVERY day from second grade until I started high school. The physical torment stopped then, but the social isolation began. I had not a single friend in high school. I'd have dropped out and done drugs--or some other escape--had my mom not been as strict as she was.

But I did have one escape through early school: eating. I ate myself into becoming a giant pig. Because I had no friends and no social life, I got scholarships to college. About nine months before I started college, I joined a weight-loss center and lost over 150 pounds. I thought college would be a whole new life.

I'm not going to bore everyone with the particulars, but suffice it to say that college was about the worst time in my life. I was surrounded by all these beautiful, fun, supremely sociable people who very, very clearly wanted nothing to do with me. My dorm had a library where we'd gather in the afternoons and evenings to do homework at these giant wooden tables. Wherever I sat, no one would even share the table...

After my mom died, what tiny semblance of cohesion there was in my life, bound up in my feeling there was SOMEplace I belonged, unraveled. I found a therapist. She told me I should find something I like about myself. She suggested my hands. MY HANDS. Okaaaaay. And every therapist I saw during that period promised me that if I just got through another couple of years, my life would turn around.

And that's really what brought me here today. I was thinking: every single month between the day I started college and NOW has been WORSE than the month before. All the "experts" tell you things will get better. That your problems are "just" temporary. That the error in supremely depressed people's thinking is that there is no end to the difficulty. Can I swear on this site? In case I can't, B-freakin'-S!!!!!!!!

My life is one friggin' shyte-storm. And nothing I try to do to make it better EVER works. I finished school. I'm a "hard worker." I'm an awesome friend--loyal, selfless, compassionate, and sincere. And everyone treats me like toilet paper. I have no friends. I have no living relatives. And because I'm not good looking, I never get a decent job, despite hiring teams liking my resume. You can literally always see their disappointment when I arrive for the interview. They look shocked.

Anyway. Why can't there be some legally and medically sanctioned painless, nearly-instant way for people like me who've failed at life just to leave? There are far, far, far too many human beings anyway. Imagine all the precious resources that could be spared if mistakes like me weren't around for decades, using up all those resources.

Oh, one last thing. Over the last ten years I've saved every penny I earned after taxes and survival needs. It's easy, when you don't have a social life. I saved just over $100K. I thought I should start a company so I could leave a legacy for some organizations that matter a lot to me. I went into business with "a friend." I had all these legal documents drawn up, promissory notes, operating agreement--all signed and notarized. In the first three months of the business, the other person--who brought not a penny to the table--decided he wasn't being compensated fairly (50% of profits PLUS his own sales income) so stopped working, withdrew all the company funds, and stole all our inventory to sell for himself. Police and state attorney general won't do anything about it since the state wasn't affected and only about $125,000 was involved. So I lost my life savings. And I can't get a job. And I have no friends or family. And, worst of all, I'm so ugly I can't even travel to start over again since who the hell wants to be around me?

We all know how this is going to play out.

24-Jun-16 11:14 AM By USTraveler 2 Comments

Monday, June 20 2016

my extended family wants me to fail.


and i already did and they were so happy to hear I did.

why is the world like this

I wish someone could care about me.

20-Jun-16 04:05 PM 4 Comments

Sunday, June 19 2016

ok music is like more than half of my life and i've literally just given up on it yesterday,i had such a terrible day today the only thing i was thinking about was ridding myself music but i realized i'm always going to hum a song,im always gonna play an air guitar,i'm always gonna sing a song,

im always gonna try to make another chiptune, even if it sucks i would just do everything i can to make it better

and im always gonna watch anime...


i know that i should get back to it and try not to give up like that again but i can't (i'm not gonna say why because its personal)and, i'm literally just...i mean i just fricken can't accept that but time always works and maybe i'll be happy


>:(((*cries in a corner*sorry for wasting your time*

19-Jun-16 08:49 PM 2 Comments

Saturday, June 18 2016

vfhlhygrhygueryahcudiw fhduialfnyuaei ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

18-Jun-16 08:27 AM By ellie 1 Comment

Friday, June 17 2016

Whatever you're going through, I've got it worse, in so many ways. Feel blessed for not being me, folks.

17-Jun-16 09:18 PM 0 Comments

I cannot thank you enough for the article.Really thank you! Want more. Lattanzio

17-Jun-16 06:18 AM By WilliamZem 0 Comments

Tuesday, June 14 2016

we all think the world is unfair. i feel like i envy everybody. then see these homeless and other less fortunate people... not gratitude but guilt and fear because they are potential futures. i have become my worst nightmare... defeated at life... losing hopes and meanings... fearful at the slightest challenges... anxious with other people and the future... my future is dim and dark... regrets barking at my back... godless and without moral i face the world with a mask... i am alone both metaphorically and literally... friendless is a word evoking worry and sorrow.... worthless and without respect... ugly in both body and soul... i am stripped of my choices... my world narrowed and shrinked...the world of masturbation offers a very cheap very easy escape but it will never even a fraction of enough... hell wait for me at the other side.... alone alone without pride... why should i try? why not slip the wrist or jump on the bridge i pass everyday... trapped trapped trapped powerless since the day i was born is this my fate?

14-Jun-16 04:33 PM By streamofconciousness 2 Comments

I only have 3 exams left, and the closer I get to the end the lazier I get. I don't have any notes on one of my exams, so I'm screwed for that. I'm pretty sure I flopped my other exams, and every time my family asks me how it was, I reply with a mere fine. Results day is going to be hell!

14-Jun-16 11:39 AM By Im going to fail my exams 0 Comments

Monday, June 13 2016

I work hard to earn very little. I live alone in a small flat, but can't afford the bills. I earn too much to qualify for help. I don't have much of a social life because I can't afford to socialize properly. My flat is a mess pretty much all the time and I constantly procrastinate when I mean to do something about it. Having said all this, I still have a small group of friends both in my own country and abroad, so I'm grateful for that at least.

I recently got invited to a friend's wedding in Florida. I didn't have a passport nor the funds to travel, so I had to decline. But another friend caught wind, and wouldn't take no for an answer. He paid for the passport, and paid for the flight. However, the passport application form was rejected twice due to countersignature problems. It turned a 4 week process into a 3 month one, during which time I was let down by several more people, but I finally got a passport two weeks before the flight. I then applied for something called an ESTA that lets me travel to the US without a tourist visa, but due to my medical history it got declined.

So now I have to apply for a proper B2 Visa, which I can't afford, and I have to attend an interview that's after the flight.

I've had to fight bureaucracy, depression, and finance to try and have this one nice thing happen and, despite how hard I've tried to get it sorted out, I still can't get what I worked hard to sort out, even when someone else pays for it.

I've let my friends down, and it's not even my fault. I feel so pathetic.

13-Jun-16 07:20 PM By tryhard 1 Comment

Sunday, June 12 2016

i can't sleep at night. im too tired to search for jobs.

12-Jun-16 03:14 PM By A 1 Comment

im so left out & left behind

12-Jun-16 03:07 PM By A 1 Comment

Saturday, June 11 2016

I fucked up the easiest and simplest pasta recipe on Tasty. Now my pot is all burned and my pasta is all oily and cheesy and smells like feet.

11-Jun-16 01:40 PM 0 Comments

Friday, June 10 2016

Hey "poop" your life isn't great, because you looked up this website. Your name is poop ffs, that's probably representative of your life enough.

10-Jun-16 05:01 PM By lol 0 Comments

Thursday, June 9 2016

My life is great and reading you guys' sob stories makes it better, thanks for the laughs!

9-Jun-16 06:42 PM By poop 4 Comments

my ex gf is pregnant i never even got to kiss her because im an ugly worthless piece of sht 22 yr old virgin faggt. Its kinda funny the first week we break up she finds a guy to fck gets pregnant and now wants to merry him. we were together for a year and never even kissed goes to show what a disgusting low life i am.

9-Jun-16 10:03 AM By ha 0 Comments

Wednesday, June 8 2016

so today was the last day of school. thanks to this website i have done absolutely nothing this entire year in studyhall. I appreciate the distraction, and thank you. Adios my fellow failures

8-Jun-16 09:59 AM 1 Comment

Tuesday, June 7 2016

goodbye. but it doesn't really matter because in truth i was never here at all. i seemed to appear as a shadow in other peoples minds but that was all. i was never really here. bye

7-Jun-16 07:29 PM By goodbye 1 Comment

Monday, June 6 2016

Everything I've ever touched has turned to crap, minus the stench. At 48,I've tried things, but the one constant is failure. I'd like to die, and, unlike others, I can't wait to die. If you see me passed outsomewhere, please don't do anything. I suck at everything. While I don't begrudge others their success, I wish I knew how to do something other than fail. I wish all of you the best.

6-Jun-16 11:46 PM 3 Comments

I'm 18 and I never had a girlfriend so I have to use porn everyday. I have a shit job in mcdonalds working in the back washing dishes cleaning floor bathroom disgusting stuff and my boss yelled at me many times. My stupid parents always bossing me around telling me what to do and never listens to me. My life sucks

6-Jun-16 03:27 PM By David 0 Comments

Saturday, June 4 2016

i have anxiety disorder and i feel extremely nervous around peple...and i can't control. It makes people hate me because they dont know i have that disorder, and they hate me because i act so weird....people hate me, i hate my life, i hate myself. I'm a failure too...i wanna kill myself. Why my character is like that...

i'm 22,,,,what can i do for the rest of my life...:((

4-Jun-16 09:40 PM By i wish i am a different person 5 Comments

i am loved but i do not feel loved

i have the ability to be smarter but i do not have the will to live

4-Jun-16 04:54 PM 0 Comments

Thursday, June 2 2016

I am failing math and science in year 10 and my parents are about to kill me. I want to go to art school, so amth and science won't apply for me so why am I supposed to care? But they give me crap about it all the time

2-Jun-16 12:07 PM By THe NoT sMaRt oNe 1 Comment

Friday, May 27 2016

I'm 31 and I have lung cancer, only few months left to live but I'm happy now because I'm alive now =)

27-May-16 03:44 PM By David 5 Comments

Thursday, May 26 2016

I am seventeen years of age and I believe I am a failure. I have done nothing to contribute to society and my own being. I am obese, idiotic, annoying, lazy, and a ton of other negative words. I feel like my life is worthless and everyone is doing better than me. Well, I will try to push on but in the end I know I will be a homeless bum. Sorry family, I know I have failed you. :(

26-May-16 10:09 PM By Failure 0 Comments

I am just shut in on year 9 and Im terrible at most subjects except 2 and those 2 I have no Idea what I'm doing right I just don't try there and get good grades which scares me of not being able to actually get an a. I have not learned anything since year 6 in anything other than New subjects. I feel like I'll fail my exams and I cant get anything right. I have no idea what job I'm getting because I just want something easy and pays well I don't know what I'm going to do ever .

26-May-16 02:41 PM 0 Comments

i know noone will read this but since there is nothing else i can do im just going to post it.. I don't get it. i don't get why everybody just doesnt kill themselves. i see people smile but i know that there happiness is in there own imagination. would you believe me if i told you that i never once felt real joy in my entire life? im 22 years old and i wanted to kill myself since i was 7. i stayed alive for the sake of others. yet they still arent happy so whats the point. ive been searching for a reason to live my whole life and all ive found were more reason why to hurl myself into unconsciousness. please tell me why live? theres only pain everything in this life leads to pain relationships, love,passions, ego its all painful i just don't get it i don't get why everybody isnt killing themselves. i hear of people becoming pregnant and i break down in tears because i can truly and honestly say i wish i was never born.i wouldnt wish this life on anything. I just don't get any of it. survive for what? for more pain? more suffering? more fear. why is everyone surviving. im going to undo this life and im not going to feel guilty about it.

26-May-16 11:27 AM By yea 4 Comments

Saturday, May 21 2016

Reading some of this posts here,i dont feel like you know what the site is about. 80% are complaiming about shit that are small or easy to fix. Damn.

Anyway,i fail at life. Literally. I had vocal lessons for over a year and i cant hit the right notes. I had the german degree exam,and i failed. I also failed my driving licence test so i gave it one more go and my parents paid extra just fot the second time. ALl my teachers and all the people around me are either lying for me or helping me get where i should go. I just suck. At everything. I dont wanna suicide or anything,but i feel horrible. I guess im gonna be the same old broken fucked up person i always was.

21-May-16 01:38 PM By Jim 2 Comments

Wednesday, May 18 2016

I really need to stop posting here. It's pointless. But I'm addicted to this sh*t. life is a boring waste. No one likes me except for ugly, boring people like myself. I even tried adding some girl from my work on Facebook but she didn't accept it and made it so that I am not able to add her again. It's strange because in person she seemed cool. I guess not. My ugliness turns all things away from me. For some strange reason all the people I like are so hard to get a hold of. They are always away or gone, but the people I couldn't care less about are always around me as if some force is trying to get me to be with them. Every girl I like is already married or has a boyfriend. Everything has already been claimed by others. There's nothing left for me. Sad, sad, sad life.

18-May-16 02:34 AM By WastingAll 3 Comments

Tuesday, May 17 2016

If I have a choice, I wish I were not exist. I'm such a waste in tnis world.

The only thing I have is my parents and my sister and my brother. They love me unconditionally. But I'm a waste, and I can't do anything in my life. I'm such a waste in society

17-May-16 01:45 AM By noname 3 Comments

Monday, May 16 2016

I got a 99 on my solo and I was super excited because it is the highest score i've ever gotten, and I'm a really good player. But my horrible band teacher told me i didn't deserve that score and it wasn't "a true adjudication of my abilities" and that i should have scored less. He then told me for my playing exam that I have to play with smartmusic (the lazy teacher's program) so it would "cover me up". Hmm, maybe that's why i want to quit.

16-May-16 10:02 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, May 14 2016

happy survive everyone ^^

14-May-16 08:54 PM By yank 0 Comments

Friday, May 13 2016

my ex gf turned me gay. she refused to give me physical intamacy fkn btchh all i wanted was a kiss and then i got mad at her didnt text her for 2 days and in those 2 days she lost her virginity to a 30 yr old guy oh and she was only 17 fkn bitch i just wanted a kiss. and then she says its cause i wasnt forceful enough like wtf? if i knew she wanted me to be forceful i wouldve raped the shit out of her watever now im a gay virgin cus nothing matters anyway fck it

13-May-16 10:04 PM By my ex 0 Comments

i'm sleep deprived and stuck in school. I'm going crazy. Everyone around me is suicidal, depressed or cutting and i feel like its my job to fix it. I have my own issues but i don't want to abandon them. It all just getting a bit too much. HALP!

13-May-16 01:38 PM By Ugh:/ 0 Comments

i am in school and have no food and i have another like 10 hours to go HALP

13-May-16 09:42 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, May 12 2016

All are conspiring against me. Friends, family, etc. All are against me. I feel like they have something they didn't like in me. Or they didn't like me in whole and tries to hide it to make me suffer. They make feel like i belong then belittle me slowly. I know i'm worthless as i have nothing to show to them that will make them think that i am something to them. I'm a laughing stock, a hotheaded easily teased person. Also it makes me look like im too dumb to understand what they know. In addition to this, im unlucky. All moments that i want to happen, something bad will happen. Or it just makes me taste a little happiness then it takes it back quickly and gets more than it gave me. Is anyone feeling the same? What do you do to this to survive everyday life?

12-May-16 08:01 AM By 1 Comment

Tuesday, May 10 2016


10-May-16 10:49 AM By gaydude 0 Comments

I think Bhumibol Adulyadej is an idiot. Even as an old man he kept on sexually molesting chickens. How can someone has so much wealth and power and still get all butthurt about statements made on the Internet. Bhumibol Adulyadej is too primitive to be alive in this day and age, people like that are oxygen thief.

10-May-16 10:04 AM By Rambo 1 Comment

I guess I just thought things would turn out better.

I know there are people in my life that love me. My siblings and my parents, especially my dad, have always been extremely supportive of me. I've always managed to make good friends, I've had a different core friend group in grade school, high school, and college. My friends' parents have always liked me, and teachers have always liked me. I'm a 19 year old virgin who's never had a girlfriend, but I've had girls admit to liking me or send me obviously flirty messages or even tell me they want to have sex with me and I've either ignored their obvious flirtation/advances or turned them down every time.

For some reason, I can't stop hating myself. I hate my body, I hate my personality, I hate the decisions I've made in life, and I hate the decisions I know I'm going to make. I hate the fact that it's been my choices that put me in the situation I'm in, and that it's going to be my choices that put me in future situations. I always feel like people that say they like me don't really like me, or that they won't like me if they get to know me a little better. I want to tell someone how I feel about these things, and I know they'll listen, and maybe they won't disown me, but I know there's nothing they can say to me or do for me that will help me anyway.

I can't say that I want to die, but I'm sure I don't really want to live anymore.

10-May-16 05:14 AM 0 Comments

i feel like i have to work extra hard to be where everyone else is at

everyone else gets A's and success and money and happiness and popularity with no effort and it takes so much effort for me to do the average

10-May-16 01:30 AM By lilures 0 Comments

Monday, May 9 2016

-They don't sell cupcakes on this website

-I was born

-I cannot plait my hair anymore

-I turned my boyfriend gay

9-May-16 03:45 AM By BOWLESYYYYYYYYYY 1 Comment

I am almost 30 and still live with my parent. How did it happen? I don't know. How do I become independent? I still do not know because I can't find a job that pays... I work all day and still have nothing. My gadgets are all over a year old and they were all gifts (someone else bought them for me). I am so poor that when you see me, you know am broke (even when I wash and iron my cloths)... Why is it difficult for me and seemingly easy for others? If could be rich for a month and die, I would take that deal because I can't die a loser. I don't want people to say I was a waste, I wish people would assume I was successful and would be more successful had it been I was alive. Now the pressing issue is getting out of my dad's house. God, I need a real income.

9-May-16 03:27 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, May 8 2016

am sitting 4 the final exams this year nw am trying to study but i cant understand nd i cant study bt i want to pass my exams wife flying colours.wht shud i do.

8-May-16 09:25 PM By doris 0 Comments

i don't even care about happiness anymore i just wish ive never existed i wish existence never existed

8-May-16 07:02 PM By h 0 Comments

five years ago i was 17 and i made the worse decision of my life i decided to seek help and stay alive instead of killing myself and it was the worst decision ive ever made. If there was one thing i could go back and change i wouldve killed myself years ago. everyday i relive the same mistake by not committing suicide

8-May-16 12:26 AM By the honest truth 0 Comments

Thursday, May 5 2016

i failed a subject, and i got givenb extreme hate for it. and i got given another one in the same context and gave a draft to a teacher and he completely deleted it all and made me re-start again. just feeling like a failure, as always. breaking down in the middle of a class is always beautiful

5-May-16 09:52 PM 0 Comments

Wednesday, May 4 2016

I don't know when the right time is to give up. I can't keep trying to get a girlfriend and escape isolation forever. I'm already 21 and have never even went out on a date or hung out with anyone. Soon, I'll get older and older and by then I'll be some old guy that's alone without anyone. Time is running out. I hate when people say, "oh you'll find someone one day...they are out there somewhere" or "just be patient, you're still young." Psh yeah right. Just admit it, I'm ugly, talentless, strange, out of shape, useless, and will die alone. My parents always said how proud they were of me because I kept to myself and never smoked or did drugs, but I don't think they know how much I hate myself. They said to me "good things come to those who wait."

I think they are wrong on that part. I've waited for 20 years. How long will I have to wait? Forever? How come others are so fortunate and get the girl they want and are sociable, while I sit here alone in self loathing madness?

4-May-16 09:10 PM 3 Comments

I was a very intelligent kid at school but after 12 I have no career I did not got admission in any college neither I have cancelled this year ..I don't study I keep on crying I am fedd up my parents hate me because I lay down in bed whole day....

4-May-16 01:23 AM 1 Comment

Tuesday, May 3 2016

Friendzoned and failing at life

3-May-16 12:24 AM 1 Comment

Monday, May 2 2016

Please check whether you have adhd/depression. This might help you deal with yourself a bit more compassionately and productively.

Please do not give up.

2-May-16 09:11 PM 2 Comments

Saturday, April 30 2016

I fail at everything I do. I failed at being a daughter. Sister. Wife. Mother. Now I am failing in my career. Why? I cry all the time. I become numb. I never do things right. I try and try but it's no use. I pray to God to make me disappear. I don't even feel like I deserve hell nor heaven for that matter. Why do some people succeed and others fail? Why can't we all be happy. I ask the father. Why are you allowing me to live why don't you just let me die.

30-Apr-16 01:10 PM 2 Comments

it happen again. im tired being such a loser. low self-esteem was driving me crazy, geez its really suck.

30-Apr-16 12:12 PM 0 Comments

Friday, April 29 2016

im simply not fit for adult life

29-Apr-16 03:19 PM 0 Comments

Thursday, April 28 2016

Hello I'm 21 female I've always been a respectful child till today but I struggle to move forward I'm still at school and I'm scared that I will fail again,I sometimes think that God doesn't care I pray,study hard but nothing

28-Apr-16 06:21 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, April 27 2016

Marriage #2, yet another failed attempt. Tried hard to find someone, he loves me, but not my kids, his are spoiled, smart on paper only. If I had only given myself time to be alone and live only for my kids I would have seen how much happier I'd have been. Now I'm miserable, we argue almost every night, I cry almost as often without his knowledge. What a wasted life. You only live once and I've screwed mine up the whole way.

27-Apr-16 08:45 PM By I did it again 1 Comment

Tuesday, April 26 2016

I sat here after coming from work where I am in love with a girl who is in love with someone else. I only talk to her on Facebook because in person I'm quiet as hell. I told her that and I guess she accepts it. She barely talks to me now. I think I scared her away like a big ugly monster. Now I'm here at home, laying on the floor and staring at the wall. No one messages me. No one texts me. Nothing. If I died at this second, no one would know. Even at work everyone else loves that girl and even some old white guy said he likes when the girl does deliveries because she's cuter than me. duh, fag , of course she is, I'm ugly. So I'll never have a chance with her or anyone else. I think that there's some type of disorder in my life. Somewhere and at some time, something got messed up. Maybe I started on life late or maybe I wasn't social enough when I was younger. I'm too quiet. Even my mom said it. Truth is...what do I talk about? Random stuff? The weather? I'll never talk about my emotions as they are too complex and it will just mess things up. There's nothing to talk about. I wish I could tell my love how much I adore her, but she'll think I'm even uglier and creepier while her bf sits and laughs with her.

26-Apr-16 09:13 PM By Beast ugly 3 Comments

grades are dropping. no motivation for academics, sports, extracurricular's, and just school in general. constantly yelled at by my mom about how much of a failure i am. she's right, though.

26-Apr-16 04:14 PM 0 Comments

I could be everything that i wanted to be. But im too lazy too realize that.

26-Apr-16 02:47 PM By just a normal college student 1 Comment

all will come to a point when they realize there is no hope in the world and no hope in your personal life. many people have seen this and killed themselves but this realization is also the opportunity to let go of all that you think you know and learn the truth about life. do you want to be a dieng insect? meaningless and to small to notice? a lonely mind that is a cruel joke cut of from all creation?? Please before you kill yourself look for the truth and ask what lies beyond this life of death, this universe of darkness, this void of empty space. What lies beyond? what was never created? and can never be destroyed? don't kill yourself yet....try to find the truth. the least you can do is try. There must be sum hope somewhere

26-Apr-16 02:04 PM By now begin again 0 Comments

Basically we can blame our parents for everything because they're the ones that made us.

26-Apr-16 01:03 PM By me171 0 Comments

Fuck it I gambled the rest too. Why? I was sexually abused as a child and addiction makes me feel better. Temporarily. I'm going all the way to bankrupt town....and I know it.

26-Apr-16 10:54 AM By Thegambler 0 Comments

its me vs the world and i aint winning

26-Apr-16 09:15 AM By optinal 0 Comments

I feel as if I fail at everything and anything I do. Even when I put my mind to it and push to succeed, I get knocked down, never to rise back up again. I keep thinking of suicide because this world would just be better without me in it.

26-Apr-16 06:11 AM By DRC 1 Comment

Monday, April 25 2016

im 24. sick of my life. no social life. no boyfriend. no motivation. feeling lazy all the time.

25-Apr-16 03:05 PM 1 Comment

Saturday, April 23 2016

I alwayz fail in my life i dnt want to live this kind of life.nd i hate myself so much

23-Apr-16 01:48 PM By cp 0 Comments

The girl I like, shot me down, I'm a wuss.

23-Apr-16 07:54 AM By Djblaskowitz 0 Comments

Friday, April 22 2016

i can't believe it once again i chickened out and didnt kill myself when i knew that killing myself was the best option. and now since i didnt do it i have to suffer. morbid fear, pain untill the next time i know again that killing myself is the only answer and again i chicken out just to suffer more. why do i keep doing this? week after week year after year. why cant i just commit suicide already. theres nothing here for me nothing but pain. even god would look upon my life and say "child kill yourself, be free from this prison of fear"

22-Apr-16 06:23 PM By again 3 Comments

Theses this dude sitting next to me and he wont stop touching my computer goddammit cole

22-Apr-16 12:21 PM 0 Comments

Thursday, April 21 2016

It's earth day the perps are after you gang stalking you so save the planet and kill yourself.

21-Apr-16 11:03 PM By 7.831Hz 0 Comments


21-Apr-16 06:49 PM 0 Comments

Wednesday, April 20 2016

survive, survive, survive, survive, survive...deaaaaaaaad

20-Apr-16 11:37 PM 1 Comment

I have a math teacher who is absolutely crazy and we have a whole bunch of tests coming up on topics i just dint understand

20-Apr-16 10:19 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, April 19 2016

People only talk to me because they pity me. I'm ugly and quiet and they feel like if they don't talk to me, I'll just sit in black silence for days or kill myself. They are kinda right, actually. Sometimes I await messages from certain people. I just sit in my dark empty room all day waiting while they talk to numerous people. Then when they message me I must wait to reply so that I Don't appear to be so lonely. Being an ugly human being is difficult. People just feel so sorry for me when they look at me. They just think, "he's slow, ugly, short, and weird. There's nothing good about him. Poor guy. He must contemplate suicide on a daily basis."

19-Apr-16 09:56 PM 2 Comments

Yep.......I just gambled away half of my life savings, I guess you could call me vulnerable. I would say I'm in the best position to give advice now tho having done not do it. jackass.

19-Apr-16 08:58 PM By Thegambler 0 Comments

Monday, April 18 2016

What would you do if you were ugly as hell and failed at everything and had crippling social problems?

18-Apr-16 09:03 PM 1 Comment

And now, they have taken me out of my violin class - something I loved to do

I don't think I can take it anymore.


18-Apr-16 07:48 PM By TakenByTheDarkness 1 Comment

My parents are always trying to make me something I'm not. They are loving parents - most of the time. I honestly think I've become an emotionless person thanks to them though. Every time I get an insult (or get hurt, etc) from somebody (not just them), I am not even affected. I never cry - I WAS NEVER LIKE THIS BEFORE. I'm 13 now, but I've though about suicide since I was 12.

But I think this was the last straw - My parents enroll me in a ton of classes (I appreciate it) and I love every single one of them. It's not like we are rich or anything either. BUT THEN THEY ENROLLED ME IN TAEKWONDO - I HATE IT. For about 6 months I thought ' Why not? I'll probably like it later...' But I still hate it. I told my parents and they freaked out. They said I don't appreciate anything that they do and my dad said I was a failure at life. And it didn't hurt one bit (BTW, this is even more proof that I've become emotionless). But I am broken inside. I am going to high school next year but I am not sure I'll make it. Also, I am a straight A student.

Please help, or I may not be able to take it anymore...

18-Apr-16 06:45 PM By TakenByTheDarkness 0 Comments

it still hurts you can't do anything to stop this from happening. to start, someone is leaving or so i think, she became a special part of my life even we only talked for a few days. she's the only one i talked to and smiled as we share our life's problems and craziness. it seems that this is not a problem for the ones who really fail at life but still it is a failure. a failure to please someone you like, failure to accept that she didn't really like you the way i liked her. as i woke up this morning, i still feel the pain or a question that is still in my mind, "is this the end of our little start?", "is she avoiding me for forever?", "can't she tell me the whole story or even the truth as i have told mine?". so anyone reading this, help me. i can't seem to just erase her out of my system.

18-Apr-16 05:20 PM By threesecondmemories 0 Comments

I'm in the ib program please help me I want to die.

18-Apr-16 10:54 AM By Kill me now 1 Comment

Sunday, April 17 2016

if ever i can reset my life, i wished i've done all the things that everyone has told me. they seem right by now. i am a talentless person, in everything that i try, i didn't excel. you could say that i know things but really i don't or i just pretend to be. if writing this would make someone happier or less alone, then thanks but i don't seem to like it. i say to God i'm sorry but this is useless. no one would like a depressing novelist, everyone is looking for a way to be happier. what is sadder than this is that everyone is expecting something from me then they get slightly angry by the time they know i can't do anything. in addition, of all the girls that i love or will love, i think they are looking for something that will make them standout from the rest and be proud they have me as boyfriend. i'm also skinny type of a person that can't protect myself in harm. i'm getting older. time is slipping and everyone is taking one step farther than me while i stayed here finding what i really am, what is my purpose. every second passes by goes to waste but i can't do anything good for now or forever. now i bid everyone farewell.

17-Apr-16 12:36 AM By threesecondmemories 0 Comments

Saturday, April 16 2016

I wish I lived somewhere dark, cold and empty. My mind state is always in sorrow and sadness. This bright sunshine doesn't help, it only worsens the situation. It's hard to pretend To be happy around my family. They see nothing wrong with me being 21 and having never had a friend or girlfriend. I sit in sadness every day because I know that I will be alone, wallowing in my own terminal sadness, until the day I die. I fall in love with girls that only speak to me every so often and already have their boyfriend. I can't speak...I am silent and it's painful. I try to talk, but it's like someone is holding me hostage telling me not to break out of my monotonous silence. Love is essential to the human spirit, but I will never feel it the way it should be felt. I will be alone forever, without end. When I am dying one day I will think back on my life of sadness and regret everything. Other people on there are with the love of their lives with their children...and there are others out there kissing the girl of their dreams in such paradise. I've never kissed a girl. Last time I hugged a girl was when I was 14 at my 8th grade promotion. I'm 21 now. That's proof that some people are destined a life of hell. I am talentless, stupid, ugly, boring, weird, and ignorant. There nothing a woman in the right mind would see of interest in me. I can't wait until I'm alone later so I can cry and cry and cry until I fall asleep. I'm also very unhealthy, poor, and weak. I can't break my silence. It's a part of who I am. I don't know why I'm like this. I will never know. But, my life is of no meaning or value. In a hundred years I'll just be some tombstone in a meadow of leaves and no one will ever know my sorrow. I won't kill myself...but I accept my fate; misery, pain, sadness, unquenched yearning for love, loneliness, and eventual death. My one and only life was lived this way. I yearn for blackness, devoid of emotion so that tears will never seep through my eyes again. God...I beg you with all my heart. Help. You know what I need. Help. I beg you.

16-Apr-16 05:16 PM By PlaguedBySilence 0 Comments

Hi, ever since the age of 12 I thought about suicide. My parents call me a failure every single day of my life and when I started high school I got called a failure by all my class mates.

When someone says some thing like that, you normally try to prove them wrong. Could I?

Well no because I am good at nothing.

I have never got over 90% on an exam.

I have never been the best at anything

(Not even the top 5)

I am not sporty

There is nothing special about me.

I deserve to die

16-Apr-16 12:28 PM By Anonymous 0 Comments

"The only people that want me alive is my family" At least the like you. I have no friends no family that like me

16-Apr-16 12:19 PM By Ill be dead tomorrow 0 Comments

Thursday, April 14 2016

I live here on this site. It's my secret world to go to when I start to hate myself again. I will always wonder why I am incapable of the most simplest things and why I can't communicate like a normal person. Usually people are either born hideous or ugly/unattractive but are brilliant and smart and that makes up for what they lack. Others are unattractive AND stupid with no talent, but they are at least funny and talkative/easy to get along with. I have none of those. I am ugly, ignorant and talentless and I am not funny and I am poor without money. I simply exist for no reason. The only people that want me alive is my family, but if they didn't want me I'd just kill myself or let myself die or try to find a way to end it - at least that's what I think I'd do. Truth is, I'm probably too much of a coward to do that.

So here I am, without a love. Without someone to love me. I am without passion and without companionship. I will never witness the beauty in life. I have tried so hard. I try to play instruments, but I am talentless and slow. I try to write, but I am ignorant in that aspect too. I try to paint, but I am horrible at it. Everything I try, I fail. All I do is comfort others and give them hope, but they just say thanks and continue with others and forget all about me. I know that someone is probably going to reply something such as "go kill yourself with bleach and so and so...." and I expect that. I don't know what to do with the rest of my life. These desires are strong and will break my already shattered heart into microscopic sadness. I fail at life...exactly what this site is for...

14-Apr-16 05:52 PM By The great failure of the Americas 2 Comments

I am a scar by Steven Barry

I am a scar

People notice me and I stand out

A symbol of life experiences

I am a scar

Often trying to hide from others

Painful or embarrassing at first then you get used to me

I am a scar

A mark for the rest of your life, like it or not

Created by knifes, razors, or physical changes

I am a scar

The reason for people to judge you

The reason for people to avoid you

I am a scar

I am also an inarticulate dumb ass.

14-Apr-16 10:28 AM By Steven Barry 0 Comments

Wednesday, April 13 2016

I tried everything to get picked at some of the Universities. I am currently in a long term relationship, and my girlfriend is studying abroad at one of the said universities. Even my siblings are studying there

I don't know how long I can hold on to everything. I wonder if my girlfriend or even my family sees me in the same light they once did. I feel so empty and lost that even my grades have started falling.

Though I am doing better than some of my mates, I still believe I've failed everyone I love, and I failed at life.

13-Apr-16 06:07 PM By RonChester 0 Comments

Tuesday, April 12 2016

a close friend of mine is addicted to eating baby bells, she eats at least 65 a day, shes losing control and has even gone to a first school and stole all the baby bells from the lunch boxes of children. shes so addicted she has made wallpaper from the wrappers and her bed is in the shape of a baby bell and she has a matching duivet and curtain set.

pm for more details

12-Apr-16 03:44 AM By cheese boy 0 Comments

hi guys, I need to vent... lol

im basically a failure at life init so basically got my geog mock (unit 3 btw) at 12pm, kmn fml lmfao

someone gellp me polease I cant crontoel my shaking I cant weven tpe


12-Apr-16 03:38 AM By the wonderer 1 Comment

Monday, April 11 2016

I'm a 26 yr old white male, single father. I work 50 hrs every week just to pay bills and buy food and gas. I've failed to succeed and have resorted to moving back home to my mom's, for the third time. ..26 yrs old, 5 yr old child, living with mom.. Although I work overtime, I can't seem to save enough to make a difference in our lives. I fear my child senses the shame when he asks me why he doesn't have his own bedroom, why we live with Grandma, and why can't we go places (vacation).

I skip meals so he doesn't have to. My mom is struggling to support her and my brother, so I feel obligated to help her out any chance I can... Every month minimum payments get higher. And every day my body and mind become more drained. I'm failing at life, but feel it was intended to be this way. No matter how hard I try, I'm set two steps back. .... How is continuing this going to help?? Or how do I change something, without risking everything for a worse outcome..

11-Apr-16 10:11 PM By Close to the edge 2 Comments

I'm a highschool with good grades and I've been blessed, but my senpai Kaito won't notice me. I'm secretly Sailor Moon by moonlight, and ditzy teenager by day light. MY BOYFRIEND IS DEAD AND SO ARE ALL MY FRIENDS BECAUSE OF OMEGA FLOWEY.

11-Apr-16 01:23 PM By Hatsune Miku 1 Comment


Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?