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i fail at life
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Saturday, February 13 2016

It occurs to me that I am not a sexually frustrated young male still living at home. In fact, I'm not a male at all, I should have had this. But I have still failed at life and I blame a male..Just kidding.. I take responsibility for myself. Failure-I fail at life because I am over 40K in educational debt and I quit school a semester away from earning a degree. I fail at life because I spent 7 years with an addict thinking I could "fix" him, only to end up alone... well not alone, I fail at life because I give my 2 year old chocolate and let her stay up until she falls asleep..sometimes until 4am..whenever.. I fail at life because I no longer care to keep up with daily chores or get dressed.. I fail at life because I could care less what you think.. I fail at life because I won't answer your call, or any call, because I will hide away from the outside world and lay in bed all day if I can get away with it.. I fail at life because I no longer desire to change my situation, but instead wish to wallow in my sadness until I feel motivated to get up.. I fail at life because I am awake at midnight complaining to a random google search..but mostly I fail at life because I know that I have the potential to be so much better than I've been.. but I know I won't fail forever. I am delusional enough to think this is temporary.. and reading every other comment..I know that your situation is temporary too. Life will get better when you make it better and if it doesn't then fuck it.. It wasn't worth it anyway.

13-Feb-16 03:04 AM 0 Comments

Friday, February 12 2016

i faaaaaaail at life. I am without a doubt the most pathetic excuse of a human being on earth. I'm 47 years old male, 380 pounds, still a virgin. I live with my grandmas house in an apartment she has upstairs. All I do is play my rpg game in which i'm the "Dungeon Queen". I like to dance around my apt in a thong, dress and wear makeup. I like to pleasure myself with food and if I wasn't the dungeon queen I would have killed myself long ago. When I'm the dungeon queen life is grand and all scoundrels and trolls bow down to me, THE DUNGEON QUEEN. Life is such a faaaaaaaail I'm going to eat some cookies in my dungeon

12-Feb-16 05:45 PM 0 Comments

Wednesday, February 10 2016

I had this recurring...goal or 'dream'. Where I wanted to be living a good life in some place beautiful like California near a great beach with the girl of my dreams by my side, living together in beautiful togetherness. But now I realized that this will never happen. I'm 20 already. Life is just passing me by. I don't even know how to drive, never had a girlfriend, never had a friend, and I have social anxiety and I act strange and look strange. So now there is nothing I can do. I loved many girls before without them even knowing. As I love this new girl I met, I know that it will soon just die as she marries some other man and I will remain alone here, with no love. In life there are the fortunate ones and then there are people like me. I lose at everything. No girl will ever want me. I will die alone. I hate being so somber and depressed, but it is true and I can't deny it. I go to the gym so much but I'm still ugly and out of shape. There is no helping me. I wish someone could love me or try to befriend me. Some may think I'm unfriendly, but it's just my boring personality. I'm fucked and unfixable. Now the only option I have is to make my characters in my stories succeed in their goals and marry the one they admire. It will be a happy ending for someone if not me. And she will look and act just like the one I love. And he will look and act like me. The beautiful life I wanted will happen but in a different universe in my book. My heart breaks when I think of her or the things I am missing out on. There's nothing I can do about it. What an unlucky fuck I am.

10-Feb-16 02:02 PM By AsTimePassesMeBy 3 Comments

I HATE MYSELF I failed school my parents hate me and I am just a useless thing.. I WANT TO DIEEE

10-Feb-16 11:55 AM By NoOne 0 Comments

I became one of the most popular kids in high school (freshman year) by pranking everyone (mostly the teachers.) I want to remain popular, but I am running out of pranks to pull.

10-Feb-16 09:32 AM 2 Comments

Tuesday, February 9 2016

"self deprecating is for losers" "gaslighting" "No girl will accept a negative nelly loser"

9-Feb-16 04:08 PM By you-all-suck 1 Comment

The coldness of the pane I could not overcome conducted through me when I tried to push through it. As I admired her suchness, my breath condensed and the pane became obscure. I stepped backward and the pane became translucent whilst water streamed down. In the water I saw my reflection, of a hermit desperate for love and friendship. She saw the same thing from a different perspective, opened the display cabinet of affection, and gave me a hug. My heart burned so intensely it liquefied the pane and I came to learn love occurs in many forms, as I placed the liqueur back in the cabinet.

9-Feb-16 11:04 AM By Risperdone 0 Comments

Monday, February 8 2016

I LOVE YOU SAJEERA please accept me you are tearing me apart.

8-Feb-16 10:10 AM By aswin 0 Comments

i'm only good at studies.all the other things i place my hands at fails.i proposed a girl and i was me.

8-Feb-16 09:57 AM By ASWIN 1 Comment

I love her

Like I loved each one before

But so unsatisfied goes the urge

To love

And cherish

But alone I drift


Into the black captivity that is

A sea of heartache

Because they will never know

As I barely know them

Why does beauty exist if I can't have it?

But I don't want to own it

I wish to exist beside her

To live this enigma out

In togetherness

Instead, alone I drift

Taken wholeheartedly into

The sea of shattered hearts

That was my shitty little poem that I made real quick to sum up my anxiety and tendency to fall in 'love' with people I barely know. I never meet people, so when I do have a conversation with someone, say a coworker or classmate, I end up getting obsessed with them. Now I go to work to see her instead of getting money. She has a boyfriend. What a loser I am...pathetic. It's like I exist behind a glass that could never be shattered and am forced to witness the beauty without a visible barrier, but it's there. Just a big tease this life is. Alone I'll always be.

8-Feb-16 09:13 AM By The Glass 2 Comments

I was adjacent to her and held her hand lovingly, so she could understand, the shame I felt for not containing my feelings. I couldn’t meet her gaze but knew her eyes like beautiful plasma permeated my being. The ruler of the earthly kingdom arrived to measure my sorrow at length. It said its instruments were not calibrated for this level of ineptitude and bid me farewell but reassured me that my sorrow would only season with thyme. The haunting memories feasted upon me as I teddy beared the pain quite literally. The only solace was to mutter alone as I walked with a broken spirit along an old familiar road, my footstep would sink deeper with my sole. I had not the courage to tell her how much I loved her, but turned and surrendered my heart to the mercy of the love from above and was forgiven. That night I kissed an angel indirectly and accepted my insignificance. I finally felt the beauty of love and it gave me the strength to carry on alone.

8-Feb-16 03:34 AM By Risperdone 0 Comments

Sunday, February 7 2016

suuuuck, I wont give anyone the opportunity to waste my time twice, especially for my bitch ex...f that bitch, no one like her except her maggot hellish sissy boy...

firetruck!!! why I loved such a jerk when I can get MORE better woman.

Now I realize that I have fail and being fooled, and I promise this will NOT happen again.

7-Feb-16 08:28 AM By NoLoveAllowed 0 Comments

again, i lost my job. keep struggling find a new one. but in the other side, i feel so depressed. I hate to get in touch with my friend from latest work. I feel better if im alone.I sick of this life, full of fake people. They stab me in the back, two-headed snake, and hypocrite.

I rather to be alone than to be a slave of foolishness.

I will never give up to this nonsense, their bullsh*t is nothing but a bunch of sh*t.

7-Feb-16 08:15 AM By d3stroyer 0 Comments

Saturday, February 6 2016

ya know what i will sell my soul to the devil after all because i am sick and tired of waiting ive been like this since i was a child until now and never got a perfect change or an answer because i am struggling with some thing that no body can help or understand or believe me

6-Feb-16 11:57 PM By whatahorribleday 0 Comments

There is nothing wrong with me or my life but I hate both ANYWAY and theres nothing I can do to make it better because it is better and better still sucks.

6-Feb-16 03:55 PM 0 Comments

This ugliness and illness eats me. It's not shyness. It can't be. It is much worse. I can't even function right nor can I even look people in the eye. With this personality I assure you all that I will never have a girlfriend or get married. Not only am I ugly, but I am boring, weird, fat, and stupid. I am smart when it comes to creativity which is my only good thing. Everything else I fail at. Enjoy your marriage and the day your crush replies to you and asks you out. Enjoy the days when you hang out with a group of friends. Enjoy looking that girl deep in the eyes. I'll enjoy the state of internal turbulence and internal tears. To the woman who I would love to marry, I assure you that my ugly and boring personality made sure that never will happen. So it is, so it always will be, something I can never have. I even made a promise to myself and God that I wouldn't rant here anymore, but look at me. What good am I. What good is having a job when I'll just live alone and die alone. Some life.

6-Feb-16 02:53 PM 0 Comments

should i sell my soul to Satan ? i am sick and tired of crying and crying waiting for an answer no body gives a shit about me

6-Feb-16 10:01 AM By whatahorribleday 3 Comments

Thursday, February 4 2016

I really hate myself... i dont speak english much and i'm shy and arkward too...I'm kind of introvert ... so people think i don't like them because i don't understand much english so i dont understend what they are saying..... so i can't participate in the conversation...

then my classmates hate me... when we do the chem lab, they ignore what i'm saying as if they didn't hear anything... they don't even look at me... It's like I'm invisible...

when i try to be friend with them and speak with them... i asked some questions about the lab assignment... but they didn't even answer... and finally they said "maybe i dont have any answer for you because we don't know how to do"... but they're already done their lab...!

they talk to each other (3 people) and left me out....but four of us is a group for chemistry lab... what can i do?

i really hate myself for lack of communication skills....:(( what can i do for the rest of this quarter....please tell me... I really disappointed about myself now..

4-Feb-16 10:09 PM By what is happiness? 4 Comments

At least we suck together Power to the fail!

4-Feb-16 05:55 PM 0 Comments

To Sb, I will be your unconditional friend if you want.

4-Feb-16 02:02 AM By Risperdone 0 Comments

Wednesday, February 3 2016

I literally have no one to talk to as a friend. i have no friends. I have no one to turn to if I have a problem. If i've had a fight at home and want to leave. i only know my family. I came from a single parent family by accident and it seems that my mother never wanted kids. I dont know why she kept me, because all i ever remember is her screaming/shouting at me, blaming me for things. To this day its like I never made her happy and as an adult I thought things would change but it hasn't. The only person that she seems to actually like is her partner. As if she has had a brain transplant when he is around. I don;t recognise her happy manner, her playful nature and the laughter that suddenly appears when he is around. It's almost disgusting to me.I'm loser. I wish i had the guts to move out on my own but as usual I am too scared. I'm too scared to live alone. even more lonely than now. The only person who liked me or loved me, I didnt want to be with him fully

3-Feb-16 03:43 PM By sb 2 Comments

A lonely poem for tonight's mood:

Nerdbrain withdrew from falling into lust,

Birdbrain flew towards love upon a gust,

One tethered by a fallopian tube,

Other to be weathered by thunderstorm within a cube,

Birdbrain thrashed and quailed,

It crashed and lied it hadn’t failed,

For though it tried, no one came,

Except the one eyed nerdbrain.

Nerdbrain said one last word,

“Come with me death is assured”,

Heart palpations were loves’ annihilation,

And their ultimate assimilation, as they were one,

But they never had a gun.

So sits birdbrain atop nerdbrains head,

She weeps as she fucks him in the bed.

Words pass through their hearts’ as ghosts,

Like turds reaching the bottom of a host,

And alone with Risperidone this weight to bear,

Was it not, only fair?

3-Feb-16 07:10 AM By Risperdone 0 Comments

Tuesday, February 2 2016

All I am is a catheter.

Hooked to a feeding tube.

Got no penis or testicles.

Hooked to a lobostomy bag.

Brain Damaged by Neuroleptics.

Left without a friend.

Stuck in a PSYCH UNIT.

Verbally Abused.


2-Feb-16 08:12 PM By CatheterMAN 0 Comments

Monday, February 1 2016

lads, notice that there are no girls complaining. Makes me wonder.

1-Feb-16 02:08 PM 0 Comments

My dad hates me because I'm a total failure. My mother killed herself because she felt like how I'm feeling now... Worthless, weak, stupid, nothing.

1-Feb-16 01:00 AM By Jeff 0 Comments

Sunday, January 31 2016


31-Jan-16 09:26 PM By FAL 0 Comments

Saturday, January 30 2016

I am a loser bum, I have a laptop and here is how I go online.

parent directory index of linux lite iso

download 1.06 32 bit

Mac Clone on xfinitywifi cablewifi



666666666666 x6

001122334455 x6


Right click on network adapter.

30-Jan-16 12:04 AM By loser-wanker 0 Comments

Friday, January 29 2016

Im 22, I never been good at school ive neer had friiend and im a no life. im looking for work since im 18 but never had one. Im depressive, my mother commit suicide in front of me when i was younger. My girlfriend want to leave me. i think im gonna stop everything

29-Jan-16 07:14 PM By Victor 0 Comments

everything man just everything

29-Jan-16 05:05 PM By desuka 0 Comments

I failed at high school at the mere age of 11, crushed by unrelenting pressure which turned to anxiety which lead to alcohol and drug abuse, which then lead to more serious mental health problems which themselves lead to even more drinking... I'm 33 now and looking back over the last 22 soon to be 23 years I pretty much failed at everything. I WANT A REFUND ON LIFE!

29-Jan-16 03:18 PM By FailZilla 0 Comments

Thursday, January 28 2016

I'm 20 student not successful in my life so i hate my self

28-Jan-16 01:09 PM By zoya 0 Comments

Wednesday, January 27 2016

im so tired of my friend getting better grades than me and then proceeding to complain about how bad she did and its not like i didn't try to get a good grade too but of course she always comes out on top. she keeps rubbing her grades in my face but then if i ever told her how annoying she's being she would get way too defensive and would probably talk about me to our friend group and act like this is all in my head but this is how i feel and i should be able to feel that way.

27-Jan-16 01:51 PM 0 Comments

I honestly don't know.

I seem to fail at everything I try to accomplish. I find it hard to care even for the tiniest little daily-life tasks, as I know my efforts won't make a difference. I can't even manage to do things I know I can do. While everyone around seems to go by life effortlessly, I fail just by taking a step. I have to "starve" to not be fat (but fail at being even remotely thin), while others eat like elefants and stay thin. I clean my skin, I have a nutrient rich diet, but still have bad skin. I work out everyday, but still I can't build physical resistance. I try to change my attitude problems, but I can't control my anger. I fail at being good, I fail at putting others before me. I fail at freeing and restraining myself. I can't seem to be able to hold on or let go. I go as hard as I can, but there are still people who get there first. I see life pass me by, I can't even live it.

27-Jan-16 08:37 AM 0 Comments

To my darling imaginary girlfriend, I know you are out there, I really did cry for your elusive embrace. Whence I became this fossiled dinosaur I know not. I thought frequently of you in the mental ward, although saw a great deal of sadness there. I never told anyone, but I deciphered your morse code in that idle blinking light of the smoke detector. ‘Love you’ was two blinks right? In retrospect I am glad I hadn’t told anyone for they would have kept me longer. Besides I needed to be free of their special lobotomizing medication. After a quarter century of existence I found my first menial job, and not a handjob. You always accused me of being unfaithful. I tried my best to be a typical working class hero earning a crud for some sod, all the while wishing I’d done myself in properly the first time around.

You taught me humility, what it means to exist. That life is complicated shit, but shit nonetheless, if not more. That with shit you can either flush it down the toilet or let it fester and flourish to permit the next spawn to reap the fruits of your labor. The only thing worthy of want is something intangible, like being with you, or world peace. Oh dear imaginary friend wherever you are now, I would never lie to you, which is why all this truth hurts, lest I burn in hell forever more. Why do we punish ourselves this way, when there is no lonelier place than a mind filled with despair? I was afraid if you didn’t accept me, who would. In my sadness I computed the ratio: ifail/atlife=i/et= i/extraterrestrial. I had always been comparing my life to an extraterrestrial life, a life alien to mine. It was my only epiphany. But I still don’t understand why you left. I still love you dearly.

27-Jan-16 07:02 AM By Risperdone 0 Comments

Tuesday, January 26 2016

I think everyone in my a family is crazy including me. I always talk to my mom saying she should make a will and also put me in for all our land... She's a stupid bitch and her favorite is the only daughter because they are both girls.. I want to kill people... I try to channel my anger through stupid shit like video games and I get torture simulators but those are not helping enough so I decided to try this.. My teachers are bitches and I could tell u so much about them and also my first girlfriend dumped me the following morning lol what a bitch and.... Also I really really really would have loved to commit suicide but in the bible it says we Go to hell.. If we do that.. If you know me in real life you cannot tell I'm depressed.. I want to kill people. Every time I lose my temper I go outside and either climb a tree and drop a cat from it lol or kick it really hard in the ass. Idk y'all have worse problems . mines that I'm a failure in school but extremely popular and my mom doesn't love me how hard I try and I try and try. But I can't anymore please pray for me and that god either kills me or helps my mom realize she has another kid... Fuck our lives eh?

26-Jan-16 06:37 PM 0 Comments

I have no job, no transport, no girlfriend and no money. Im fat lazy and a fulltime stoner, i have no hobbies other than playing video games and smoking weed my life sucks. Also my family hate me

26-Jan-16 09:51 AM 0 Comments

i didnt know what it was at first.. but i do know that i didnt like it at all.. i asked a chat what it was days later and they said panic attack..

26-Jan-16 02:41 AM By Blue 0 Comments

Sunday, January 24 2016

I struggle with autism and tourette's syndrome. I almost died as a baby, but if it weren't for the grace, love, and mercy of Jesus I'd be dead. My life-long struggle and battle with these disabilities have taken so much toll on my life. Not only is it physically stressful, painful, and incredibly burdensome, it is mentally debilitating. I was never understood by anyone who I interacted with because they didn't understand what it was like to live with autism and Tourette's. Everyone looked at me weird, and many had bullied me mercilessly throughout elementary, middle, and even high school. I've not only been verbally abused by bullies, but I've even been stricken, smacked, kicked, pushed, punched, and shoved against a locker because people have failed to understand my disabilities. Autism has presented such a challenge to my life because it has placed a serious barrier on my communication skills. I see how people react whenever I respond in a socially "incorrect" manner, and I wish I could express what I truly meant in my heart. My passion is to become a doctor one day, but so far I have been denied from all opportunities of getting there, and it doesn't seem promising that I would ever get there, and this has been SO discouraging. I cry so much every night just thinking about these woes and miseries. All the clinics and volunteering opportunities have been simply a "no" from me, and it was left at that. I wish someday God will be forgiving and help me get at least somewhere in life, even if it means begging on the streets to earn whatever little money I can. I know my disabilities will never allow me to normally express myself in a manner that people would accept and understand, but I still trust and love God, and I know that He understands me. It seems the only people that love and care about me are my parents and close family. And there is God, the wonderful and majestic creator of life and the entire universe. I'm so unworthy, weak, and limited in all respect compared to Him, and it has made me truly humble and has opened my eyes to see how much I need and depend on Him. Literally, I need Him for EVERYTHING in my life. There is nothing that I have been given that is of my own, because it has been graciously given to me by God in Heaven. I just hope one day I will see Him face to face, and that these earthly pains and sufferings will be in the past and never to be remembered ever again. I long for that day and eagerly await for Christ to return to earth to redeem me and the rest of His followers. Thank you so much, Lord Jesus, for everything you have provided me. I love you, Lord.

24-Jan-16 10:38 AM By John Wiegand 1 Comment

Saturday, January 23 2016



23-Jan-16 09:42 PM By FML 0 Comments

Friday, January 22 2016

Life will take a turn. It has become better and will be even better. It used to sucked much more in the past but I keep my faith and put in efforts to plow everyday. I can no longer be like others who have never had a hiccup or an early disadvantage. I just could not compare myself to them. This is mt life and I can only define my success by my own rules and at least God has never left me nor forsaken me through it all.

22-Jan-16 05:25 PM By By my own rules 0 Comments

i am invisible no body will help me because no body gives a damm . Enough is enough i cant take much more of this , i am born an idiot and a failure because i never win any thing at all or succeed at a job , Every time i enter a competition i loose and if i work i fail because i don't have a brain . I am a coward i fear every thing i can't control my fear

22-Jan-16 09:28 AM By BornToBeALooser 0 Comments

I really do want to kill myself. I Really do. But, As in the bible it shows that anyone who kills themselves will be sent to hell. This is the only thing that keeps me alive really. It really is A sort of cruel mercy.

22-Jan-16 07:57 AM By A man who is fed up with life 2 Comments

I quit my job for another, better, one I had lined up. Then that fell through... I have two trips coming up. one to denver in a couple days that I'm not prepared for and have no money for anymore.. the other is in feb with my girlfriend who paid for the flight initially so i have to pay her back before her next credit card statement. She tells me that her business she started with her friends is really taking off in the field she is studying in. She graduates this year in may and by then their company should be big enough for her to be starting a career with. Perfect timing for her. Not that I'm jealous or upset for her achievements, but she tells me all of this after hitting me with the money situations I'm in, while I am also moving out of my parents house, with no job.. and money only enough for one maybe two months on my own.... I hated my job i had so much i rather be broke than work there another week. but now im jobless, not in school anymore, 24 with no clue on what to do next. Its like i have the whole world in front of me, but I'm behind a bullet proof window.

22-Jan-16 01:24 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, January 20 2016

my god its happening again,

it will never stop,

im tearing my self apart,

limb from limb,

day by day,... trying to breath when the air around me is trying to murder my very being. trying to be seen when im the air that is trying to kill me.

20-Jan-16 11:42 PM 0 Comments

No, I'm pissed off. Fuck exams.

20-Jan-16 03:09 PM By Tiana 0 Comments

Hey guys if some one could gift me a high end Custom built Gaming PC I would happy because I have a PC that could hardly run a game on low settings

20-Jan-16 09:33 AM By PoorGamer23 0 Comments

Tuesday, January 19 2016

everyone in my life living the life i want. i couldnt make my dreams became true. instead my friends made it and i became a person who cant even feel happy for them. i hate myself, i hate mylife..

19-Jan-16 03:45 PM By iCouldBeAnythingIBecameAFailure 0 Comments

if no body wants to help me for free then fuck you all selfish ignorant fools i am going to kill my self because i am tired of this bullshit so long bitches

19-Jan-16 06:29 AM By TheUnknownJackass94 0 Comments

Monday, January 18 2016

Ive successfully failed at every aspect of my life. What more is there to say?

18-Jan-16 03:10 PM By Failure1 0 Comments

I desperately need help if there is a psychic whiling to help me for free right now i'd be the happiest person on the milky way galaxy . The problem is that there is something evil messing with me since i was a child i tried fighting it but there is no use

i went from church to church nothing worked i feel like i am the Dumbest Asian on earth cant even do good at maths because i get 0 out of 20 in maths this and 0 out of 20 in life i don't know anything . i just play video games and day dream also i suck at video games and college , i haven't achieved any milestones yet because i am a coward , an idiot crybaby ,,,,ect all i want is to be a human being not a human doing . please help me

18-Jan-16 03:05 PM By TheUnknownJackass94 0 Comments

I have good grades, I have a good future to look forward to, I have plenty of money, and I have good friends. My only problem is that my dick is stuck in a chicken.

18-Jan-16 07:58 AM By cumt 2 Comments

I just graduated highschool and I did really well,anyway,I never applied to college or university because I was confused as to what I wanted to be in the future.To make things worse I'm kinda shy and have social anxiety so now I'm stuck at home with my mom everyday...I don't exactly have any friends-well,i do but eversince highschool i've decided to stop having contact with people who are shallow and don't care about me so now i don't consider anyone my friends.I don't want to go job seeking because of my anxiety and my family makes me feel like a failure because they're always going out and they tell me I'm a loser and will never go to college and stuff.As a result I've started feeling depressed and hopeless.

Whew,always wanted to get that off my chest.

18-Jan-16 04:18 AM By Puzzled 1 Comment

Sunday, January 17 2016

I hate myself so much. I just got done wailing my head off to myself about how everything goes wrong. Im so stupid. Im a failure and not even in high school.

17-Jan-16 10:46 PM 0 Comments

Find the thing that makes you most happy and live for that. In such a vast world, there's bound to be something worth living for. Find it and live again.

17-Jan-16 10:42 PM 0 Comments

I failed college i wasted 4 years of my life my father died and my mother is diying because of the same ilness that killed my father i am not good at anything the problem is that even if i kill my self i m going to hell i hate my self i realyyy hate my self

17-Jan-16 10:14 AM By Looser 1 Comment

Saturday, January 16 2016

Google "nop os" and check out my cool operating system. Man I fail at life.

16-Jan-16 10:26 PM By nop-os 0 Comments

My life started on a positive note with a drive for academics and achievements. All of it fell during my sophomore and junior year of high school. I am currently on the brink of quitting sports and I have never had a girlfriend. The only girl that I care about went out to a party and made out with some dude like three years older than her. I still don't know whether they had sex or not. I regret not being nice to her the first time that I met her. I don't want continue living like this anymore

16-Jan-16 06:45 PM By Cm 0 Comments

Well. I see where i fit in now. In this blog :). And only in this blog haha. Im not good at anything at all really. Haha i wish i was good or had a passion for something.

16-Jan-16 07:11 AM By Holy Cow 0 Comments

I am very sad, and probably will be for a very long time

16-Jan-16 02:02 AM By :( 0 Comments

Friday, January 15 2016

am dog !! Confused . do like feeline or camine?? question makrs? also cant type., 2 many problems for dog !! hate life !! want food, no food. give bone. give chew toy. dog who needs love and help. hel p dog dog dog dog

15-Jan-16 11:48 PM By dog dog 0 Comments

I am 18. The summer before i left for college i got arrested for smoking pot then proceeded to fail out my first semester. My parents are kicking me out, and I'm still at virgin. Lol fml

15-Jan-16 08:24 PM 0 Comments

I am 26. Run out of my family and country because of homophobia. Having immigration problems.having no one to rely on, because i cant build friendships. I am nice and friendly person but have sociophobia. So i am always alone.but i kinda like bein alone most of the time. The problem is i have no contact with collegues or people who could help me settle here, as i have no support from my family. I also have financial priblems. I started University here and its so overwhelming and hard i am thinking to give up. Its a foreign language, stuff is a lot and i fail in every subject. I can not concentrate, because i always think if i dont earn my living somehow, i must go back my homecountry. I quit jobs because u had to be at the University. I dont know what to do.

15-Jan-16 10:10 AM 0 Comments

my knee is currently out of the socket but I'm in the middle of class and in so much pain send help

15-Jan-16 07:33 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, January 14 2016

im 24 , senior in college, Found out yesterday my mom has a tumor on her liver. Shes all i got in the world. IF she dies Idk what to do. Beside that Im kinda depressed in schoo, i have a horriblly embarrassing GPA. After i graduate i dont know what to do since i have no accounting experience. besides school being a drag and stressul, No girls have interest in me , i only get hit on by gay guys.

14-Jan-16 05:13 PM By eyetoy 0 Comments

So I am Indian man. 22 years old. This year in May I will graduate majoring in English. I know will remain unemployed or if I m lucky, I will get a job which which won't even payback my bills. Most of my friend who have degrees in management or arts are unemployed. On the top of it I m watching ailing health of my 63 years old father, I know i m gonna loose soon. 2 years ago I came here and complained, again I m doing the same. Nothing have changed. Instead my life became more awful. I want to commit suicide but I don't balls to slit my wrist. Oooh God pick me up. Every person who reads this plz take a second pray for my death, giving me freedom from my poor life.

14-Jan-16 01:18 PM By Just Another Looser 0 Comments

i luv ur fase. i am it aka i luv pig. no meen camments frends. i luv u guyz. alots. i alsos luv cufuzedcat38. u mi bay.

14-Jan-16 12:16 PM By cunfuzedcat38luvr 0 Comments

i am cat. tho i dont know who i am. i really ned hlp. can u hlp pls. coment to hlp!!!

14-Jan-16 12:03 PM By confuzedcat38 0 Comments

i rly like pigs. i think im pig. i am pig. me ispig. i love pig. i rly love pig. pig islyfe. k thnx bie

14-Jan-16 11:58 AM By it 0 Comments

Wednesday, January 13 2016

I am writing an essay which is due in 40 minutes and I am crying because they are going to kick me out of my school

13-Jan-16 06:23 PM By Em 0 Comments

Im not a girl,nor a crybaby.I dont cry usually and sure not for the wrong reasons.But i feel like a complete failure. Everything is just wrong.So wrong.I've failed my driving licence,my germans exam,i fucked up in my band cause im trying to be a musician even tho im a complete retard.The girls in my life were only from a distance and i only know a few people who im not sure even if they like me. I would probably be better off dead but i dont have the guts to suicide.Wish there was a way out,even a hard one.I'd take it anyday in order to escape this life.I hate it.I hate it so much being a failure.I have nothing.Just my sadness.

13-Jan-16 03:54 PM 0 Comments

Everyone except me to have perfect grades, when I tell them I haven't they are surprised as they have excellent grades. But I just can't compete I live more than an hour away from uni and even if I sleep just 5 hours a night, they have done more.

I failed as I am in 3rd year surrounded by workhorses that have more time to spend than I do. I will get banned from my uni because I failed 2 times an exam. I just threw 3 years of my life away, 3 years lived under constant pressure with not one happy memory.

I am done.

13-Jan-16 02:01 PM 0 Comments

I'm tired of being treated like shit by all my friends and then having them just pretend like nothing even happened. I'm not dirt and id appreciate not being treated like it.

13-Jan-16 12:53 PM 0 Comments

i am expected to go to a prestigious college and have great grades and a perfect attitude and tons of extracurriculars and be on top of everything, but i just cant. i used to be that girl but i dont know if i can continue being that girl. i am emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted. drained. completely empty. done.

13-Jan-16 01:35 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, January 12 2016

I am 21 and am still stupid and a looser I am not built to win and I am weak , a coward I am never going to change screw it don't tell me to pray I have been praying for 5 fing years nothing happened I just need some one to change me and get this son of a biatch demon out of my life yes there real I cry every night hoping for an answer/change for free because i don't have a job I failed at college my country started to tax this year because of Oil , my country has Oil now my country is I might kill my self because of this also I am for ever alone because girls are gold diggers . Sorry for the gramar errors

12-Jan-16 07:28 PM By AnonGamer94 0 Comments

Ive fucked up my life. Ive failed my course in college as I havent even submited any assignments I have no idea how to do them. I cant even get a shitty job because I suck at interviews and I dont have the balls to tell my parents ive failed

12-Jan-16 06:01 PM 0 Comments

I was walking through a field looking for a good shag when i seen a glory hole in the side of the barn i bent over and continued taking the massive horse dick. After i deciede to meet graham to get some vasaline to sooth my swollen arse after that could smell the strong smell of 5 year old butthole. i follow the smell to find Jordan bent over a log crying i comfort him with the large dragon dildo in my bag i leave the woods on patrol for some kush.

12-Jan-16 03:48 PM By Helen 0 Comments

I really never forget ANYTHING. I'm always super careful and I do things in advance. I've never lost anything.

Guess who can't pass her exam tomorrow because she lost the official paper they gave you to pass it? Yeah. Me.

I feel bloody unlucky and I just wanna cry, tbh. Fuck this. I don't know how many kitties I killed in another life but fate hates me.

12-Jan-16 03:39 PM 0 Comments

My drug addicted brother came into the house scratching his arm frantically looking in his room for ketamine he started yelling and pulling the drawers and twitching like a arsehole he then full of rage smacked the shit out of his cupboard and ran upto our mither and superman punched her in the head with a knuckle duster and killed the bitch. He took 3 grand and ran away to soend it on weed forgetting to get ketamine he beats the shit out of the dealer and taked 1 ounce of ketamine and boosted away. He then killed himself in a fatal car crash.

12-Jan-16 03:21 PM 0 Comments

Well my problem is when i need to take a piss i cant be fucked to go to the toilet so i just sit there wondering why do you do dis to meh jesus? Like the fuck did i do

12-Jan-16 03:10 PM By Banter creator 0 Comments

I was fail matric two times(2009&2010) even i was try to study at college it was became the same,im scare to study and im very dismotivated and stressful if i think about study,sometimes i think that in life im an useless person in the world,my i need help of Psychologist.

12-Jan-16 12:20 PM By BONGISWA 0 Comments

I walked in on my dog masturbating

12-Jan-16 06:45 AM By Reginald 0 Comments

I'm 16, I left school with pretty damn good GCSEs that I worked hard towards. I'm telling you now, I couldn't wait to leave school.. I have friends and all but further education just wasn't for me.

I'm in college possibly having the worst time of my life, my course is a waste of time and I have no motivation to even go anymore. I've hardly made 'true' friends in college either.

Life just seems like a constant circle, a constant routine that I don't think I can comprehend for much longer.

12-Jan-16 03:56 AM By Canyouhearme 0 Comments

Monday, January 11 2016

Hi im struggle to reach a succes everything i do falling apart

11-Jan-16 11:59 PM By Nomvuselelo 0 Comments

i hate myself. i can't do anything in this world... i'm 23 but i never have a boyfriend...and noone has ever paid attention to my existence.. I'm so ugly and awkward. I'm stupid too,,,how can i live?

11-Jan-16 07:09 PM 0 Comments

I just don't know what to do with life right now. My parents owns a restaurant with my uncle and I have to stay and help out(meaning cant go anywhere, must stay at the restaurant right after school and go home after closing). I did that since 5th grade, had no life besides school life. As classes getting more harder and harder, I have to work on my hw all day and almost all night. guess what? I wasn't allow to go home either... I have to stay at the restaurant no matter what! I have tried by best I school, but my parent still say that I fail at life, at school, and at everything. the worst grade on my report card is a B, a freaking B! it seems like a B equals failing a class and a B equal "you just play all day and got no work done!"

I hate life...

Fuck Calculus

Fuck Computer science!

the computer science teacher doesn't teach anything, she just know how to fuck up our life. all she does is give you the work and read the page number... "Oh here's your hw and the labs you are suppose to do. and BTW the test is the class after next "WTF?! and if you don't understand something and you ask her, she'll be like "it's in the book, you didn't read it carefully enough!" or "ask your classmates, they will know". like cant YOU just tell me what the freaking answer is and I can be okay with my life? I even question the fact that she's even a teacher!

11-Jan-16 06:44 PM 0 Comments

I hate myself so much and I really feel like I can't do anything right in my life right now. Im in a relationship that i feel is barely even a thing and we don't go out that much and people keep on asking me if were even going out still and its so awkward. I can't bring my grades up that much anymore because Im probably going to fail midterms. My mom is always mad at me and incessantly yells at me for such stupid and trivial things.

11-Jan-16 04:38 PM 0 Comments

I kinda like hate how I'm treated sometimes like by others. I feel like I do so much for people and kinda nothing happens for me. I also feel like i just care so much about other people but like no one cares that much for me. I feel like its hard for me to relate to people in many ways, and I'm not sure how I can fix that. I know I'm like overly negative (as I've been told) and I'm really trying to fix myself but its so much harder than just saying it.

11-Jan-16 11:20 AM 0 Comments

I'm like failing geometry and its making me feel very depressed. Also, everything in my life seems to be going wrong like all at once and i just really don't like it. Its not going well for me and i just hate this.

11-Jan-16 11:14 AM 0 Comments

No one can see me. I feel invisible, unloved. I need to find a way to get noticed by someone. I thought my time was now but it appears it wasnt

11-Jan-16 07:35 AM By John Cena 0 Comments

Had I known this website existed, I would have joined this honest blog a long time ago... I can't say how relieving it is to hear people my grade level saying the exact struggles that I have been recently going through...

11-Jan-16 12:08 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, January 10 2016

People don't usually have a lot to show for their life at 20 but I have even less than most. I threw away the best education I could possibly get doing no work for my GCSEs and getting results far below what I should and then by dropping out of a respected school less than a year before I finished, so I never completed my IB. I now go to a sixth form college doing a crappy course that is barely worth the time put in and I can't even summon the willpower to do the work. I have a low paying job - I work with kids and I hate kids, so every moment is loud, disobedient, snot-bubbled torture. If only I could find a way out through my sport... except it's impossible to make money through my sport and I can't get any better at it because I'm too much of a wimp to learn anything new to progress, and I can't stay in shape cos I don't have the discipline to stick to a healthy diet. I've never made friends easily, but I do find it very easy to alienate the few I have because apparently my personality, attitude and interests just repel people. I have no idea where social boundaries and just trample all over them, sending anyone I might be able to connect with running for freak-proof cover. Oh, and to put the icing on the cake, I'm gay. And still a virgin. Because clearly I'm just so unattractive that nobody would touch me with a shitty stick. Half my family I can't even tell cos they would probably literally try to kill me, and the other half appear accepting but really I'm just a dead end as far as the family is concerned - as far as nature is concerned. Doesn't matter if it's natural to be gay, I still can't have a kid cos I think vagina is disgusting. And because gay men are shallow and I'm frankly not very photogenic, I'm not even gonna be able to find a guy. Even if they're the unicorn that looks at personality, I'm so weird and gross and dumb they won't look twice anyway.

10-Jan-16 08:45 PM 0 Comments

I hate myself. I'm so stressed out from school, my dysfunctional family and being alive. I want them all to die so I can be alone and not have to deal with anyone. No one cares, or they would over react if I told them. I spent an hour sitting at my desk with a knife.

I hate my brothers, they're both spoiled freaks who can get anything they want from my parents. I hate my sister who's a fucked up bitch. No one would care if I died, no matter what they say. My parents constantly argue about money and it's my fault because if they'd aborted me when they had the chance, they wouldn't have to deal with me.

I had honors with distinctions last year and my parents were happy, I had dreams. But then my extracurriculars started costing too much money, so I quit them so they would be happy. But now I'm a failure because being good ar school alone won't get me anywhere

Everything is being sucked down this black hole

I want to die

I don't want to live

I hate everyone

They don't care

I want to die

10-Jan-16 03:06 PM 0 Comments

I am just tired of being able to help others and not being able to help myself. I study my ass off, and yet I am not doing all that great. My transcript has a C on it, and no ivy league I know of will admit me with the test scores I have. I wish I didn't want to be the best I can be, but I do, and I have realized that I am the only thing in my way. But I can't stop being so pessimistic, I usually fill my mind with work and such so that I don't pay heed to my negativity, but lately, the pressure has gotten far too intense. I am supposed to know what college I want to go to blablabla, but honestly, I have no clue. I mean I know where I want to go, but I can only pray they accept me because they see who I am other than my test scores. I study, have no social life and yet am not smart enough for it to pay off. So I am lonely, and my grades don't even make up for it. My memory Sucks so school is super hard, yes I study...

10-Jan-16 03:05 PM By Whatsittoyah 1 Comment

fuck this world, I have to be alone so nobody will disturb me.

10-Jan-16 10:25 AM By failagain 0 Comments

Saturday, January 9 2016

I'm an albino I can't see very far or tiny things I suck at life I love gaming and being lazy but I've never really achieved any decent grades I did do well in English and business at high school and sixthform which then made me make the decision of going to study at university and do a business degree honestly I'm not a bright person or student o always sit their watching all these brainy and clever and smart people work so hard and it makes me wish that I was like them when I know in reality I am not I started my own YouTube channel it's grown almost 1000 subscribers it's a nice hobby but I doubt I'm going to get anywhere with it I am a true failure I have bad temper I remember old things horrible things that happend so many years ago to me I'm always heartbroken sad depressed and listen to sad songs and most of my day I sit staring at the sky wondering when my life will change and wondering where I belong and wondering if I'll ever find what I'm looking for and if I'll ever make it through this life I hate my life I really wish I was never born I'm not smart I'm not clever my family and people I know put pressure on me thinking I'm all that when reality is I'm not I am an introvert I hate listening to people go on and on about their lives and how well they're doing or talk about their boyfriends etc I'm lost I don't know where I'm going I always wish I could kill myself but I don't have the guts to do it I'm not perfect I'm horrible I'm ugly I'm weak

9-Jan-16 11:05 PM By GirlWithNoColours 0 Comments

I'm a 21 year old guy, and I'm an absolute worthless piece of trash. I'm too scared to interact with any people except my close friend and family, so finding a job is difficult. I have a terrible temper and can fire off sometimes for no reason. Obviously I don't have a girlfriend, I never had one, I'm not good enough for anyone to like me. The absolute worst part though is that I have no skills and I am terrible at everything I try. The only thing keeping me from killing myself is that I'm absolutely terrified of there being nothing after death. I know it should make me feel better, but it just scares me.

9-Jan-16 03:37 AM 3 Comments

Friday, January 8 2016

Im 16 im a.failure all I do is stay at home and do nothing I never been successful in love studies or anything I feel like total shit and constantly think about suicide

8-Jan-16 06:47 PM By Leo 0 Comments

At times I feel really down and it feels like I'm all alone in this world, fighting something I don't even know about. I find myself sitting in front of my computer, alone, thinking about what I should do or become or what wishes I do have. And then I realize that the only thing I'd wish for was to have a nice and warm family. And it pains me, because I know that that might nevers gonna happen for me. But I know that my thoughts are playing tricks with me, and that there's always a choice and always an option left to make your dreams come true. But I feel so overwhelmed by loneliness and all the bad things happening in the world, that I can't muster the strength to feel happy, go all out and be honest with my feelings when I speak to people. And I'm so nervous sometimes, shy, and am not courageous. I suck at countless things and in the past I failed to protect someone dear to me. I'm not the 'never-give-up-type', and situations in which I have to make quick decisions easily get to me. I'm totally loser like. An asshole, not much of a friend, and always making excuses.

Maybe things are gonna change tomorrow or the day after. Whatever.

These days just suck.

Have a nice evening.

8-Jan-16 04:37 PM By This is embarassing 0 Comments

I'm 16 and am pretty sure I failed NCEA level 2 due to lack of motivation and probably depression. I've stopped talking to my friends, and they don't seem to care enough to talk to me. Everything just sucks...

8-Jan-16 04:32 PM 0 Comments

I'm 19 and useless. I have no skills and suck at everything. No matter what it is, if I try to help or make things better I mess it all up even worse. Never had a girlfriend, mainly cause this girl I'm in love with and have had a lose relationship with won't be mine. Speaking of, she actually left me today along with my heart. I'll never accomplish anything in life and I'll always fall and fail.

Why? Because I'm stupid, incredibly awkward, weak, synical, fake, and overall a waste of space. I won't kill myself but I don't care if I die.

8-Jan-16 12:03 PM 0 Comments

Why is there a picture of a dinosaur on this page?

8-Jan-16 08:21 AM By Eveyones left eye is worse than the right one 1 Comment

Im a 19 year old and cant even get a job at a fast food chain. I dont want to leech money from my parents because i want to show them i can be independant. I dont have a girlfriend either and i dont spend enough time with my current friends. I always seem to isolate myself even though i have a couple of friends to hang out with i choose to be alone.

8-Jan-16 08:07 AM 1 Comment

I majored in art

now I have bills

bills that I can't pay

because I majored in art

8-Jan-16 02:43 AM By help 0 Comments

Thursday, January 7 2016

Post something on this website in the next thirty seconds or you will die in two days. However, if you choose to not do this and die (you WILL), be sure to join us at ifailattheafterlife. c o m. Have a great day!!! ;-)

7-Jan-16 02:04 PM By TheGrimReaper 0 Comments

waiting for my igcse result ... If I will fail again i donno what i will do -_- . I already lost 6 month i dont wanna lose another 6 and be lifeless . When i first set for them i took 5 subjects ended up failing 3 and getting credit for 2 but i was so confident about my results but No -_- . So now my confidence is below the ground .

7-Jan-16 01:25 PM By sushi98 0 Comments

I can't focus on my school work and i've just decided i fail at everything i do. i give up on trying.

7-Jan-16 11:27 AM By failure 0 Comments

Post something on this website in the next thirty seconds or you will in two days.

7-Jan-16 10:59 AM By TheGrimReaper 1 Comment

Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide!

7-Jan-16 10:03 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, January 6 2016

I have another set of exams coming up and Ive studyed so much over the holiday but all I still fail. I ask for help and my @#$/ING maths teacher genores me. I was ment to meet him today but he never showed. I seem to be some kind of ghost where everyone around me gets the praise and the grades while I'm stuck at the bottom and no one cares. I don't complain abut my stress to others because it's selfish but I'm everyones shoulder to cry on and I never get any acknowledgement. Everyones getting their uni offers and i havent recieved ONE! I dont want to be center of attention and i dont want to burdan others with my issues but I'm sick of being the shadow that no one appreciates when I put so much work in...

6-Jan-16 12:41 PM By Another student 1 Comment

Why do Ethiopians give the best blowjobs?

cause you know they will swallow

6-Jan-16 02:21 AM 0 Comments

What is the hardest part about being a pedophile?

Just fitting in.

6-Jan-16 02:12 AM By Big Bob 0 Comments

Tuesday, January 5 2016

You all got scammed. Stop taking this and create as much chaos as you can.

5-Jan-16 04:53 PM By ulisses 0 Comments

I am obsessed with this website.

5-Jan-16 02:24 PM By IGotProblemsMan 4 Comments

$&@:? ass pig manager is a racist dumb witch. I just want out of that miserable hell of a job. I am fed up. This pig does not know that everyone has their limit and they can only take shit for so long? I really want this bitch not to fuck with me. I wish she would fry in hell. This pig is not even qualify to manage rocks, yet alone people. I can understand how people can loose if on the job. She is condescending and just plain impossible.

5-Jan-16 12:19 AM By As 1 Comment

Monday, January 4 2016

I can't play ice hockey, I get 70's in school, my parent hate me and my life is a mess :(. I just want to be good at SOMETHING.

4-Jan-16 10:42 PM By abdullah 1 Comment

I just can't do math in general.

4-Jan-16 02:34 PM By K4iL33 16 Comments

Sunday, January 3 2016

Botched college. Not much else to say. I think my life is destined to be a disaster now.

3-Jan-16 10:06 PM By k 2 Comments

It's okay to be a virgin. There's nothing wrong with being a virgin. You should be proud of yourself for leaving college a virgin. You're not a loser. You're graduating from college soon. yay.

3-Jan-16 11:35 AM 2 Comments

I very frustrate in my whole Life. Im felt not easy solve worst depressed more several years. Why I was Born to be Bad Luck Problem many destroy Life are Bully, Empathy and Discrimination Forever... Make me WASTE Hurt in myself T_T

3-Jan-16 04:39 AM By Sara 6 Comments

Saturday, January 2 2016

Well trying to love myself but it's hard. I've been taught my whole life that I'm nothing. Every woman I've been with ever has left me, I don't blame them, anyone is better than me. Shoot, I know people probably will make me feel worse for writing this post. But hey, I hope someone can see I'm just asking for a little help. If not I wish the best for every one.

2-Jan-16 06:39 AM 2 Comments

i tried to tell my girlfriend that like her a lot but when i said i liked someone a lot she took it the wrong way. why am i such a fuck up

2-Jan-16 04:40 AM By hunter 0 Comments

Friday, January 1 2016

me again. So now i just kept thinkking "crap im still a damn virgin".Im gonna graduate college in the summer and im still a freaking virgin... Someone explain to me what kind of loser must i be? My major requires too much work for me to have a life

1-Jan-16 11:01 PM By eyetoy 0 Comments

I am feeling very depress today. I know it's a new year and I should be more optimistic. I am great that I am alive. I desparetly want to be happy and fulfill the dreams that are aching to come to reality. However, I am stuck in a meaningless job with a racist, dumb, bitch as a manager. I am in debt with zero savings.

1-Jan-16 09:40 PM 0 Comments

Failed in exam...even though I did study close frnds cheated on me from school times..not even single frnd was true to me....a guy likes me..who is chain smoker and alcoholic...and want me to do the same....the guy I liked, have a gf problem at home...nice life I guess

1-Jan-16 12:31 PM By neha 0 Comments

hi, i dont even know why am I here. I just felt like my real life is even much better than internet life. i always failed at making friends in intenet. they all dump me and ... idk

1-Jan-16 12:18 PM By damn 0 Comments

Thursday, December 31 2015

i keep failing classes in college, this last semester was the second time i failed chem class in addition to failing stats, and now i crashed my dads car. i mean, i am gonna fail at everything no matter what. what the fuck is my purpose in life? what is my existence doing other than wasting money and hurting just about everything i touch or breathe on?

31-Dec-15 07:32 PM 0 Comments

Gonna fail out of school, got dumped, hate my family.

At least I have a job lined up for the summer, if I make it to then.

No matter how hard i try i fail.

31-Dec-15 12:19 PM By matt 0 Comments

Monday, December 28 2015

The only girl that calls me on my phone is my mom -_-. I need to start hitting the gym evberyday. But I just get depressed because people are in better shape when i go thier. So i changed my diet instead, im a vegan now. I try very hard in life, nothing comes natural for me. Everyone is talented at my college... And every is freaking beautiful at this college, im average... In order for women to notice a guy in college he needs to be atleast 6 foot. im short and average. This whole year ive been feeling so negative , 2015 is the worst year of my life. Mainly because of GRADES. WOW I FAILED ALOT OF SHIT THIS YEAR. Even if i get a degree and graduate interviewers will see my grades in 2015 and be like WTF HAPPENED THAT YEAR? i cant hire you! Ya idjit!

28-Dec-15 06:15 AM By Eyetoy 0 Comments


Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?