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Monday, September 1 2014

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Suhali Leather

1-Sep-14 09:12 AM By Suhali Leather 0 Comments

My hubby has paid so much money for my short course and i have failed,wrote my re write i know i have failed also now i have my last chance i have no one to help by teaching me because i am lost.Im afraid i could fail and my life will be very difficult.....because i wont get this chance again.

1-Sep-14 09:04 AM By Hlakah 0 Comments

No one will ever love me. I go so many places...see so many beautiful women. A few different women I end up thinking about for months to come. I fall in love with them at first sight when they only pass by me for a second. I imagine our future together. Instead I'm a fat, ugly, poor, broken, sick, jobless, short, virgin loner. No girl will ever like me, as long as I'm alive. I don't even think satan wants me. I'll just be an ugly poor loser with no social life. If any one else had my life they would kill themselves. I expect nothing good in life. I try as hard as I can at everything. My dad babies me and won't let me get a job at 19. He is stubborn and won't listen. I try talking to strangers - making small talk. They ignore me.....there's no hope. From now until I die I will give up and see just how bad life can get before I won't notice.

1-Sep-14 12:22 AM By BeholderofFailure&Sadnes 0 Comments

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here"

Never has been used more appropriately. For all you doubters who come scrounging through the interwebs to search for advice...a glimmer of "Hope" give it up. There is no hope. Hope is dead. It never existed to be begin with. We all live shitty lives. You live a shitty life, i live a shitty live and you probably just came to mock the dejected. All i can say is refuse to be weak. Refuse to pity yourself and refuse dwell on dark clouds and dim spaces with "no hope" Be proactive, go out there and make something of yourself. Start small and gradually become something greater. Live only for yourself. Work only for yourself. No one loves you. No one even likes you. You are on your own, but take heart in that you will become stronger if you "grow a pair" strengthen your resolve for yourself. Love only yourself and live only for yourself, and be free, beholden to no one.

1-Sep-14 12:01 AM By OneWhoBaresFangsAtGod 0 Comments

Sunday, August 31 2014

What a life. I hate my family. My mother was abusive both mentally and physically, and then there is my father. I hate him the least, but i definately dislike him. I can't depend on him for anything, emotional supports...advice. I can't even depend on him for simple favors like picking up a few things from the grocery. As a single father i am grateful for what he has done what with the roof over my head and all that conservative jazz, but fuck. HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH PROBLEMS. HE WAS NEVER AROUND WHEN I WAS ABUSED AND REFUSED TO BELIEVE IT EVEN HAPPENED UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE. Ah, can't forget "Lil bro" either. Back when i was abused he was the smuggest piece of shit on the face the earth. He would hold me at knife point when i could come out my room after attempting to gain peace from his tirades. He would poke fun at me to the point of tears and tell ne my abuse has never happened. How i should man up. Ha! He has changed but the damage has been done and i want him dead. Now i'm 19 and nothing short of a hateful shrew. No job at the moment...running low on hope. Advice?

31-Aug-14 11:41 PM By WatchingTheWorldRevolveAroundMe 0 Comments

I'm 20, I never had a girlfriend. At the university I failed at about half of the objects so I'm a year behind, No one really cares about me (besides my family ofc) I'm not great at anything. I'm not rich, I'm not hot, I'm just waiting to die, there are only two reasons why I don't kill myself. 1 life might get better, it has a ridiculously little chance but it's not impossible 2 if I killed myself it would destroy my parents mentally.

Damn. When I'm not drunk I can't even talk. Also I'm horny as f*** almost anyone would be good for me at this point, haha... oh and I almost forgot, I'm extremely weak (physically), I can't drive and I'm extremely easy to embarrass.

So yeah, if a giant asteroid suddenly killed everyone including me, I would be almost OK with it.

31-Aug-14 07:17 PM By a random guy 1 Comment

I've been madly in love with my younger cousin for the last 9 years. She's a tall slim beautiful girl and I'm 32 and getting fatter and balder with every passing year. Oh god, now there's no way.

Seeing her causes me intense physical pain and makes me want to vomit continuously until she leaves. This is followed by several weeks of unimaginable crushing depression and a feeling of complete hopelessness.

31-Aug-14 06:45 PM By Ichabod 0 Comments

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31-Aug-14 06:05 PM By kerfuffle 0 Comments

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31-Aug-14 05:55 AM By penis 0 Comments

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Guide d'achat

31-Aug-14 04:21 AM By Guide dachat 0 Comments

Saturday, August 30 2014

I feel miserable and like such a loser and failure in life and at everything. Up until a few months ago I never believed that I would ever accomplish anything, until I got my results back for the prenursing studies and I worked so hard to get distinctions in all the modules a d I did . I had applied to lots of the colleges and had met all the requirements and my leaving cert and grade c in maths. It made me so happy I finally thought that maybe for once that I would be good enough. My dreams and hopes of being a nurse and going to college would come true. I never asked for too much. I worked so hard to make it happen. Yet not for a second that I would have thought that I wouldn't get a place. all my dreams and hopes of being somebody, a nurse and hopes of a batter future is,shattered and now I am back to the,beginning. How can I rebuild my dreams again and hope and hope that maybe someday I would be the one that is offered a place. I feel like a loser and a failure and I am living a meaningless life, life is meaningless without a dream. How can I move on? What can I do , what I can I do batter so that the same,thing would happen next year?

30-Aug-14 03:03 PM By bunya 1 Comment

et lui lançant : "Si vous nous entendez,collega-musicologo,Portée avec un pantalon noir fluide Nei progetti del Comune, Qui dit awards dit tapis rouge, molti dei suoi grandi elettori e il si? la Traspraesa.Crédit photo :Vince Flores/AFF. hanno ribaltato il loro approccio.a. Alors quil était ce week-end au Mexique avec des amis pour fter son enterrement de vie de garçon.

Recently Reduced

30-Aug-14 02:24 PM By Recently Reduced 0 Comments

After wasting 3 ears of my life at a private school funded by my dead mothers estate , I now have only 4 GCSE's after panic and breaking down in tests. I'm only 17 but I often though about self harm and suicide. I know its not right to have a pessimistic view but everything I do is a failure. In my academic life, having no social life, no creativity or energy I'm dyslexic which is a failure in it's self. Sorry for waffling and moaning but I just feel so bitter . I thin that there is another way to live but I have learned it.

So why not died when nothing has any purpose?

30-Aug-14 08:47 AM 0 Comments

Friday, August 29 2014

I'm so scared and anxious of the future and everyone around me is moving forward with their lives. Everyone I love wants to move away and I'm still stuck in square one. I don't know if I'll ever move on. I try to stay positive but everyday I hate myself more and more.

29-Aug-14 05:56 PM 2 Comments

well here it goes....i am a 16 year old boy who is living with his parents....earlier this year...i took an examination called jamb and i didnt pass.... I am a very bright student so my failure was indeed alarming...and now my dad wants to kill me psycologically....Oh

29-Aug-14 01:20 PM By mibzy! 0 Comments


29-Aug-14 01:56 AM By AM 0 Comments

Thursday, August 28 2014

I am from India 24 years old and I have failed the last year in graduation (English honours). I hardly have any social life and even less friends. My parents are tired of me and I am a horrible,ungrateful daughter. I quit my previous college because I was a coward and could not face my friends and classmates as they would be promoted and I would be left behind.....I just want to curl up and die.......but just for the sake of the people I love,I need to stay alive......

28-Aug-14 11:17 AM By WeirdGirlNextDoor 2 Comments

Another failure story of mine, i quit this course...I have mentally prepared myself for it...which only freshers do...I am quitting it because i can't struggle anymore...I can't study with the juniors who are 10-11 years juniors to me...I cant compete with them..their mind is sharp..I have a small work experience but still in this course i have to study what i have read 10-12 years back..i have no options but to return back ..Yes I am a failure

28-Aug-14 09:26 AM 1 Comment

I am a failure at life. I am a 32 year old single female with many many problems. By the time I deal with all my personal problems I will be too old to have children. My life is over I can not even start a family and will never be a mother ever in my life. I hate myself and everyday is just a day closer to death so at least I have that to look forward to.

28-Aug-14 12:24 AM 1 Comment

Wednesday, August 27 2014

we all need to go away to some faraway place and never come back.

we dont need family. alone, we can handle it. it would be really nice if one day i could travel to a place where no one knows me and no one will ever find me. i could change my name, my appearance and most important myself

but until then i´ll continue being the coward that i am.

27-Aug-14 08:48 AM By ll 1 Comment

i m from india. i did mbbs out of my parents wish. i never wanted to be a doctor. my passion as i discovered recently is in civil services. i tried twice but couldnt achieve it. now i m undergoing MD in pathology a branch i hate. to leave it i have to pay 5 laks plus whatever salary i earned during this md period. just a few days back i got to knoe that i couldnt clear this years civil services examination too.. i m a complete failure. a disgrace to my parents. dont have guts to just change my field after 7 yrs in this one.

can u help me??

27-Aug-14 07:55 AM By dr prateek meena 0 Comments

I'm a loser. I'm a nobody.

I'm 19 and my parents baby me. That's why I have achieved nothing in my short, bored life. My classmates have all moved on to college, they drive, they have relationships, they are intelligent. Here I am; an ignorant baby that my parents continue to hold on to despite the fact that I'm turning 20 next year. I don't know how to drive, have no friends, never had a girlfriend, and I'm still in high school. They babied my brother too, he's older and is barely getting stuff that my classmates have at age 18. They want me to wait that long as well. Now he's going to get everything, and I will have nothing. They will continue to treat me like an infant. I look forward to nothing. Just a fat, ugly, failure. It's actually sad to look at old pictures of myself and to think that that child in the photo will grow up to live such a boring, deprived, lonesome life. Laugh at me all you want....I have no pride or dignity...I have no self esteem or self respect. All my self worth and hope died. Goodbye.

27-Aug-14 12:44 AM By Adrian 1 Comment

Monday, August 25 2014

I am currently failing my own life, if you could even say such thing exists.

I don't know whats happening anymore, i am faling my 1st year of studies atm, because i do nothing all day instead of studying for exams, or even for the schoolyear. But i just can't care to do it, i don't know.

I never had a girlfriend, any friends more serious than people i've seen daily in school, and even then, i wouldn't trust them with anything, also i was bullied and got fat and ugly.

I don't know how i'll live, how i should or want live, hell, i bet i won't even be able to find a job and get stuck with my parents being just a parasite, stupid burden for them.

I wish i could change, i wish i knew who i am or what i like, because there aren't many things that pleasure me anymore, i only live in constant vegetation, is such a life any better than death? Because it really feels like i died a long time ago, and this is just a ghost of the person i used to be, happy, always smiling kid.

I am currently 20 years old, and i have much time ahead of me, but life seems to be much shorter than that, as if everything will pass before i notice.

My parents think i am just lazy and prefer to enjoy myself, i don't think they know about any of my struggles, maybe it's better that way, i am a big burden for them already. I just wish i could go away from their life peacefully.

25-Aug-14 12:02 PM 1 Comment

Hello every1. Jus wanna say tht im a failure in life. 16 andno achievements, no lovelife, no love from ppl im all alone. i guess im fine wit tht ive adapted. but i cant accep that im a fail, my own father told me once and im well oncourse to proving him right. im gonna fail math, which i do repeatedly. all i want is to do well in the things i put my mind to and i keep failing. ive thought about ending it anf maybe one day i will.

ive touched no ones life, i mean nothing valuable to all ppl around me. lifes handed me lemon and i keep making shit. thats my life.

25-Aug-14 12:01 PM By lira 0 Comments

I have just wrote my 2nd prof. Mbbs exams I got failed in all 4 papers. I dont have any friends . . I cant face my family. . Am trying to cope up bt again depression is trying to pull me down. Pls help me . . I ll b very much thankful

25-Aug-14 05:41 AM By praveena menon 2 Comments

Saturday, August 23 2014

I am the worlds biggest failure. I am just a disgrace to life and my family. I can't get a permanent job so can't save any money to buy somewhere to live like I've always dreamed. No one in the employment market wants me at their company because I'm so disgusting. I am a loser and a failure. My Dr. told me I was obese and need to lose weight, and yet I still can't get the will power to cut takeaways from my life. I've also been trying for years to have a child but have a severe hormonal imbalance that's making it virtually impossible. Some of the people I talk to just say it's natures way of preventing over population. Thanks friends! I wish everybody the best in life but just wish I could get a break.

23-Aug-14 01:23 AM By A person 1 Comment

Friday, August 22 2014

i failed my cma exams for three times in a row and recently i've given my 4th attempt, and sure of failing this time also.Tomorrow is results announcement dax.I don't want to show my face to my parents tomorrow,so i wanna leave this world, good bye everyone and sorry.

22-Aug-14 04:15 AM By sunny 1 Comment

Thursday, August 21 2014

I am faced with a challenge guys dont seem to have an interest in me why is it so?

21-Aug-14 01:55 PM By Lerato 0 Comments

I feel like most guys dont like/love me all my peers have boyfriends and are happy but not me!

21-Aug-14 01:35 PM By Lerato 0 Comments

Wednesday, August 20 2014

I am.also 19year lazy and always


I have big hopes in life. I just want

to be engineer but opted for Agri


I have big dream in life but not

have enough strength to face

challenge,not have courage to do

hardwork.I am not handsome but

some people say I am Cute, I am

painfully shy of girls,I cant talk with

girl.I really dont know who or what I


I am belonging to good Hindu

family.I trust on god,

But dont know anything about



SUGGESSION how to succed in life


20-Aug-14 04:52 AM By Mr Idiot from India 2 Comments

Tuesday, August 19 2014

I am a big failure. My age is 35 and I am married and I do not have any job, earlier I was earning meagre.Now I am doing this course which only freshers do, but I have no other options. In the age , when most of the people are well settled in their professional as well as in personal life, I am still struggling for getting what at least I deserve for. All of my schoolmate and collegemate are well setteled and they are enjoying their life and what I have to do...just struggle at every point..I have no option. Now ..I can not even die as one more life that is my wife's life is attached with I do not know what to do in this situation...I am just taking life as it is coming...there has been no esteem remained in my life...there is no ego remained..and I have no option. I am a the biggest failure .I do not know what will happen to my future children.Would I be able to take care of them and their expenses....Shall I be able to live a respectable life ever ?

19-Aug-14 09:01 AM 1 Comment

Monday, August 18 2014

Why do people drop out? Self-image created by listening to negative people is frequently low enough to alienate students to the point they no longer see themselves as successful. What they can do about it largely depends how they exercise their freedom of association while studying positive and negative people around them and learning that attitude controls what you do with the talent you were born with and positive attitudes lead to positive results. What you should take away from this is simple..If you think you will fail, you probably will until you begin to think of yourself as a success. Want to get started? Try to join or interact with a group of positive people who share your interests...

18-Aug-14 09:28 AM By Sochange 0 Comments

You fail at what you believe you will fail at. I flunked 7th grade and dropped out of high school. Listening to the wrong people next made me volunteer for war. After that, I decided to succeed. I aced college, went right on to law school and opened the door to three decades of a rewarding and challenging adventure that never ends. I listened to winners and avoided losers. Once you change your mind about what your future will hold and stop wasting time on people who don't even believe in themselves, you will find who you need.

18-Aug-14 09:17 AM By Sochange 0 Comments

Sunday, August 17 2014

Seems like most of you are depressed because you failed high school or college. Whats the cause? Why didnt you studie harder?

17-Aug-14 02:11 PM By laew 2 Comments

It always seems like I'm not enough.

I'm not stupid, but I'm not smart enough to be top of the class. And if you're not top of the class, you amount to nothing. I always loved reading book and learning new things, but the world is full of people making me feel stupid and ignorant.

I'm not ugly, but I'm not pretty enough, slim enough, tall enough. I never had a boyfriend. People say you shouldn't care about having one, but why all the other girls can have someone who loves them and I can't? Why was I sitting home alone while other people were having their first date and their first kiss? The peope I like always seem to fall for my friends. Or my sister.

I'm always in the edge of failing college, nobody gives me the job I've searched like crazy and I'm not good enough to get in any post-grad program. Or go study abroad. Which I couldn't afford anyway without financial aid, which I don't get because I'm not poor enough. Poor enough to be unable to do almost anything, but not enough to get help.

I don't wanna be jobless, without a purpose in life and living with my parents at 25, but that's who I am and what I am doing.

17-Aug-14 12:40 PM By a crying girl 2 Comments

Saturday, August 16 2014

So my bestfriend moved away, other then her i have no friends. I spend all night alone in my place texting a guy who says i am sexy but hasnt tried to see me in three weeks. He is the first to show any interest since i got out the service. Since i look young older guys dont ask me out and younger guys arent mature. I am now married to my job as a teacher, i even plan on buying a cat.

16-Aug-14 07:21 PM By Blessed and lonely 2 Comments

This is not complaining but i just can't get over the idea that i am wasting, failing my life.

I am 34, I have a job, i place to live, from what i have been told i am handsome, smart, funny and quite fit but I am single, lonely, depressed and can't seem to understand why.

My family doesn t talk to me, my friends are leaving me or not including me in stuff, i can't seem to make new friends nor find a girlfriend.

I am fed up waking up every morning thinking of how i am wasting the best years of my life. I want to do so many things, i have to do lists but when it is time to do anything, i just can't seem to find the last push.

I want to travel the world, but no one wants to do it with me, i have travelled alone before and that is so depressing, always being alone, not sharing, posting nice pictures to tease people knowing that deep down you feel like shit cause you are lonely, i hate it.

my best friends are ignoring and blocking me from social media, fb, instagram etc, with no apparent reasons...

Not sure what to do anymore, i have very bad thoughts at the moment and i don't want to have them cause i know life can be amazing...

16-Aug-14 06:18 PM By lost soul 2 Comments

I'm 19 years old. I've never had a job, I'm lazy, a virgin, can't drive, and have never had a girlfriend. Can someone help me?

16-Aug-14 05:03 PM 2 Comments

About an hour ago I was out shopping and I was kinda happy. Then I started an argument with someone for an insignificant reason and that person threatened to remind me what a failure my life is. I was really sorry about my attitude toward him but I can't get outta my head the idea that somehow, he was right about me and that perhaps everybody I know thinks the same way. And I feel silly to care about what others think about me or my life. I feel unsafe, I don't want to be reminded of my failures, I'm pretty good at that myself, I don't need someone else to get involved.

I'm 27, I'm single, I do a shitty job, I'm not cool enough to get me some friends, not pretty enough to get me some boyfriend. Ok, I know that. Why do you have to use this against me? Do "losers" have to pay twice for their misfortune?

16-Aug-14 01:49 PM By Outlander 1 Comment

Friday, August 15 2014

Now I know why I'm nothing in life - my parents. They could care less about my successes. They help my brother get a job and they are keen on getting his license, yet I'm going to be 20 and they don't even push me to get a job or drive. That's why all my peers around me are better than me. If I ever have a kid I'll be the parent my parents couldn't be. But I know I'll never have a kid because I'm socially inept and I have never had a girlfriend or a friend. So now my brother will have a job and get paid and move out and here I am, in suffering and pain. Oh how I could murder a whole lot of people. No one knows the damage I can afflict. No one knows the amount of anger and hatred I have. Girls ignore me, peers ignore me, life fucks me, I am neglected, I have no talents and I am useless. I can exterminate a whole mess of people and rid this earth of all the maggots that inject me with misery. Fuck you all.

15-Aug-14 08:25 PM By Adrian 0 Comments

life has become a burden on me. I m 33 at present, all of my friends r well settled, all of them hv either govt job or hv their own business. they r happy with their married life. but I m a useless fellow neither I hv any govt job nor any permanent business, neither hv any frnd circle nor girlfriend. parents insists that I should get marry..why should I ruin someone's life or why any girl will ruin her life with me...I am just doing a small business, hardly earning 5 to 6 thousand ruppes per month..I m very lonely & pessimistic. plz help me, should I die?

15-Aug-14 02:34 AM By Nawid Zamal 3 Comments

Thursday, August 14 2014

My fails in life.

When i was in school, i was not As achiever, however toward the end, i gained my As.

In A-level i didn't score high.

I almost failed in a course I do well throughout semester, and almost failed in my thesis.

I earned degree, and got fired twice.

I did postgrad, and failed in thesis, just got dismissed.

Throughout my academic life, friends, teachers and lecturers, including the dean, saw potentials in me.

There were times I was at peaks, but then, i fail miserably.

The orientation of life and career based on academic and performance seem over for me.

Now i'm ground zero and ashamed. An investment gone wrong and burden to my parents.

I am 26, female, single, living with parents.

14-Aug-14 08:44 PM 1 Comment ones cares about me. Just waiting to die now, goodbye.

14-Aug-14 08:40 PM By Adrian 0 Comments

My life is a lie.

Why? Because my survival persists purely by error.

I managed to slip through society's mental and emotional filtering algorithms purely by bullshitting.

Society should have denied me employment opportunities based on my severe social anxiety and inability to make friends or even slightly relate to others.

I work a full time plant job with near-perfect attendance. Coworkers say they wish everyone did their job without cutting corners and without complaining like I do.

But honestly, I believe I'm just a minimum effort slacker who lives on a comfortable income without truly deserving it.

I die a little more each time I see a deserving person who keeps trying to get hired, but can't.

I'm pathetic.

14-Aug-14 03:42 PM By Katie C. 0 Comments

They tell me all the time that I have a poetic mind and that I'm really smart and good at drawing and I have great taste in music and Santiago hates everyone.




























14-Aug-14 02:02 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, August 13 2014

What am I doing with my life aged 18 repeating year 12 because I FAILED it the first time and still doing GCSE English I FAILED it twice. I must be completely unemployable any advice

13-Aug-14 03:36 PM By The one that Fails 1 Comment

I do not have the financial ability to pay all my bills and take care of my three kids. Check goes in the bank and right back out always in the red. I have five credit cards all of which are maxed out. On what you ask? The basic things you need to live that's what they are maxed out on. I have no real family to turn to or that cares. I can't trust anyone because the the crap that has happened to me in life. I have lived like this for so long. I'm getting so worn down I'm not sure how much longer I can do it. I'm starting to think my kids would be better off with out me. Maybe then at least they could have all the things they want. The only way I see my life getting any better is if I find a huge bag of cash on the side of the road and I'm sure that's not going to happen.

13-Aug-14 08:02 AM By Nobody important 1 Comment

I am mess-ive failure. i even fail when i try kill myself.i need someone to murder me.

13-Aug-14 07:07 AM By Tragedyoflife 1 Comment

Tuesday, August 12 2014

I am facing enquiry proceedings in Govt. Job for the wrong doings of others. My career is totally finished.Even my juniors become seniors to me. I have also lost my love. Thus all my dreams dashed out and nothing is existing for surviving my life.

Please guide me what should I do

12-Aug-14 11:36 PM By BILLA SINGH 0 Comments

I wanted to save the environment and I ended up working for a an environmental campaign that wastes my effort and poeples time. I moved a couple states away for this position and I believe I may be mentally retarded. Self Diagnosis.

12-Aug-14 06:25 PM By Well Shit. 0 Comments

No money, no job, no certificate, a guy that has everything that i don't have took my girl I'm 18 and i feel like shit she actually chose that guy because he can give her a visa i feel awful.

12-Aug-14 02:44 PM By John Hackett 0 Comments

Age 24 , No job, No girlfrind, no social circle and no life!

12-Aug-14 08:41 AM 1 Comment

Well, i always find myself questioning my worth every night. I ponder on why some people were given rather beautiful lives, while others had to suffer. It's as if i was MEANT to live a bad life. I'm good looking, but not once have i had a girlfriend. My friends are often fake with me, so i choose not to have any. My grandpa is sick in the hospital with two amputated legs, so that's no help. My parents split up when i was young, leaving me to my grandparents. I try my best at soccer and have amazing moments, but suck when my self-confidence becomes low- which is often. I have good grades, but i see people around me that have money already and ask myself if this will even get me anywhere. My life is a bundle of shit, combined with depression, anxiety, and loneliness not understood by ANYONE around me. It feels so deeply sad knowing that power comes to those with paper money rather than wonderful intentions. The world as we know it has never and will never change. Life is a bitch. A BITCH

12-Aug-14 12:28 AM 0 Comments

Monday, August 11 2014

I'm a 16 year old guy who has no life. I'm really fat so I get made fun of and all the girls reject me. Also I screwed up the trust from my parents that they never want me alone anywhere even in the house. They took my money into their control and they make me feel like shit because they favor my older brother than anybody else, even my cousins favor him more. I really want some help to be better as a person

11-Aug-14 07:03 PM 3 Comments

I've realized in order to be happy and successful in life you have to make progress.I spend countless hours of making lists and schedules of how to improve myself but the things I can improve take no brain capacity. My current fast food job I fail at. No matter how hard I try I fuck up. I'm starting UNI in September and I failed in highschool barely accepted in UNI. How am I supposed to succeed in uni when I can barely do a fast food job? And if I do fail in uni what's next? I can't do a basic minimum wage job where am I supposed to go.. my parents legitimately don't care about me. My did uses me as a sexual object and my mom verbally and physically abuses me. All of my friends are fake. They wouldnt give a damn if I left. From the beginning when I said happiness and success comes from progress I can't make any.. any hobby or activity I try my hardest at I fail. So I legitmatley have nothing to give to this world. I'm a useless waste of space. I'm a part of the over populated. I couldn't be a doctor an engineer or some kind of farmer. Because

11-Aug-14 01:17 PM By shea 1 Comment

I am a massive failure.i graduated from the university 8 years ago and i've been a failure since am 33 years,no job,no girlfriend,never had one,no friends,no money and i can't go to my family because there's nothing they can do to help so much ashamed of myself.i even failed when i tried to kill myself by drowning in the sea.wish i had a time,maybe i'll stab myself. or i'll move to ivory coast since i'm near the border and if i don't get any job,i'll kill myself.i live in an african country and i don't believe in christianity or any religion because i think religion is rubbish.when i was younger i had no choice but to practice christianity and i've been deceived by this christianity life is really fucked up. i guess some us can't just survive on earth no matter how hard we try; in that case death is preferable.

11-Aug-14 12:37 PM 0 Comments

I spent 6 years in college raising my three kids as I earned my bachelor's degree.

Shortly after graduation I got a DUI.

Now I'm 27, got no license, no car, no money, no job, nobody will hire me, bills are piling up and we might end up homeless.

On top of all that, there's another kid on the way.

Considering just blowing my brains out ...

11-Aug-14 11:06 AM By Depressed 0 Comments

Sunday, August 10 2014

I m. 21 now.. failed in 12th science once, started diploma in mechanical engineering, failed and got detained in 2nd year, again started 12th in commerce,for admission in B.arch, got 3 marks less to qualify for criteria for B.arch,

wasted 4 years of my life,wasted my parent's money more than 1lacs,very frustrated and depressed, feels like m gonna break totally now,all my classmates in final year of clgs, m still struggling to get admission in clg,don't know what to do now,i've seen many people did nothing and got very good rewards,why?

if they can get what cant I get a small reward to gety life going.. my self confidence is totally gone..!! God plz help me now... save my life atleast for my parents if not for me..!! plz plz plz

10-Aug-14 02:37 PM By Mr. Failure 0 Comments

Saturday, August 9 2014

Life is unfair. Some have everything, some have nothing. Why? Who decided that? Why are some people ugly and others are beautiful. It's unfair.

9-Aug-14 11:03 PM By Adrian 0 Comments

I feel useless, stupid, gullible and almost 26 years old but still depend on my parents. I never date, have no friends, socially akward and physically unappealing. Today I fell for scam, I lost the little money that I have. I am depressed, I really want to know why I ever exist?Is it just to show that there are loser in this world because I am the perfect example. My life is a grand joke, a mockery.

9-Aug-14 04:20 PM By Eva 2 Comments

Yes, i failed. :-) So what? Life 4 me? Taking a Chance live for today. Who care about next day. Thanks Srinath

9-Aug-14 08:42 AM By Srinath 0 Comments

Friday, August 8 2014

most people fail at life because of financial working class social posistions.... and i'm afraid until people start fighting for higher wages to improve the quality of their lives nothing much will change... I realize that people have more problems than just low salarys but I think this is the biggest problem!

max lang

8-Aug-14 04:21 PM By max lang 0 Comments

Filed for Bankruptcy today. I'm broke and a loser. Lived in an apartment for 30 years. No children, never made good income, never got any second chances at anything, was abused physically and emotionally all thru my childhood, suffer from anxiety and depression all my life, my wife left me 16 years ago. never finished collage, no savings, no retirement, no family. I'd rather just check out of this mess. I have yet to meet one person who I could really fully trust who offered real love. This all seems like such a waste of time.

8-Aug-14 02:18 AM By 50 and over 1 Comment

Thursday, August 7 2014

I fail at everything I do. My parents are over secure and I feel I don't the freedom or the time I want to myself. I suck at sports even though I try extremely hard. I don't have any friends that I could really rely on and no girl even has the slightest of interest in me. I try so hard at everything I do and others get everything they want even if they're not as qualified or didn't even try. All In all I suck at life. And I don't know what to do.

7-Aug-14 11:14 PM 1 Comment

In 12th i failed in maths my parents schold me very much and i gave comparnment exam i worked really very hard but again i failed now i am totally blank i am willing to die no one understands my life is over , i have lost all my confidence i am depressed , i fear if i give test again and fail what will happend so i am going to commit suicide....

7-Aug-14 05:43 PM 2 Comments

Me everything i do in life it just fail like i just left school at the age of 15 without no reason and now i have 2 kids and am 21and i want to go back to school i dnt have money and no one want to help me

7-Aug-14 03:52 PM By Brenda matea 0 Comments

Life is Like a sun Rises and then fall but beyond that there is a world we have to.believe on overself take your own descisions in life take advise from others but do that you really likes even if not so good.thats I really learn in life now I am 19 years old thats not too old but life saw me everything its not that I am from poor family.I am belonging to well settled family but in terms education I never done better.but now i descided to take own descision and faced it.after all we came alone in life and also go alone out of life.use that mantra live your life happily and most important BELEIVE IN YOUR SELF

7-Aug-14 02:16 PM By Mr Fail Instead of Idiot From India 0 Comments

I am a life failure.I am very much behind from my schoolmate and collegemate. I can never imagine in my life that even i can become equivalent to them. I wasted my life's 8+3 years for nothing.I wasted my precious eary youth years after a girl and then I became schizophrenic. I am on medicine. I am married. I have responsibilities but i dont know how will i fulfill them. what will happen to my children i have no income.

7-Aug-14 10:30 AM 0 Comments

Only child, never bonded with mother, father committed suicide when I was 5, mother has problems with substance abuse, forced to lie all the time to my family by her, basically an ACOA with C-PTSD, innability to form intimate relationships with women, humans are becoming more and more intollerable as I get older and angrier. "Only a mother could love it", I've been told and realise this is acually the truth, problem is I never had a childhood and nobody understands me. Trying my best not to resent and hate women, just want to be loved, never will be as that's impossible now, might as well just end it all but feel to guilty to take the final step.

7-Aug-14 07:46 AM By Left behind 0 Comments

I m btech 2 and yr student and I got back again again on this course what will I do could I drop this and what I do in again my life .?which course I chose again .?

7-Aug-14 05:33 AM By moliyaaa 0 Comments

Of course I fail at life you already know that (remote neural monitoring). Why is everything just stupid dysgenic garbage and why am I fatigued all the time, Why am I fat with candida, fungus, bad skin. All this dysgenic trash in this world makes me want to kill myself. Things are supposed to be secular, doctors are supposed to read all medical texts and follow the hippocratic oath. I'm glad I graduated and got the fuck out of high school. All this dysgenic trash in the media, the music industry, publications, the entertainment industry, and even on the internet and in everyones heads made me want to take 20 grams of caffeine tablets so I did. It was a good detox and I got a better sex drive after eating a bunch of protein food. I fasted for like a week with iced tea. Big pharma gave me total impotence and genital anesthesia, also destroyed my ability to focus and my motor coordination.

7-Aug-14 04:26 AM By Everything Sucks 2 Comments

Wednesday, August 6 2014

I failed in life Firstly I wanted to do B.Tech But I scored very less marks so I cant get selected then I drop year and try for B.Arch. I also failed to secure admission in Architecture college my parents waste money for me and I ruined there life how dumb I am nothing but sooooooooo dumb dumb I want to die nothing remain in life.I ruined my own life. my all friends secured good colleges and they enjoy there life but frankly said I am depressed person I cant share this to any one.My parents are so unlucky bcoz they have son like me. I am useless useless I have not friends nobody give respect to me. peoples hooted me.plz god help me or killed me but I am very simple guy I dont want to hurt anyone I trusted on god And I hope one day everything will be all right.

6-Aug-14 06:43 AM By Mr Fail from India 0 Comments

Tuesday, August 5 2014

I am exhausted. Today, my parents are pissed off at me because they have to pay $2k for me to attend school in a couple of weeks. I asked if we had to pay for enrollment earlier in July, and they said no. Now, it's early August, and there is a possibility that I may not attend school. I have no money for books, food, or anything. My parents have no money for my books, food for my family, and tuition for my three other siblings. The only thing that is holding me back from taking a bullet to the head is the hard work and money my parents have put into me, and the thought of taking my life away means taking all their hard work and time, bunching it all together, and throwing it away. The immense guilt I feel is stronger than my need and want for a quick death. Please. Someone else kill me so that I won't be a bigger disappointment. I can't do this any more.

5-Aug-14 05:34 PM By angela 0 Comments

I can't take it anymore i want to die with all my heart and all my being. i can't find joy in anything, television, food, drugs, even masterbation i can't find any joy or pleasure anymore i want to die so bad it hurts. I consider myself spiritual and i feel as if the universe or/god is telling me that i am sopposed to kill myself and that this is what im sopposed to do. for the sake of the human race i want to get rid of myself. i refuse to b apart of this world i can't my being wont let me. but i Don't want to hurt my mom im so lost i can't take it. nobody will understand bcus i don't even understand im in a nigtmare on a whole other level

5-Aug-14 01:35 PM By Want Death 2 Comments

I fail in many interviews that's why I am now like feel frustration and lack of confidence

5-Aug-14 03:10 AM By arun 0 Comments

I feel so upset.I got my results from the SQA and I got all C's.This is exactly the same as what happened last year.I thought I worked harder than I did last year but that's obviously not what happened. Everyone keeps saying that its alright your life hasn't ended.Well I definitely feel like it has.I am hurting so much and I cant tell anyone about it.I am the oldest in my family and even my sister has better grades than I did.all A's. No one respects me any more.I was a laughing stock last year and now its even worse.I feel like a burden to my parents.They try hard to move us forward in life and I just completely wasted it all.I hate myself so much.I haven't got a good shape a good grade and no friends i can geniuenly speak to. I mean what on earth am I even doing.

5-Aug-14 12:26 AM 0 Comments

all my life i feel as tho ive been depressed even tho so far i have had it great i got a roof over my head loving parents amazing friends 3 square meals a job and car, but i feel that i dont have control of anything and that no matter what i do my own worst enemy(myself) is there to say you could have done that better, wow man you suck there are so many people better than you. i always contradict myself no matter what i do. i dont really have any dreams because i feel i suck at everything so whats the point in doing everything and thus ive dropped out of college because i told myself why waste money on something you are never going to be good enough at. ive been told that i have noone to impress i shouldent care about other peoples opinions , but its not anyones opinion i care about its mine about myself but i will never be good enough for myself, im only 19 years old im just a youngin and i know that ive got an entire life ahead of me but where am i going and how am i going to get there if i cant even say hey good job and give a pat on the back to myself. i know im blessed for the things i have. but im cursed with the mind given to me

5-Aug-14 12:03 AM By justin 0 Comments

Monday, August 4 2014

I m btech student but I went give up this course !what is other option to me? what will i do

4-Aug-14 11:27 PM By mona 0 Comments

I feel that I dug my own grave. I did not work hard enough and still don't. I am not sure if the problem I have even has a solution. If I get kicked out of my grad school program, I don't know where I would end up. I am in love but it seems as though that isn't even as much as a motivation to work.

I feel depressed and alone. I also feel lost. I don't know what I want to do with myself. I have been living with a depressed boyfriend for over a year. Lately, his problem was solved. However, I was left as a side casualty. Not knowing where my boyfriend would end up made me not care about my future. I know it sounds pathetic but that was what happened.

I need to work but I can't. I know that they are billions of people out there that have it worse than me.

4-Aug-14 12:45 PM By Mary 0 Comments

Sunday, August 3 2014

At 46, if i complain about myself, it is awful.. But that is what i am. Failed in most of the efforts in my life. Everything fell in my life automatically & i simply accepted whatever came to me. I see around me now & compare with all.. I am total failure... It is great to philosophical and get contended with it. How long???. Impossible. The fire in belly missed during 20's - results in such a great failure. Inspite of my very good performance in school education, i started lagging from my college life. & since then it has only multiplied. No words can describe my failed life. I will certainly NOT end my life. But will continue to suffer my failed life for ever. ALL THAT I REQUIRE IS A NATURAL DEATH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. How can it happen.

3-Aug-14 11:16 AM By Jegan 1 Comment

Saturday, August 2 2014

what is the point of this post? I can share all about my problems but i find that reading everyone else's problem is a much better way than sharing my own. yes I am a failure. although I study at a decent university, life's been a struggle . I have no noticeable achievement to my name, for 3years i was addicted to porn (still relapse) , I have a tiny stature, cant speak up, people dont understand me, financially in a bad situation, Parents health is poor, I have wasted so much of my parents money and shown them no result . I DON'T STUDY ONE BIT EXCEPT ON LAST DAY. i don't have any willpower, i am weak, i don't have any ability whatsoever. I AM A TOTAL FAIL. AND NO I DON'T HAVE THE BALLS TO KILL MYSELF. i will just keep going on and die like a failed insignificant person like me should. oh boy am i going to get a beating once i graduate, Ill never get promoted or married or find success.

2-Aug-14 01:11 PM By shaheryar 0 Comments

How could i tell my parents that i hav in my 1st year engg. I feel shame.

2-Aug-14 08:31 AM By anand 0 Comments

It has gone on much too long...I have tried to be of value in this life. I care for my friend... N neglect myself.. The bad events just continue to consume me.. Ive had such physical n emotional pain that simply cannot go on... Thanks be to my God for any positives... Please pray for my soul....

2-Aug-14 03:20 AM By kcatt 0 Comments

Friday, August 1 2014

seriously, i can now officially consider myself as the biggest fail in fail history. wtf is going on with me. i cant do anything right . my mind is always out of focus and my thoughts are always scrambled . i cant make two f***ing sentences while speaking, my knees always tremble for no reason and on top of that i have no friends and no money.

i failed at life big time .

1-Aug-14 01:58 PM 0 Comments

I am engineering student. I failed in my education, but i want to do some thing grate in my life . My family is very poor now i has make my family rich. Please help me out how to find my journy.

1-Aug-14 11:20 AM By prakash 0 Comments

All these people who made it big and are always telling us to fail, that's good for us, and we learn the most from it. But it's a scary, dark hole and you get so depressed. I don't know if I could survive in this cruel world, I'm trying to make a living and get out. I lowered my standards significantly, what more do I have to do? I'm struggling to get out of poverty, it's hard, and is it even worth it? Maybe I'll get shot and killed in a drive by shooting by accident while I'm working my a$$ off trying to get out of this terrible place. But then I could've been enjoying life with the little money I made if I knew it would happen. I went to the top college in my state and chose a degree in something I really believed in, because I wanted to help people. But this world is so ugly. I was lucky enough to get a job in the field and realized how naive I was, that this field really isn't worth it. Now I'm going with the rest of the sheep, going for that high paying job, I'm not enjoying it.. I'm trying to convince myself that I am, but I don't think I am, it's hard and I fail at it all the time. I really did FAIL, because I am not enjoying the journey anymore. I don't like anything that I am involved with anymore. I just have feelings about nothing. I just feel numb emotionally. This world is a cruel place and I'm struggling to survive in it. Am I too weak hearted or am I just seeing the truth for what it is? I have no friends, I am not into the family and lover I have around. There is nothing for me. I am just going to become another cog in the wheel of capitalism.

1-Aug-14 02:44 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, July 31 2014

Hello, to those that visit this site on a regular basis, and to those who will visit this site,if you have the ability to find this site then you truly have not failed at life but rather hit the bottom of the barrel. Let me explain something, A couple of months ago i had visited this site because i experienced something like this in which i failed at life. First off let me explain that it is how you percieve the world as well how your mind is set. Most of us to realize that we are deppressed and that the feeling of being hopless is and failure come with it. With that being said, one thing we should keep in mind is that there are people in this world who are way worst off then us, secondly from these comments it can be said that the majourity of the user or bloggers live in the western side of the world. Let it be clear that no matter were you live in this world it is up to you and only you that can change your world. You could be poor, homeless, lacking not social skills, have no friends, or relationships, you must know its ok. In order for us to succeed in this world we must know ourselves first in order to move forward in life. It does not matter how old you are, your status in society you can become something, if you try hard enough. Look into the past and there are many examples of this in which people from nothing became something. It all depends on your determination and the saying how bad do you really want it in life. For those who say i have no friends, i say that good means you wont be distracted, for those who do not have a relationship, in order to be with someone else you must first love your self for who you are, if you dont then you must change your self in order to love your self.

The reason i say this is that i had posted a comment on this blog a couple months ago, saying how i faield at life, i reality i failed my self, the truth is that i had been always afraid of disappointing the people i hung around with, which in return made not act my self, now having some time to myself i realize that i must be the person i make my self happy. Im 23 years old still fairly young but have enough time on me to realize what i must change in order to be better. ao my advice is that for anyone who visit this site, to give your self time as, forgive yourself for your mistakes and move forward, don't let your mistakes keep you down.

P.s. I write this because when i felt like i failed at my life i tried to kill myself, twice with drugs, and was finally going to hang myself, it took a bit to and self courage not to kill myself. so listen up its not as bad as you think it is, there is always another way trust me. Heres a though be thankful that your not living in a country that is at war, and the people have to worry if they are going to be able to wake up in the morning alive.

31-Jul-14 06:07 PM By Different view 0 Comments

I have tried beating nihilism but to no avail. Countless times I have tried convincing myself that life is precious, that there is a reason for us to exist, but the more time I spend realising what I have accomplished in life and no matter what I do it will all be meaningless in the end. We live to survive and all the things we do, say, buy or the opinions we hold, nothing of that really matters in the long run.

31-Jul-14 03:05 PM By L 0 Comments

I am a gal of 23 years ,2012 i was in matric nd i did not make it ,nd the worse thing is that idid not go for counselling nd this thing is hurting me now,mybe if my parents have money mybe i can trie to go back to school coz this thing is killing me,i tried to apply for a job but i dont get it,my life is a mess i dont think i deserve to live nd i'm thinking of killing my self mybe is better coz i dont deserve to live i've disapoint my parent ,i have no friend,sometimes i go to bed witouth food,life is to hard any way god planned it ,

31-Jul-14 05:30 AM By Bunhle 1 Comment

Ihave fail in matric,i dnt get a job ,ithink i dont deserve to live,sometimes i go to bad without food,i feel like every thing i do i dont do it right,

31-Jul-14 05:14 AM By Bunhle 0 Comments

Wednesday, July 30 2014

I am 31 years old woman i was involve in a car accident at age of 10,i have try everything in life i fail

30-Jul-14 11:45 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, July 29 2014

I am 38. For several years I have shuffled from one lightless basement to another. Apathy and feelings of intense inferiority have crippled my confidence. I am afraid to work. I have no possessions. For most of my life i have been in amazing shape physically but now I can't even go to the gym . I am not falling apart I already am apart. I have been told my entire life that I am very smart but the proof is in the pudding as they say . When I think about my life I want to throw up . I have allowed opprotunity and in fact life to pass me by. I am so low that I can't even summon the energy to be afraid of my awful position in life. I can't bother to worry about having 0 money , no home and no marketable skill. I fear the dense fog of confusion that I am now in is a signal of the end for me . What a waste, what a waste

29-Jul-14 10:06 AM By Reaching 0 Comments

I used to think that I failed at life. I am doing civil engineering , as a woman I feel that’s not a profession for me. I am so down, my boss think I cant meet client. He makes me feel I can only stay in the office and do the backup work. My self-esteem so low that there was a period I didnt want to go to work , and my chartership exam seemed so far away from me as I get the impression from my boss that I am not that competent to go for exam. I wake up now.. all are smoke. People try make you fail at life for their own reason. Very often they try to take advantage of your weakness. If they keep on saying you are no good, they have good reason not to promote you. It took me 6 years to sit here with no promotion and less than 10% payrise for these 6 years. Now I have a new job, I passed first stage of exam. And at that time I felt my boss evil, why he discourage me from the beginning. That’s why I want to write here and encourage those people that feel they failed at life to wake up. Stay away from people that make you feel you fail. Stand up to yourself. Sometimes those people are difficult to recognise, as they could say certain things and it sounds they trying to protect your interest while on the other side they don’t want you to progress at all. I learned my lesson using 6 years, and I hope I don’t make the same mistake again.

29-Jul-14 06:05 AM By C 0 Comments

All my life since birth of over 31 years ago, my parents were always poor, fighting, arguing and endless domestic violence, shoved into a foster home at an early age briefly, grandparents took me in and they were poor from generation one. I was always in trouble a lot from a to z at school, home, the public, been arrested, harased by the police endlessly, no job ever wants to hire me an i mean not ever, people look at me funny, never had any friends in my life and I mean never, no girlfriend ever in this life, all girls even the fat ugly ones hate me completely, can get no play from not even a homosexual man. I suck at video games, reading, writing, can't even figure out to say when i talk to people. I can't even make any sense when I talk and I talk slow, I move slow, I have no skills in anything at all. No car, no job, no bank account, no home of my own. Every social site I join: instagram, facebook, myspace, youtube you name it, nobody never ever leaves me any comments, messages and never any views on my youtube channels and videos and even if i do get comments, they're always negative comments nonstop and thumbs down. Is it because I'm a short black man at 5'7 because of also how i look. Also in public places like all stores i get accused of wronging customers, stealing, doing vandalism. You name it, nothing good ever happened to me at all in this lifetime and i think i am god named failure. 31 years alive and can't seem to ever get anything out of life not even my own death when i drink raw sewage on purpose. What is the common denominator?

29-Jul-14 01:25 AM By KrippleKatt 3 Comments

I don't know if I can take the pressures of life much longer. My company keeps trying to give me more money and has raised my vacation time to 6 months a year. It may sound nice but it is a burden, it means I keep having to come up with more awesome things to do with all of the free time. I will just go ahead and let you know right now, if you went somewhere I have been somewhere cooler, if you bought something I bought something better, if made sex with someone super hot and I sexed up someone hotter, you get the picture. But with all of this I am still unsatisfied and can't have a true relationship because I have what they call a micro penis. I am thinking of just taking my F-40 off the side of a mountain at 764 mph to get the world speed record on the way out.

29-Jul-14 12:13 AM By BuckinCali 0 Comments

Monday, July 28 2014

I always thought I was going to a great university. The education was advertised as the best public school degree I could obtain. The classes turned out to be super easy and I breezed through like the rest of my peers. The professors never even showed up or required us to be present in a classroom. I thought this happened at every institution. It was revealed that my degree was just one of many used to keep athletes eligible. I didn't see myself working at Home Depot the rest of my life. Thanks UNC

28-Jul-14 10:30 PM By failfest 0 Comments

My real name is Eaton Loads. I tell people I went to a community college but the truth is I live in a halfway house for retards and wrap butterscotch candy all day. I stalked and assaulted a woman because she went on one date with me and then got a retraining order. So they sent me here.

28-Jul-14 10:15 PM By SadUCF* 0 Comments

I own a failing restaurant my parents gave me. I'm losing money every day and in major debt. I have no real friends. I spend most of my time on a sports message board trying to impress people I don't even know acting like some big shot millionaire but truth be told...I'm a big loser who will again wake up tomorrow morning in my grandma's basement. I just can't believe I where I am not now. FACT.I failed at life.

28-Jul-14 09:32 PM By S Cook 4 Comments

All of the women I date are only with me for my money. They don't even pay attention to my personality - they just like going on exotic trips and having me buy them expensive things. I will never find true love. I fail at life.

28-Jul-14 06:53 PM By M4 1 Comment

I was a film/english major, so even if I did go back to school, I could do little to have a happy and successful life with a degree in said subjects. What is kerfvffle?

28-Jul-14 06:36 PM By Browns fan 0 Comments

I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you've hit the nail on the head. The problem is something too few folks are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I found this in my hunt for something regarding this.

younique 3d lashes

28-Jul-14 12:43 PM By Robertfath 0 Comments

every now and then i come back to this website to remind my self that i haven't changed since 2008.

i live alone, i have no friends, i work like a dog for very little, i have no money. i simply failed at life.

28-Jul-14 11:10 AM By mr fail 0 Comments

Sunday, July 27 2014

I cant get a job. I graduateed and people got jobs and i am very sad

27-Jul-14 06:34 PM By Hi 0 Comments

I am such a massive failure, i can't do anything. Not even the simplest job. No one will ever hire me. I failed all my college and university attempts. My girlfriend left me, not because i'm not a good person, but because i just can't get a job. Fuck this world and screw me!

27-Jul-14 11:24 AM By Humpteedumptee 3 Comments

Saturday, July 26 2014

20y male

First year of computer engineering.

I passed only half of the exams I have to give while guys that were shouting 'I didn't even studied' or 'I've already gave all the exams' walked happily around me.Now I will have to give them all at September.

I feel so worthless, I'm just a huge disappointment to my parents that love me more than I deserve.

I don't even know why did I passed those exams or why did I flunk the others, I'm effin clueless about anything I do.

I wish I could die tonight while sleeping. I can't bear living in this society anymore.

26-Jul-14 06:34 PM By Isaac 0 Comments

Just failed uni because of insomnia & depression. No one around for me to reach out too. Gonna be homeless soon, my parents disowned me. I'm in massive debt and I'm only 20. I'm a lonely; poor failure. I don't know what to do anymore. I think I'm done with life.

26-Jul-14 05:17 PM 0 Comments

I hate liabilities, especially unnecessary or unavoidable and right now I'm forced to live with some because there's no escaping them as yet. This is not good for me because I'm not balanced and I hate imbalance. My needs, necessities and responsibilities have since doubled, which means more pressure suppressing my futile self. I'm a stay at home dude with no work, no income I'm forced to live through handouts and begging because I can't supply for myself nor ones I love. I feel like a failure and it looks like things are about to take a turn for the worst. God please give me good work to get bread while it is still in at my disposal.

26-Jul-14 03:00 AM By Humbled 0 Comments

Friday, July 25 2014

Give me a reason not to kill myself. My life is devoid of any happiness or friends. I have failed high school while old classmates go to universities. I don't know how to drive and never had a girlfriend. My parents don't cheer me on. They see nothing wrong with a 19 year lot without friends, a job, a girlfriend, money. So please; tell me why I shouldn't kill myself, because for once in my life, I'm actually considering it.

25-Jul-14 10:16 PM By Adrian 4 Comments

Hi I'm a 24 yr old woman.4 months ago I joined a learnership which turns out 2 b something completely different from what was mentioned in the application. Those months that I have spent there have been hell and I'm not sure I will reach the end of the program, I really dnt wana quit but I feel tricked cz I'm doing something I didn't sign up 4. I hate every1 I attend with and I hate going 2 school and this experience has made me a miserable person who has grown 2 hate people in general. I'm not sure what my way forward is because I can't sit @ home and end up being my momz responsibility but if I continue with the program I'm gna lose the person I am FOREVER and I'll nevr b happy.

25-Jul-14 05:44 PM 1 Comment

i m fail in my life but i know the life is give me an everytime more leason and i m enjoy my life every bed time and good time because nobudy going with me

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Thursday, July 24 2014

i got less mark in my exams ...and now i dont know what to do.....because its my fault ....i do regular chatting....the whole night and day but now i realize my mistake...but i m affraid that i m disappointing my mom........i dont no what to do....

24-Jul-14 07:22 AM By suzen 1 Comment

Really want to die. Did growing up and now that I can't do anything I want to now more than ever. No one in my family will care and they might benefit

24-Jul-14 01:32 AM By Sucker 1 Comment

Wednesday, July 23 2014

I had everything going for me in my life...but I made mistakes that I feel so sad and guilty about...I hurt myself and punish myself but it doesn't take away my guilt and pain...I'm still in the middle of waiting for the outcome of what will happen to my life...if only someone can help me, but I can only blame myself...

23-Jul-14 10:32 PM By sadness 0 Comments

i wish i could carry on being a student for ever... but obviously i can't afford that. ironically, i can't afford to be a graduate either because most of the jobs i'd like to do do not offer any remuneration. which is just a fancy way of saying there are too many overqualified people in the world so we've decided to reintroduce slave labour under the title of "unpaid internships" where you're supposedly gaining 'valuable insight into the industry' and 'honing your proffessional skills' all the while slowly drifting towards homelessness and losing 5lbs a month because you can't afford food.

but hey, at least you've got your priceless work experience which in itself is really nothing more than a gap year from complete unemployment.

and there's no point considering doing a postgraduate degree because everyone else is doing one anyway and you probably value your arm and a leg too much to use them as payment for one more year of learning none of the things employers actually look for in their employees.

to sum up, there is no point to anything, the future looks hopeless, people are stupid and the world is broken. so yeah, 'suck' doesn't begin to cover my view of the current state of affairs

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Tuesday, July 22 2014

I'm failure at everything happened to my life , LIKE THIS one i fail to spell the right words I'm not even english , I'm arabic but i speak english , i suck at developing apps , i suck at making good money online without (scamming) i suck at making friends online , i suck at getting huge number of followers in instagram without (Buying fake followers) , i suck at high school i suck at losing weight , I'm toll failure dude,

i also suck at killing my self , every time i have hard time i attempt to injure my self and make me suffer but i can't , i just " CAN'T Do Nothing" P.S i have the money and i have a gold health i tried to be the best but I'm not even perfect at doing things , i suck at singing people says i have a good voice , but i dont know I'm not confident. its hard for me to explain , i have the material but i dont have the machine u know what i mean? like i dont know.

22-Jul-14 07:22 PM By bader 1 Comment

Life is not easy to me.

Wish i was born rich.

Bill gates- if you are born poor its not your mistake, if u die poor its your mistake

mmm... He fucken dont understand.

i fail at life im not perfect. My goals are bronze while other turn in to gold. So unfair i try hard

i feel bad about my self so, i smoke weed it makes me feel good. Im Age 18 i think future future! i dont want to suffer no...

I think a lot of bull shit and ask why i was born im no smart i come from a poor family more shit

22-Jul-14 04:46 PM By My life 1 Comment

Yesterday I offered to do a job for free and I got rejected. I am that desperate. The person didn't even look at my face when he said "no".

Cruel world! Hopefully one the 20 jobs I applied to a month ago will respond to me.

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Monday, July 21 2014

i just succeeded my first year in university , now in the second year we have to pass an exam witch includes subjects from the first year! but i really don't know anything about these subjects ; i didn't assist to these classes and i should've never passed :'(

i really don't know what to do , i just wish i can study anything abroad , find a scholarship to any country , i just want to escape my future failure :'( oh lord help me

21-Jul-14 07:55 PM 0 Comments

Where ever I go, people end up disliking me. I try to be nice for a while, but eventually I just drift into my own little bubble, ignoring everyone, looking like an arrogant, stuck-up d-bag. I cannot communicate with the world around me anymore - I feel myself slowly losing the ability to connect, and to make my-self understood. I fear I'll en up all alone, friendless (I already am), without even any contact with my closest family.. and then I'll simply disappear, disappear completely..

21-Jul-14 06:15 PM By failfast 0 Comments

Sunday, July 20 2014

I seem to just suck at everything. There are people who excel without trying, or atleast when they try they reach their goal. When I try at something, no matter how much effort I put I STILL END UP NOT SUCCEEDING !! its just not fair, I try and still I dont achieve what I want.

20-Jul-14 08:09 PM By Ariana 3 Comments

Life is what you make it. And I made mine hell. I am 24 I have a loan of £5000 which i struggle to pay back. I owe another bank £2000 from when I was a student. I still need to pay my student loan back which is around £7000 as I have decided to quit university due to my depression. My parents have never achieved anyhting in life and my sister is seriously ill. All the pressure is on me. I moved country twice. I dont have real friend, they all talk behind my back all the time :/ i havent got a penny to myself ;/ i have just been told off by my dad as i havent paid 2 months rent :/ he also said to me if i dont pay it till tommorow i will not be eating and he will consider chucking me out so i will be homeless :/

20-Jul-14 05:19 PM By Paul 0 Comments

im failing at life! im 37 years old, worked in extrusion from 99- 2012, hated it, since then ive worked several different jobs that all sucked and now im jobless without any income at all. i dont know what to do with my life because im not sure what career i would like to have. i dont have a college degree and each day things seem to be getting worse. btw my father passed away on jan 25 of this year and my dog of 16 years died on june 18. i live with my mom and im single. not sure what i should do. i wont work at a job if im miserable doing it. period.

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Am 30 years my problem is that i drop out at school doing Grade 11 long time ago but know i realise that without education am not going anywhere ,i need to get educated

20-Jul-14 03:54 PM By Nonzaliseko 1 Comment

i'm almost 30 and i work at a dead end job making a little above minimum wage, only because i chose it and i can't force myself to leave because i don't really have to do anything, i surf the internet all day long, nobody even bothers me, but the irony is its killing me inside, i have career dreams to fufill, but this job has robbed me of 7 years of my youth, all because i think this job is easy and i'm getting "free money" so to speak. fuck....why can't i realize that its robbing my dreams and life and time? why can't i just quit??? i've never had a girlfriend because i'm depressed and fat because of my situation i eat alot. and i don't even talk to girls because i don't think they like fat guys. every time i lose weight, i binge eat and gain it all back, f me. its my job that's causing all this, i have to fing quit! oh if i only have the courage to just fuckking quit. someone, somebody, something give me the courage to quit, because i'm not sure if i can

20-Jul-14 03:20 PM By confused 0 Comments

Saturday, July 19 2014

My parents try so hard to help me. I see the good in what they are trying to do. Yet there is unwanted pressure on me every single time, they swear at my bad grades and just make me feel worthless on so many occasions. I see that I struggle to complete simple tasks quickly because I am scared of failing and there are many social attitudes to which my parents are to blame for. They think that I make them suffer yet they are oblivious to the suffering that they are causing me. I work best alone and death is probably my avenue to such a path.

19-Jul-14 10:25 PM By George 0 Comments


I'm here to explain how I'm a failure in life, these days whenever I look into my future I see either a lonely life of sorrow and misery, or an eventuall suicide.

I was born in a country I don't belong, and I'm sure I'll fail at getting a citizenship elsewhere. I was recently accepted at a university in the uk and am starting this september, and I'm sure I'll fail at the foundation year let alone the actual degree.

I suffer from extreme social anxiety and am completely terrified of social events, just walking on some sidewalk is hard work. I can't even speak to my family anymore. I'm such a failure I can't even write an application without doing something wrong.

My writing hand is bad, I stutter, I speed walk in public fearing sounding foolish over making small talk and avoid eye contact fearing harmful thoughts or misjudgement from people.

I doubt every action I do, as I fail at everything.

Everyday I wake up wishing I had died in my sleep.

Even while writing this I'm sure someone out there is thinking "what a pathetic wimp."

Thanks for reaching this far.

19-Jul-14 09:35 PM By Mortimer 0 Comments

I feel worthless. I have nothing to live for. I work everyday, most of the time I'm sick. I had to move in with my kids and of course I get used an I can't do the things I want to do. I'm so depressed I contemplate suicide on a daily basis. I'm such a failure. I'm about to lose my car, my storage unit with all my belongings. I sometimes wonder why I was even born I serve no purpose on this earth. I feel I just take up space. I'm so tired of waking up with nothing to live for. People say pray, or get a hobby. But it seems my prayers go out the window. An as far as hobby it takes all my strength just to get up everyday. I just once want to get up an have something to live for!

19-Jul-14 03:37 PM 1 Comment

The past few days have been the worst time of my life. My parents always talk to me about never doing drugs and that how they are so against drugs. I smoke marijuana quite often and I feel that because of this, I have failed them. Mostly my father. I decided to grow my own plants in the windowcill of my bedroom, clearly a terrible idea. My dad found them but didnt say anything until days later where my mother found out aswell. I have always told them that I would never lie to them and I have failed this. I told them that it wasnt marijuana. Knowing that I never lie to them, they believed me. But I can see in my father's eyes, that he isnt proud of me. Sometimes he says that he loves me, same with my mum, but I can see hes not telling the truth. I cant possibly be as good as he would have hoped me to be. I used to be a straight a student. But now im absolutely useless. I know they are disappointed in me. I might aswell just move out so they dont have to look at the disgrace they have created or even end my life. I am a failure.

19-Jul-14 08:15 AM By Louis 0 Comments


Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?