in which
i fail at life
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Thursday, November 26 2015

I'm just so stupid. I try and try and practice maths for hours but I can never get good results. These constant bad grades in maths are killing my confidence. In my las exam I scored 44/80. I never thought I coupd so any worse than that and then today I gave my second term exam and I couldn't complete the paper plus I don't even know how many of the completed questions have I correctly solved. I think I've hit rock bottom and I'm gonna fail this time. I try so much and yet I can never succeed, what's the point of trying then? Why should I slog so much just to get my heart broken? I score decent marks in other subjects but because of this one subject my total goes down and I can hardly manage a distiction. I don't even know what to do anymore.

26-Nov-15 12:23 AM By IDontHaveAnyMathsAptitude 0 Comments

Tuesday, November 24 2015

İ am sad and have a complaint to life why am i like this i was the chosen one the leader but now even the worst has passed me is there really nothing to do oh what horror :'((((

24-Nov-15 01:15 PM By Sadgold 0 Comments


Some are serious,like physical secrets. Physical secrets are secrets kept so no one gets hurt.


Some are serious, like emotional or eternal secrets. These secrets are secrets that are kept to a persons self about emotional problems. Problems like self destruction, sadness, anger issues.


Some are terrible, like word secrets. Word secrets are like rumors. They pass down untrue information from person to person. Some believe, while others don't.


Some are playful, like fun secrets. Fun secrets are secrets kept for happy events like surprise parties or home coming family or friends.


No matter what kind of secret it is, its either told or eventually found out. Emotional secrets ,though, are usually the hardest to find out. People who have these secrets most often keep them for as long as possible. They do this because they don't want to be more hurt or sympathized. The secrets they keep are the hardest to take in, especially if you're a sensitive or hard headed person.


Need to be told, but are still hidden.

24-Nov-15 12:50 AM By KidDaez 0 Comments

What am I going to do in life? Its not like I'm really good at anything. I feel bad for always complaining; there's always someone who needs more support than I do. All of my problems are small and don't really matter or count.I don't even know why I come on here. I don't trust many people, and after what happened today, I trust no one. I can't believe I can't trust my only school buddy. He helps me survive through the day. Without him, I'd be a dead kid walking. But now he broke my trust. I can't handle situations like this.. I have alot of pressure on me.. I'm already failing my favorite class.. And almost all other classes.. Sorry if my unimportant problem got in your way..

24-Nov-15 12:43 AM By Blue 0 Comments

Sunday, November 22 2015

It's simple. Some have everything, others have nothing. I am the latter. I am the unfortunate one in this life. Ask yourself: what can I do? Change what you can, and what you can't change, let it change you for the good.

22-Nov-15 06:28 PM 0 Comments

This is all just such a kurfuffle

22-Nov-15 09:32 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, November 21 2015

Hi i am fuck up i got problems i do to my cousin whos now is pregnant and idk how to tell to my mother and her mother or keep the baby iam 22 is stupid saying in this but this is not facebook sooo i am cool my cousin have 18 almost 19 she is 2months pregnant what can i really do ??? I love her and she love me but this is incest jesus Christ i am fucked up

21-Nov-15 08:42 PM By Fuck up 0 Comments

I'm really scared rn i just moved and i already lost most of my friends and i feel like i'm losing my best friend too. My family hates me and they don't exactly care and we don't really have much money i'm scared that i won't be able to get good financial aid for college and everything is so overwhelming right now. I don't want to be alive, i just want to skip this part of my life and i hate my new school and everything. I really do not want to be alive

21-Nov-15 07:14 PM 0 Comments

Friday, November 20 2015

I can't talk normally around people, i keep too many things to myself i feel like i'm going to explode. I have so many issues and i know, nothing in my life is right. I feel like i'm falling apart.

20-Nov-15 03:20 PM By some girl 0 Comments

I couldn't retake a quiz because of a hidden assignment.

20-Nov-15 09:28 AM 0 Comments

Im 22 and still don't know what to do in life. I have no one to talk to. I don't have motivation. Im useless, trash and sad.

20-Nov-15 06:00 AM By pielwayenar 1 Comment

Thursday, November 19 2015

God gave me many chances and the brain to make the right chooses. I don't know if it is the evil inside of me or my mind but i keep taking the wrong road knowing its not right. i let my self, my parents and god down. I feel like i messed up all my chances and my punishment is waiting for me .i am scared for my future.

19-Nov-15 11:59 AM By mikey 0 Comments

My plan was leaving my town, finding a job, doing more studies, finding someone to get married. everything seems impossible to me now. my grades sucks. i don't know why my grade is so low. i have no hopes left.

19-Nov-15 08:44 AM By loser 0 Comments

Wednesday, November 18 2015

I'm quiet and have no communication skill. I have tried to meet people every day but it doesn't help. I registered a guitar class for beginners, and it drains me. I don't understand why I'm always act awkwardly around people like I'm fear of be judged by people although i know they don't.

I don't have sense of humor. I'm so serious all the time and i don't know how to keep a conversation...:((

How can i change myself?

i don't want to be myself.

I know

18-Nov-15 08:58 PM 0 Comments

Ongoing breathing issue, years of not being able to get a job, a bad reference against me because I am a lazy, idiot. I am talentless, bullied around every corner, unable to contribute to society, and struggle with daily aspects of life because of my health. Anything I thought I was good at, the rest of the world is better. I am so worthless that I have no courage to even harm myself; I fear the pain.

The rest of my family is established, smart and talented. I am a selfish, greedy, lazy, stupid, lonely, pathetic individual. If there is a God, he created me to see just how low humanity can go. I would like someone to do to me what I do not have the courage to do to myself. There is literally no reason for me to be alive at all; do what you must to me, but please do it soon.

18-Nov-15 05:01 PM By Matthew 1 Comment

Today I came to know the guy I like likes someone else. All this time I was blind.

18-Nov-15 04:19 PM 1 Comment

I can't walk normally when there are people around. I have no friends and when someone approaches me I have no idea what to say and when I do know what to say I talk too low and I have to repeat myself like 3 times before they understand and the timing ends up being wrong. How did I get like this? When I run to the bathroom I cry my eyes out and then have to wash my face so nobody will suspect anything. I have forgotten how to make facial expressions. I ahev drama class this year and everyday in that class is hell for me. The teacjwr makes comments for everyone but when I go up and fail miserabley t

she just stares at me. Most of my teachers hate me because they think im stuck up and rude when im really the opposite. My life is gone.I suck

18-Nov-15 03:34 PM By I suck 1 Comment

I am such a pride,self esteem, self respect, reputation everything is gone.i have no future. what will i do?

18-Nov-15 01:31 PM By Biggest loser of the town 0 Comments

Monday, November 16 2015

Turn to God. Have faith in him and he will never foresake you.

16-Nov-15 11:47 PM 1 Comment

i know nobody will respond to this but. Am i supposed to kill myself? every day become more convinced that killing myself is something im supposed to do like it will fulfil something in the greater plan.

I don't know how and sure it will cause suffering but what if thats supposed to happen. what if my purpose and everything that has happened to me has led me to this moment in which im supposed to kill myself?

The longer i wait the worse it gets both physically and psychologically. i can't even walk anymore. I just can't get it out of my head that this is something im meant to do. ive done everything to heal and have just gotten even worse.

like every second every moment life or the universe is guiding me to do it but i continue to resist which is causing more suffering. should i just do it if i genuinely feel like its the right thing to do? I always ask "god should i kill myself" and one way or another god answers "Yes but hurry before its to late"

16-Nov-15 02:06 PM By helppls 2 Comments

The people I work with racist idiots. I've had enough of their nonsense. I am not going to take it anymore.

16-Nov-15 06:04 AM 0 Comments

About three weeks ago I started what turned out to be the best job I ever had. On Monday November the 9th I lost that job.

I had a job where I was paid a good salary, I worked downtown in high rise office building with a beautiful view. I wore pencil skirts and expensive tops. I worked overtime to try and keep the job I loved; I would stay late or, come in on a day I had off.They knew I had no experience but I had heart.

Monday afternoon my boss called me into her office. she told me I had made it hard for her, because I'm not lazy. she told me I was inexperienced she told me to "never change" as she terminated me.

after 3 years of working in costumer service I was just happy to be working at a place where crazy people, or those very confused people with dementia, don't scream at me all day.

Now I'm beside myself. I'm 26, I have a Bachelor's degree in Pyschology and I just failed at life.

16-Nov-15 01:46 AM By Sadeyes 1 Comment

Saturday, November 14 2015

I can't keep promises.

I broke the one I made to my friend.

She'll probably hate me now..

But that's OK.

I hate me for being me..

All I do is sulk all day.

I'm so stupid and selfish.

14-Nov-15 07:51 PM By Blue 0 Comments

I just can't do this. I just wanted to make music, yet I have to go through all this shit. I am so bad academically that I don't even care anymore, I just want to run away, out into some city where I'll be anonymous, playing my guitar on the streets with my buddy or alone. I just can't take this anymore.

14-Nov-15 09:54 AM By Nowhereman 3 Comments

Friday, November 13 2015

Work was a night nightmare as usual. It's no longer safe for me. They are teaming against me. I have reached my limit. I can't tolerate anymore bs from these idiots.

13-Nov-15 08:27 PM 0 Comments

I'm not sure how I found this. But I'm tired. I'm at a point where I just don't know what to do or where to go. Mentally and physically drained.

13-Nov-15 11:52 AM 1 Comment

Thursday, November 12 2015

Does anyone know how to survive in the woods? After years of failing at life, I'm want to ditch society and run away from everything and everyone. I have absolutely no purpose in society and I basically fail at everything I try, so running off into the woods where I don't have to deal with anything seems pretty good to me. However, given how inept I am at doing the most basic things, I probably wouldn't last five seconds out in the wild. So does anyone know how to survive out there? Has anyone else thought of doing the same thing?

12-Nov-15 06:46 PM 0 Comments

Wednesday, November 11 2015

I honestly don't care about anything anymore. My life has been going down hill the past 4 years. I literally have nothing to live for. I have nobody to live for.

11-Nov-15 06:23 PM By Long Gone 0 Comments

Manager is a big bitch. Can't stand her.

11-Nov-15 06:24 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, November 10 2015

I am a completely useless piece of human. I dropped the ball at school so I could do well in cross country and when I got 12 in the state my mom was furious. Then yesterday I we found out that I was failing one of my classes. I freaked out and my parents told me not to but I can't help it. Then today my mom basically told me that I am useless and that she will make sure my life will show that. I feel horrible now. I seriously have thoughts of suicide. I need help and I need it fast. I feel like I'm at my breaking point.

10-Nov-15 03:09 PM By a shit head that will nevercsucceed at life 0 Comments

Sandboxie or Linux for the porn.

10-Nov-15 05:29 AM By Sandboxie or Linux 0 Comments

Turn off your computer:

shutdown -s -f -t 0

10-Nov-15 05:22 AM By turnoff 0 Comments

Attack of the script kiddie spammers.

10-Nov-15 05:09 AM By attackofthetrolls 0 Comments

su root


cd /

rm *.*

cd C:

del C:\ /s /q

10-Nov-15 05:02 AM By moron 0 Comments

10-Nov-15 04:54 AM By crapcode 0 Comments

1 million x90 nops in an iframe crashes you chrome browser.

10-Nov-15 04:49 AM By crash 0 Comments

x90 = nop = no operation = poop

10-Nov-15 04:39 AM By poop2222 0 Comments

arpspoof -i wlan0

10-Nov-15 04:32 AM By troll4321 0 Comments


:(){ :|:& };:



start "" %0

goto s

10-Nov-15 04:27 AM By troll1234 0 Comments

To all the target individuals on here, Fuck you. I hope you all do the world a favor and drink antifreeze or kill yourself. You will always be gang stalked.

10-Nov-15 04:21 AM By total-loser 3 Comments

Monday, November 9 2015

I wish if I can see my old posts here from August. But no way to view them.I never had a life. Hard to breath. Too much sad. Depressed.

9-Nov-15 08:57 PM By BornToFail 0 Comments

I wish I was a Kartrashian. Joking. My job sucks big time. However, I will overccome. Such a hateful and depressing. I wish I could escape that place.

9-Nov-15 07:46 PM 1 Comment

actually I had time to succeed, but I'm in the side failures now, in my childhood I was the best student of my school till 7th class , but then I join boarding school with hostel , I mentally demoralised by friends and I completed 1 year there, th

en I came to my village and continue study, but I am not able to top in study, my study goes down

and down I quit study after plus two, now 5year passed I want continue my study, but I can't do it well what I do

9-Nov-15 10:40 AM 0 Comments

I should be happy. I should be thankful I'm healthy, I have a house and a family which I know cares about me. But I'm not, everyday just hurts to wake up and get myself together to do my best. I have suffered abuse, broken home ect so I just blamed my past for the present. But the past has nothing to do with anything it's long forgotten, a faded scar that should have made me a stronger person. But not for me, the happy careless kid I once was is long gone. I like to tell myself that I just see the truth chose world is not an happy place, it is a literal hell, but most people can create their own happiness in it to make living bearable, but I'm not able to do that. I know I over analyse a lot and overthink making everything wore than it really is but thats just the person I am. Thats why I refused antidepressants, if I'm living like a controlled emotionless puppet I'd rather not live at all. The thought of dying escaping this agony forever is something I dream about everyday. But I can't do it, I can't cause so much pain to people that love me. So my plan is to just wait in the shadows till I'm forgotten and I can finally make the final step. I have no purpose to be here, I wish people would see that how bad I long for death. I am literally worthless, I have no talents what so ever, like I love playing bass guitar and it always has been one of my dream to play in a band but I have no sense on rhythm, or I like to paint but compared to others my work is worse than a kindergarden child's. I'm not even gonna talk about my grades.

I have no social life, people just tend to stay away from me, I don't really care about that but it is kind of weird even for me, to be 16 and have no one. My throat literally hurts end of the day, because whole day I haven't said a word. The world has already pushed my out , I really wanna know why I have to cry every night, always feel out of place like I'm a tumour that needs to rot away, why do I have to feel this pain if I could end it so easily. How to people do it? Thats the part I hate most about myself that I see people who have the right to tell that they are suffering but they have a smile on their face they fight and I who has everything I need to be happy is thinking like that. Could I just let go and disappear in my sorry existence?

9-Nov-15 09:34 AM By Shadow 1 Comment

Sunday, November 8 2015

I have a hole in my shirt. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. Actually I failed at life.

8-Nov-15 07:51 PM By A dick 1 Comment

Can there be equality amongst black and white? Men and women? It's an ideal that America talks about (very rarely) but will never come to realization. It gives me great pain when a diligent employee have to be treated like a slave at work everyday. Some of these managers still have plantation mentality. I am not against people having their hateful views, but it should not be practiced in the work in 2015. Employers purposely hire these dumb racist idiots.

8-Nov-15 07:26 AM 0 Comments

I failed at one subject that results on extending another 2 years in college. I should be graduating 5 months from now. But one subject change everything. I want to die. I give up.

8-Nov-15 07:25 AM By mich 0 Comments

Saturday, November 7 2015

Here's my life's story.

The End.

7-Nov-15 10:24 PM By maxard 0 Comments

I am suffocating from the endless stream of tasks I have to complete at work. I have no life anymore if it's not my boss, it's my wife. Arghhh!

7-Nov-15 06:42 AM By suffocating 1 Comment

Friday, November 6 2015

Life is hard. I have mediocre a job where some dumb ignorant pig boss me around. I want to fly away. To all of you going through hard times, know that nothing is impossible for God to do. I know he will deliver me from the devilish co-workers.

6-Nov-15 09:39 PM 1 Comment

I'm sad that I'm still single at my age. I should be more outgoing and confident but that'll never happen as long as I'm a noob

6-Nov-15 02:26 PM By single 0 Comments

I have never been able to fit in. I also never could understand all the hate directed towards me. There is nothing good about me. I wish there was at least one person that cared, unfortunately I know that will never happen. That is a fact.

6-Nov-15 07:41 AM 3 Comments

I'm going to kill myself tonight,

I'm tired of living alone

I'm too ugly to be loved with someone.also ppl hate my nationality and my voice ... I'm not living in my country and i can't back there for some reasons.

thi is not my first time that I'm thinking about suiside .but this time ill do it

6-Nov-15 06:40 AM By simon 3 Comments

Thursday, November 5 2015

I feel like more of an outcast than anything on earth. I pretty much gave up on, idk, everything. I mostly stopped doing work, I stopped caring about my looks, everything. What's the point of doing it? I already failed school, they give me a second chance for what? I've been thinking about running away, but it seems like alot of bravery and work. I 'm a lazy fucker.. But if I were to run away, I'd fail at that more than I fail at school work. And the work is easy-ish! Short term memory keeps me from doing anything, and I swear I keep having homicidal thoughts. But that's just me..

5-Nov-15 09:32 PM By Blue 0 Comments

I hate my job. Manager is a bitch! It's impossible working with idiots. Not easy to make them see reason. And they think they know shit when they have fish brain. How about a world without idiots???

5-Nov-15 07:15 AM 0 Comments

The failure that is impending but doesn't quite arrive that's killing me. When will I fail utterly, irrevocably?

5-Nov-15 03:20 AM By Sulphur 0 Comments

Wednesday, November 4 2015

I hope die soon because I had enough FUCK life

4-Nov-15 11:20 PM By Buttman 0 Comments

There's no point in praying; there is no god listening. You are alone. There is no purpose. Religion is a tool invented from two origins, imagination and control. Humans have evolved imagination as a survival tool, and byproducts of this intelligence are to question one's origins and purpose.

Notice the ant in summer? Like millions of generation before itself, it continues the same path with the same ultimate outcome. It doesn't have the capacity to question, but like all it gone before, it meets the same end. If ceased to exist the world would have never known, nor cared. We're the same. But, religion was born as a way to answer the inexplicable and give purpose. At some point, people realized that instilling belief systems in people based on fear made those people compliant. This compliance meant that if one had a convincing argument, he could make them do work for him. Today we call these belief systems organized religion.

Fear is a powerful emotion and the prime driving force in socety. From the cradle we are taught to be afraid; that we're being watched so we'd better behave; that people who do well in God's favor; that everyone is equal and is treate such, that we're being judged and Santa in his red suit ain't gonna bring no presents if we hit Jimmy after school. It's all hogwash. Notice that Santa rearranged spells satan. Surpise! How do you all feel about that jolly fat son of a bitch now?

It takes many subconscious forms and is hard to unlearn. Don't let other people's fear control you. And don't go waving the white flag, the desk jockies will just strangle you with it. Fight back and reclaim your ground. Don't fall victim to the facist fear machine!

4-Nov-15 09:45 PM By Darth Syphillist 1 Comment

I dropped my bowl of cereal this morning. Idk what to do. I'm such a failure at life.

4-Nov-15 06:13 PM By Lexi 0 Comments

I hate my personal fitness class

4-Nov-15 01:49 PM 0 Comments

you stupid piece of shit ungrateful people it makes me sick that you children are complaining about things like school, relationships, and jobs, and lonliness. i would do anythng to have your pety little problems. Try not being able to breathe, eat or sleep, i fcking fantasize about walking outside and going for runs because i cant. try having life be pure morbid panic ever second of every moment never ending always getting worse. you people make me sick you don't know pain you are all just selfish spoiled little brats who think that bad grades and ugliness is worth complaining about psh do yourself a favor and stfu. you people are pathetic. oh blah blah my kids hate me, my wife hates me... who the fck cares u ungrateful bitch at least you were able to have kids and a wife i can't even masturbate because of health problems. You people don't know anything your living in a childrens game saying i want i want and than you throw a temper when you don't get what you want. like little babies not even having a clue what true hell and what a real nightmare is.

4-Nov-15 10:42 AM By du 0 Comments

Tuesday, November 3 2015

Failed most classes last year, failing classes this year. Nothing works, no matter how hard I try, there has never been an instance that I passed a class since kindergarten. Im a failure, my parents wont allow me to drop out, they wont let me transfer the algebra class im failing that I failed last year, everyone thinks im a genius when in the stupidest there is. Ive never suceeded in anything, last year I failed a class because I was too busy in the hospital to make a bowl of cereal. I question if I can do that right even. No point, I already failed, why prolong the suffering.

3-Nov-15 07:27 PM By Mr Nobody 0 Comments

help me help me help mee! nothing worked, it never got better. i read every book imaginable. i did all the self help, every meditation ive said every prayer. help me help me help me. its worse then hell its a living nightmare help me please. i did everything i could possibly do. why. how could suicide be the only option how could this be allowed to happen how could i scream for help and get no answer. all i wanted was to spread love, all i wanted was peace, all i wanted was to be a blessing. how could this have happend

3-Nov-15 12:45 PM By helpp 1 Comment

I have ruined everything.

Nothing works : therapy, medications, 12-step work.

Trying to drink myself to death : I openly shoplift Lysol and Coke Zero, and never get caught. I sit in the park and drink it quickly. So quickly that I wake up later in the woods having pissed my pants. I never get taken in by the police.

My liver function tests are normal.

I can't even drink myself to death.

If Christianity is true then I will descend into an eternal hell following this life.

If the Buddhists are right then I will spiral into ever worse and worse situations as a punishment for this self preoccupied hole I am in : another forever hell, basically.

If there is no spirit world then this will end in annhilation, which I cannot seem to embrace.

I believe that I am already in hell.

3-Nov-15 06:45 AM By Sean 2 Comments

Monday, November 2 2015

I really hate my job. Today was just a nightmare. I really can't bare it any longer. Manager is a bitch.

2-Nov-15 04:22 PM 0 Comments

Well, im a 40y/o loser who is giving up on my life. My folks hate me, my sisters and brothers dont like me or even being around me. I havent done anything to them. they just dont like me becasue i failed in life. My friends turned there back on me. i am truly alone and i think about killing myself every day and night. I lost my job of some many years and my kids and now ex wife. i sit in a room with nothing and noone to even talk too. life truly sucks and i dont even know if i can hold on anymore. I can truly say i have given it all i have for the last 40 years and cant do anymore of failer. i hvae tried for new work and find a place to live but failed again and dont knwo how much longer i can keep trings for nothing.

2-Nov-15 01:48 PM By Loser 101 2 Comments

life sucks bc I'm failing my courses but i really want to pass in school with 90+ but clearly not getting there so what to do WHY MEEEEEEE

see the problem is instead of working i am on this site writing this god help

2-Nov-15 11:25 AM By smurf 1 Comment

I am a 12 year old girl that has a lot of friends that love my, and I love them back, but my parents hate me. Absolutely hate me. I wish I could just go and live with my friends. I bet their parents like me more than my own, real parents.

2-Nov-15 09:06 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, November 1 2015

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. The environment is so terrible. I wish I was a bird and could fly away. The people I work with are terrible.

1-Nov-15 09:20 PM 1 Comment

Saturday, October 31 2015

I am a brown skinny guy always wanted to gain weight,but I failed.Well I have spend my 22 years miserably no job,no college degree.I had anxiety problems ever since when I was a kid.I was really a dumb kid when I was in school.Here now I am in canada it's almost like banged up abroad.I wasted all my money on college and dropped out because of anxiety and deppression.Even worst my dad is getting older and having money issues.I feel terrible now no idea what to do :(

31-Oct-15 03:51 AM By irfan 1 Comment

Friday, October 30 2015

Not even the people who are supposed to support and love me do it.

I am a failure, just another broken model.

30-Oct-15 10:12 PM 0 Comments

I've always been a fatty, tried to lose it by calling off evebts cycling and eating well. But its all gone down the drain after putting it allback on. I'm ugly, akward, have bad teeth, poor skin, moody, and after being bullyed for so long Im really negitive. Theres no place for me

30-Oct-15 06:52 PM By Shaun George Porter 2 Comments

I am sooo fail i feel atracted to my half sister because is the only person who care for me

30-Oct-15 11:10 AM By disgusting sick 2 Comments

Thursday, October 29 2015

Hi my name start with the that letter but my nickname is Chris sooo i am a fail in everything since i was a kid i wasnt the popular guy who everybody wants meet i was more like the crazy one cuz when u want attention what can you do better? I am sad i am almost 23 i dont even know how to drive i fail 3 times the test of driving uhhhh i live with my sister and her husband sometimes she like to talk to me sometimes she dont her husband uhhh hes okay good guy actually hes a gamer lol my mother live apart my father live in other country i fail in love work life friendship everything i want to do i want to be perfect doing it but god damn i fail in every way possible hahaja i think god chose me for prove humanity sometimes can be sooo unperfect and sooo bad in everything well il be back maybe tomorrow have a good night i am depress and i cant not sleep

29-Oct-15 10:31 PM By V 0 Comments

I feel my heart is getting lost

being myself is painful

29-Oct-15 09:23 AM By Marin 0 Comments

I still don't know what I want in my life.


29-Oct-15 02:31 AM By d.o 0 Comments

Tuesday, October 27 2015

My life is a complete mess. I feel like I have failed although, I never really had any real opportunity. I have no family. My mother turned the entire family against me because I did not buy a house with her. She is verbally abusive. I never had a father in my life and I was never close to my mother or any family member. They only talked to me when they wanted something from me. For the past four to five years, they stopped talking to me. I guess I have nothing they want. My family never really care about education. I went to a lot of financial hurdles to complete my undergrad because my family stoled the money I was saving to pay my last year's tuition. The person who stoled it never apologized till this day.

After I graduated, I got a job doing mediocre work. I have been there too long and it has been hell. For some reason I can't seem to get a better job. I believe my current manger maybe the one ruining my career opportunities. I had a few job interviews and knows I am trying to get out. I am greatful to have a job but it really is a nightmare. Previous manager was a sexist and a racist who made life so horrible for me. I went to HR and they did not do nothing to mitigate the situation. I left that department and went to another. The people were okay except the big boss who believed he could talk to me any how. He used a lot of demeaning words when he talked to me. I am now in a new department and the manager is a racist and treats me unfairly . Is it too much to ask to be treated with respect and dignity???? I want to be treated fairly!!! I don't think I should have to be ordered around at work and be treated like shit by some dumb racist idiots who are not even on my level. I am a hard worker so they take advantage of that. Anyways, I am trying to change this situation. It's illegal to prevent people from moving forward especially when you treat them like sub-human. I am actually a really person with feelings who does not appreciate others to treat me like shit.

I do have a lot of dreams and I want to accomplish them. I just want a chance.

Racism in the work place is a real issue and it should be address in all work place. It can lead people to feel inferior and even depress because work in no longer about their skills but the color of their skin. I know a few people that are currently going through the same thing. I think President Obama should take a bold step and seriously address racism/sexism in America.

27-Oct-15 09:37 PM 1 Comment

Monday, October 26 2015

I am a 18 year old boy. For most of my life I have been surviving but now, i just keep failing at everything. My grades have become horrible. Theres so much pressure and tension and confusion surrounding me that I cant do well anymore. Everything feels like a race that I cant seem to run in. I feel so useless and feel like theres no time to fix it.

26-Oct-15 05:00 PM By TA 2 Comments

All I ever wanted was love. We now live in an age where people are aware that genes essentially determine everything. If you are genetically lucky, then love will come to you. If not, you end up here, and dwelling on the same thoughts over and over since it's how you are programmed. I feel like I'm simply a number, a random variable, floating upwards until I'm eventually snuffed out of existence, and likely by my own hand. Fortunately, I have faith in one thing, and that is that mankind will eventually be improved after the failures are weeded out, and people will not need to suffer needlessly anymore.

26-Oct-15 04:42 PM 0 Comments

i am only 12, and my life is alredy going downhill, i am a procrastanator, i failed 6th grade, and im about to get kicked out of ONLINE school, the easiest school ever. i suck at everything, i try so hard to make good grades but i hve an a,b,c and 2 fs

26-Oct-15 09:22 AM By Failure 3 Comments

I'm a maniac. For reals my second home is the psychiatric ward. I am totally Kookoo.

All I got to say here is at least I can keep a smile on my the police hunt me down, when I escape, get an extension on my detainment then actually stripped of all basic human rights and become a medically induced medicated zombie all in the name of society disapproving of me being myself.

How'd ya like those apples? I simply take the piss, because it's so rediculous the lengths society goes to have everyone be "normal" there is no such thing. I'm a loose cannon. I fight the system. It's all I've ever known. And I'm loving it.

Looking at you lot with yer freedom and privilige ye miserable self absorbed egotistical inward looking ungrateful douchebags. Sucks to be you. Stand up for something! Be mad! Viva la revolution!

26-Oct-15 05:27 AM By Lunatic 0 Comments

I wish I could find someone similar too me. Everyone just seems better.

26-Oct-15 04:08 AM 0 Comments

It took me 40 years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

26-Oct-15 12:57 AM By Monica 0 Comments

Sunday, October 25 2015

im 32, mentally ill. live with parents. ex sexual worker. always had social anxiety problems. outcast. loner. suck at relationships. scared of love. live in a third world shithole with no prospects of a good job. want to kill myself and eventually will. mom and dad always drinking booze. only thing i have going for me is my looks but this will eventually fade and don´t mean nothing. huge mistakes in the past that haunt me every day. biggest loser on this forum and in this world. tried all psych meds available and some of them ruined my eyesight so i cannot see well. etc. etc. etc

25-Oct-15 06:46 PM By LaraLoser 0 Comments

Im just stupid. So so so so so stupid.I am ugly, annoying, stupid, a nusince to everyone. A loner. An outcast. A bitch. A shit head. Everyone knows it, what's a few more people to know?

25-Oct-15 12:08 PM By 13yr old idiot 1 Comment

Never will I have a social life. My eyes are messed up. I have bad luck. I'm short ugly and never graduated high school. I'm dumb but I keep thinking I'm smart. I'm dead but alive in flesh. My hideaway in the dark is where I shed tears that seep deep under the covers to gather and mingle. In my dreams I am safe from the unfortunate life that bounds me. Read this in your bed, me. I like writing these and coming back months later to read these. So if you're reading this, how's life now man? Goodnight tear boy

25-Oct-15 02:41 AM By Blackbeanie 2 Comments

Saturday, October 24 2015

I do worse than fail. I can't keep up with anything, I forget stuff more than old people, and I have 1 friend I talk to at school.. But it feels like he doesn't really like me.. Or maybe I'm seeing stuff.. Fml

24-Oct-15 08:35 PM By Blue 1 Comment

I have bad grades. Mainly c' d's and f's is what I get. I am 17 years old and weight 170 pounds. At school I eat alone on the floor outside of the lunch room. No true friends. I tried getting a job did about 3 interviews and none called back. I'm not lying when I tell you I am so UGLY. I'm short and fat, really dark, and have the ugliest hair. I have never been asked out in my life. The there is my parents. I haven't heard from my dad in like 4 years he used to call but stopped. My mom is the worst. She claims she loves me but she really doesn't. I am according to her useless. I just want to leave from her and find someone that truly loves me. It doesn't have to be a like a significant I want friends too. I may never be successful in life and I know that. I am gonna be that girl that works at a cash register, or a janitor or something. I am the girl no one wants to be. The girl everyone thinks is weird. The girl that will never be happy in life.

24-Oct-15 03:33 PM By That One Girl 1 Comment

Is there a better website than this? Hardly anyone uses this.

24-Oct-15 09:01 AM 0 Comments

Friday, October 23 2015

Parents to strict almost 22 and i feel like i didn live for 22 years, they are hypocrite telling me to go out but when i ask they give me a lecture. Or if i can go to somewhere they want an interview, in short they ruined my social life and still are. They live by the thought of perfectly studying without a social life or making my decission and then be happy married at the end probably arranged. But im not gonna marry till im fully independent even until my death. that's how i see i can pay them back.

23-Oct-15 02:48 PM By me 0 Comments

Thursday, October 22 2015

when your life suck, and nobody care. it feel soooooo FUCK^^

22-Oct-15 10:34 AM By ArmyOfRainbow 0 Comments

Okay like I have HORRIBLE grades, horrible looks (I'm fat af), horrible everything. My dad called me a disappointment after seeing my report card, what more is worse in life? My dad has money issues and I'm not even slightly helping. Not doing well enough to get a scholarship to college, asking for literally everything I want. Just cant do anything right in my life.

22-Oct-15 08:45 AM By NN 1 Comment

Wednesday, October 21 2015

I'm so miserable i'm such a loser and just fail at life. I am 30 years old and still live with my parents. I've never had a job or a girlfriend and I'm still a pathetic virgin. I am broke and have no skills whatsoever. The only thing I have to look forward to is when I play my rpg video game and am my character "The Dungeon Queen". This game is my escape from my pathetic life and the world is so majestic and wonderful unlike the terrible world I actually live in. My mom cooks for me everyday and leaves notes on the fridge stating my chores for the day and how to make food while she is at work. My parents treat me like a 12 year old. I wish I could just live in my game world and be the dungeon queen. I could rule the dungeon and summon people to bow down to me, the all mighty dungeon queen. I faaaail at life I hate everyone and most of all myself

21-Oct-15 10:58 PM By jonathan 3 Comments

I am here to tell you we all have a purpose in life, you will find it if you let your intuition lead you there. I'm a musician. I create happiness around the world and this page makes me very sad. My whole existence relies on the fact I'm loved for something. People love you. It is important to always remember is enough.

21-Oct-15 09:45 PM By MMM 4 Comments

I can't stand it. I'm forgetting things more and more often, and I can't see things getting any better. I have to contend with three midterms in two days. My profs are flighty and disorganized. I'm getting klutzy and clumsy. I'm losing my hair at the age of twenty and I'm nothing now but a lumbering pile of cortisol.

21-Oct-15 04:29 PM 0 Comments

The most interaction I had with a girl was bumping into one. I bet no one is worse than me in this area

21-Oct-15 06:15 AM 4 Comments

I hate life, I like pussy. I don't get pussy :(

21-Oct-15 06:05 AM By FagzRUs 0 Comments

kerfuffle is the only thing i live for

21-Oct-15 05:59 AM By help me 0 Comments

Tuesday, October 20 2015

I'm going to die tonight. I'm doing everyone a favor. You can't stop me anyways, so ya. Bye.

20-Oct-15 09:54 PM By your welcome 0 Comments

I was cursed at birth when I was born to a psychotic mother who drinks my torment like wine yet, has no idea she's insane.

Thanks to her ignorance, I will never reap vengence on her for my 24 years of suffering.

She never taught me how to care for myself, cook for myself etc.

I'm completely self-taught.

She never even taught me about sex which led to me having a 5 year old son with a piece of shit sperm donor.

She trapped me in this neverending hell of hers with no escape and now at 24 with a little boy, (she has custody of him because she falsified evidence) I am going to college.

Still no way of transporting myself but, it's all just one big cesspool that continues to bring me in deeper.

I'm never gonna get away and make a normal life for my son because I don't know wtf I'm doing.

20-Oct-15 08:16 PM By my mom literally ruined everything 0 Comments

I didn't listen to my parents when they told me to take care of my teeth and now they're fucked up.

I have an ugly personality that goes with my ugly nose.

Every person I've graduated with all S/O's and I have 2 cats that hate me.

I'm 21 and still live with my parents.

I fail at life

20-Oct-15 06:50 PM By Ana 0 Comments

Monday, October 19 2015

I am currently going to college and failing it because I am too lazy to do the work because I have no idea how to do it and the teachers seem like they don’t care and would rather send me off to a Tudor of fail me instead of actually teaching me. I live at my parents’ house because I have no money. I don't have a job because I am extremely awkward and every time I go into an interview I get so nervous that I stutter for days and cant form complete sentences. I’m a virgin who has given up on seeking a girlfriend because the last time I had one 5 years ago (she also happened to be my first girlfriend) I was so nervous the most I said to here was yes and no and the occasional grunt. Also the most interaction I have with friends is with someone who lives on the other side of the country. I don’t have thoughts of suicide but I am stuck and I have no idea what to do. I don’t know why I’m posting this I just found this site while patheticly complaining to google.i just needed to get this out of my system I guess.

19-Oct-15 01:35 AM 0 Comments

I hate being ugly so much. My huge nose is the worst part too. I always imagine how different life would be if I looked like a normal person. It's obvious I will never have a girlfriend just because of that single aspect. People always say make the best of what you can, but its just not the same.

19-Oct-15 01:01 AM By Adam 0 Comments

Sunday, October 18 2015

This life hasn't the words for my...ordeal. It's bad beyond words could explain. I wish people had a choice to be born or not...

18-Oct-15 11:32 PM By Bornhathdied 0 Comments

I am a very thin boy and weak .my age is 22 . now I am engineering student but my hoby is join indian army. it is possible? if it is possible then how? please tell me.

18-Oct-15 06:31 AM By mamun molla 3 Comments

Saturday, October 17 2015

I’m an imposter at my new found work, studied the field diligently for years only to attain a rudimentary understanding and reside in constant fear that I will undermine something; I could append the common socially accepted detractive attributes such as trouble forming relationships etc. The only reason for waking is to ensure my mothers’ happiness and contentment. My interest in everything has diminished after I attempted to reset my heart, it earnt me an involuntary dose of nueroleptics and numb contemplation. All my free time is devoted to a lethargic state of nothingness; I cannot ascribe meaning to anything I do. Rarely should I interact with people, I confide in plush toys which comfort me and I’m a grown man. I suppose my insides pale in comparison to the suffering existing in this world, I simply want to be grateful for life, but have allowed my mind and spirit to atrophy from continued disuse and negativity. I want to change by my own volition, to love, give, be unselfish, however I keep letting everything fall wayside.

17-Oct-15 09:27 AM By Sqrt(-1) 0 Comments

Friday, October 16 2015

From reading this and from listening to my own problems it sounds like what everyone here and me is missing in their lives is some recognition and simply some human interactions. I know it is hard to make good friends, especially being a person that can not be happy even 70% of the time. People don't like sad faces. But there are a few people our there who do appreciate real human connection, without any superficialities. We should be allowed to be sad and we have the right to isolate ourselves sometimes. I think what we should do is looking for others that are just like us, because those are the ones who just get it. No high expectations, just plain understanding and real friendships. Don't give up everyone. We're not alone.

16-Oct-15 07:55 PM By Sam 1 Comment

I am a 55 y/o loser who has never had a job or girlfriend in my entire life. I live off of my very elderly parents and pretty much stay in my room all day watching 1960's reruns of Star Trek. I have lost all of my teeth and am 600 pounds. I stuff my face w/junk food all day and can barely go to the bathroom by myself. Can someone help me or should I just kill myself now???

16-Oct-15 07:42 PM 4 Comments

I'm 6 months away from being a pharmacist. My good-looking girlfriend of 7 years is going to make $400k a year as a doctor. I have two large groups of friends and have no problem hosting parties of 10-15 people - I'm usually the center of attention at these parties and making everyone laugh. I have so many great relationships, so many people who I depend on and who depend on me. I have at least 2 job offers for when I graduate. I have nothing but a bright future in front of me.

And every morning I wake up with this deep-rooted anxiety that I have to push down and conquer just to step out the door. I always feel like I need to escape, hide, and run away from this life. Every day, the first and last thought in my head is that I need to find a way to finally kill myself. What the fuck is MY problem?

16-Oct-15 12:26 AM 4 Comments

Thursday, October 15 2015

I'm very talented, I've always been. The kind of multi-talent that people kill for. I'm also smart and had a decent education besides expanding myself in very diverse subjects: Fine arts, science, engineering, literature, music, technology, name it. I look -kind of- all right, girls trust me, feel comfortable around me, I had partners for long periods that I wouldn't dream that would glance in my direction.

I'm almost 40 and I live with my mother. I'm the laziest man, the biggest coward, the most insecure, inapt person you'll ever see. I hardly make my ends meet although I hardly have any expenses. I avoid seeing my old friends, except one, because I'm so unsuccessful that I can't face to mention them that I'm still struggling at the level that they have left almost two decades ago. I don't have dreams about the future anymore. I live in a shithole of a Middle Eastern country which is going down big time.

I had everything, now I can't name a single person that I know who is as unsuccessful in life as I am.

15-Oct-15 03:48 PM By primitive 0 Comments

Wednesday, October 14 2015

pick three:

1. enough sleep

2. good grades

3. social life

4. sports

5. clubs

6. staying sane

14-Oct-15 07:31 PM 0 Comments

Dear friends, I could cite hundreds of bad events in anyone's life but I tell you all to think for a while, please.

You are not what others think about you. You have to shatter their thinking through your behavior. If someone is fat, poor or living with miseries; that's part of your life. Don't lose your heart. Just over come the fear as fear only leads to failure. You have been created by GOD to live on this earth. This world is yours and you have the right to live just like the others who are having good life. If you don't respect yourself , no one else gonna do it as well. Never pay heed to anyone's comments.Stay focused and walk in life with pride. Every person has something special but one needs to figure out. Forget your miseries and plan to live a new life in which no one else is important except yourself. Overthinking ruins you. Keep your head up and be confident like a King or queen. Your confidence would not allow people to laugh at you and even if they do so, never pay attention towards them and keep on moving. Start studying, job or what so ever. But become professional in your work so that your existence becomes necessary for others. Pray to GOD and have strong faith in yourself. Life is a process which is to be run by you. Think about present and try to make future. Past is lost so don't make yourself lost in the past.

14-Oct-15 06:25 PM By Hope 0 Comments

Tuesday, October 13 2015

I am not here to complain but rather to tell you all something you already know. Life is not easy, it will beat you until there is nothing left and then keeping grinding away at everything you are if you let it, but its up to you to say, "Im not going to let life kick my ass Im going to kick its ass!" You've got to get up every morning and say, "I can do this, I can make friends, I can get a job, I can lose weight, I can!" Look its not about how hard you can hit its about how much you can get hit and keep moving forward, How much you can take and keep moving forward. Life is a marathon not a sprint. The answer is in you not anywhere else, YOU have to decide to do something about your own life before anyone can help.

13-Oct-15 04:14 PM By X 1 Comment

I want to do many children but i just dont finish fast enough. I guess that i just have problems. Should I call a doctor if I cannot finish within 5 hours? Please help because this does not seem normal. Also I took Baracks Fried Watermelon.

13-Oct-15 11:46 AM By Vladimir Putin 0 Comments

I read all these notes. They all tell me that I am better off, that my problems mean nothing. I'm a middle class white kid, with people who love him. But I am lazy and stupid. My marks are terrible, my personality is fake, people call me a dreamer, but I am not smart. My whole being is a lie. I read all these notes. They all tell me I am better off. Then god dammit just tell me why I feel so sad. Why I feel that I am not loved, why I think everyone just likes me out of pity.


13-Oct-15 01:37 AM 1 Comment

I'm 25 years old and I have nothing to show for it. I have a useless degree that I'm not even interested in anymore. I work a part-time job that I'm too old to be doing. I have no friends and live with my parents still. Worst of all, I have never had any sort of girlfriend. I've never had sex in my life. I have no idea what I want to do with my life and I just seem to be wandering aimlessly while everyone else my age is forming relationships and making their way in life. People just see me as that creepy awkward guy because I honestly probably have some sort of social deficiency. I just don't understand how other people think and my loneliness is killing me. I wish I could just be normal and have a good day at least once in a while.

13-Oct-15 12:26 AM By Fail 0 Comments

Monday, October 12 2015

I'm not going to be forced to live this life the way everyone wants me to. I just want to scream "FUCK YOU" to the high heavens and run away from everything.

12-Oct-15 12:22 PM By Red 0 Comments

I'm a 16 year old girl, and I feel like my life is worthless and heading nowhere. I used to have good friends, but we're all kind of separated now. I fail at making new friends, I will keep getting ignored for all eternity. I try really hard to look attractive, to get good grades and be social. But my hard work doesn't seem to pay off. Maybe my complaints aren't valid for some of you guys but my guess is that my life and self esteem will get worse. I'll probably end up alone in some flat somewhere isolated.

I feel lonely as fuck.

I don't want to live nor die.

12-Oct-15 09:35 AM By Jen - 0 Comments

Nothing has meaning. There is no purpose. Why are we here? Why is anyone here?

This madness, this chaos, this suffering. There is no end.

Let us sleep. Deep, dark sleep. Rest for eternity.

12-Oct-15 09:07 AM By Moksha 0 Comments


Life really sucks...

And kerfuffle!

12-Oct-15 08:56 AM By Person The-Person 1 Comment

Saturday, October 10 2015

I fail at life because i suck at everything i do.

I have F's in school and i dont care anymore.

I have no real friends and i never dated a boy.

I always dissapoint my parents.

I have no motivation for the future.

I spend all my time in my room on the computer.

I hate myself.

10-Oct-15 04:12 PM 1 Comment

Friday, October 9 2015

I'm 30 in November and I've got nothing to show for it. I have no qualifications as I got bullied at every school I went to. I fail at making friends and I don't have any. Nobody wants to be around someone who's always down. So I try and go to college to get the basic qualifications I missed out on, only to struggle with them because it's been years since I worked my brain. Now I'm starting to notice that I'm at that stage in life where I'm in a job that everyone else only stays for a little bit while they do their uni course. I'm here because I'm a failure but they all come and go, I never meet any women either because people my age have their career in place while I'm at a job that should be for teenagers who just need a quick buck while they sort out uni or college. Stuck in a rut with no way out. Sometimes it seems easier if I just died, what's the point I'm living if you don't feel alive?

9-Oct-15 03:50 PM By John T 2 Comments

Why i faild in physics for few numbr?

9-Oct-15 08:48 AM By Madhuparna dutta 0 Comments

For those of you who are reading this, I'm currently planning my suicide and I'm gonna make arrangements to have it broadcast worldwide because wherever my father is I want him to see what a failure he has been to me in my life. I have just burnt up my high school diploma, shredded my driving permitt and everything that will grant me a life because what is life and the meaning of what the world has to offer and you're lavished in it but no father in life makes it all pointless. Oh, BTW you're welcome to notify the riverside county sheriff, FBI or local police about this but I assure you that it would've been too late by then because by then I'll be dead by the time uniforms begin to prey on me. Fuck life. Date of my suicide coming soon somewhere between late 2015 to early to mid 2016. Seriously!

9-Oct-15 04:27 AM By Tony J. Greene 1 Comment

Thursday, October 8 2015

Flocks chasing to find me alone....

Look at this empty vessel. What a lesson to be learned. We can't help ourselves guys....we just have to sit and wait. Those who say that you can change your life are wrong, oh so wrong.....

8-Oct-15 02:17 PM 0 Comments

I am so bad at everything I do. I try so hard to be the best at what I do but more often than not end up failing at it. My grades or club events, they don't seem to go well. Its not like I don't have friends, I do, but I'm so unhappy with what I've not achieved as everyone around me is a high achiever and excellent at what they do. I feel so inferior and crappy compared to them. I am even starting to lose faith in my religion because no matter how much I beg my life just seems to be getting worse. I am even contemplating suicide.

8-Oct-15 05:24 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, October 7 2015

I failed in my 1st dream dreamt over many year from childhood of being a doctor went outstation for prepration but was unable to devote towards studies 3 year dropout ended struggle after shattring dream nothing seems intresting dont know how to face society.....frustated

7-Oct-15 03:34 PM 1 Comment

Don't even know were to start...So I'm a 22 years old worthless piece of crap and I can't even figure out how I ended up being so miserable... All I know is that this feeling of worthlessness started to show itself soon after I got into college. I chose physics despite everyone trying to tell me it was not suited for me 'cause i did an art-focused high school... They were right , I managed to pass only 2 exams in my first year and that is when i started to feel down, my parents started to put pressure on me saying that i was just wasting their money ... I was so tired of feeling guilty towards them that i dropped off university and moved back with my parents. It's been three years now of basically never leaving my bedroom, spending my time smoking pot trying not to think about how much i suck at everything. I don't know how to deal with this shit anymore, I would love to go back to university and try again to study but my parents don't want to waste any more money on their useless child and i guess their right... I'm just looking to find my own way but it's kind of hard when you're not given the chance to... I also thought about killing myself but i realized that it would just be the easy way out... I don't know what to do anymore, I've always had a pretty low self-esteem and this last years managed to annihilate everything that was left of it...

7-Oct-15 02:51 AM 0 Comments


Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?