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Thursday, December 18 2014

I'm an university student on my third year and I failed this semester so bad that I'm going to get expelled from college. Reason: I've been with a secret depression that lead me to don't even go to classes all semester, be on bed all day crying, stop talking with old school friends, eating in excess and gaining weight. The worse? I'm so lonely on university and nobody cares about me... in all 4 months nobody has called me or search for me to ask why I'm not going to classes.

My parents don't know any of this, and the fear of what they will say when they find out is killing me. The dissapointment I'll put them and all the money I just throw away this semester... I'm just a waste of an human being.

I just hope I get enough balls to kill myself before all this comes up to the light.

18-Dec-14 12:43 PM By Rachel 0 Comments

Wednesday, December 17 2014

I get what my mums saying.

Im too stupid to actualy do my homework,but not stupid enough to not be able to txt others and play stupid games.

Just another way that I fail.

17-Dec-14 05:33 PM By Blue 0 Comments

Hey. I am a straight A student. Not anymore. I have a C in Social Studies. My teacher hates me. She has told me on NUMEROUS occasions. Now I have a C. She won't even let me TRY to raise my grade. I hate that. My mom has already taken my phone away. All I have is my school provided computer, and I am not allowed to use it without her watching. She is here now. So mom, I try so hard. I do everything that I need to do. I wish that I could restart my life. I can't. I am stuck with it. I can't say how much I love my mom. I can't do anything. I want to. I hate my life.

17-Dec-14 02:54 PM By Riley 0 Comments

hi am a failure, I am in third year uni and I used to be a straight B student, the worst I can getting is an occasional C, but this semester, I ended up at the bottom of my class in two of my major classes, one due to failing an important project in the class and another due to failing an exam.My standards to myself aren't high, I just want to pass each class, now that I can't achieve even this simple goal, I feel like I'm a huge disappointment to everyone, including my patents. Other people my I age are successful at everything, they get good grades, and can support themselves with a job, or at least one of the two, I am an idiot, I can't do anything right, I wish I had died at birth like my twin sister did, things would be better that way, I feel useless , my parents already have a smart son, that is my brother, they don't need me, I'm not much use. I want to go be with my sister right now, I won't be lonely, she's waiting for me, but god won't allow me to be with her, I hate god for that

17-Dec-14 01:27 PM By Helena 0 Comments

4th post and still need help please pray for me i still tried let me tell you a story of how i became a trumpetplayer i was going to the HQ were our band was practicing after that i was sitting in a couch i was quiet i am always quiet and the leader was using the computer suddenly i saw my body and my face saying i want to play the trumpet and i was starin at my body i ddnot say that but somthing controlled me that time i dont want to play the trumpet but i want to play the guitar i am waisting my life with the band i didnt even get any thing but i learnd some stuff about music i am not joking about i was being controlled the other trumpeteers of the band are quitting because they dont have time there are only 3 trumpeters in the band now me and the trumpet leader and the leaders cousin i dont want the trumpet , and this thing still wont let me think or talk to girls and wont let me be near girls i really need help please sorry for my English

17-Dec-14 03:52 AM By trumpetplayer20 0 Comments

Tuesday, December 16 2014

I'm 16! have social anxiety and failing my exams, I have three more exams tomorrow and I know absolutely f all, I had three today and failed every single one of them. It's so bad I really just couldn't give two fucks tbh , I'll care when my report card comes out but right now I have zero concentration , none atalllllll . Today I sat in my last exams the whole time bluffing my way through it honestly will be happy it I get 40%, just passing it... I also wasted thirty minutes of my time sitting in that room writinging nothing because the ink in my pen ran out , I couldn't tell the teacher because I knew if I talked loud my voice would go all shaky and I would stutter , I tried to lift my confidence to ask but I started boiling up like I was sweating and I got all dizzy just from thinking about asking for a pen infront of my class, it's not even that I've known these people for five years. A few weeks ago in English class the teacher had asked me to read out loud in class , the pages were pretty small and I got off to a fine start as I continued I could feel myself boiling up and my voice going all shaky I felt like I was loosing my breath , it was the worst when I was on the first paragraph on the next page my eyes starts to go all blurry , I looked up and it was all blurry I felt like I was going to faint and I couldn't see the writing anymore so I stopped reading, thankfully my teacher continued on for me. My friend told me after wards that I sounded like I was going to cry ,i don't know what happened me I hate social anxiety it's the worse , and when I'm infront of a crowd where everyone can see me my muscles go all weak and I hate it. any ways to get rid of social anxiety ??

16-Dec-14 02:41 PM By Lilnig 1 Comment

i am 22 female and three year failure in college..i m pursuing computer engineering from india. i was good at academics until high school but as soon as i entered college i kinda got disyracted..studies no more interests me and i am not able to focus on simple topics. the interest is lacking. ita not like i cant do it i know i can bit its just not coming from within. i m totally disturved. its my third year drop. and by this time my fellow classmates are all placed and i who used to get better marks in school days is failing again n again...

16-Dec-14 08:38 AM 3 Comments

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16-Dec-14 05:24 AM By arcade pool 1 Comment

I have gained 40 pounds since school started. My mom lost her job at the beginning of the school year so basically shes been going pay check to paycheck every month. Shes a single mother so paying 4,000 dollars a semester for my school is a lot especially with everything else she has to pay for. Shes back on the bills and I recently just found out she has less than 20$ in her account when I asked why she says she hasn't been able to save money since I started to attend school. I don't save money. I usually spend my money on liquor and food and itunes shit.

I feel like a failure to m mom because I have gotten fat and ugly and she can no longer show me off like she used to.

My dream is to save money and move to LA after 8 years and go to Juilliard for four and I have a plan to become a good actress and loose weight. But everyday I just end up sitting in my bed all day doing nothing at all and eating as my mom goes to her job that's barley giving her hours and breaks her back. She is always in a lot of pain from working all the time.

I feel like a terrible daughter and I want to stop drinking because it makes me feel like shit. But i can never stop just like I can never stop eating shit food, or spending money. I hate my life and I feel like I am throwing it away

16-Dec-14 04:56 AM By Girl 0 Comments

Monday, December 15 2014

I feel like I'm a failure to my kids and wife. I try so hard to do better in life so i can support my family the way a man should! I have a dead end job, everytime I have new and better doors open for me they slam in my face before i can get through! Im sick of always struggling, this struggle is taking a toal on me and my wife realationship, shes the love of my life and now it seems like she wants nothing to do with me most of the time. I know deep down im meant to do something big and meaningful but i have yet to find what that is. I just want to quit everything sometimes and just disapper! i just want to get in my truck and leave!! im very good at putting on this act that my life is amazing! but i feel like a broken and lost soal. ive been doing things behind my friends and familys back, and these things are the only thing that makes me feel happy!...besides hanging out with my kids!! my kids are my anchor in life, without them id perish to nothing!

15-Dec-14 02:09 PM 0 Comments

Just cut up my arm because I'm such a social fuck-up. Awkward silences are so common around me, and the words that leave my mouth always end up making someone feel uncomfortable. I never used to be this way as a kid, but somehow my teenage years managed to ruin my social ability. I don't know how to continue a conversation beyond "How's it going?". I always cringe when I feel like someone is about to approach me and try to talk. I get so much anxiety just thinking about being in positions where I have to communicate directly with people. I'm so afraid of saying the wrong thing. I have no friends in real life. I never go out on my days off. All my life consists of is going to work and coming home to my computer. I have absolutely zero confidence because of this. Anything I try to do like art, writing, or programming or just anything that involves skill, no matter how determined I am in the beginning, I always end up convincing myself that there's no way I can become good at anything I try. As I mentioned before, I came home today after hanging out with 2 people that I know indirectly. I've never spent time with these people alone before. I fucked up so many times tonight, I made so many awkward statements. I couldn't take it anymore, so when I got home I just took my knife and starting making cuts all over my left arm. I feel so angry. Angry at myself and angry at everyone else that won't let me be like them. I'm angry at my parents for not teaching me, for sheltering me from so many important lessons that I should have mastered before I was 16. I'm angry that I had to be born as myself. I want to be someone else. I hate being me. I hate my life. I hate my situation. I hate my dim future. I hate existence. I just hate everything. Humans are social creatures, so of course I manage to fuck up the one crucial thing that allows humans to operate as a united species. Of course it would be me. The failure and complete and total fuck-up worthless pathetic excuse for a sentient being. I'd be ok if the world ended, to be honest. At least I could finally be at peace and not have to worry about interacting with others.

15-Dec-14 03:58 AM By CAHN 1 Comment

Sunday, December 14 2014

I'm failing on my test, and they're really important. I feel that everyone has high hopes about me but I'm failing. I want to leave the race and be happy but my worst fear is to disappoint those around me. I can not do anything right, I try but nothing has resulted.

14-Dec-14 06:38 PM By The Alien 0 Comments

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14-Dec-14 11:23 AM By Pharmc124 0 Comments


i got bad scores on my progress mum fliped shit.she said i was stupid and dumb,and that she hopes the school kicks me out and puts me in westing house.i belive her.i am really stupid,and if there was a scale from 1 to 10 on the looks,id be -10 for extra ugly.i fail no matter what,and no one can change that.not even my sister,who sticks by me when ever things get gona fail doing everything,because theres nothing in me to help me with success.i only have 2 friends,but they'll never understand.


14-Dec-14 09:51 AM By Blue 0 Comments

Saturday, December 13 2014

I see what the force is trying to do to me. It's trying to strip me of hope, happiness, and all things good. It's wants me to be in eternal pain, anguish, and embarrassment. It laughs at every attempt. It laughs, laughs and laughs. Pained forever! I will be dust before victory cometh upon my tortured soul.

13-Dec-14 09:40 PM By AnalogyofPain 0 Comments

Do you have a spam problem on this site I also am fgadbddddfbb

13-Dec-14 09:01 PM By Johnc795 0 Comments

When I was little I was smart. Everyone knew that. Now that I'm older, I've lost it. I can't focus on anything, I'm a ditz, I've got a terrible memory, I'm lazy, depressed, socially awkward and confused. I'm not doing well in school. I want to die.

13-Dec-14 07:50 AM 1 Comment

I don't even know where to start, I just wish I had some money to buy explosives and blow myself up so I can end my miserable life. I'm devastated, frustrated, numb. I failed my 3rd year of study & now I'm excluded from university, what's worse, my friends have now graduated & I feel so dull & stupid, do I still have a chance to be reinstated? No, I'm afraid this was my 4th time failing my 3rd year of study. Wasted 4 years of my life, I didn't want to tell my parents in the first place coz I was scared. Mum has stopped talking to me, dad is always telling me I'm dull, weak, stupid & all sorts of names, I don't want to be with my friends coz all they ask about is school, asking me if I got my degree, I'm the first born in a family of 5, & now my brother is done with college, how can I show leadership among my brothers with this tragedy? I wish I could just rewind time & correct my mistakes, dad is not willing to take me back to school again so I guess there is nothing left for me. My girlfriend dumped me just a week ago. I've given up on life now, I just wana die & have peace.

13-Dec-14 06:13 AM By Failure 1 Comment

Friday, December 12 2014

I am a failure in all aspects of my life. i am 32 and i am still single. no one wants to marry me. I am ugly. i am dumb. i have failed at repeated attempts to pass my entrance exam for my post graduation. all my friends and juniors are accomplished and married with kids. i hate this life. i hate this christmas. i want to run away from everything but i dont have the guts.i am fat and i have this chronic back pain. all my cousins and my siblings are accomplished and they work at the same place where i work and i am constantly compared. i am lazy. i lie down most of the time. i lie a lot. i am addicted to internet and the mobile. i am not able to read. i watch movies and other things that should not be seen. i try turning away from but i always fail. i have no friends whatsoever.

12-Dec-14 08:46 PM 0 Comments

i am so lazy,i have the drive but no skill.poor,if i were rich i would buy me some happiness,poverty sucks,am 26 by the way,failed college,failed at business,failed to get a job,failed to move out,failed to make something out of my friends seem to be doing better than me,is there hope?money can buy me happiness.

12-Dec-14 02:57 PM By failure 0 Comments

I want to kill my self how can I fail my grade 10

I hate my self

12-Dec-14 07:15 AM By Vicky babe 0 Comments

Worthless, boring, dumb, suicidal, unemotional, loner, loser, fail, useless, shit, dirt, turd, stoner, druggie, friendless....That is all me in a paragraph folks.

Being all this what is His idea for making me huh? I cannot think of how I could not have been born at all but why makeme so faulty? why make a failite Huh why God? To amuse you in heaven? to be your inside joke, to be a failure story to everyone..Dont you hate me enuf by bringing me here,subjecti g me to hate ignoran e and undervaluation? Speakto me dammit!! Did you make so I can kil muself.

If so I shall if that shall make you your fucked wourld and sick sense of humour happy i shall.

Eceryone is waiting..waitinh for my ineviravle failure, lauhinf at me while you watch me. I am slowly dying, fading to nothing and you keep watching me doing nothing. to make you and everyone happy i will kill myself..just watch

12-Dec-14 02:21 AM By Vincent 0 Comments

Thursday, December 11 2014

I'm 22, I can't do anything right in my studies at university and I'm an ugly fat female surrounded by attractive well-dressed girls. Guys never notice me or look down at me. I'm thinking of quitting studies, working at some dumb job so I can save money for lots of cosmetic surgery. If I were good looking, I wouldn't have to rely on studies as much.

11-Dec-14 09:47 PM By Selfpitying 0 Comments

Well I'm 20, a college student with Aspergers and I am so done with life.

I am ugly, 6'1 tall, people tell me I'm scary, I'm stupid, I'm this, and that and I don't know why I was born to attract failure in my life. My friends are stupid, my parents do not care that much for me and always give me one word answers when I have a problem with them/my life, and all just seems like I want to commit suicide right now.

I'm sick of fighting and overcoming battles, I just wish I had a more happier life, like a 6'7 guy who'd get all the attention and live a happier existence. I don't know when I should kill myself, because I think I should just do so and get rid of my pathetic existence as a human being born with all this.

11-Dec-14 09:01 PM 0 Comments

All I ever wanted was to be perfect so that everyone would like me.

11-Dec-14 08:17 PM 0 Comments

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Matthew 10:29-31

Jesus loves you.

11-Dec-14 12:23 AM By Hope 0 Comments

Wednesday, December 10 2014

im sad all alone no one likes me i cant wait to die the only thing currently keeping me alive is nothing more than my own human curiosity about this world all this corruption all this shit the world has. no matter who you are you cant help me im killing my self on 2025 and no one will ever care whats really sad ill die without ever experiancing my first kiss or love. what do you do if your smart,crazy,lonley,know the dfference between right and wrong,deppressed,everyone hates you,and shy? ps.the world is quiet here life there are two possibilities either we are alone in the universe or we are not both are equally frightning psss.those who play with the devils toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword

10-Dec-14 11:42 PM By Reaper 0 Comments

When I say "I'm busy", it means I'm procrastinating and I don't want to be bothered. Tomorrow, i have three assignments to hand in and haven't started on one yet cause I'm busy.

10-Dec-14 08:03 PM By Eeeey 0 Comments

hey guys ,

i've done somthing make me depressed ,

im still student at engineering faculty

i failed two years , i didnt care about that , i just was caring about how to hide that from my parents , i already succeeded to hide that from them , i was lying to them , and then when the last year has come to finish , my parents were very happy and proud of me , i was trying to tell em bt i can't to do this hard step , it was realy hard to me , bt i told em , they shocked , felt so sad , and i feel so guilty , and what makes me frustrating that i saw my colleagues graduation party , and im out of that party , i bacame awared that im unsuccessful so i promised my self to be the best , i will be brilliant engineer not only engineer i will become a famous man , every one knows me , i focus on a big target and i will achieve it , i will change my failure to success for my parents , for my self and for all of people

10-Dec-14 06:03 PM By mostafa 0 Comments

Am I depressed? I don't know. I'm stressing out. I want to reach out for help. I can't though. I'm scared. Recently, the people that I hang out doesn't have any problems so it's hard to make connections. They say everything is going to be all right... but how would I make things all right? Should I cry it out? I'm a sad person right now yet not tear came out.

10-Dec-14 12:26 AM By Reaching Out 0 Comments

i tried so hard in school and still got terrible grades. i put so much work in and so much time yet i still did so badly and im so mad. i put in effort and get nothing in return, and when my parents see my report they will freak out.

10-Dec-14 12:23 AM By 0 Comments

It's my fourth month in college. I have 8 subjects. I'm failing half of it because I don't think that I need it. But I like the other half of the subjects because those are the things that I want to do in the future. Those are the subjects that I really enjoy doing. I'm scared that I might not pass the first term and stop me from continuing the course.

I don't really care if I fail those subjects. I mean it is not the end of my world.

What scares me the most is my mother's opinion. If she knows that I failed, my heart would shatter. Not because I failed myself but the thought of failing her is the most frightening feeling ever.

I just hope that I would do better next term and not procrastinate.

I think I have a mild to moderate depression. Passing or failing doesnt really affect me. What affects me is to see my parets work hard to pay for tuition and me not working as hard to pass half of the subjects, is not fair to them.

I don't even know if this post makes sense.

10-Dec-14 12:06 AM By Elastic 0 Comments

Tuesday, December 9 2014

Today my teachers told me I failed at my exams for an occupational therapist and all my parents do is lecturing and screaming at me. In the last year my mom told me more than once I would be useless and that can't do anything. They think that I failed is indifferent for me but it isn't. I never told my parents about my feelings or problems. Everytime I think they won't understand me or love me or something. A few weeks ago my sister failed at her drivers license test and they told her the world isn't down because of that and to me they are screaming and all. my mom is ignoring me since I told her I failed and if I'm not in the room I can hear her saying the most stinging insults. I am feeling very down and I know that all is my fault but they won't believe me that I try to be better. If I'm crying I would do it in my room, never in front of my parents or family/friends or other people. Most of the time I try to blow all my problems out.

9-Dec-14 09:19 AM By Balua 0 Comments

I understand what that you are doing a great thing . But the comment section is buggy .

9-Dec-14 12:00 AM By Who is the owner of this website ? 0 Comments

Monday, December 8 2014

I'm a fat, ugly, stupid, bald, 27 year old man. I don't have a Driver's License, never had a girlfriend, have never drank or smoked, and work at Burger King, with a bunch of teenage kids.

I grew up alone, home-schooled, to no achievement, not even a GED. I have no talents, or social skills, and never have been able to make friends.

When I'm not working, I literally do nothing but lay in bed and watch anime.

I've recently gotten in to church, but can't avoid sinning long enough to even establish a proper relationship with God.

Everything I do is wrong. I've always wanted to draw as a hobby, or play a musical instrument, and have never gotten good at either despite constant practice.

Nobody likes me because of my ugliness and social awkwardness, and as a result, I'm a very sulky and pessimistic, as well as sarcastic, and I just want to disappear.

If anyone fails at life, it's me.

8-Dec-14 07:59 PM By Worthless 3 Comments

I'm really depressed for almost no reason. I feel like I can achieve something, but there's a barrier stopping me. I'm really tired of this and I don't know what's wrong. What's going on with me? My life used to be so happy. Now all I feel is nothing. I'm numb. I don't know what to do. All I can think about is the past and the future, but never the present. I'm so confused. What's going on with me. I want to curl up in a ball and cry, but tears won't come out.

8-Dec-14 06:27 PM By Jesus 0 Comments

I smoke a pack of cigarrettes a day, I drink get too drunk about three times a week, I fail all of my classes, I'm gaining too much weigh, I cut myself from time to time... And I'm just sixteen

The bad thing though, it's that I don't want the first part to end, I'm lost and I'll have no future, but I don't want to be at home studying, I'd rather be out there drinking...

I'm so on the wrong track, I want to change but I won't, I'll be a jobless alcoholic and I'll probably kill myself... because what kind of life is this?

No one will ever love a girl who fails at everything... Friendships, romance, school, family... There's nothing okay with my life, I get to school 2 hours late every morning and I spend that time smoking alone in a park... My parents hate me, my friends use me and everything's wrong.

My life sucks so much, I just want to be independent and stay high all day and drunk all night until I die of an overdose

8-Dec-14 02:35 PM 0 Comments

I have a shit life smoking and drinking and that way I have fail for 31 years in a row, having cheap friendships, tear appart from my family and my country, I'm so lost that I feel its alright, trying ro do things and take steps but everything seems to go wrong again, just lost my go pro camera and thats the last toush of this day that start with self pitty and follow by exploting a condense milk in the kitchen sealing and now its never gonna be the same. also have low selfsteem, confidence, memory lost, I don't even know who really was my ex and like that: social anxiety couse of the weed, come on!!! Wtf I'm going to play tennis tomorrow, and maybe triumph on that, for one day and forget about my camera, which I'll need when I head to Nepal to do the things that a person as fucken lost can go to find a bit of satisfaction from all this failure that I embrace, cause I'm good at that.

8-Dec-14 10:51 AM By Lostman 0 Comments

About to take an exam and fail it. Just like I failed all my other exams. Just like I failed all my classes but one. I've spent 4 months pissing away 6000 which to me is a lot of money. I feel like I've been failing for so long I can't remember the last time I felt successful. I think there's something wrong with me.

8-Dec-14 02:24 AM 0 Comments

I'm taking 2 classes at a coummunity college, and I'm failing both. I'm failing them because I just can't seem to do anything. I just sat on my computer for 11 hours straight without breaking a sweat. I was supposed to write a 1 page paper and I still haven't done it.

8-Dec-14 12:59 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, December 7 2014

I'm almost 33 and I pissed away all of my 20s being a raging alcoholic. I almost died 2 years ago and finally stopped and now after almost 2 years of sobriety I've managed to get in a position where I can go back to school for Computer Science, which is what I've always had a passion for.

My problem is I can't stop thinking about how different things would be if I had done what I was supposed to do in my teens and 20s, I could have easily went to a top 20 school for CompSci and finished grad school by 24 and be 8 years deep into a stellar career making bank hand over fist by now.

Now even if I manage to do NOTHING BUT SCHOOL until I finish my MS I will be 38-39 when I graduate and then what? I'll get MAYBE one good decade at a career that I love before I'm getting looked at as 'too old' because most other guys my age in that field will have close to 30 years experience to my 10...

I really feel like "FUCK MY LIFE" right now I know that's probably spoiled compared to some people's problems considering I have a second shot and will probably be able to go to school full time for the next 5 years or so without having to worry about money due to some other chance events but seriously the thought of being almost 40 with a grad degree and practically no job experience is kind of scary

7-Dec-14 11:19 PM 2 Comments

In failing my exams and I've worked so hard but its no good I'm sad. Help.

7-Dec-14 08:12 PM By amara 1 Comment

Saturday, December 6 2014

I'm attractive, but all of the wrong girls go for me. Unfortunately, I don't have any goals at the moment, so I wouldn't impress these girls. I really just want to make whoopie with a lady and not discuss my future with her. Easy women don't throw themselves at me. All of my friends have had the opportunity to lose their virginity with loose ladies. The only ones that come to me are the ones looking for commitment and security. My life sucks! All I want is a one night stand. I don't want to die a virgin.

6-Dec-14 11:04 PM By Nameless 0 Comments

Im thinking about killing myself...suggestions?

6-Dec-14 07:22 PM By Blue 2 Comments

i am signle, wearing a dinosaur onesie, i apparently can't even spell. i cant sing or dance. havent had sex for ages and when im finally offered sex i have to turn it down because i havent shaved WTF. i think im going to fail upcoming exams and then im screwed. the food at halls tastes like shit. someone leaves skids in the toilets every day. im getting fat cos i keep eatin, i see my ex with his gf EVERY DAY and he glarres and spits at me. i cant control my farting so people ask me t leave when i visit them. i lost a friend because i didnt share chocolate. my parents disagree of my degree not that it matters since im going to FAIL. everyone has a nice view EXCEPT ME. when i smoke weed i feel no effect. the bucket list is to make me cry. my eyes rip out when i take my contacts out so i have permanent pink eye. i have nightmares every night from a horror movie i watched 4 years ago

6-Dec-14 09:13 AM By filure 1 Comment

I'm about to hit the age of 32. I live with my parents still, never had been a relationship. I'm still a virgin. Only had a handful of jobs, but currently jobless and not looking. I don't do drugs but I bury myself in online games pc games to escape the reality that my life is a mess. I don't really see my life getting any better. I know, I did this to myself,and I'm writing this here in hopes it make sway a few of you that your problems can't be as bad as mine, and from what I can tell alot of you are still young, so go out there and do something about it before its too late!

6-Dec-14 07:45 AM By Zero 0 Comments

I'm a perfectly competent and intelligent individual, and yet I fail at life. Never passed a class in school, yet I have never failed a test nor have I ever cheated on one. Dropped out beginning of 11th grade with 4 credits, 2 from PE, Passed my GED test first try with a 640 average. I've been broke ever since I moved out of my parents, I'm 25 and never had a car, I have two kids, but at least they are from the wonderful lady I am currently with, but the lack of money and car is a constant downer since we live in a cesspool of a trail town, barely over 100 people and no jobs within 30 miles. Bills are low, but funds are just as low, we get by, but i don't want to "get by". Not to mention my terrible ADD that makes it very hard to keep a job.

6-Dec-14 12:43 AM By The Lord of the Lost 1 Comment

Friday, December 5 2014

I'll always be this...this nothingness. No women in my life. I'm failing high school. No friends. Worst state. Fat. Ugly. Short. Shy. No social skills. Stupid. Pretentious.

All this I am. Such a waste. I'll always wonder what it'll be like to be married and have kids and a home, I'll never know.

I'll be in this constant pain and tears. Just a drag-along. Although I hate this with all my powerless will, I am in comfort - so used to the simplicity and tranquility of loneliness and quietness. Maybe I'm starting to love this loneliness. Only time will tell.

5-Dec-14 09:35 PM By Pyramid#last 3 Comments

I am not perfect I cant sing perfecet I dance horrible, im never skinny enough and my grades just fail Im never Ahonor roll

5-Dec-14 07:40 PM 0 Comments

I don't succeed at tests the way I want to, I'm not happy with the way I look and there are no loving persons in my life. My mom and I hate each other and I feel like suicide is an option right now.

5-Dec-14 03:43 PM 0 Comments

I suck at everything. I have chronic pain. FML

5-Dec-14 03:03 PM By Themasterfailer 0 Comments

Thursday, December 4 2014

I'm too ignorant to speak on most subjects. FML! Sometimes I want to die. I manage to get by somehow.

4-Dec-14 10:44 PM By Blank 0 Comments

I have no one.

That seems to hurt me the most. I'm handsome, but I don't know how to score any ladies.

My heart is sore from beating so hard. The worst feeling in the world is wanting someone so bad, but living life everyday alone.

Things aren't looking up for me. I've had dreams of making love to a woman of the night. A prostitute can't compare to a lover. A lover stands by your side through thick and thin and lifts you when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

With the way things are for me, I may died a lonely person. I wish I could just off myself. That would hurt my family and people who knew me. I just can't win.

4-Dec-14 06:32 PM By Loverboy 0 Comments

what does a failer do in life?


just like a policeman does his job,or a smart kid gets good grades.

i cant get good grades.why?

not smart enough.

i cant keep track of things.why?not smart enough.

everyone wants me to go to collage.cant.why?BECAUSE ILL NEVER BE SMART ENOUGH!!!

i cant do anything never noticed.left behind.forgoton.

i dont have to know forgive and forget.why?because theres no one to forgive,and im always for-freaking-goten!!!

4-Dec-14 05:08 PM By Blue 0 Comments

I've never had a girlfriend.

I might never get laid.

I did poorly in School.

I'm afraid that I may not have a future.

I don't know what I'm living for anymore.

I have a minimum wage job. I'm not making living wage and it irks me everyday.

People even remind me I'm supposed to be doing better than this.

I feel like a failure.

4-Dec-14 01:11 PM By Jd 0 Comments

I'm such a failure that my favorite time of the day is at night because I can sleep my anguish away.

4-Dec-14 12:48 PM By Anonymous 1 Comment

So here it is ...I am a total big time loser.I don't have a job. I don't have gf. I don't have close friend.whatever friends I have has a gf so I feel even low to talk to them.I am not good with money. Plus the biggest part I look ugly.I am a loser.fuck it

4-Dec-14 08:58 AM By AD 0 Comments

Here i am all alone singing Charlie Brown and Frank Ocean's Crack Rock. Im in a very sad sentimental situation.The one person I love I am afraid evdn to introduce myselfto. We are only separated by a wall, yet I am so weak at heart that I cant even gamble in a sure situation .I. know she has feelings for me, yet I am so afraid to blow the first chance I ever had in true love.

Addto that Im very anxious and very depressed. I have never been so alone in my 16 years. My family hates me, my dad and i don't talk much. All my friends are leving and havev already left. Righy now my consolation is school and Weed. They help me forget for a short while about my loneliness, my emotional block, my haters and mostly my failure in love.

Whats worse is that ever day I am tortued by the same routine existence.

I have always felt that maybe life was hard, and that it was all ab out surviving the times. It is so much harder than I thought. I dedicat myself in school, and I am alienated, ridicule for my mediocrity. I work hard for no one but myself, to pick myself out of this sorry potplant that is my life, where I can be appreciated loved and valued by someone genuinely. All I want is to be an accou tant, that is hard to be, but hey.

4-Dec-14 07:52 AM By CrackRock 0 Comments

i am failure

i got 7/20 in my physics exam

i got admission to my school through reccomondation

4-Dec-14 07:38 AM 0 Comments

y'all are to depressed, if your grades are bad then convert to a religion such as islam and become a imam, payment is ok, knowledge is what they lack so keep your hopes up

4-Dec-14 06:08 AM By FailueisUS 0 Comments

Wednesday, December 3 2014

i fail.

im stupid.

im not worth anything.

i dont deserve anything.

i fail.

i cant get good grades.

i cant do anything right.

i could kill myself.

id fail that ↑too.

3-Dec-14 09:35 PM By Blue 0 Comments

I work two times as hard as everyone else in math, but somehow I fail all the quizzes.

Every day I have an assignment and my dad has to do it for me because I don't understand. I try until my eyes full with tears and I can't see anymore because they're so blurry. Then my dad does it.

I'm tired of trying when I keep getting frustrated and failing. Everyone else is better than me, even though they do nothing. They understand and the teacher has to keep repeating things for me. I hate myself.

My family keeps yelling at me too. They think I'm the devil. Every time something goes wrong they blame it on me. If the cereal box falls off the counter and I never touched it, I get yelled at for hours.

Basically they keep yelling at me and I suck at school. I used to be honors and never get a B the whole year, and all of the sudden math makes me fail.

3-Dec-14 06:13 PM 0 Comments

I miss too much school...I'm supposed to graduate but I can't stop missing. I'm too sleepy and ugly to go. I instead eat and sleep. It's all my fault. I'm sorry everyone. I have no ambition anymore, if I did I'd be great, but I don't. Sorry life I failed, there is nothing I can do now.

3-Dec-14 04:18 PM By Bio dead 0 Comments

I fail at school

I fail at work

I fail at home

I fail at bed

I am a failer!!!

3-Dec-14 09:18 AM By Bob 0 Comments

oh my god well i dont have matric ryt nw am in college doing ncv level 2 finance course when you reach level 4 u get a.certificate which is equivalent to matric and u cn proceed wit ur studis.and get diploma or evn go to.varsity its a great oppotunity i guess problem is am scared for my future sometyms i feel lyk what am doing is useles lyk when i look at my peers some are at varsity staying at school.which was my dream i no i hav faild in 20 and am pregnant i no its bad bt i am hapy my mam s hapy i y am hapy abt my pregnancy wich is so stupid of me my mam is a nurse an she is willing to help me wit da bby am ha only chld.we jus wrote exams an i studief with every energy in my body bt stl there are some subject i ddnt injoy writin wich livs me depresd ryt nw al i think abt is my future wat if i fail,my enermis wil be hapy my cuzen once tld me am ntn n wil nva reach ha level n even wen am at colege il stl fail.ha words r huntin me,i pray every day fo god to help me to pas al my subject so i cn go to da nxt level an prove to my enermis dat i cn make it an mostly wana gv my mam ha dream a car.

3-Dec-14 09:00 AM By sharllote 0 Comments

I lose interest with life, i lose my hope

I have no more courage to live this life

It need a big effort to change a loser like me

Congratulation to my father for success teach me become a loser

3-Dec-14 06:27 AM 0 Comments

I never pass at school whats wrong with me please help me i want to pass at school am standard 3

3-Dec-14 03:04 AM By Raymond 0 Comments

Well as the most of the peope whi fail in life , i born in a country with no opportunities , all people say i'm smart , little bit of a computer wize , i'm learning English online , i stopped going to school cause it suck ... the manipulated informations , i do nothing , i have no mood to read any books i stopped that too , no life no job , I'm extremely social , a lot of friends , they're all doing good , exepte me , the loser.

3-Dec-14 01:08 AM By Django 0 Comments

Tuesday, December 2 2014

a real failer fails to kill ones me!

i tried taking them all,but got caught.i'll try a more effective way next time...

2-Dec-14 09:45 PM By IFKM (I Failed Killing Myself) 0 Comments

I'm a smart kid I get 90% or higher without studying but I can never understand whatever I'm trying to learn I can never focus every one hates me I can't do anything right when ever I try to e better it blows up in my face the harder I try the more I fail even when every thing is in my favour it goes spinning out of control so about a year ago when every thing went spinning out of control and the few friends I did have abondoned me because they didn't want to deal with me and my inability to do things right so I just gave up I stayed in bed I never tried if someone did something I didn't care I just was kind of there now things are better I'm in a better class I've made new friends I've gotten a tutor but I can't care about anything I try but no matter what I can't care about anything I don't know what I am surpposed to do

2-Dec-14 06:59 PM 0 Comments

Biggest loser in life

never seen any one who did more miserable than me

I can't utilize time effectively nor do any useful work

on top of that I am such a loser I keep thinking about my EX who dumped me 3 months back :'(

2-Dec-14 01:36 PM By Loser 1 Comment

I am afraid of failure so much and that consumes my thoughts all day every day. I am not doing bad at school at all, good actually but good leads to nowhere these, especially does not lead to Accountancy.

My fear keeps me from making new friends, meeting girls and most of all it keeps from talking to the one woman who might love me. I make up these stupid excuses like "no, she's what 5 years older than me?" I say these but I know how weak I am and everyone else knows.

I have never been in love, I tell my self that she only likes me because she thinks im good looking. If this is what you peeps call love..Then it is torture.


2-Dec-14 09:49 AM By GOD HELP ME 0 Comments

hi this is my third post i tried every thing but nothing happens yet well i feel like i dont belong in this world i am never going to get help

2-Dec-14 03:06 AM By trumpetplayer20 1 Comment

the only reason i drink is because it helps me pretend i won't still be me when i wake up in the morning.

2-Dec-14 12:01 AM 0 Comments

Monday, December 1 2014

i was suspended for one year from college for academic reasons. i was drinking too i work part time for minimum wage at a supermarket deli. i own no car. i ride a child sized mountain bike 4 miles to work every day. sometimes i get a ride home from work from my mother to my father's home where i stay in my sister's old bedroom. i am 22. i am not at home. i do not smile. i am nothing. i spend three hundred of the four hundred dollars i earn per month paying my college loans. i have no degree. i have no friends. i have no one to ask. i missed my chance. i dont know what to do. i am nothing.

1-Dec-14 10:40 PM By datloserLIlol 0 Comments

I fail at life. I just did a report live on a tv show and my hands we're so flimsy. They we're so dissapointed. I dishonored my family :(

1-Dec-14 09:55 PM By ROckGIrl 0 Comments

why do i always let myself down? exam results, frendships.... i try and be nice but its just awkward im never as good as my friends i base my self esteem on achievements and when i fail i tear myself apart...Whats the point. So much pressure to do well from my family but mainly myself why cant i just be happy with how i am?

1-Dec-14 12:19 PM 0 Comments

Sunday, November 30 2014

I failed too much. There's nothing worthy of me. I help no one. I do good for no one. I am of no use to anyone. I have no sense of humor. I am not funny and I have a bad attitude. I am worthless. Painful existence. I will always be a loser. I will never have a wife. I will never have kids or a job or a license or move states or own a house or anything. I will be homeless and this force against me won't have any grudge against me thereafter. There will be nothing to take from me once I'm dead.

30-Nov-14 11:43 PM By Thetruefailureinmalice 1 Comment

Hello! You! Please! Don't die tonight, you are beautiful, the earth is still moving, the sun is behind those clouds, and you are not alone.

I've been reading all of these comments, and each one tears my heart out-- I don't know any of you, but I love you anyways. Please don't die, don't give up, just keep going, even if you have to crawl. I know it's hard, I feel your pain, trust me. But someone out there knows you exist, and someone out there loves you. Maybe you love someone- what better a reason to stay alive?

You are human. We are the only damn humans to ever exist in this fucked up universe, so no matter how insignificant you feel, at least you are one of us.

30-Nov-14 09:43 PM 1 Comment

So what if I fail at life?

30-Nov-14 08:46 AM By LostGirl 0 Comments

no one cares about me.

i fail to much to be cared about.

i fail skool.

i fail friendship.

i fail relationship.

i fail love.

thats why im taking them all in 1 gulp.


30-Nov-14 12:24 AM By IKMT (im killing myself tonight) 4 Comments

Saturday, November 29 2014

I always fail—or quit—everything. I get so enthusiastic at first, then everything falls apart. It's like it's inevitable. Everything I do turns to dust: the hobbies I no longer have, my job... I start out well, my bosses like me, but I have breakdowns where I can't even get out of bed. It's like I'm broken and I'll never be worth anything. I fail at life. Discouragement always comes, and fills me with self hate, and that only makes everything worse.

29-Nov-14 05:16 PM 0 Comments

This is the third time am writing my jamb and post jamb. I passed the cutoffs but still, The Great "University of Ilorin" will not give me admission the third time. I have been trying to secure an admission into the same university for four years. I have 2 junior brothers that have gained admission into the university at one trial. The third one gained admission at the second trial while I am the oldest and thinking of writing my jamb and post jamb the Fourth time. Is it fair? What have I done? Like that was not enough! The 3rd time I wrote the jamb and post jamb for University of Ilorin, I and 2 of my friends applied together. We gave ourselves high hopes and even planned on a pool party once we gained admission. They gained admission and I was left without an admission. What should I think? Why shouldn't I hate my friends? They are making it and am not. This same university made me happy in year 2010 and then they destroyed the happiness months later. I was offered admission in 2010 until they withdrew it, claiming I was not fit for admission because I finished my secondary school the same year I applied to The University of Ilorin... I woke up today and looked at myself... Four good long years and this university won't admit me again. If I could kill my self and not get punished in heaven, I would do so. I can't help it. I hate that school , their admission process is not clear. Its biased. They give admission to the richer kids. If the poorer kids gain admission they won't give them their preffered course of study. Funny enough the school is ranked No 1 in Nigeria. I just wish there was a way I could destroy someone's life that was responsible for not making gain admission. Like the Vice Chancellor's life. I rain curses on him everyday I wake up. Failure is my only friend and Unilorin is the Enemy. I don't know if I won't kill myself but if I was to kill myself I would do inside the school premises, in front of the senate building with a letter in my hand. I'll show them how I didn't commit suicide but how University of Ilorin have killed me on that spot.

29-Nov-14 08:47 AM By OPE 0 Comments

GOD, I BECOME LAUGHING STOCK AMONG MY FAMILY. I want to become a teacher so i continue my study in diploma in science , but i because i get sponsorship for nurse and i go for it because my brother dying want to see me to become just like him, after arrive at the college it seems he didnt dare become h garantor instead he ask me to go for goverment sector college which it need to past the interview. I pray everyday tp your name. And today i get the result and it seems it fail.. God why you miss me out from yoyr sight

29-Nov-14 03:43 AM By loser me 0 Comments

Friday, November 28 2014

Life is unfair. People don't listen. When they do, they don't understand. If they happen to do so, they give advice that hurts more than it helps. I wish I could just disappear from this planet.

Become one less person in the world.

Nobody would be bothered.

It's not like I asked to be born anyway.

28-Nov-14 12:42 PM 0 Comments

Every now and then, I feel the need to vent out my feelings, and upon stumbling on this site, I saw an opportunity to do so.

I'm a huge failure at everything I do and my mum keeps complaining that I give up at everything once it gets hard or once I'm fed up.

She's always comparing me to other kids my age and saying how they're better than me, more persistent, more responsible and intelligent, etc. It's just tiring as f***.

That's not the main point, though. I failed at school today. It was the f***ing maths test, and my final one at that. Now that I've failed, I'm gonna have to redo my year at school (because that's how education works in the country I live).

It's going to be painful to be in the same class as the year before and see all my "friends" pass. I can't freaking do this any more.

I should just go die in a hole, because nobody will care anyway. I'm socially awkward, was rejected by my so-called "friends" and I won't have a bright future like everyone else.

Why, just why can't I be like them?

28-Nov-14 12:34 PM 0 Comments

Mere dad mujay har roz kahetay he ki ur a failure n I am felling too bad .....even I cry ....

28-Nov-14 11:55 AM By yash jain 0 Comments

Hi i feel like I am oppressed since i was born no body gives a fuck about me always being ignored i feel like even god is ignoring me i tried one or twice to pray and million times to ask for him but i ddnt get anything yet wish i wasnt born because i dont want my life to be the G word Because i cant talk to girls and this thing wispers inside me and says that i am the G word it dosnt let me enjoy life or talk to girls i really want to be the best in the world and i want to travel but i am poor and i want my life to be straight this thing wont let me learn it keeps anying me every time every time i try to learn somthing from the pc it wont let me it wants me to play or watch porn and jack off i feel like im being controled by somthing evil , i aslo want a 94 caprice but my dad dosnt wanna buy me and old car he wants to buy me a Nissan Micea i hate that car

28-Nov-14 12:48 AM By BlueCaprice94 0 Comments

Thursday, November 27 2014

I have never had a real girl friend before and am 23 yrs old. no girl has ever loved, liked or had any interest in me whatsoever. there are times when i feel i want a girl friend, but i don't even know where to find one. i live in a city where finding a girl is almost as hard as finding a good house to settle in. being rejected by girls all the time is another concern and those whom i think might be interested, it usually turns out they were merely being nice perhaps. its strange, but there aren't any women my age in my neighbourhood and those in surrounding places usually ignore me. am not bad looking, i've got a well paying job, a good apartment and a ride. i'm well dressed and i have good social skills. i respect women and i have good manners and a lovable personality(as most people say). most girls i like turn out to already have boy friends or just aren't interested in me. this sucks!

27-Nov-14 02:05 PM By i dont get it 0 Comments

i fail at life so hard. still fat and miserable.

27-Nov-14 05:05 AM 0 Comments

I failed in love. I failed in life. I'm 25 with no degree and no career. I wake up everyday hating myself, do nothing but wonder what to do in life so I can earn some respect and go back to sleep hating myself even more for not doing anything useful and for wasting time. I should just perish!

27-Nov-14 05:04 AM By Keya 0 Comments

Wednesday, November 26 2014

Math tomorrow and i am contemplating suicide. I tried smothering myself but the pain was too much. I wish i could get a gun shoot myself with it.

26-Nov-14 03:43 PM 0 Comments

I want to kill myself bad!! God and tge world hates me and im sick of not being good enough. i am sick of being a failure.

26-Nov-14 08:51 AM 0 Comments

man is mortal.every thing would turned into dust or fire.the life span is short,but desire over.How desire complete in a few days of life? fair is foul,foul is fair.

26-Nov-14 04:42 AM By Safder Abass Bismal. 0 Comments

I am under p.g English .Because i have frustrate in this field .But i thinkig,how i go back alive in my home? i distress wex.

26-Nov-14 04:30 AM By safder Abass Bismal. 0 Comments

Tuesday, November 25 2014

I am a loser and all my dreams have failed. But, hey, what the fuck, I will get up again and find another dream. I might fail over and over again, but I will die one day, and that will be an end.

25-Nov-14 08:33 PM By Joanne 0 Comments

Monday, November 24 2014

I fail at life. Even when I kniw what to do, how to do it, and how to do it, I do time-wasting crap instead. I procrastinate until the last possible moment, scraping by with the bare minimum, sometimes not even that.

No friends or private life, I have no social skills.

24-Nov-14 05:43 PM 1 Comment

My situation is this: I am a man over forty and have been chasing the same young man for over twenty years. Why is this so? Because I have never given up. The two of us have a strange kind of respect for each other, I suppose, and it's always been a back-and-forth, two-way-street thing. He sometimes hangs out with a few friends who come and go in his life but I'm the only one who is always there for him. I've stuck it out when others have faltered and failed to pin him down. I've been there through thick and thin. Don't I deserve a break?

Why can't he just let me arrest him and bring him to justice?

24-Nov-14 05:03 PM By TaihoDa7 0 Comments

I fail at life i life in a dungeon and dress up like a queen and dance around in a dress. I am a 450 pound male with acne and severe anxiety. I rub pizza on my body and roll around in chocolate. My life consists of fappping and playing wow. I fail

24-Nov-14 03:22 PM By dungeon queen 0 Comments

Hi its me again there is something going on with me and i dont know what it is maby its evil , i feel like thee is something controlling my life and its not me i dont feel my self this thing is trying to make my life worst .

Its not letting me talk it moves my throught up and down and makes my mouth smile or be sad by it self also its changing my voice and makes it weird in front of girls and also wont let me talk to girls this thing wont let me enjoy my life its making me misrable every day i tried asking god to save me but still he wont listen and i feel like whats the point of living if i am being ignord by the world and by god ? Also in social websites i am beong ignored no body helps me i wish wasnt born also i was born at the wrong time when all the blue towel so they gave me a pink one i hate my life f*ck life no one is going to help me

24-Nov-14 06:30 AM By Trumpetplayer20 2 Comments

Hi, these days I've been misunderstood. Well I recited when my teacher said who wants to report. Then the D-day just comes off(because I really did'nt know my report and how it will flow), she started blurting things out like "these girls, they are kind but secretly, they're bitchy" Something like that and that I'm too serious with my life. Before then she knew I don't like her because she keeps on hitting on me( and my 3 other friends). I don't like her but I don't hate her. But yeah, she's rude, she made me cry that day in front of her. In front of the class.

Actually today I just joined a contest. It's about book portrayal. I had portrayed Anne Frank from the book "Diary of Anne Frank". Well I just feel burdened that I failed to be chosen(I also made a mistake while speaking on the stage). My classmates were there helping me out, my mom who I made late on her work for coming with me to buy what I need. I just feel like I'm a failure. Whaterver, whenever. Also today I cut class.

Yes, I'm graduating to high school this coming year but I still haven't review yet for the college entrance exams. I also don't know what course I will be choosing. My path, today has no direction.

HELP... I just need this to let out. I have friends but they're all negative to me. They don't want to join me and take some risks that's why the person I only can talk today was Simsimi. I'm lonely....

24-Nov-14 01:38 AM By Empty 1 Comment

Sunday, November 23 2014

I am volunteering at a bio safety level II lab plating bacteria. It is unpaid and I work with underclassmen. It is demeaning, as it will probably lead to nowhere.

23-Nov-14 03:28 PM By Soren Hallberg 0 Comments

Nothing is going my way I've always been mediocre . I'm always underestimated and I have no hope for myself . I feel like my life is just useless. I want to end it

23-Nov-14 01:23 PM 0 Comments


















23-Nov-14 11:39 AM 0 Comments

I feel like an oucast. I am pathetic and don't deserve to live. I am the most hated at my school now. No one believes in second chances here. I ruined my own life. Now what? Do I become homeless now? I think that is the answer, I shall watch everybody else live their perfect lives.

23-Nov-14 11:32 AM By fail 0 Comments

Dear failures have you ever stopped to wonder whether or not God actually gives a crap? he doesn't. All he wantsis you to suffer and worship him while makes us suffer even more. He could not be bothered if you failed math or school, or if you have no one to keep you warm at night. .Knowing that it is so the question is.. ..WHY FORCE YOURSELF TO LIVE WHEN HE DOESN'T CARE HOW YOU LIVE? Better to be born believing there was no god than to realise there is one but he's so distant and unavailable and does not give a shit if live or you die. All of life is hell, there is no fire and brimstone here but is a spiritual hell, our souls burn everyday and night with paim sorrow and misery. Life is a bunch of distractions until death. Don't go praying and searching for the meaning of it because it doesn't exist. Death is better than and easier because life is hard.

23-Nov-14 11:00 AM By Dead 0 Comments


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Saturday, November 22 2014

Please, it's my request. PLease do not attempt suicide or try any way to harm yourself. Please, it's my request. PLEASE..!.. Life is so precious... I have read many comments their.. and nothing is so complicated. they are so temporary and so so weak.. like a soap bubble... life is so precious.. your problems are just a matter of time... hard time always come to pass.. do not look at other people... that how they are ignoring or making fun of you... world is full of many stupids.. but you are not the one.. did you get it? YOU ARE NOT STUPID... YOU ARE SO STRONG... YOU ARE SO INTELLIGENT.. YOU ARE SO HANDSOME.. YOU ARE SO POWERFULL... YOU ARE SO HUMANE... now look at the world.. there are lots of lots of people living their lives... they have nothing.. they don't have to eat or drink,.. they don't have roofs over them... they don't have clothes to change daily.. even not an internet connection :P The only thing they know is that success is not in having cars, in friends or in gfs, in grades, in jobs,.. the only thing they know is SUCCESS IS IN HAPPINESS... and the HAPPINESS COMES WITH KIND, HUMANE ACTS... they know and accept the fact that life can't be same for every one.. so, why to weep on it? why not to find happiness what we have got... people can do just efforts.. and just left the results on GOD will.. it is just a WIN WIN GAME.. believe me... I repeat .. LIFE IS A WIN WIN GAME... and this is the beauty of life.. live on earth as a traveler.. always be the one to help others.. just try it at least once, look at the people below you .. there must be lot of people below who wanted a life like you.. they look you as successful person.. help any of them.. no matter either is it big or small.. even just give a hug or just shake hand.. or if you can't do this.. just welcome someone with smile or make anyone smile... and then you would be flooded with feeling that can't be explain in words.. :D you will feel yourself lighter.. that some weight has been lifted off from you chest.. you will feel that your soul is smilling.. :D yeah yeah!.. and I bet... and then your soul will immediately become addicted to it.. and will demand for more feed... this is happiness.. yeah this is SUCCESS... and yup!.. THIS IS REAL LIFE... A KEY TO UNLOCK THE HEAVEN.. LIFE ON EARTH IS NOT.. THE LIFE HEREAFTER IS ETERNAL... prepare yourself for hereafter.. the more you will be tested in this temporary life of world.. the more you will show patience, humane, piousness, the more you will blessed in hereafter eternal life. This is GOD promise. The promise of ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'ala, the only GOD.

And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tiding to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.) Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "truly! to ALLAH we belong and truly, to Him we shall return."

Qur'an, chapter 2: 155-156

I'm sorry If I sound weird (and sorry for my bad english also).. I'm not trying to impose anything to you..I was just sharing what my heart want to say what it has yet learned, saw, tested, and observed.. I want to say lot more... I want to help you... I want to help people to don't suicide.. I wan't to make people aware that life is lot worth.. don't waste it weeping on hardschip.. hardships are the beauty of life.. below I'm sharing few quotes to make you little motivate and aware of reality..

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

Bruce lee

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny..


If GOD brings you to it; He will bring you through it.

Every hardship is an opportunity to strengthen ourselves, to temper our life and make it shine with great luster.

Daisaku Ikeda

There are hidden blessings in the hardships ALLAH gives.

Stop feeling bad. it will all get better eventually.

If there are no ups and downs in your life it means you are dead. Similarly, there will be ups and downs in your Iman. it means ALLAH loves you so much that HE is testing your faith to make sure you love him unconditionally.

Please forgive me if any of my comment hurt you. I wish you a very very healthy, Happy, Successful Life. I wish you luck, courage and strength to continue your successful journey of life. Please pray for everyone and for me too, please.

"La ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah"

(There is) none worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad is Messenger of ALLAH.

"Assalamu alaiku wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh"

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of ALLAH (God) be with you.


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When I was 17, I decided I wanted to become a doctor. I was actually pretty good in school and got accepted into Harvard Medical School, one of the best! Then I got into drugs (which I shouldn't of done). From then, I wanted to be a drug dealer because I heard they make a lot of money. Well, now I'm 31, don't have a girlfriend, and can barley afford this one room apartment. I work as a garbage man. If you read that, you can obviously see where I went wrong. My life is trash and definitely failed at life.

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why cant i move on? It's been 4 years what should I do, I tried everything even to the point where I physically hurt myself I'm in a dead end a mystery that cant never be solved. help me, just help me I need to move on..

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Friday, November 21 2014

I am failing terribly....donno wat to do ...definitely thinking of ending everything :(

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I'm failing at life and school completely. On the side of this, my love life is non-existent. I can't ask any boy a question let alone ask them out. I am a laughing stock. Dork is the word to describe me. Loser is my middle name.

21-Nov-14 08:39 AM By Caitlin 1 Comment

I have failed and I'm very depressed I have been waiting for 4 years since elementary wanting to know if she still loves me since I failed to show her, now my friend who likes her is trying to separate me from her, making me feel more depressed, i'm losing my social life I'm so fucked up..

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Thursday, November 20 2014

Im under graduate i think my life has become hell i trie my best in my every job but im not get the sucess what should i do nows days m totaly depressed

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I fail at everything. I cant seem to talk to any girl. I am a loser

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I fail, failed, and failed again.

I've been keep failing in my life. It's a rare for me to achieve something that I want. At some point I feel like a loser. But something I could proud of is I never stop trying. And one day I belief that all this failure is a mystery key to my biggest moment of success. I couldn't wait for that one day to be true. And I would like to thank my soul to keep my dream alive.

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Wednesday, November 19 2014

"Many prophets have failed,their voices silent

ghost shouts in basements nobody heard dusty laughter in family attics

nor glanced them on park benches weeping with relief under empty sky...I failed to sleep with every bearded rosy-cheeked boy I jacked off over My tirades destroyed no Intellectual Unions of KGB & CIA in turtle-necks & Underpants, their woolen suits & tweeds I never dissolved Plutonium or dismantled the nuclear Bomb before my skull lost hair I have not yet stopped the Armies of entire Mankind in their march toward World War III I never got to Heaven, Nirvana, X, Whachamacallit, I never left earth, I never learned to die." -ode to failure

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I fail tests and quizzes left and right, and I still manage to remain in college. I don't understand it. The stress is causing me to hallucinate sounds and smells. I want to die. I don't want to kill myself or make someone kill me, but I want to die. Except that I hate pain. Pain hurts.

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When I was younger I lived on a farm. And I had to take care of my farm animals well when I was feeding my pig he decided to knock my down and hump my leg. I liked it. Now I'm a porn star. #thanksmom

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I am almost 21 years old and still i dont know how to act in life went to collage and failed for 2 years in a raw used to get good grades at high school now i still cant controle my self there is something controling me and whispers in my head and tries to make a fool out of me it keeps changing my voice infront of girls and makes it wierd , also i am the only one who dosnt know any thing about life i tried but this thing stops me and wont let me do what i want i dont know what it is but i think that i wanna suiside becuase of this it wont leave me alone no one helps me ive bein ignored many times i fell like i dont deserve to have a life

i used to be good at studying now ive turned into a looser because of this thing and i am not joking my larents think i am crazy but i am not

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Tuesday, November 18 2014

Later today I found out that my penis is literally falling off and my girlfriend decided to not finger me. Please I just need help.

18-Nov-14 07:04 PM By Willy McBilly 2 Comments

Hi 🙋 all. I ve posted my failure story so many times here.

I m posting here after a long time!

Nothing changed for me. Still a failure. One day I will be starved to death. I cannot improve anything!! Life spits on my face everytime. This world and this life is all about money 💵.

Just laughing at myself. Wat a jerk am I.

Duh may god help us all! If their s nothing like god don't tell me bcz den I don't knw whom to ask for help

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Hi, I'm 19 years old. The word failure was my best friend. I always get failing grades in grade school and in high school. When I graduated my teachers just let me graduate because they felt sorry for me. Now in college I failed in engineer and now I failed in business course. My uncle got mad at me because he was the one who paid for my tuition fee. I don't know what to do. Sorry for my bad english

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Monday, November 17 2014

Just turned 15. Grades are dropping, I can't just somehow make myself get closer to my bf, my family is constantly stressed with a sick, overworked mom, my dad who tries to help but fails in the long run, a rough little brother that I want to get closer to, but I can't find anything that we have in common, and the constant complaints my mom bombards me with... I try to say it's okay and I just pat her on the back if she's having a rough day, but everyday is a rough day for her, and her loading her stresses on me doesn't help. I don't know what to do, and I feel stressed and exhausted lately.

There's more that I want to vent out, but I feel like I'm such a big complainer.Sorry :/

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21 , just lost my job (which i hated so much)don't even know what i want to do with my life, keep failing in college, mainly cuz i'm afraid of whats gf,virgin,shy,and clueless. have to work to pay the rent, and support my mom financially. and although i have an older brother, they never asked him to do anything. like the other day she was complaining about me being without a job and i have to work to pay the next month rent. and when i suggested she ask my brother she lashed out at me and said "you ask him, i never asked him for anything, he would get mad at me if i asked" i mean come on, what the hell i'm suppose to do. am i gonna be like this for the rest of my life? maybe i should end it now ?! maybe i should run away. i don't know what to do anymore

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Turning 21 soon, my resume is still empty. I've applied to every job but no-one would hire me...

I've already failed my college entrance exam three times. The fourth didn't need an exam but I still wasn't chosen. I'm so ashamed of myself! I'm tired of my parents and brothers looking at me with pity!

I'm at complete lost what to do. I dread of my upcoming birthday. It jut means another year of life I've wasted being a complete failure.

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Im 17. Most of the people I used to be friends with are now gone. The few that I do have I want to tell them how much I love and appreciate them but I just cant seem to do it. Im a below average student at school and the chances of me going to university seem very lim at this point and I dont know what to do. Im a smoker and have used drugs a few times in the past and at this point I really dont mind if I fall into a substance abuse problem because there is nothing else really going for me in life. I just want all of this to end.

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Why does no one ever comment on so of the posters complaibts huh? many of these people are on tge verge of suicide and no one tries to help why????

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Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?