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Thursday, October 8 2015

Flocks chasing to find me alone....

Look at this empty vessel. What a lesson to be learned. We can't help ourselves guys....we just have to sit and wait. Those who say that you can change your life are wrong, oh so wrong.....

8-Oct-15 02:17 PM 0 Comments

I am so bad at everything I do. I try so hard to be the best at what I do but more often than not end up failing at it. My grades or club events, they don't seem to go well. Its not like I don't have friends, I do, but I'm so unhappy with what I've not achieved as everyone around me is a high achiever and excellent at what they do. I feel so inferior and crappy compared to them. I am even starting to lose faith in my religion because no matter how much I beg my life just seems to be getting worse. I am even contemplating suicide.

8-Oct-15 05:24 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, October 7 2015

I failed in my 1st dream dreamt over many year from childhood of being a doctor went outstation for prepration but was unable to devote towards studies 3 year dropout ended struggle after shattring dream nothing seems intresting dont know how to face society.....frustated

7-Oct-15 03:34 PM 1 Comment

Don't even know were to start...So I'm a 22 years old worthless piece of crap and I can't even figure out how I ended up being so miserable... All I know is that this feeling of worthlessness started to show itself soon after I got into college. I chose physics despite everyone trying to tell me it was not suited for me 'cause i did an art-focused high school... They were right , I managed to pass only 2 exams in my first year and that is when i started to feel down, my parents started to put pressure on me saying that i was just wasting their money ... I was so tired of feeling guilty towards them that i dropped off university and moved back with my parents. It's been three years now of basically never leaving my bedroom, spending my time smoking pot trying not to think about how much i suck at everything. I don't know how to deal with this shit anymore, I would love to go back to university and try again to study but my parents don't want to waste any more money on their useless child and i guess their right... I'm just looking to find my own way but it's kind of hard when you're not given the chance to... I also thought about killing myself but i realized that it would just be the easy way out... I don't know what to do anymore, I've always had a pretty low self-esteem and this last years managed to annihilate everything that was left of it...

7-Oct-15 02:51 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, October 6 2015

My parents are strict and restrict me from doing normal everyday things everyone is allowed to do. I am a failure and get bad grades. My parents are also very religious and force me to be like them however I have started to loose faith and hope. I already know am going hell...

6-Oct-15 06:22 PM 0 Comments

No matter what i do, i always end up failing. No matter how hard i try. What's the point of trying so hard if all i do is fail? I'm just one pathetic loser who lets everyone and myself down time and again. People get tired of me so easily, i've gotten used to it. I feel hollow and empty inside idk i feel so lost????? What do i do? I cant even cry i feel so messed up inside. I'm planning to .. or maybe just run away from all this. help.

6-Oct-15 11:43 AM By madrealityx 0 Comments

Monday, October 5 2015

I don't have a faithful person in my life

I am failed in my life

I am just I think waste

my life ruined

I did not exist in this society and culture

I am going to ..................

5-Oct-15 07:04 AM By subham 0 Comments

Sunday, October 4 2015

No matter how bad you think you are doing there is always someone worse off.

4-Oct-15 05:41 AM 1 Comment

Saturday, October 3 2015

Im just a pathetic, talentless, friendless, ugly piece of shit that will go nowhere in life and has absolutely no self esteem

3-Oct-15 09:12 AM 2 Comments

Friday, October 2 2015

My terrible life started when i was in matric.My parets used to fight a lot in a sense that they both end up in hopital.The last fight was in 2012 around September to October when my father made my Mom's life so miserable by insaulting,beating,death threatening her and the Police was involved.My parents seperated at that time He left home until today he never came back .Life became so hard for my mother as she was a single parent,........2 BE CÖNTINUE IF U WNT A FUL STORY CONTACT ME 08204033185

2-Oct-15 03:57 PM By Frans 0 Comments

Last month I turned 44. I've suffered from major depressive disorder for over 30 years. No drugs have ever helped, no therapy has ever helped. I developed panic disorder and general anxiety disorder over 16 years ago. All of my relationships have failed, and failed miserably. Most of my family is deceased, and only two remaining family members even acknowledge that I exist. I'm a musician and a writer and my work reflects my mood; I talk through it but no one cares. I have no real friends only a gaggle of fake friends. I have absolutely no hope for my future and in the eyes of the world, I don't even exist; never have and never will.

2-Oct-15 12:07 PM By TPA 1 Comment

Life is shit. That's why there are games. Escapism is the best way to forget about problems.

2-Oct-15 07:04 AM By Badjazy 0 Comments

I could name a million things wrong with me and my life but then I'll be wasting precious time from my boring life. But here's a few....just kidding. I am not going to name anything becaus I've don't that a million times on this site. I just came here so you could feel sorry for me and shed a tear for me. I do. I have a boring life and I am talentless. No friends, no girlfriend, no anything. I don't even know how to drive and I'm 21. I never even went out before in my life. My health is kinda bad and so is my vision. I am also out of shape. I sometimes laugh at my misfortune because it takes a special kind of ignorance to be this bad in life. Lol, what a fool.

2-Oct-15 12:53 AM By No creativity 0 Comments

Thursday, October 1 2015

I just turned 37.

I have no license to drive, no car.

my family doesn't trust me.

No job prospects.

No friends.

No home in a few days.

Think I should kill myself but can't afford a way to do it.

1-Oct-15 11:20 PM 0 Comments

Wednesday, September 30 2015

I am 18. I don't have friends, girlfriend or any peers that care about me. only my parents care about me yet I feel terrible for them having me as their son. I have attempted to suicide before. I am just a joke. I get to a point where I feel both life and death are pointless. I wish I have never been in the world. everyone around me is just so much better than me.

30-Sep-15 09:58 PM By Charles 1 Comment

I am almost 30 years old,

I don't have a car and I am too broke to buy a bicycle (or change my worn-out foot-wears).

I have dropped out of university multiple times.

I have panic attacks (social anxiety disorder) since I was a teenager.

I lost my faith in God after praying endlessly for years with no heavenly help.

I look 10 years older than my age due to my old habit of abusing drugs (which I started to ease the panic attacks).

I have never had a romantic relationship with a woman (although I have had a lot of hired sex back in the days).

Currently haven't had sex in a year and I don't really care anymore.

I currently work 8hours everyday at a job that pays me half of the national minimum wage (I sware it is true).

All my cloths are faded and old. I am always looking poor.

I live with my father that is just tired of having me around. I always wants to pray for me but while praying, he counts all my failours and spoil my mood).

I am not feeling fine dur to worries.

life is hard. I wish I was nrver born. I really don't know how I would get out of this mess.

30-Sep-15 10:01 AM 0 Comments

I'm a junior in high school, and recently quit my first job after working for a month. I was forced to because my parents didn't like that they worked me past 11 on school nights. After I got this job I met a lot of new friends, they're all graduated and party a lot, and since I've been partying with them I've skipped a whole 2 weeks of classes, which is leading to me failing and my GPA is now around 1.0, whereas this time last year it was 3.675. I don't know how to get back on track, and I don't have the ambition to keep going to school

30-Sep-15 09:58 AM By Kenzie 0 Comments

I am almost 30years. Right now I am exhausted and feeling sick from all my worries. I have ventured into multiple business that turned out to be epic fail. I am currently living with a parent, broke, have a job I hate (spending all my salary 6 hours after being paid because it is so little).

I am not even think of marriage and I think, since the year 2007, I have posted on this website more than twenty times. I am beginning to see that things might never change for the better.

I wish I could find a work that pays (something I can live off from), I wouldn't mind working 12hours a day everyday, I just need to be on my own, far away from family. My family constantly reminds me of my failours.

30-Sep-15 09:42 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, September 29 2015

I'm 18, and I barley passed high school with a 1.8 GPA, I had two major concussions which made it just about impossible for me to learn new material. I don't have a drivers license or a job, I went and took my driving test today and the instructor was surprised I even had my tempts because of how badly I preformed. People complain because they didn't make some sport team, oh sorry for you but there are people with bigger problems. I've never even had a girlfriend. No matter how hard I've always tried to stay positive it doesn't help, because I actually know that I am a loser and a failure, there is nothing I am proud of about myself. I just don't even know what to do with my life anymore, my life goal wasn't even much to begin with, all I wanted out of life was to find love and raise a good happy family and be able to support them, but I haven't been able to even get a call back from a job interview my whole life. At this point in my life all I do is sleep till 3 and play video games all night because I don't know what else to do now. If anyone has any ideas my ears are open.

29-Sep-15 05:23 PM 2 Comments

My job is boring. I get tasks which i can't figure out what to do. I have to wait till my boss has time for me so he can help me. No one notices me. I often wonder if i even exist. Years ago i had this feeling that i would be happy if i were an invisible being that could just fly and watch other people living. My once best friend is dating my ex. I have a few friends but no one has time for me. Those friends rather spend time with others. I am decent in college - at least the grades but i seem to be the worst whenever it get's practical - so i will fail in a job. I have severe depression an schizophrenia. I am ugly and started losing my hair (I'm 24). If i turn bold i can finally stop trying to date. The person i love the most - my one true love was unrequited. The last time i saw him was about 5 years ago - i'm bisexual... and fat. I eat when i'm depressed. When i drive on the highway i keep asking myself: "Why don't you just speed up and crash?" I could never figure out an answer.

29-Sep-15 08:40 AM By az 1 Comment

in life every thing pain ........on bad time ........i feel its me feeeling my bad time every thing againest me

29-Sep-15 12:56 AM 0 Comments

Monday, September 28 2015

I'm so exhausted with everything. I'm tired of the anxiety and panic attacks. I just want to live in a little log cabin in the middle of the woods and read books all day. I can't be the only one, right?

28-Sep-15 10:06 AM 2 Comments

Sunday, September 27 2015

I didn't make this really important field hockey team for this big college recruiting tournament. My future is fucked. I give up. I just want to quit.

27-Sep-15 08:23 PM 0 Comments

Not been out of the house since Aug 2014. Can't die. I fail at life.

27-Sep-15 04:36 PM 0 Comments

good night !!!! everybody... i hope good things will come to all of you. You all are good person, i know it, just keep trying...

27-Sep-15 03:06 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, September 26 2015

Don't complain if you're in college...please. You're on a good path. I'm 20 and in high school, now that's a joke. Nothing good I can say about myself. I am just...nothing. I am a talentless suck the money from my parents and the earth of it's resources, and society of it's everything. No one has ever seen my in person save for my parents. I am a myth. Goodnight. Time to sleep.

26-Sep-15 11:08 AM By Optional 0 Comments

21 an ugly as fuck.didnt continue school cause of a potentially great person and i know it.looks are everything in this sucks to be ugly.poeple ignore my good deeds and see a fuc@ up instaed.i dont want to great or special.I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL DAMMIT. :(

26-Sep-15 06:48 AM 0 Comments

I defaced this website with a spambot on new years eve.

26-Sep-15 04:01 AM By defaced-the-site 0 Comments

Friday, September 25 2015

My parents never allowed me to have any friends or anything and I eventually became anti-social and suicidal. Whenever I'm at school I can't help but to think what my life would've looked like if I could just be normal: have friends, maybe have a girlfriend, being allowed to sit in my room without getting watched on by my mom every 10 minutes. I tried to find distraction and got into bodybuilding a few years ago but that isn't going well either as I don't see any point to it anymore. For who am I working my ass off? Who's going to remember that hard working 16 year old teen with so much passion yet so empty from within?

There's also this girl I like which I had not hoped for this year. I supposed a new school would have a positive effect on me but it only made it worse. I just want to sleep and never wake up from this miserable life...

25-Sep-15 01:27 PM 2 Comments

Thursday, September 24 2015

I'm lazy and unmotivated, I want to do nice things and feel successful but at the same time the only thing I really want in life is to have someone to cuddle with and feel loved. The whole concept of life just seems really weird... You're born out of nowhere without even "wanting" to, then you're forced to go to school so you can get a job... >_> I'm lonely too but anxiety keeps me from being able to express myself irl... I don't know I just feel like a failure...most of the time I feel like Id be happier if I died. Then I can live another life, not a human one..

24-Sep-15 06:18 PM 4 Comments

Wednesday, September 23 2015

Once upon a time there was a girl. And she fucked everything up. She was a disappointment, a failure, a disgrace. She tried to help, but only hurt. She tried to learn, but only failed. She tried to choose, but only ignored. She tried to build, but destroyed.

Once upon a time there was a girl. And even she didn't know who she was. Putting on and taking off masks in order to fit in. She was sweet, dramatic or any given person. She could smile or frown, but still feel nothing inside. Her parents thought she was smart, her siblings looked up to her, strangers told get she had potential and friends boasted and bragged. But that girl was made up- a mirage to fool others into thinking she knew who she was.

Once upon a time there was a girl. And she was a mistake. She was a disappointment. She was filled with anger and hate and pain. She said yes, but meant no. She smiled, but meant to frown. She drew, but meant to paint. She spoke, but meant to sing.

Once upon a time there was a girl. And she was a failure.

That girl is me.

23-Sep-15 10:06 PM 1 Comment

i am tired. i'm physically deformed and have been made fun of for being ugly all my life. i did well in high school but am now failing all of my classes in college despite trying very hard. i can't take time off i can't go back home (my parents are abusive). ive hit a brick wall and i don't know what to do. my life is worthless and it always has been.

23-Sep-15 04:23 PM 0 Comments

Tuesday, September 22 2015

I'm worthless, I thought I was good at something, I thought I could keep up, be one of the best but it turns out I can't I'm always gonna be down at the bottom, I give up good grades and free time to hang out with my friends for a stupid hobby that I thought might lead to something big, When I asked why they said the 2 elements that I thought were my speciality were my downfall and nothing much else was very good either. Now I have bad grades, not many friends ( and the friends I do have dont think I can spend time with them) and no talents. What is my purpose? Why do I even bother trying when all that ever happens is failure, failure, failure.

22-Sep-15 06:35 AM By Worthless 2 Comments

Sunday, September 20 2015

i hate my life i have no one im homeless. my own mother told me she wont let me in the house because if i killed myself she doesnt want to clean the mess. i just got kicked out of my freinds house for stealing change for a cigar and a beer. idk if i want to kill myself or if i want to just wallow in my own suffering. i honestly dont know. im intelligent im just broke with no job no way to go back to school. im 21 without a highscool deploma. i realy dont even know why i came on here. i really dont want an oppinoin or answers i jjst needed to say something to somebody. god help my theif bastard of a soul.

20-Sep-15 09:39 PM By dylan 0 Comments

im still SUCK...

just it

20-Sep-15 01:16 AM 0 Comments

Im still SUCK.

just it.

20-Sep-15 12:21 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, September 19 2015

my anger always lead me to destruction. I ruin my life with it. I'm so damned. somebody got hurt by my act, speech, everything. I can't control my emotion. very mood swinging everytime,,,my head cannot stop thinking too much even unnecessary thing. And the most important thing is, I hate myself.

19-Sep-15 01:26 AM By darnboy 2 Comments

Friday, September 18 2015

Yeah.. everybody have failed in their life, now I am feeling much better to know that I am not the only one.


There ’ s no more reason to keep your head lowered. Scream in front of the mirror a few times , Stick it out and get ready to start.

Fail 3 times , cry 6 times ,

Then succeed 5 times ,

Let's work hard together!!

18-Sep-15 02:29 AM By 356 Day a years 0 Comments

you guys... be happy with everything you are having...happiness will come to you someday... just keep trying to look for it... good positive... and be STRONG

18-Sep-15 02:10 AM 0 Comments

..I'm an introvert, I'm an awkward and a boring person. I'm freshman in college, and I'm very scared at everything. I'm a pessimist ( i know it since I was a little baby). I want to volunteer but I'm so afraid of my English skills are too bad... I'm afraid I can't understand what people say. I'm so scared of being so arkward in front of people... I'm afraid of not having social skills... I have no talent so I'm afraid of no having a job after I graduate from college... I also want to have some thing as a success for myself ...even a little thing... but I'm not... I dont have any thing...What can I do in this life???!!! I really don't know the answer....:((

18-Sep-15 01:50 AM By HBL 1 Comment

Wednesday, September 16 2015

I tired. I'm tired of failing at everything I was once successful at. I'm tired of doing several auditions in a roll, but not even getting a single call-back. I'm tired of getting a composite score of 33 on the ACT, and yet can't even get a grade better than a C- on my tests in my classes. I'm tired of not being able to make people laugh anymore, and instead getting an awkward silence. I'm tired of having to remember what they told me when I was younger that "I am not human." I'm just tired and wish that I could just achieve one success. Whether it be making someone laugh, getting a passing grade on a test, or at least getting a callback from an audition. Or the best of all, feeling somewhat human again. If I could have put just enough work to allow me to achieve one of these goals. I would be so happy. It would mean that maybe I am worth something.

16-Sep-15 09:59 PM 1 Comment

I am 24 years old. I used to be slightly introverted yet a smart kid in school. Somehow I got into a good college but performed just above average. After completing my graduation, I'm failing at anything and everything I do. I got into two universities for my post graduation, and I gave up due to me being a pessimist, coward and introverted person. I couldn't talk in front of a large gathering and I still cannot do that till now. I am again giving up on a university course due the stupid professors and my declining interests in he course. I feel like disappearing from the face of Earth as I cannot face my parents who have huge expectations from me.. How do I even come out of my own failure?

16-Sep-15 02:55 PM By Hopeless 0 Comments

My husband got on a plane and left. Never came home. I gave up my career, my family and friends to be with him. I didn't fail, he did. but I failed for letting myself give up so much to be with a man who eventually would just leave me. Where do you go from here? Re-build I suppose, but the walls keep crashing down on me. Today I throw the rings away, the last little bit that holds me to him, and my heart as strong as it is, is breaking at the thought of tearing that last piece out. Here's to a brave new world

16-Sep-15 02:52 PM By Sure 1 Comment

Tuesday, September 15 2015

There is too much negativity here guys. Cheer up. I don't feel that this blog should be up because if someone is in a bad place and they see the posts on this site and all the contemplations of suicide, they may think to do the same... to think it is reasonable and a valid option. Just my thoughts admin. Maybe you should create a happier blog... How about it?

15-Sep-15 11:06 PM 3 Comments

Here I am in bed reflecting on my past failures and my current state of fail. I can't excel and I can't get things done. I know nothing. I'm an infant in ither words. I stay under the wings of my parents. I'm still in high school as an adult. But that's why I like this dark tranquil room where it's black as night and warm and unbiased. Gives me a tingly comfort being here. And I talk to God. He will save me one day. Just waiting until I feel okay again. Have a good night underneath that soothing moon

15-Sep-15 04:42 AM By Tranquility 0 Comments

Monday, September 14 2015

In my 19th I feeling like I'm a loser and loner. I've graduate from my high school but I failed in examination for university. I don't know what should I do then. I'm pretend to find some jobs cause I don't have any idea again to go to university. Just realize that I don't have any talent and not smart. Also I have problem with social life. I just have a few friend, isn't because I'm hard people. I always trying to make a friend with my class meet when I'm in high school but they don't reorganize me. I'm tired to smiling when no one reorganize me. Now I decide myself for ignore them to. I just want to respect people who respect to me.

14-Sep-15 09:53 PM By No idea 0 Comments

Sunday, September 13 2015

Everything I do I never excel at. I always have to fuck up something.

13-Sep-15 08:12 PM 0 Comments

I remember the time I defaced this website on New Years eve/New Years day. Man I am a failure. You had my address and everything.

13-Sep-15 07:52 PM By defaced-website 0 Comments

I'm ugly, no talent, lack of social skills, and boring....what will I do in this life? I don't have anything to feel proud of myself.... I shouldn't be born... I wish I was not me.... just like someone else...:((

13-Sep-15 05:53 AM By h 2 Comments

Saturday, September 12 2015

I don't have the talent or motivation for my major and can barely handle 6 units when a full-time student takes 12+. Even if I graduate, I don't have the confidence to keep a job or even pass the interview. I have no future at all, and yet I continue to go to school because of peer pressure from my so-called friends and family.

I used to do well in high school, but college was too much of jump in difficulty and I couldn't find any major that clicked with me. Unfortunately, everyone keeps telling me I can make it if I try because they're convinced that I proved my "genius" in K-12, which just makes me feel like they're expecting a lot from me. I'm so scared that once I drop out or graduate, I'll end up becoming a freeloading NEET and everyone will hate me for being worthless and betraying their expectations. My parents won't admit it, but they already resent me for wasting college money and taking too long to graduate. I can't imagine how my "friends" will react once I hit a dead end.

Thanks to the above, I can't do anything. I can't study or take a break without thinking all these negative thoughts. All I can do is wait for a heart attack, a planet-crushing meteor, or getting kicked out of the house.

12-Sep-15 10:57 PM By Waste of Skin 0 Comments








I am no one. Life is a fucked up thing.

12-Sep-15 08:26 PM By Life 1 Comment

Friday, September 11 2015

Nowhere to go, here I am.

Sick of this life. i wanna go far away from the light. bored being a loser.

I really want to go back to the God's way, to the right path.

I'm a sinner who never tired seek it.

11-Sep-15 05:52 PM By kuroitsubasa 0 Comments

I'm so scared. I'm young- only a teen- but I can't even bother to get my driver's permit. I can't be responsible... I am lazy and selfish, with no desire to do hard work. While everyone does better and better, I can't help but feel that I'm slipping behind. I don't know what I will do. All my friends slip away eventually from me. I'm going to be a lonely failure when I grow up...

11-Sep-15 04:06 PM By faithy 1 Comment

Thursday, September 10 2015

I wish to know how to download video from my Mobile phone website use in downloading video

10-Sep-15 07:04 PM By Edwardsess 0 Comments

Wednesday, September 9 2015

I'm 15 and I'm so scared of growing up, I can't fail anything! If I do I'm a disappointment! I'm useless! I'm a failure! I don't know what to do with my life and I just want all the pain and suffering to stop! I was once happy, now that seems like so long ago

9-Sep-15 12:54 PM 1 Comment

All my friends are getting in relationships and I'm that one friend that helps everyone else's relationships but can't keep my own! I just want to feel happy again and I just can't seem to be able to find happiness

9-Sep-15 12:48 PM 0 Comments

my life totally waste. i don't have skill,i am ugly, i can't speech perfectly,my voice is heard,my mind not stable, i am a fool,i am a idiot,what i say totally totally waste. i want to die now ...when will come

9-Sep-15 11:46 AM By Name 2 Comments

I'm losing my job before my probation is due to end. I have failed first year uni due to appendicitis and lost many friends from that year. I don't have many friends or even a social circle. I never had a girlfriend to help me overcome my mental illness. I can never find a girlfriend. I'm a sickly bastard who has a bmi of 13.1. I loathe humanity and want to Hang myself... I'm 21

9-Sep-15 09:53 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, September 8 2015

I'm fat and ugly. Girls don't like me, I have no friends, and I literally hate myself.

8-Sep-15 11:01 AM By Nick 0 Comments

Sunday, September 6 2015

what a fucked up life. When I'm gone from my parents house they let others sleep on my rooms just a guest room now. I suck at everything I do. I have no talents. I am useless and everyone takes advantage. What a loser. Fuck my fucked up life. What a joke.

6-Sep-15 07:23 PM By Me 0 Comments

Saturday, September 5 2015

I 'm weak, b*stard, damned man who can't change anything. i want to be alone for awhile. people is bullshit...

5-Sep-15 10:56 AM By Grue7op 0 Comments

Friday, September 4 2015

I want to believe I am a good person, but I am not, and eerything bad that hass happened to me I deserve. I want to think I am normal. I am not. I want to think I am useful. I am not. I want to feel like I am worth something I am not. I am not

4-Sep-15 09:23 PM By Lucas 0 Comments

I am 26, cannot even get a part-time job for summer, have no skills whatsoever, might not finish this third year at University to get even a basic degree, my "friends" are mostly assholes and I hate being alive.

The only reason I haven´t killed myself yet is because of my mum who nearly died of a pulmonary embolism two years ago. She´s fine now, but I hate life more than ever, so once she is gone, I will be as well.

I have no friends, no job, no career prospects, no money, and no will. My only family is my mum and our 11 years old cat.

I want to die.

4-Sep-15 05:27 AM By Kira 0 Comments

Tuesday, September 1 2015

I wanted to know something. Is there someone or some people who monitor this site?

I was thinking that maybe in some especially extreme cases you could suggest or refer some of us here to counseling or something. I really feel like I could talk to someone,but the only ones I've found online are fakes and I was hoping you guys would know some genuine ones. That's all.

1-Sep-15 03:44 PM By HelpMe 0 Comments

An old high school friend of mine is having a party this weekend and literally begged me to show up.. Now I feel the need to make up some story so people won't know the loser I turned out to of the guys who used to have a difficult time grasping stuff back then has done well for himself and recently bought a sweet ride. As for me,the person voted most likely to succeed,the one who was loved by all parents and was the exemplary student,A BIG FAILURE. AND A PHONY.

1-Sep-15 03:36 PM 0 Comments

I have also failed at life. I cursed my Father like a dog for no good reason and he died 2 days later of a heart attack. My last words to him were hateful and disrespectful. I killed my 10 year old dog I raised from a puppy because I couldn't afford vet care when he was old. I am full of malice and hatered for mankind and myself. I fuck up everything I do. I hope I die soon, I'd kill myself, but I'd fuck that up too and just be a vegetable/burden to someone else.

1-Sep-15 09:23 AM By Kin 0 Comments

Monday, August 31 2015

I am 47, most of them, on drugs, couldn't finish my studies. To make things even worse, I am a sound engineer, where the environment isn't the healthiest you can find.

Now I am back to my moms home. Got no money, no job, no hope.

Maybe tomorrow I am gone, for good......

31-Aug-15 10:06 PM By Hugo 2 Comments

Sunday, August 30 2015

I'm 21, married, and have a 9 month old son. I'm happy I have my family, but I can't do anything to help us get out of the hole I've dug us. And I keep hitting problems at work.

im scared because I have no real skills and no real experience because I either jump around too much with my employment or I quit before I learn anything useful.... I'm scared that my current employer is sick of my mistakes. I'm worried that I won't be able to care for my boy. What a sack of shit I am.....

30-Aug-15 08:45 PM 0 Comments

Saturday, August 29 2015

Im failing but im trying to get a better life

29-Aug-15 10:58 AM By Calvin 0 Comments

Friday, August 28 2015

I completely fail at life. I feel like I am cursed/have made myself cursed. I have failed college so many times and I am awaiting results where I just know I have failed again. there is no way out. I can't be this burden any longer. I have ruined my familys life/cost them so much money. I also fail completely out of my friends. They are all moving on in life with successful carreers and im still in college..going Nowhere. I also live in their shadow as the ugly friend/girl with the annoying face.. whats the point anymore!

28-Aug-15 06:13 PM By rayray 0 Comments

I'm 22 years old, a broke and a failure. I flunked engineering school because of my wrong study habits this 2015. It seems that so much mathematics, materials and machines are too much for a simple goofy guy like me. No other school has the same cheap tuition that my former school offers.

I got frequent bouts of pneumonia from staying up late to study for my exams, now I'm broke. No social life, no study buddies, no diploma, no job. My life now focuses on being home doing household chores.

I failed to be a smart person, a son, and a role model to my siblings.

Now I'm having a hard time getting into another college because of my failed grades.

Some evil power set me up to fail in life.

Also, I despise those professors who love to destroy people's hopes and dreams by not giving them second chances.

It seems that I do not study smart.

But I got some skills in machining, repairing electronics and computer programming.

Oh well...Life as it is...

28-Aug-15 03:38 AM By V 1 Comment

Wednesday, August 26 2015

I hate my life. I'm 21 years old and have Nothing. I'm such a failure and it seems like i can't keep my head up in this world. I'm ugly, short, shy, and i have no goal in life. I don't know what will happen to me in the future. I feel very disappointed about myself. Everybody hates me. I know that I'm not a good person....:((

26-Aug-15 10:00 PM By hello 1 Comment

Monday, August 24 2015

Hi. Well I'm 28, married, two kids (one daughter and a step son), and I'm a failure. I work in the natural gas industry. Well at least I did. I have been in this line of work since 2010 when I moved back to PA from Florida. I love it, but it doesn't love me. I try to just work hard and keep my head down but everywhere I go I'm steamrolled by people who don't deserve their positions and only got them because they "know somebody". All I want more than anything is to provide a stable home for my family. Every time I think I am on to something and that we will be okay it all falls apart. I love my family more than anything and as I look over to them I can't help but realize how they deserve so much better. I am a failure. All I have ever wanted was to be a husband and father and be an inspiration to those around me. I'm not. If anything with all these constant failures I'm only a burden. A waste of space. I'm not providing the life that my family deserves and I'm not sure how to turn it around. I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to and I usually do. Except for this. In this day and age it has become impossible to be a success without running a few people over in the process. That's not me. Not that I don't have the "balls", I just have too much heart. My heart is my strength but it is just as much my downfall. I'm a failure. I don't deserve my family.

24-Aug-15 05:13 AM By Shell of a Man 0 Comments

Sunday, August 23 2015

I am just tired of life. I have struggled my entire life to try and find meaning and direction and a path for me to follow but I have never been successful.

23-Aug-15 10:33 PM By NoBuddy 1 Comment

Saturday, August 22 2015

My whole life was ruined by my looks.I have nothing,will never have anything and will probably die a virgin shattered by loneliness.Im already dried out at 19.

22-Aug-15 03:36 PM By spoon 1 Comment

Thursday, August 20 2015

I am no one

Not one person cares about me. I have failed. I've been in high school since 2010 and I'm still in it even though my past classmates have all passed even though they all have friends and are loud. I am quiet and i have no friends. Yet I still failed. I can't get a job, never had a gf, never had a job, I'm ugly, out of shape, unhealthy....I don't understand why.

So my safehaven is prayer. All I can do is pray and ask God to have mercy on my soul. I've suffered here, but in the next plane I hope to make things right.

20-Aug-15 09:35 PM By No one 0 Comments

Wednesday, August 19 2015

I am failed in my life....everyone leaved me in this world...alone in the mids of the millions...!

19-Aug-15 01:59 PM By SHadowFax 0 Comments

My final year of University starts on the 24th (Political Science major w/ minor in Creative Writing) and I don't have dorm housing

My options are

-Living at home w/ my narcissistic mother 30 miles from campus (I'll need to commute 60 miles a day); Hell no

-Living off-campus tho I;m afraid I don't have much time or energy to plan this out

-Going on leave from University to pursue a craft and enter the working world

19-Aug-15 12:37 PM By Jon 0 Comments

I did all i could but nothing changed ive bee wating for like 5 years

19-Aug-15 12:07 AM By iGaming94 0 Comments

Tuesday, August 18 2015

I'm 38 and have been working the same data entry job for the last 15 years. I have an entirely useless Creative Writing BFA, with a focus on poetry - something that hasn't interested me in at least a decade. I have no marketable skills. Aside from my professional and educational failure, I have failed to make any close friends in my entire life. Which is probably for the best since no one will miss me. I also lack the nerve to bring my suffering to an end. which some of you think is great, but it just means another day of waking up and suffering all day. Yeah. wonderful. Everything is perfect. I am so looking forward to going to sleep tonight and waking up in the morning. Because life has such.. "promise."

18-Aug-15 11:01 PM By Jerk 0 Comments

None of you are losers, none of you should feel bad about yourselves or the situations you may find yourself in. Its all circumstance. Do what you can to change the circumstances and if it is meant to be it will work out, if not you must find another way. You are all valuable and important to the furtherment of humanity. You must remember to be the change you want to see, be the example for others to follow. You may be trodden on, you may be put down, but no one can stop you. They can only slow you down. Show them who you are, go out there and kick some ass and take some names! They will remember you.

18-Aug-15 06:02 PM By Hismajesty 0 Comments

Hey little Portugal bro. I wrote the post before you, let me tell you man life is hard. Its true. But dont for one second think that because you are fat or because you will inevitably suffer in life that it isn't worth it. What makes life all worth it is that 5 percent. What I mean by that is this, yea life will suck sometimes, and yes you have hard a hard time overcoming things. Lets even say for the sake of argument that life sucks 95 percent of the time, its that remaining 5 percent that remind you of why life is worth living. Its climbing a mountain and standing on top during a clear sunset. Its getting good grades and graduating with honors. Its getting married, its having kids. Ita having your first kiss. There is so much to life little bro, and yes there will be a lot of hard times. But you need to go out there and make that 5 percent count for youraelf, because no one elsevis going to do it for you. No one is going to graduate for you, or get married for you, or have kids for you or have your firat kiss for you. The things that make life worth it are the things worth living for, and they are YOURS and no one elses. But you must ne willing to go out there and get them. I know what depression is like, I know what its like to not see the point of it all. But I am telling tou from experienxe little bro, that life is good. You just have to find the good parts yourself, no one is going to find them for you.

18-Aug-15 05:50 PM By Hismajesty 0 Comments

I'm a teen and I don't know what to do with my life. I know lots of people come to this website and they have real trouble, but I don't know what to do anymore... I've always been a good student, had a couple of best friends and I was happy. But now I just hate myself. I feel really fat, I just look at other girls and see that they are all gorgeous and skinny, while I am disgusting, fat and ugly. I can't buy new clothes because I am ashamed of myself and I just cry when trying them. I cry almost everytime I look at a mirror because of my disgusting legs.

When classes begin, in September (I live in Portugal) I'll go to a new school and everything, now I am on holiday and I just stay home because my parents just want me to go to the beach, but I can't, I feel SO FAT and horrible! I also don't go out because I get really nervous when I am alone. I'm afraid of going to school, I just want to be a good student, but I also want to be beautiful and skinny... I tried to diet and exercise for three years but I always fail. I am so scared of life...

I don't see any purpose in life. People just struggle to be perfect and they end up buried where no one can look at them. I've been cutting myself for a year, I just want to stop but I can't... I want to be happy, but I can't love myself, I hate my body, I hate everything about me. I don't understand why I am here, I wish I'd never been born, sometimes I just want to die, but I am afraid of killing myself... My parents are always screaming at me, they say I don't do anything right, and that I am useless. I don't understand why people always say life is something so precious if most people only suffer... I don't know where I belong... Help me, please...

18-Aug-15 05:35 PM 0 Comments

I was in the Army for 6 1/2 years, did some pretty cool stuff and went on 4 deployments. I just got out last year and am going to college, but I'm not doing as well as I had hoped. I dropped a couple classes this past summer semester and because of that cant work at school where I had my job (it was a work study job that required me to be enrolled). I depend on money from my gi bill to pay for rent while I go to school and surplus that with the money I get from work to help make ends meet, but I used the last of my saved money to pay rent and bills this month and now I have no money to pay rent or bills next month. On top of that my lease renews this month and they have raised my rent 50 dollars a month which is another 600 dollars a year that I have to pull out of my butt. I typed up a resume and have gone to a few places seeking employment, but to no avail. I have already asked my stepfather to borrow money before and I dont want to do it again. I am 26 years old now, and after all the things I have been through I feel like a failure not being able to support myself. All I want is to be able to get a degree and join the military again. I see all these people around me who seem like succeeding comes natural to them in the civilian world, whereas I am having trouble just supporting myself. Im tired of it. Im tired of this constant stress I have of whether or not I will be able to afford anything, food to eat, a roof over my head. I like Ramen but it gets old sometimes. Im tired of feeling like im playing catch up with my peers, they have lives and families, some of them are married or about to be, and I cant afford to pay rent while I try to get an education. I dont know what to do and every day I become more and more disgusted with myself and my situation. Any one who can lend some friendly helpful advice, I would appreciate it.

18-Aug-15 01:58 PM By Hismajesty 0 Comments

My sister was really mean to me today. I spilt vinegar on her. I'm a failure. To my family and to my friends. Maybe I should kill myself. Been thinking about it for awhile.

18-Aug-15 11:22 AM By Finn 0 Comments

Have you ever seen someone who tried to dress like a gentleman but you can see poverty written all over him? Well that's me.

My cloths are faded to the point that I was once harassed by security at a bank because I obviously looked like a penniless person (I was sent to deposit some cash in someone's account).

When I roll in bed late at night unable to sleep, it is because I am trying to figour out if I should use my transportation money to buy soap to bath. An old classmate of mine came back into town and I couldn't visit her because I don't have transportation fees. I read a lot of motivational book online. So I don't let people know that I hate my job (I get paid less than the national minimum wage and if I get fired, I would literally stave to death because their is nothing like gov't social support in my country). I walk 10 hours per day everyday including holidays and my birthday.

I have zero savings and almost had a navous breakdown 4 years ago. That was when I realised that having goal with deadlines might not be right for me. I passed the deadline I set for myself and almost lost my mind.

I summaries my story by saying; I never imagined that I would be the loser that I am today...

18-Aug-15 03:11 AM 0 Comments

Monday, August 17 2015

While some have serious failures where you can't even see yourself tomorrow,stupid 12 year olds come talking about "boo hoo I'm ugly and can't get a girlfriend" well stop trying to get at girls who are out of your league. As for the "I'm gonna kill myself cz I'm a virgin" clan,I DESPISE YOU! ALL OF YOU!

Really? You fail at life cz u can't get freakin laid????!??? If you so desperate why not look for prostitutes? Huh?

There are people here who lost jobs and have nowhere to stay,people who long failed at school and can't even work as waiters,people who had their kids taken away from em,people who don't know what they'll be eating in few hours cz they don't have money. People who've lived SO MANY YEARS,now in their 40s-50s-60s and can't point out a single they've achieved. And you come here after living for what,10 years? And cry "ohh I got a blue toy car,I wanted a green one,my life's over"

You should actually be taking note and making sure you don't make the same mistakes as some of these people,or you really wanna see yourself posting here in the next 40 years? Do you think it's fun,they enjoying it? You still got your parent's house to stay at. You still got people taking care of you,take advantage of that and be a better person damnit!

17-Aug-15 06:20 PM By maad 1 Comment

I sometimes wonder what happened to the once ambitious kid I used to be..

Growing up sucks!

From being the best student since kinder till high school,to failing the very first semester at the uni of my dream. Two years later I'm posting on a pathetic site on the internet. No qualification,no job,no friends,no boyfriend,no money,NOTHING. What kills me though is that everyday my mom calls I act like all's well and school is going just great. Haven't told anyone that I failed. Wasted money. Disappointed my poor family who had high hopes for me,thinking I'd be the one to take dm outta the state of poverty. Can't even go into prostitution cz I was given a very small frame. Can't go into the porn industry cz its illegal back here. Can't get into anything.

17-Aug-15 06:05 PM 1 Comment


I need help .

since i was a kid i was happy , smart and relaxed evrething went wrong after 6th grade my life became upside down i am out of controle cant even help my self .

Now i am 21 years old and still weak , dumb , lazy and filled with fear i tried to change my self but i couldnt i failed college because of this i cant even work because i am lazy if some one can hep me for free because i am poor and weak i am also addicted to watching porn And gaming ive tried to quit it but i couldnt one day i was crying alot and was deprest i heared and angelic voice it told me that God wants me to work .

I really need help before i go kill my self

Sorry for the gramatical errors

17-Aug-15 10:58 AM By iGaming94 7 Comments

missed every single opportunity that has ever come my way in every aspect of life due to stupidity, cowardice laziness or all of the above. sick of life all i want to do is sleep forever

17-Aug-15 07:10 AM 0 Comments

i am 20 year old men....i have no money... “I

Want To Die” or “I Want to Kill


17-Aug-15 05:20 AM By looserk... 0 Comments

Saturday, August 15 2015

Thank you, Mom, for everything you have done for me. I am sorry that for my mistakes and wrongdoings.

15-Aug-15 10:56 PM By Freeman 0 Comments

Wednesday, August 12 2015

I fucked my years up. I'm still in high school at age 20. It's not working. I don't know why. I am a loner with no friends so it's usually people like me who excel but instead all other people with lots of friends who are loud and go to jail end up graduating before me. I am so slow. Now I have a few credits left to have but I'm never going back go that school. Never. No one will make me. I refuse. I demand my God given right to live freely. Fuck you if you think otherwise.

12-Aug-15 05:55 PM By Lib 0 Comments

Tuesday, August 11 2015

I'm squandering every great opportunity thrown my way and I have no way to turn the ship around at this point. Every day I wake up and wonder what I'm going to screw up next.

11-Aug-15 10:29 AM By DJasper Probincrux 0 Comments

I'm squandering every great opportunity thrown my way and I have no way to turn the ship around at this point. Every day I wake up and wonder what I'm going to screw up next.

11-Aug-15 10:29 AM By DJasper Probincrux 0 Comments

Monday, August 10 2015

I am 15 (almost 16) and female. I live in New Zealand but my family comes from a Indian background. Being Asian my parents always expect me to bring home Excellence. As a kid my parents used to hit me and yell at me so now that I am older I just avoid speaking to them because I am afraid. When I get bad results I try not to tell them, but somehow they end up finding out anyway. They yell at me and hit me and offer no support. I have asked for a tutor many times and have received nothing but more books. My friends are all smarter than me and are all set to go into medical and engineering and computing. I have no idea what I want to do career wise and have tried getting help but nothing has worked. I enjoy drama but in New Zealand wanting to be an actor is an unrealistic goal. I try my best but I always fail. And there is no one there to support me or help me.

10-Aug-15 02:46 AM By Prags 1 Comment

Sunday, August 9 2015

My life...haha. Just a waste. A waste of consciousness, air, water, blood, life. I have a different personality with everyone online that I talk to. I lie to them. They think I'm someone great and beautiful but I'm the exact opposite. A cowardly virgin who runs when all matters expire. *pulls trigger and carpets the tile with red crimson*

9-Aug-15 09:49 PM By Deathlyhollows 0 Comments

I love you all. You probably will hate me for saying that. Life is hard, really hard but I wish all light and inner strength.

You ain't failed til your dead.

9-Aug-15 06:17 PM 2 Comments

I have to say I'm a complete failure at life. I'm just staring at my .45 thinking about ending it. I work 3 jobs and can't get anywhere no matter how much effort I put into life. I don't have any friends and have really bad social anxiety. I feel like just ending my life. I don't feel like I fit in no matter how good I am at work, I always feel deathly afraid of failure even when I get compliments on my work. I should just shoot myself.

9-Aug-15 06:06 PM 0 Comments

Guess I've caused all my problems myself, but I'm just tired now.

I don't have real friends, I don't have anybody close to me for more than some months. I'm lazy and I don't want to improve myself. I feel dangerously calm about all this, as if I'm already done with everything that can bring be happiness. My future is the same flat gray line as it is now.

9-Aug-15 05:27 PM 1 Comment

I'm 22. I've never had a girlfriend, never had sex. People tell me I look good and this makes it even worse to me: it means that the problem lies in my personality. I wasted three years studying stuff I didn't like. I want to start again from scratch. It feels like my life is stuck. It feels like I'm missing out the most beautiful thing in a man's life: love (and sex). I feel like a loser. Everyone is better than me.

9-Aug-15 08:41 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, August 8 2015

I want to die, not matter what I do I'm always wrong and a loser, everyone hates me, my mother hates me, my family wishes I would fuck off and die, i can't even get a piece of ass, I'm uglier then fuck kill me NOW

8-Aug-15 11:24 PM By miss.loser 0 Comments

Friday, August 7 2015

im worthless fuck boy and i want to die

7-Aug-15 04:17 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, August 5 2015

I don't know anything in this life. I'm unsure of everything. This heat and sun don't match my withered reality. I am a sad man. No peers, no friends, no future....

I am sorry for the ones I disappoint.

I wish I could make This right.

I know that you pretend to be proud of me but I am a mute without conversation. I disappoint.

I can't help myself, no one could

5-Aug-15 03:11 PM By Alone 0 Comments

Friday, June 12 2015

Im 15 years of age and I have a shitty school and outside life . In school I have been the outcast from society , I have not made a single friend since grade 2 and I've lost my only friend a few years back because of her friend saying that she should leave me alone and forget about me . Ever since then nothing much has changed , except the fact I'm being bullied more often . I feared to step out of my house but I still went back to school , it was a retarted decision but what else can I do ? I'm just a child who can't even keep his parents marriage safe .

12-Jun-15 03:34 PM 0 Comments

Thursday, June 11 2015

I'm a 14 year old I have had a bad life in school I've never been excluded so that will look good but they have put me on their behaviour course but its a substitute instead of been excluded . I'm in year 9 and I think I've fucked up my life. My dream job is to be a policeman ever since I was a kid I have wanted to be one to bring down crime, I was wondering do you think ille fail?

11-Jun-15 02:41 PM By Liam 1 Comment

Lexi from Chipolette fails at life

11-Jun-15 09:45 AM By Ian Blanchard 1 Comment

hosting cutfest at 7 pm tonight cause we all fail at life

11-Jun-15 09:33 AM By Shyonne Fail at life 0 Comments

Wednesday, June 10 2015

I don't know you,and you don't know me,and we'll never meet. But we have more in common than either of us will ever know.

Anyway,I know I may not be of any help to you,but sometimes talking about it helps,even if it isn't in person. So of you need someone to talk to,feel free to comment,and I'll help the best way I can,even if it isn't physical.

10-Jun-15 01:59 PM By ImHere 0 Comments

If anyone posts on this site about their problems, Will be tracked down through IP and arrested or worse. Please do not post on this site anymore as the owner is a 45 year old stalker named Eric Kinney. Please stop.

If you dont we will be forced to go to your house and kill you with a gun. STOP

10-Jun-15 12:41 PM By US Police Department 3 Comments

i had anal and my dick broke off fml

10-Jun-15 12:14 PM 0 Comments

im a failure.. they call me ghosts, midget, photoshop failure. i hate my life

10-Jun-15 12:06 PM By please read 0 Comments


10-Jun-15 11:55 AM 0 Comments

i fail at life my address is 85 andrson road mates

10-Jun-15 11:41 AM By yo 0 Comments


10-Jun-15 11:27 AM By yo 0 Comments

I lost my mother who I loved the most, I was not able to save my mother and now I feel like I am completely failed in life and there is no use of me living in this world anymore

10-Jun-15 03:09 AM By Chander 0 Comments

Tuesday, June 9 2015

I try to stop eating like a fatass, but yesterday I just lost it and started eating all the fast food I could, after eating reasonably for a week. I ate a whole package of cheese this morning, and now I'm going to get the shits from that. I get angry at other people when they are overreating, because it makes me hate myself for doing it. I want to stop, but once I start I feel like I might as well go all out, its disgusting.

9-Jun-15 11:09 AM By Mary 0 Comments

Monday, June 8 2015

I have no reason to live. There is nothing I care about and I don't have any goal in life. I don't have any friends, I'm still living with my parents, I don't have job and never had so far, I'm not good at anything. I'm 24 and I'm still virgin, never had a girlfriend or even just a female friend, I dont even remember if any girl wanted to talk with me for more than 10 seconds. I'm sleeping all days or watching movies. There is no reason to continue this, I need to kill myself.

8-Jun-15 06:14 PM By failman 4 Comments

I've failed myself and the people around me.

With what little money they had, my parents sent me to university abroad. I failed them. Everything went wrong even before I stepped off the damned plane. I arrived late, I had shitty professors, I had a shitty dorm with shitty brats. I endured it for a while, only to start breaking down out of exhaustion. The world doesn't seem like it wants me to succeed. Setback after setback plagued my stay at my dream university, especially that fuckbuddy of my roommate. I'm forced to deal with her shit till 3am everyday since she wants to be in the room with my roommate. I couldn't study, I couldn't focus, I lost my will and just flunked.

The worst part is, the people at home who send me messages congratulating me and asking how I was doing. I can't bear looking at or talking to them, and they know I failed them. There is no future for me with only a highschool diploma in my country, I am only a burden to those around me. Why am I still alive? What is the point of me wasting the oxygen of this world? Why did they send me and not my excellent sister who could have had such a bright future?

What is my purpose in this world?

8-Jun-15 11:53 AM By AWasteofOxygen 0 Comments

Sunday, June 7 2015

things to do today:

1. wake up

2. survive

3. go to bed

7-Jun-15 10:54 PM By FlyingFail 0 Comments

well,skrew life.

I feel like im getting farther and farther away from my friends. Im getting more attached to my 3ds than i should. im giving up on school. I isolate myself in my room all day and try not to attract attention. why do i hate myself?

7-Jun-15 07:44 PM By antisocal 0 Comments

I wish I could say that my life sucks but it doesn't. I'm the one that sucks. I'm just a useless twat. I call myself a Christian but I'm useless in that too. I had a career job but I'm so much of a coward and useless that I left it because I couldn't handle it. I feel like I got married only because I couldn't do life by myself in the fact that by now I'd probably be homeless. I'm basically a child living with my mother. I really don't want to be alive anymore. I just can't handle the stress of my own uselessness.

7-Jun-15 03:14 PM 0 Comments

im useless scum. undependable, loser who fall into the same mistakes again and again. i have nothing to live for, geez i dont even want to look my face in the mirror cauze i know my loser face wont change. im so ffffuuuu

7-Jun-15 12:21 AM By nobodycare 0 Comments

Saturday, June 6 2015

I appeared in an exam twice. Failed both the times. Now my parents wish I never existed. People give me sh*t. I lost all my friends in the process of spending 3 years studying for the exam. I don't know where to go now.

I cannot move out. My parents won't allow that.

I can't get a job for the same reason.

They've put me on house arrest so I can't even go out.

I have nobody who can talk to them.

They think of me as a burden.

If I stand up for myself I'm beaten up.

I don't know what to do.

6-Jun-15 04:50 PM 0 Comments

Boredom, frustration, bad luck, and bad choices. That's what my life is made of. Nothing good will happen. I love her. She might love me. But in person im a horrible mess. Help me now

6-Jun-15 12:34 AM By SpareMeThePain 0 Comments

Friday, June 5 2015

I am 51yrs of age & only 12th pass I m searching for good job so please try to help me out thank you very much.

5-Jun-15 10:42 PM By Bhavesh A. Gandhi 0 Comments

I have never accomplished anything in my life.

I'm not doing well in college, and I don't see any value in my course any more.

I had no friends for the majority of my school years, and made no good friends after high-school. My old friends all live half a world away.

I have no talents to speak of. I never learned how to play an instrument or a sport properly. It sucks, because I'd love to play an instrument, but I need to get a job and there is just no time for that stuff.

I have lost all motivation to even try any more, because I feel I will fail at everything I do, no matter what it is.

What's worse is that everyone in my family is an overachiever. They do really well at school and have loads of friends and are very talented at something or the other.

And I'm sick of people trying to tell me it's okay, because it's not okay. I feel like a waste of oxygen. I actually wish my parents had been super-strict, so I could look back and know that I did well at school, or had something to be proud of.

5-Jun-15 09:54 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, June 4 2015

I am approaching the very end of my schooling career, failing every subject.

There's no way I'm getting into university.

I am so ugly.

I have no girlfriend.

I'm hungry.

I like pingas

4-Jun-15 11:47 PM By Andrew 0 Comments


Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?