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i fail at life
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Thursday, November 27 2014

i fail at life so hard. still fat and miserable.

27-Nov-14 05:05 AM 0 Comments

I failed in love. I failed in life. I'm 25 with no degree and no career. I wake up everyday hating myself, do nothing but wonder what to do in life so I can earn some respect and go back to sleep hating myself even more for not doing anything useful and for wasting time. I should just perish!

27-Nov-14 05:04 AM By Keya 0 Comments

Wednesday, November 26 2014

Math tomorrow and i am contemplating suicide. I tried smothering myself but the pain was too much. I wish i could get a gun shoot myself with it.

26-Nov-14 03:43 PM 0 Comments

I want to kill myself bad!! God and tge world hates me and im sick of not being good enough. i am sick of being a failure.

26-Nov-14 08:51 AM 0 Comments

man is mortal.every thing would turned into dust or fire.the life span is short,but desire over.How desire complete in a few days of life? fair is foul,foul is fair.

26-Nov-14 04:42 AM By Safder Abass Bismal. 0 Comments

I am under p.g English .Because i have frustrate in this field .But i thinkig,how i go back alive in my home? i distress wex.

26-Nov-14 04:30 AM By safder Abass Bismal. 0 Comments

Tuesday, November 25 2014

I am a loser and all my dreams have failed. But, hey, what the fuck, I will get up again and find another dream. I might fail over and over again, but I will die one day, and that will be an end.

25-Nov-14 08:33 PM By Joanne 0 Comments

Monday, November 24 2014

I fail at life. Even when I kniw what to do, how to do it, and how to do it, I do time-wasting crap instead. I procrastinate until the last possible moment, scraping by with the bare minimum, sometimes not even that.

No friends or private life, I have no social skills.

24-Nov-14 05:43 PM 0 Comments

My situation is this: I am a man over forty and have been chasing the same young man for over twenty years. Why is this so? Because I have never given up. The two of us have a strange kind of respect for each other, I suppose, and it's always been a back-and-forth, two-way-street thing. He sometimes hangs out with a few friends who come and go in his life but I'm the only one who is always there for him. I've stuck it out when others have faltered and failed to pin him down. I've been there through thick and thin. Don't I deserve a break?

Why can't he just let me arrest him and bring him to justice?

24-Nov-14 05:03 PM By TaihoDa7 0 Comments

I fail at life i life in a dungeon and dress up like a queen and dance around in a dress. I am a 450 pound male with acne and severe anxiety. I rub pizza on my body and roll around in chocolate. My life consists of fappping and playing wow. I fail

24-Nov-14 03:22 PM By dungeon queen 0 Comments

Hi its me again there is something going on with me and i dont know what it is maby its evil , i feel like thee is something controlling my life and its not me i dont feel my self this thing is trying to make my life worst .

Its not letting me talk it moves my throught up and down and makes my mouth smile or be sad by it self also its changing my voice and makes it weird in front of girls and also wont let me talk to girls this thing wont let me enjoy my life its making me misrable every day i tried asking god to save me but still he wont listen and i feel like whats the point of living if i am being ignord by the world and by god ? Also in social websites i am beong ignored no body helps me i wish wasnt born also i was born at the wrong time when all the blue towel so they gave me a pink one i hate my life f*ck life no one is going to help me

24-Nov-14 06:30 AM By Trumpetplayer20 2 Comments

Hi, these days I've been misunderstood. Well I recited when my teacher said who wants to report. Then the D-day just comes off(because I really did'nt know my report and how it will flow), she started blurting things out like "these girls, they are kind but secretly, they're bitchy" Something like that and that I'm too serious with my life. Before then she knew I don't like her because she keeps on hitting on me( and my 3 other friends). I don't like her but I don't hate her. But yeah, she's rude, she made me cry that day in front of her. In front of the class.

Actually today I just joined a contest. It's about book portrayal. I had portrayed Anne Frank from the book "Diary of Anne Frank". Well I just feel burdened that I failed to be chosen(I also made a mistake while speaking on the stage). My classmates were there helping me out, my mom who I made late on her work for coming with me to buy what I need. I just feel like I'm a failure. Whaterver, whenever. Also today I cut class.

Yes, I'm graduating to high school this coming year but I still haven't review yet for the college entrance exams. I also don't know what course I will be choosing. My path, today has no direction.

HELP... I just need this to let out. I have friends but they're all negative to me. They don't want to join me and take some risks that's why the person I only can talk today was Simsimi. I'm lonely....

24-Nov-14 01:38 AM By Empty 1 Comment

Sunday, November 23 2014

I am volunteering at a bio safety level II lab plating bacteria. It is unpaid and I work with underclassmen. It is demeaning, as it will probably lead to nowhere.

23-Nov-14 03:28 PM By Soren Hallberg 0 Comments

Nothing is going my way I've always been mediocre . I'm always underestimated and I have no hope for myself . I feel like my life is just useless. I want to end it

23-Nov-14 01:23 PM 0 Comments


















23-Nov-14 11:39 AM 0 Comments

I feel like an oucast. I am pathetic and don't deserve to live. I am the most hated at my school now. No one believes in second chances here. I ruined my own life. Now what? Do I become homeless now? I think that is the answer, I shall watch everybody else live their perfect lives.

23-Nov-14 11:32 AM By fail 0 Comments

Dear failures have you ever stopped to wonder whether or not God actually gives a crap? he doesn't. All he wantsis you to suffer and worship him while makes us suffer even more. He could not be bothered if you failed math or school, or if you have no one to keep you warm at night. .Knowing that it is so the question is.. ..WHY FORCE YOURSELF TO LIVE WHEN HE DOESN'T CARE HOW YOU LIVE? Better to be born believing there was no god than to realise there is one but he's so distant and unavailable and does not give a shit if live or you die. All of life is hell, there is no fire and brimstone here but is a spiritual hell, our souls burn everyday and night with paim sorrow and misery. Life is a bunch of distractions until death. Don't go praying and searching for the meaning of it because it doesn't exist. Death is better than and easier because life is hard.

23-Nov-14 11:00 AM By Dead 0 Comments


23-Nov-14 10:31 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, November 22 2014

Please, it's my request. PLease do not attempt suicide or try any way to harm yourself. Please, it's my request. PLEASE..!.. Life is so precious... I have read many comments their.. and nothing is so complicated. they are so temporary and so so weak.. like a soap bubble... life is so precious.. your problems are just a matter of time... hard time always come to pass.. do not look at other people... that how they are ignoring or making fun of you... world is full of many stupids.. but you are not the one.. did you get it? YOU ARE NOT STUPID... YOU ARE SO STRONG... YOU ARE SO INTELLIGENT.. YOU ARE SO HANDSOME.. YOU ARE SO POWERFULL... YOU ARE SO HUMANE... now look at the world.. there are lots of lots of people living their lives... they have nothing.. they don't have to eat or drink,.. they don't have roofs over them... they don't have clothes to change daily.. even not an internet connection :P The only thing they know is that success is not in having cars, in friends or in gfs, in grades, in jobs,.. the only thing they know is SUCCESS IS IN HAPPINESS... and the HAPPINESS COMES WITH KIND, HUMANE ACTS... they know and accept the fact that life can't be same for every one.. so, why to weep on it? why not to find happiness what we have got... people can do just efforts.. and just left the results on GOD will.. it is just a WIN WIN GAME.. believe me... I repeat .. LIFE IS A WIN WIN GAME... and this is the beauty of life.. live on earth as a traveler.. always be the one to help others.. just try it at least once, look at the people below you .. there must be lot of people below who wanted a life like you.. they look you as successful person.. help any of them.. no matter either is it big or small.. even just give a hug or just shake hand.. or if you can't do this.. just welcome someone with smile or make anyone smile... and then you would be flooded with feeling that can't be explain in words.. :D you will feel yourself lighter.. that some weight has been lifted off from you chest.. you will feel that your soul is smilling.. :D yeah yeah!.. and I bet... and then your soul will immediately become addicted to it.. and will demand for more feed... this is happiness.. yeah this is SUCCESS... and yup!.. THIS IS REAL LIFE... A KEY TO UNLOCK THE HEAVEN.. LIFE ON EARTH IS NOT.. THE LIFE HEREAFTER IS ETERNAL... prepare yourself for hereafter.. the more you will be tested in this temporary life of world.. the more you will show patience, humane, piousness, the more you will blessed in hereafter eternal life. This is GOD promise. The promise of ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'ala, the only GOD.

And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tiding to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.) Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "truly! to ALLAH we belong and truly, to Him we shall return."

Qur'an, chapter 2: 155-156

I'm sorry If I sound weird (and sorry for my bad english also).. I'm not trying to impose anything to you..I was just sharing what my heart want to say what it has yet learned, saw, tested, and observed.. I want to say lot more... I want to help you... I want to help people to don't suicide.. I wan't to make people aware that life is lot worth.. don't waste it weeping on hardschip.. hardships are the beauty of life.. below I'm sharing few quotes to make you little motivate and aware of reality..

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

Bruce lee

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny..


If GOD brings you to it; He will bring you through it.

Every hardship is an opportunity to strengthen ourselves, to temper our life and make it shine with great luster.

Daisaku Ikeda

There are hidden blessings in the hardships ALLAH gives.

Stop feeling bad. it will all get better eventually.

If there are no ups and downs in your life it means you are dead. Similarly, there will be ups and downs in your Iman. it means ALLAH loves you so much that HE is testing your faith to make sure you love him unconditionally.

Please forgive me if any of my comment hurt you. I wish you a very very healthy, Happy, Successful Life. I wish you luck, courage and strength to continue your successful journey of life. Please pray for everyone and for me too, please.

"La ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah"

(There is) none worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad is Messenger of ALLAH.

"Assalamu alaiku wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh"

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of ALLAH (God) be with you.


22-Nov-14 03:38 PM By Please Do Not Attempt Suicide 1 Comment

When I was 17, I decided I wanted to become a doctor. I was actually pretty good in school and got accepted into Harvard Medical School, one of the best! Then I got into drugs (which I shouldn't of done). From then, I wanted to be a drug dealer because I heard they make a lot of money. Well, now I'm 31, don't have a girlfriend, and can barley afford this one room apartment. I work as a garbage man. If you read that, you can obviously see where I went wrong. My life is trash and definitely failed at life.

22-Nov-14 09:20 AM 1 Comment

why cant i move on? It's been 4 years what should I do, I tried everything even to the point where I physically hurt myself I'm in a dead end a mystery that cant never be solved. help me, just help me I need to move on..

22-Nov-14 07:43 AM By 4years 0 Comments

Friday, November 21 2014

I am failing terribly....donno wat to do ...definitely thinking of ending everything :(

21-Nov-14 08:51 AM By abouttoquit 0 Comments

I'm failing at life and school completely. On the side of this, my love life is non-existent. I can't ask any boy a question let alone ask them out. I am a laughing stock. Dork is the word to describe me. Loser is my middle name.

21-Nov-14 08:39 AM By Caitlin 0 Comments

I have failed and I'm very depressed I have been waiting for 4 years since elementary wanting to know if she still loves me since I failed to show her, now my friend who likes her is trying to separate me from her, making me feel more depressed, i'm losing my social life I'm so fucked up..

21-Nov-14 03:08 AM By - 0 Comments

Thursday, November 20 2014

Im under graduate i think my life has become hell i trie my best in my every job but im not get the sucess what should i do nows days m totaly depressed

20-Nov-14 11:35 PM By ashish 0 Comments

I fail at everything. I cant seem to talk to any girl. I am a loser

20-Nov-14 07:41 PM By ASTON LIM JEK SIANG 0 Comments

I fail, failed, and failed again.

I've been keep failing in my life. It's a rare for me to achieve something that I want. At some point I feel like a loser. But something I could proud of is I never stop trying. And one day I belief that all this failure is a mystery key to my biggest moment of success. I couldn't wait for that one day to be true. And I would like to thank my soul to keep my dream alive.

20-Nov-14 10:26 AM By lennc 1 Comment

Wednesday, November 19 2014

"Many prophets have failed,their voices silent

ghost shouts in basements nobody heard dusty laughter in family attics

nor glanced them on park benches weeping with relief under empty sky...I failed to sleep with every bearded rosy-cheeked boy I jacked off over My tirades destroyed no Intellectual Unions of KGB & CIA in turtle-necks & Underpants, their woolen suits & tweeds I never dissolved Plutonium or dismantled the nuclear Bomb before my skull lost hair I have not yet stopped the Armies of entire Mankind in their march toward World War III I never got to Heaven, Nirvana, X, Whachamacallit, I never left earth, I never learned to die." -ode to failure

19-Nov-14 07:46 PM By Allen Ginsberg 0 Comments

I fail tests and quizzes left and right, and I still manage to remain in college. I don't understand it. The stress is causing me to hallucinate sounds and smells. I want to die. I don't want to kill myself or make someone kill me, but I want to die. Except that I hate pain. Pain hurts.

19-Nov-14 04:26 PM By Jes 0 Comments

When I was younger I lived on a farm. And I had to take care of my farm animals well when I was feeding my pig he decided to knock my down and hump my leg. I liked it. Now I'm a porn star. #thanksmom

19-Nov-14 03:44 PM By Tim duckfuck 0 Comments

I am almost 21 years old and still i dont know how to act in life went to collage and failed for 2 years in a raw used to get good grades at high school now i still cant controle my self there is something controling me and whispers in my head and tries to make a fool out of me it keeps changing my voice infront of girls and makes it wierd , also i am the only one who dosnt know any thing about life i tried but this thing stops me and wont let me do what i want i dont know what it is but i think that i wanna suiside becuase of this it wont leave me alone no one helps me ive bein ignored many times i fell like i dont deserve to have a life

i used to be good at studying now ive turned into a looser because of this thing and i am not joking my larents think i am crazy but i am not

19-Nov-14 06:02 AM By Trumpetplayer20 0 Comments

Tuesday, November 18 2014

Later today I found out that my penis is literally falling off and my girlfriend decided to not finger me. Please I just need help.

18-Nov-14 07:04 PM By Willy McBilly 2 Comments

Hi 🙋 all. I ve posted my failure story so many times here.

I m posting here after a long time!

Nothing changed for me. Still a failure. One day I will be starved to death. I cannot improve anything!! Life spits on my face everytime. This world and this life is all about money 💵.

Just laughing at myself. Wat a jerk am I.

Duh may god help us all! If their s nothing like god don't tell me bcz den I don't knw whom to ask for help

18-Nov-14 05:20 PM 0 Comments

Hi, I'm 19 years old. The word failure was my best friend. I always get failing grades in grade school and in high school. When I graduated my teachers just let me graduate because they felt sorry for me. Now in college I failed in engineer and now I failed in business course. My uncle got mad at me because he was the one who paid for my tuition fee. I don't know what to do. Sorry for my bad english

18-Nov-14 02:03 AM By Joshua 0 Comments

Monday, November 17 2014

Just turned 15. Grades are dropping, I can't just somehow make myself get closer to my bf, my family is constantly stressed with a sick, overworked mom, my dad who tries to help but fails in the long run, a rough little brother that I want to get closer to, but I can't find anything that we have in common, and the constant complaints my mom bombards me with... I try to say it's okay and I just pat her on the back if she's having a rough day, but everyday is a rough day for her, and her loading her stresses on me doesn't help. I don't know what to do, and I feel stressed and exhausted lately.

There's more that I want to vent out, but I feel like I'm such a big complainer.Sorry :/

17-Nov-14 10:34 PM 0 Comments

21 , just lost my job (which i hated so much)don't even know what i want to do with my life, keep failing in college, mainly cuz i'm afraid of whats gf,virgin,shy,and clueless. have to work to pay the rent, and support my mom financially. and although i have an older brother, they never asked him to do anything. like the other day she was complaining about me being without a job and i have to work to pay the next month rent. and when i suggested she ask my brother she lashed out at me and said "you ask him, i never asked him for anything, he would get mad at me if i asked" i mean come on, what the hell i'm suppose to do. am i gonna be like this for the rest of my life? maybe i should end it now ?! maybe i should run away. i don't know what to do anymore

17-Nov-14 07:58 PM By AA 0 Comments

Turning 21 soon, my resume is still empty. I've applied to every job but no-one would hire me...

I've already failed my college entrance exam three times. The fourth didn't need an exam but I still wasn't chosen. I'm so ashamed of myself! I'm tired of my parents and brothers looking at me with pity!

I'm at complete lost what to do. I dread of my upcoming birthday. It jut means another year of life I've wasted being a complete failure.

17-Nov-14 04:12 PM By failing 0 Comments

Im 17. Most of the people I used to be friends with are now gone. The few that I do have I want to tell them how much I love and appreciate them but I just cant seem to do it. Im a below average student at school and the chances of me going to university seem very lim at this point and I dont know what to do. Im a smoker and have used drugs a few times in the past and at this point I really dont mind if I fall into a substance abuse problem because there is nothing else really going for me in life. I just want all of this to end.

17-Nov-14 02:25 PM By Scott 0 Comments

Why does no one ever comment on so of the posters complaibts huh? many of these people are on tge verge of suicide and no one tries to help why????

17-Nov-14 09:47 AM By Why 0 Comments

16 no friends, smoker, no gf, most of all I'm a bastard who is unintelligent, shy and unable to communicate normally if my life depended on it. This girl I'm so inlove with had feelings for me but i was/am too craven to talk to her, I am so afraid of the things that really matter in life hell! Im even afraid to be myself in a world where no one is trustworthy. My dad says i am a failure and mom couldn't care less. Desperate to Leave my sad situation I study tirelessy and I am still average at school and as if thats what i really needed..time is on the wane and soon I have to be circumsised.

I don't what has come to me i'm depressed and I'm really prone to anxiety attacks . Everyday I'm bullied by scornful eyes and gossipd about. So naturally I have contemplated suicide as a means to ending my tasteless existence. Life is really just a sewer, it is horrible and when we try to make do with it, more shit is thrown in for us to deal with.

So on my 18th birthday i will use my savings to buy a good gun(hopefully a revolvet) and shoot myself in the head.

17-Nov-14 09:41 AM 2 Comments

i am got at failing, i put on a got show when im outside, in the inside im creeping with buzz oh these Maryjane... been stone for 3 years, the numb all i wanted was the numb, to see me failling, i cant seem to find me???? you know me?? its like u fail in school ok, then move on and struggle and merely got into college and I fail to get into university, and here comes TAFE, get into certi 4 but i didnt seems to recall collecting it too? then now come reality, i have been working in my own branch, like a sticking duck, i work and i work like a zombie, i felt numb no life... massive masturbation!!! oh yaaa...i feel like im goin nuts!!!! does anybody got a way out of it.... and i am good at self-destructive i make like stuff in my head but u know what as time goes by i have already forgotten them all.

17-Nov-14 06:45 AM By julius 0 Comments

i feel like life is going badly for me, i failed my final year exam which means i may not graduate, i have a job that i am looked down upon, i feel i just don't fit

17-Nov-14 04:59 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, November 16 2014

i'm 25 i live at home. i have developmental disorder , that means i am normal but i just can't learn like everyone else . i'm different and i hate being different. i'm the only one in my family . why am i like this ? did i deserve to be like this ? i'm single , and everyone else is married and have kids. I'm the only one who hasn't change and i am sick of it. i'm such a failure for my mum , for me and my family. i just want to die...

16-Nov-14 09:58 PM 2 Comments

i dont want to talk to my parents because i've failed a quiz

i hate being a failure

16-Nov-14 09:21 PM 0 Comments

I'm close to completely hopeless. I'm trying in school but doing badly i have no talent or realistic aspirations

I've been trying so hard to make it better, really

I want to get better, but nothing's happening

16-Nov-14 08:40 PM 0 Comments

I'm 26, I have a college degree that everybody told me I needed....I apply apply and apply at jobs, yet I work a crappy temp job making right at the poverty line...had to move back home cause my job blows and I can't afford to live on my high school ambitious self laughs at what my life has become...

16-Nov-14 08:36 PM 1 Comment

What got me in a pickle two years ago was because I didn't communicate my feelings to anyone and all the pent up emotions created a black hole that consumed everything in its path. Now, I haven't even spoken to any of my friends in about a month, and it is evident that I everything is going downhill. Ever since incident numero uno, my grades have been the equivalent of rat poop. My parents say that I just don't try hard enough anymore and the only way to get better is to stop avoiding the problem and fix it. Unfortunately, the problem is realistically out of my hands, as I have emailed, called, conversed, researched, worked, studied, and lived all possible solutions. Here is the kicker: my parents then tell me I should've asked for help. WHAT? I have asked for help over and over again and things that you even do makes things worse. I will stand by all my lies and deceptions, but I will never stand by yours. Teachers, friends, parents, and practically the whole world has let me down on multiple occasions and I never asked for your forgiveness as you are never going to get it. However, we can at least work together to solve each others issues and build each other up. So yeah, I may not graduate high school on time, I most likely won't get my college essays done, or even get accepted in the end. What's the use? I just want someone who actually will be with me to the end and make the effort to not judge me.

16-Nov-14 06:39 PM By possible relapse 0 Comments

Grades are failing.

I cant get them back up.

Dropping out of private-- going to a free city school.

This is the end of my motivation. I am living simply to live. No more purpose. Im failing.

16-Nov-14 06:16 PM By the last straw 0 Comments

I such a failure Im 35 have no career no money and now I have to watch a pet of mine die since I cant afford to get him treatment because I have no money im such a failure at life

My future looks dark and hopeless

Im soon stuck in this world alone

16-Nov-14 08:57 AM By mark e.p. 0 Comments

My job sucks,

My marriage sucks

I'm stuck and I have no way out

16-Nov-14 05:47 AM By optional 0 Comments

I am going to destroy all the evil in this world. My mother thinks I have no skills and said that I'm not good at anything besides drawing. I'm going to show her one day that I can be something. I will work hard to make my mark.

For all the teachers at my school who give rude point remarks and mean looks, and discouraging remarks your corruption will end some day. You are corrupt, rude, and racist. Once, when you kept telling me to just stop I will kill you all with my success.

There needs to be an issue to destroy all the pedophiles in this world. They all need to be lynched and killed and are a scourge to humanity. All you people on this website aren't failures, please find the light and do something better in this world to make it better for the future. Feel the light come upon. you, need to find it, you have gifts. use it. Join the new order of hope to destroy the heathens of society...join now. Join now to protect the innocents...For the good of society.

16-Nov-14 02:34 AM By The New order of hope 1 Comment

Saturday, November 15 2014

I just don't know anymore. I am the middle at everything. Average grades, not good enough to be spotted, not bad enough to be kicked out. I am just average. Average at my instrument, average at my grades, average at life. I suck. I can't do anything. I don't have anything good for me. I am just average. just average. I don't stand out. I will always be the one kid that everybody just forgets. I will be that one kid that nobody remembers. I will always just be the middle. Not smart enough, not good enough for anything. I am nothing.

15-Nov-14 01:42 PM 0 Comments

Friday, November 14 2014

No matter what you're going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you'll find the positive side of things.

We are all meant to achieve great things, we are all heroes, just living is a remarkable achievement, whenever you feel like crap think about all those kids who are in jail diagnosed with terminal cancer, and all the kids less privileged then you

Im no preacher, I'm just hope, hope to help u live one more day with a smile

14-Nov-14 09:53 PM By Hope 0 Comments

Thursday, November 13 2014

Ugly, can't fix this face. People stare at this poison and want to throw up

Lonely, who wants to associate with a weirdo?

Idiot, can't even get average grades for college

Why was I born

13-Nov-14 07:31 PM By JS 1 Comment

im alone,

im weak,

im defeated,

on the streets.

im bullied,

im an 'actor',

i can hide my emotions,

just like a wako.

im tired,

im done,

im ready,

to be gone.

13-Nov-14 07:22 PM 1 Comment

I'm 35 and after a break up in relation of 13 years i had to go and live with my parent in a strange country i have social anxiety so that gave me a extra blow to the head .i'm really nervous around people and parents don't understand the social anxiety thing.

i'm not really good at learning also .

so after 3 years being in a strange country i can't speek a decent word with other people many now how to speak german and english but is not completly enough to hang out with other people not every one will translate every joke etc.

i have many fights with my mom cause she treats me like a dog and my father

follows like a puppie .

i have no health care and no decent job so no decent help i can get .

i wish i could see the better things in life but i don't i'm on the dark side .

just letting you guys know there are more people with problems i hope 4 you all it will get better and we all could have a big laughter when we are old people.because we learned from our mistakes and now see the light.

13-Nov-14 05:57 PM By Bada dara opala 0 Comments

im 17 and failed my seniour year of high school because i suffer from depression , acne , anxiety , and ADD.. . . . i have no friends , never had a girlfriend , never kissed a girl ..... i dont know what to do

13-Nov-14 03:07 PM By smart guy in a fucked up world 0 Comments

I fail, i completely fail.

its awful, like awful

13-Nov-14 12:06 PM 0 Comments

Wednesday, November 12 2014

ill never be happy,because reality hit know that feeling when you feel like no one wants to be around you,and you dont want to be around any1 else?i feel like that every day.its miserable.whats even more miserable is the bullies.they treat me like i wad the ground they step on.i get discouraged very easily,so i dont do much.failing grades,no friends,no good life.

12-Nov-14 10:16 PM 0 Comments

I am truly a failure. I have failed my wife by not being what she wants me to be. I have failed my daughter by not being healthy enough to play with her and love her as she deserves. I have failed God and feel that I have nothing to live for. I am such a failure. I can't make enough money to give my family what they want. I am spiritually dead, Physically obese and though I lose weight I am still a useless Hog. People say they like me but never reach out to me and when I do them it feels like they are doing it because they feel sorry for me. Death would be a awesome release but I am a pussy and can't even take my own life. What a loser. I don't even know if I love anyone. Is everything in my life a farce? I wish it would all end and be over. But instead I suffer. Being told I am of no value to my family the way I am and unable to change. I don't drink, do drugs or run around on my wife but I can not be what they need me to be. How can someone like me survive. I have to act like I have it all together and when I don't I am berated for it. LOSER LOSER LOSER THAT IS ME Failed Man what a LOSER YOU ARE

12-Nov-14 03:22 PM By Failed Man 0 Comments

I live in a rural area with no friends and virtually evryone against me so yeah..Try uncomfortable. I fail at math and i cant seem to improve my marks from average. Worse time is not on my side and everything just seems so daunting ahead.

I fear failing my family and pleasing my doubters, i have no girlfriend(never had one) no friends and the icing on tge cake...i have depression. To think im just 16 of age.

12-Nov-14 12:47 PM By Lifes a DICK 0 Comments

I always fail at everything that I do. I want to die. Why can't I die? I can't stand this farce called life.

12-Nov-14 11:36 AM By A loser 0 Comments

I have failed grade 10 and i went to college to study ITC and still i failed and wasted 2 years of my life and i changed my course to business management but i failed again 1 year wasted again, now i dont know what to do, and iam not working so i want to do something with my life. Can you please help me find the right thing that i can do with my life.

12-Nov-14 10:59 AM By Itumeleng Ramotsepe 1 Comment

Tuesday, November 11 2014

I came on here earlier to post something. I feel better since doing that but I realised I wasn't the only person going through a bad time.

This website makes it attractive for someone who feels low to anonymously post about what's bothering them. It can be a good thing I'm sure but I've also noticed a lot of hate being spoken towards the people who really aren't in a good place. This will never stop as it is far too easy for people to sit behind their computer screen and poke fun. Just a little message for those who decide it's clever to do that.....

Us "sad people" have come here for a reason, because we are going through a struggle and in some cases we can encourage and relate to one another.

You however must be the ones to lead a very sad life, to find your own kind of fun by attempting to knock others down. It's all to easy on here for you to do that. I'm wondering if you go outside much into real life situations and speak to people like this? Probably not.

I'm just hoping that everyone else on here feels pitty for you as your comments could easily hurt someone who isn't in a good place.

For those who truly feel that they fail at life- you don't. Little things at a time you can achieve. Try and feel good about small positive changes you make like I did with the quitting smoking (earlier comment). Cling onto any positive feeling you can and try to make more positive achievements in your life to create more good feelings. It's not easy when you feel like shit, that's the truth but there are ways of breaking the "failure" cycle. You can't dwell on past mistakes or the fact that you believe you're a failiure as you're bringing yourself down and it doesn't leave you in a good starting position to take on anything new and positive. It's time to ditch those negative thoughts and create more positive things.

Things that bring you joy that may seem insignificant to others, are very important. You need to build up your goals and start with more manageable things. Just try to get used to enjoying the happiness of small things that you are able to achieve. Then the sky is the limit. Don't give up and NEVER dwell on thinking you "fail at life", I won't be doing it again because I know how bad it makes me feel and I'll be honest, it pretty much makes me want to up!

Yes there are people who feel it's appropriate to be horrible but don't take it in. Take in the realisation that you're NOT a failure, no matter where you are in your life. You ARE capable of doing amazing things. Even if those amazing things feel small at first.

I'm not going to return and argue with idiots who spread hate for fun. I've said my piece now. I really hope that it reaches someone in the right way.

11-Nov-14 09:28 PM 2 Comments

It's 2.42 a.m and I can' t get any sleep. I just keep seeing all the times that I failed. So, I had my midterms the other day. My Great Thinkers class. I fell like I has aced it. So much. I studied, I understood the concepts, I knew what was being said and when the exam came, I answered in the most natural way possible. Then my professor starts talking about certain people who couldn't grasp the content and didn't do well in the exam. 9/20. I was probably the lowest grade. I'm sure of it. Yet, I studies. I genuinely did and I had everything at my fingertips, but I had the lowest grade. Yet, I felt like I passed. Like, so much.

Then you have Econ. I love Econ. I genuinely love it and its the one thing that I think about because of how much I love. I wrote an essay that was due a couple of days ago. 8/20. Like, he gave me that a result. Yet, I reviewed the content and wrote a wonderful essay which I felt tackled the topi while referring to the concepts we had learnt. You know what? I had never felt so accomplished about writing an essay. It felt so good. And I clearly explained my interpretation. And I got an 8/20. My professor didn't understand my argument. Like he genuinely did not. So, he grades me on the fact that he didn't understand my argument rather than the content itself? THE FUCK? I worked so hard!

And now, all I can think about is how many times since I joined uni that I have failed. I didn't get into any student associations, was turned down (still don't participate to date because of that)

But an 8/20? An 8/20? Are you kidding me? How do I even get that? God. I'm so mad at myself right now, mad at life. What is wrong with me? WHAT?

11-Nov-14 07:51 PM By I feel like a failure 0 Comments

hmmm I believe I go through the same thing...I guess you just need to take one step at a time, each day try and do something that will improve your motivation, for example organising your work...or maybe look for something your passionate about and focus. I find it very hard to plan and make a timetable to stick to, I don't understand how people can be so organised, I sort of envy them in a way. But hey...dont give up...otherwise life will be boring and keep away from anxiety/depression pills...they don't work...they make thing worse tbh and mess with your body, if your feeling low, going for a walk, exercising, meeting with close friends, family, eating healthy...even treating yourself to a luxury snack ;) (moderation is key) most of all just be yourself...dont give up. after a stormy day the sun will always shine :)

11-Nov-14 02:59 PM By optimism 0 Comments

I need to let out how I really can't be BOTHERED with a-levels anymore! I work so hard! have no social life and I'm just so tired! I really don't want to fail! but I'm so lazy right now and I just don't know were to start. Im not much of a planning type of person...which I need to be...I need to start organising my work...but sigh...I feel so stupid :(

11-Nov-14 02:49 PM By Procrastination 1 Comment

You poopyfaces are just a bunch of dumb-dodo heads. I mean seriously, all of you just sit on your tootholes and whine about your silly lives. What a bunch of kacky-poo darnface mcchicken sandwiches. Go get a job, punch a hooker, kiss a fish, I dont know! Something! Just dont be a poopy licking, dumbhead, stupidface, fartsackish, ickey-pickey majumbatron because you sir/ma'am are awesome. Haha just kidding you suck. You'll never amount to anything.

11-Nov-14 01:59 PM By 6 year old rager 0 Comments


11-Nov-14 01:50 PM By Silly Little Guy 0 Comments

Hi, welcome to another edition of Pointless profanity. Today I will stick my hand in kerosene, light it, and fist bang a goat. That's all and stay stupid.

11-Nov-14 01:42 PM By Pointless Profanity 0 Comments

16 years old always had a dream to play for Real Madrid as a footballer,Barely I pass in my studies and fail in 1 subject , parents keep repeating one thing "Now your enjoying what if we die tomorrow? what will you do" I cry,I feel so sad inside, I'm so sad I'm not good in academics people laugh at me , make jokes on me , I love a girl but "No why me?" girls only like tall, strong man I'm thin and short but I have feelings too , sorry to say this to you god "But why aren't all people equal.... why do some get 95% and others not even 50 % what makes you hate me? tell me I'll do anything but answer me "WHY DO YOU BORN FAILURES IN THIS WORLD!?

11-Nov-14 12:22 PM By Failure 0 Comments

Just had a think about everything. I didn't have that cigarette and I feel AMAZING. I can imagine how bad I'd be feeling if I'd have caved and had one. All of the whole week that I struggled through would have been worth nothing...

I almost gave up and had one because I had it in my head that I may as well as I'm going to fail at it sooner or later. Its the thought of failing and all of the shit feelings that go along with it that almost made me give up. Thinking about failing anyway is self destructive and it almost got me.

I'm in a cycle. A cycle of feeling not good enough. Despite being a seemingly happy and positive person on the outside, Inside I've been thinking about failing everything. Secretly feeling guilty even before Ive failed, pushing myself towards failure more.

The fact that ive not had a cigarette seems so insignificant but its not really. That tiny glimmer of hope that all is not lost .... I'm thriving on it. I'm lapping up all of the positive feelings surrounding what I've achieved, How far I've come. It's hard I ain't going to lie but the fact that it's hard is making me feel even more amazing about the fact that I haven't given up. I feel like I've broken a cycle and I've realised something much bigger.

I'm not going to think about how far I have to go or how small this achievement seems to be. I'm not going to dwell on how much I've failed and the mistakes I've made. I'm going to revel on this positive feeling. I'm going to do everything I can to feel this way tomorrow and then the next day.

Keep pushing

11-Nov-14 12:02 PM By Dawn 0 Comments

I ALWAYS fail. I thought that my lack of motivation was down to being a teenager but it carried on and its gotten way worse. I'm not 26 years old with nothing, No savings, No job, A relationship that isn't working because guess what!? I'm a failure. I too do that thing where I absolutely convince myself that I will beat this and I won't fail but it just pretty much sets me up to feel worse once I do fail.

It doesn't seem to matter how life changing and good for me a certain opportunity may be. In fact it makes it worse when I do fail and I do hate myself. One example -

After years of Lap dancing (the only job I ever stuck at) I decided to start college. I got accepted and spent the first week feeling amazing. That was until I quit. Making every excuse that even I believe at the time. "The tutors don't like me", Or "I'm already behind on my work I'm going to fail anyway". So I quit and when I quit things it feels like a relief for a brief moment, That is until the guilt sets in, Plus all of the other feelings and thoughts that lead to the realisation that I am a failure, A complete let down and I am not capable of doing anything that will benefit myself.

I went to therapy for anxiety once, I quit because I felt better and never went back. My anxiety got worse as I hadn't completed the therapy, Now I have to wait a year to see someone else.

Most of the things I fail at are things that I've been very excited to do. When I'm planning to do them I realise how much they will benefit my life or even other people around me. I quit them every time and I end up feeling, Well, I feel like I'm a burden on people, A waste of space. I now know that once I start something I will fail.

My sleeping pattern sucks too. If I have to be up for something the next day I will find it impossible to sleep and I will feel angry and frustrated, Then I will cancel whatever I was going to do. No matter how important it is. I will then ignore my phone if, Say for example I had an arrangement with someone, for fear of feeling even worse due to letting someone down.

I ignore the few friends I have sometimes. Not because I'm nasty but if I feel low which I often do, I don't feel like I can speak to people. If anyone gets angry at me I will shut them out.

I'm not sure if I have something mentally wrong with me as it seems or if I really am just a lazy, good for nothing. I know that I suffer from anxiety and depression but I feel as if there's something a lot worse.

I have been a let down at pretty much every single thing I have attempted. I think one of the worst part about it isn't just the self loathing, It's other peoples opinions. People who don't understand, who just think I'm lazy. My family who actually know now that if I do something I will quit.

I've managed to quit smoking. I'm on my 7th day. Just writing this is making me want to just light one up. Sod it, I'm going to fail anyway.

11-Nov-14 09:30 AM By Dawn 1 Comment

I use to be different. I am an active, fit, outgoing and positive person. Now, I would make up tons of excuses to skip class, to miss my expensive tutoring lessons, plus, I constantly do not feel or look good anymore. I feel like everyone around me are getting better everyday, working hard and putting so much effort towards what they like or passionate about. I use to be passionate of becoming a nutritionist, but now, I don't even know anymore, I'm lost and I am not confident at all with everything I do and say now. I could constantly hear the voice in my head scolding my laziness and lack of motivation. With all the temptation and attraction on the internet and last minute work, I always put myself on the edge. My sleeping pattern and work out pattern is all messed up. I don't have a constant schedule or timetable that I could stick to for more than a week or so. I feel really bad about myself compared to the old me and I kept convincing myself that I could definitely go back to the person I was before, however the more I do that, the more I fail. Resulting my ultimate hatred towards myself.

11-Nov-14 04:05 AM 5 Comments

Monday, November 10 2014

i moved schools for the first time only to make more bad decisions that i love. i made two frirnds then i missed three weeks of school with mono and they dropped out and i have no idea how i will ever catch up on my school work. i feel like this is a dead end i cant work through.

10-Nov-14 05:14 PM 0 Comments

Hello everyone, My name is Mr. Mackey M'kayyyy? I just wanted to let the whole world know that I am sick of teaching the brats of south park, M'kayyyy? Sometimes I dress up as a squid and sell vacuum cleaners to convicted sex offenders. I also wanted to say that I started as a baby and now look at me, M'kayyyyyy? So i Just wannt to thank my parents for conceiving me and than taking me to an Alanis Morrisette concert. Thanks, Mkayyyyy?

10-Nov-14 02:16 PM By Mr. Mackey 1 Comment

I've tried so hard, my whole life. I've never been able to accomplish anything. Now I just feel so... Tired. It's so pointless. Why do this song and dance anymore? I've never been able to satisfy the expectations of me, I've never felt my own satisfaction. I fail at everything I try and I never get support.

... I'm just going to feel this empty for the rest of my life. May it not be much longer.

10-Nov-14 02:30 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, November 9 2014

So I went out with this guy today and he wanted me to have a one night stand with him without his spouse knowing.

I only met him once and now I feel cheap and gross and.... ewwwww!

I asked him to just be friends but what I really meant was, boom bitch! Go eat some hot sauce salad.

9-Nov-14 10:57 PM By vent 0 Comments

This world revolves around looks. It's all about appearance. Look here; if someone is good looking (girl or guy) then you will have a good life. If a man is tall, white, thin, with good features, then he will succeed somehow. On the other hand, if a man is dark, quiet, overweight, dark eyed and short, then he will fail in society. If a woman has a nice body, a nice face, with nice teeth, she will succeed. On the other hand, a woman with an out of shape body with small breasts and is very short/weird shaped, she will fail. It's destined. In court videos on youtube you will come to find that the commenters are always on the attractive persons 'side'. The commenters will insult whoever the unattractive one is (whether it be the victim or perpetrator). On videos where the perpetrator is handsome/beautiful, people will justify their acts and talk negatively toward the victim/or victim's family. Nowadays people get famous just because they look good; they will get movie roles and become models because their inherited look, while the 'ugly' have to suffer a long and torturous life. No one seems to have a problem with this. Girls will willingly talk to a tall, handsome, white man with blue/green eyes in public, but will shun and insult a man with less attractive features. This world isn't right. Nothing is right. And I just hope and pray that there is a God almighty, so all this pain and misery is just temporary. I must keep reminding myself of this. If there wasn't a paradise at the end of this, I certainly would have walked away by now.

9-Nov-14 07:52 AM By TheSoulAwake 6 Comments

Are you a gang stalker? Smear Campaigns?

9-Nov-14 07:52 AM By penis 0 Comments

Saturday, November 8 2014

Where do I begin? I faaaaaaaaaaaaaail at life. I'm a 35 year old virgin who lives in my parents basement. I have no friends, no social life, no college degree, no job and on top of all that I weigh 457 pounds. I am the most pathetic human being that has ever existed. I dress up as a girl when no one is home and run around dancing in a thong and bra. My day usually starts with me waking up to a bout of explosive diareah from all of the shitty fast food I eat the night before, followed by jerking off to midget pornos then stuffing my fat face with hot pockets and fast food followd by hours upon hours of gaming. The highlight of my existence is my character in my video game. I am a warrior princess named zeldonia and I am very good looking. Sadly I try to hit on male characters in the game but i fail. I wish I would just die alaready because I faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail

8-Nov-14 10:24 PM By herman 2 Comments

I'm the guy who always put out 110% effort and still failed to make the grade: always getting somewhere but never quite where I wanted in life or love. It's what happens when your not smart enough, strong enough, good looking enough....

Now that I'm losing what I have manged because of a failing body

and failed relationships I feel totally worthless and like a total failure.

8-Nov-14 06:48 PM By Jay 0 Comments

I tried not to master bait for the whole weekend i'm 15 do i failed

8-Nov-14 06:20 PM 0 Comments

Now 24.

Dropped out from school at 16.

Too shy, too ugly, too stupid.

Never got a job, no work experience

Always at home, doing nothing, never going out.

No friends, virgin.

Failed in engineering. The only thing I looked for in this life.

Failed in killing myself.

Born to fail, that's what I'm here in this world for. Why do I even bother.

You can't surpass me in that.

8-Nov-14 05:16 PM By HumanLeech 0 Comments

Well, i am of 22, i am Software Engineer, know much about Software Development Skills, Quick learner, etc, but always fail to prove my self in interview, i want to visit this whole world but i have responsibility of my family, and because they supported me, paid my heavy fees always, so i am bound ethically to fulfill there desires, i wish i can do something best for them :(

8-Nov-14 10:05 AM By Sam 0 Comments

Friday, November 7 2014

I'm 26, and I have no life, no money, afraid to leave the house, scared to talk to people, never had a real job or experience, dropout of high school on my senior year in 2006 and been doing nothing, but lay in bed, surf the web or play online games. I really hate what I have become. I have never talk to anybody about my problem, because everything cost money, which I don't have.

7-Nov-14 10:43 PM 0 Comments

lots of people are their anybody whos been in my situation?lots of people asked me the same question:why are you so weird?ive always considered myself different.stupid,even ugly.but weird?when i look back on my life,its true.jumping off ov walls,scratching my skin with sharp objects,yelling out weird things.i dont think i can handle myself anymore.

7-Nov-14 06:09 PM By worthlessme 0 Comments

Being an ugly male is the worst thing that can happen to a human.I have nothing,i have no friends,random people make fun of me,i am lonely depressed.I tried to improve myself but theres nothing i can do to mask my inferior genetics.I am living one of the worst scenarios possible.

Whenever you feel bad remember that i am a bigger loser than you

7-Nov-14 11:43 AM By mbokani 1 Comment

:( :( :( I'm in love with a guy who has a girlfriend and I just want him for myself. I think about him all the time :( I'm 22 years old. I have a 5 page paper due by 12:00am. I stayed up until 2:00am last night editing radio and film projects. Editing Software PISSES me OFF!!I cant seem to get my life together. I want to do projects I want to do and not be forced to do with a bad grade as a result of a professor's and a couple students opinion. I just want friends, a beer, nachos, and TV. I am a Mexican female in a white man favored world and it sucks!

7-Nov-14 10:07 AM 0 Comments

im 12 and all my friends are good at every thing while i sit there feeling the pain of i could have worked harder but i cant..people say im talented but i dont see any talent while i fail at everything i feel like i should stop doing everything so that i wont fail so often but if im suffering in life one can do anything a failure

7-Nov-14 09:48 AM By lee 0 Comments

I am 21, very healthy and a pretty attractive male. In the past 4 years I have built a facade of success. I have friends who think I have it under control. Before I moved up to college I always thought I had my emotions and academic performance down. Then I began college and got a girlfriend. Since then my work ethic, academic performance and emotional stability have all but disappeared. Luckily my girlfriend left me and I barely survived myself. I hoped that I could adjust my life goals get out of crippling depression start succeeding. I focused all my energy on religion and social life. It worked for my depression even if it came with battles.

In fact, I feel as though I am consecrating all life to religion because I have so many temptations and I just have to keep saying no in order to stay sane and moral. It gets very exhausting sometimes.

None of my family gets it, they think I am just distracting my energy from what I should be doing. In reality they might be right, but they don't know how dark my life is without some moral code keeping me from killing myself.

I am supposed to graduate this year, but I don't even think I have been taking the right classes. because of my academic tardiness I really need to pass and excel in my classes. That is clearly not happening. As of right now I am procreating in the wee hours of the morning when I should be asleep having studied well for my Chem Midterm tomorrow.

I know there is no value in gloating over misery so let me be clear that I am using this as a chance to think cooly about my failure.

I am worried that my failure in this class will ruin my major goals and I will have to leave my school. I think generally everyone will be confused by this and I might swing into a horrible depression. One of my worst problems is my habit of inaction, I am not slow but I have a sort of sloth. I have not really worked before, nearly all my jobs have been unpaid internships with very leadership oriented skills. How will I employ them as a dropout?

I Now meet wonderful people in my Church but honestly they are not physically attractive, sometimes puritanical. Even worse, sometimes I feel that I have a higher intellectual understanding of religion even though these people can be very smart and I wonder if my own belief is solely a product of selfish emotional needs.

7-Nov-14 05:29 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, November 6 2014

I'm failing half my classes, and I'm supposed to be a straight A student. We have like two projects due a week, putting tons of stress on me, and I have had the worst luck, like leaving my binder at school when a major math project is due the next day. I've tried and tried and nothing seems to be going right. Fml

6-Nov-14 11:08 PM By S rutledge 0 Comments

im 12,and i dont feel what everyone else feels about me.some say im pretty,most say im am i smart if the highest grade i can get is a C or a D?how am i pretty if i have bumps all over my face?i dont feel smart,i feel dumb,stupid,ugly and SURE everyone is lieing to me...

6-Nov-14 09:30 PM By ... 1 Comment

My Mum died when I was 12. My Dads an alcoholic. Both my older brother and younger sister are very well educated and intelligent, happy people. I'm considered the failure of the family. I have no friends. I have manic depression. I have anorexia and bulimia. Im on antidepressants that make me sick. I've been sexually abused and raped since my Mum died. I work as a Model and my agents in the past told me I was fat she I was 14-18.

I've dropped out of a school, two colleges and a uni so far in life. The only thing good about my life is my boyfriend.

I have attempted suicide before, and I've never fit in anywhere.

I have always cooked for my family, loved them and looked after them and I get nothing in return. My grandparents won't speak to me because I dropped out of uni, and told me my Mum would be 'disappointed' and no one else related to me speaks to me.

If anyone can give me a valid reason for why I should try anymore then I've got all ears open

6-Nov-14 03:22 PM 1 Comment


When will these thoughts END!?

I'm starting to cut myself, but since I fail at everything, I haven't even been able to cut my skin right. I mean, red marks are always there, but no blood comes out.

I hate the world and the world hates me

6-Nov-14 03:21 PM By JuC 0 Comments

I disappoint everyone I meet. I mean, I promise various things, but for any reason, I CAN'T DO THE PROMISE! "I promise I'll take the dog out for a walk" (I don't) "I promise I'll give you my HW tomorrow!" (I don't) "I promise I'll have this video made by__" (I don't)

And it isn't because I don't want to, it's because stupid details ruin my life and make me either procrastinate, or fail completely and not make me fulfill my promise :( I mean, most of the times, the weather changes, or I get depressed and simply blackout, or somebody gets sick, or websites crash, or.. I DON'T KNOW. No excuse is good enough to not make promises, and I'm not good enough for the people I disappoint.

I hate my incompetence and my lack of voice, I hate breaking promises... I hate myself!

I hate the world and the world hates me.

6-Nov-14 02:58 PM By JuC 0 Comments

I have exams in 2 weeks and my classes have about 50%... which means I'm failing. I am gonna get fucked by my parents because we are poor and I should value my education and everything but I just can't.. I feel very bad on myself and I keep thinking about best ways to kill myself... :'(

6-Nov-14 08:34 AM By Il..... 0 Comments

Wednesday, November 5 2014

I'm a senior in high school. I missed every deadline for college. I didn't do my personal statement and resume yet and along with two teacher recommendation. I can't stop eating and binging. i feel like shit everyday in school because i have Social anxiety. I wish i die because no one cares about me. I never felt love in my life.

5-Nov-14 03:58 PM 0 Comments

Tomorrow I have a maths test and I am meant to be revising right now but I would rather complain so here I am I don't know how to do remainder theorem and although this is not life and I do not need maths to not fail at life in my own humble opinion everyone else is of the view maths is actually relevant at all and also I am going to become a starfish since I'm already halfway there by HAVING NO BRAINS.

5-Nov-14 08:14 AM By esteban 0 Comments

Tuesday, November 4 2014

I have a dept of $50,000. I failed my exams, failed my driving test and absolutely failed everything possible. What should I do? I can't stop crying

4-Nov-14 10:31 PM 0 Comments

Just here to get my frustration out. I have no job some little money, a wife, I'm 26 by the way. I have known her for 2 years and gotten married 3 months ago. We live in Europe. And well since I don't speak the language I have the job problem. My wife works and expects me to be perfect. I had to give up drinking and smoking only because of her I guess. I changed a lot for her for us and still I hear nothing but complaining about everything. Just want to jump out the window to get away from it really or just sleep and get some rest forever. ITs so annoying. I told her to shut up and more cursing added. I dug a hole in the ground unable to get out. And so what now I have to say sorry? Btw since I moved here I have zero friends. And her friends don't like me. So I don't have anyone to talk to besides her. So annoying. Even if we fight I still clean and make are apartment look nice. To get away from bordem I play games on my laptop or watch movies. She says I'm a deadbeat for not doing 1 thing or I did everything else but forgot 1 thing. Rather then tell me its more like "hey your so stupid and you never listen to me" that's probably because I get confused to not hearing nagging when its being asked a question now. I feel as though I don't even hear what she is saying. And self-consciously I block out anything. What am I doing wrong? Am I just being paranoid? I have extreme paranoia, I don't like going out. I have this feeling people are watching me and I have somewhat a low ego. Adhd doesn't help either and I just don't feel up to do anything but try and make her happy. Since I'm failing at that its become a living hell. So what do you guys think I should do to go back to being happy?

4-Nov-14 06:49 AM By Deadbeat 0 Comments

hi, I am 26yrs, i have failed in every aspect of life. now i don't have any certificates in my hand and i don't any technologies and skills in my hand, what I have all has is full of depths. i cannot meet people and i am felling shame to meet my parents. fortunately my family doesn't know all these things. they are expecting a good future for me. my family expecting a lot from me. i have huge responsibilities in my head. but i cannot do anything and i really don't know how to restart my life. i cant dare to suicide because my family cannot live a second without me. i am sick of telling lies to family and friends. i am tired to think about my future. i am hoping for help.

4-Nov-14 05:53 AM By Suresh 0 Comments

Monday, November 3 2014

as long as you don't quit and as long as you never give up, youre not a failure. in fact, in my opinion, you're a sucess. keep that in mind.

3-Nov-14 08:46 PM 0 Comments

I'm like worried for you people. Most of you are on the verge of being suicidal. Most of the reasons are, jobless, no education, no relationship, no friends, and letting people down. However, being negative will make you feel worse and lead you to making worse decisions. It can also affect your mental health adversely.

For those who are jobless, keep trying! There has to be a job for you somewhere. You can start out at a small job, and slowly work your way up. Or you can use the money earned to get further education and get a better job in the future. It takes time but it's definitely for the better.

No education, same thing. Go work at part-time jobs, save up or get student loans, and get further education,etc.

Romantic relationship is not everything. Work on having a stable career and a positive mindset first! You'll find someone out there somehow, if you start on improving yourself and keep on trying. Love can't be forced upon anyway.

No friends? Go out and make some. How else are you going to get any friends if you don't try?

For those of you who tried but kept failing, just try again and again and again. If you give up now, it's the end. It will not get any better. There's a way out. Don't let negative emotions get the better of you.

If you think you have problems, find someone to talk to. Sound so cliche right. But it really helps. You won't think it will, but it does. Consult a psychiatrist or something for professional help.

There is always someone out there looking out for you. You have so much time to change before it's too late! You were given the chance to be born into this world. If you have internet, it certainly can't be too bad. Don't think of it as ' why am i born into this world. I am useless' but rather ' i am born into this world to make a change for the better'. You'll have so many positive things awaiting you in the future if you CHANGE NOW. Wake up already. No matter how hard it gets.

You can do it.

3-Nov-14 08:10 PM By Randompasserbywhobelieveyoucanachievesomuchmore 1 Comment

Some of you on the website is just complaining and whining. I know it's not easy to just start changing, but it won't get any better if you just do nothing about your situation. There is never an easy way out, you of all people should know that. Start making plans, start working on it. It doesn't have to be a huge change since the start. You can start out slowly. There is so much more in life than getting a girlfriend, getting laid, etc. You know you have problems, you know what they are and you know those are the factors that are making you fail in life. So why are you letting these problems to continue to drag you down? It's time to face it. Do something about it. Stop procrastinating, stop self-denying, stop being depressed. It ain't gonna help. It's hard but it's the only way your lfe will ever change. From now on, everything you do is for a better future. Set your mind on goals and start being more positive. Being negative only makes it worse. At least there's a chane of life getting better if you start trying, isn't it?

3-Nov-14 07:51 PM 0 Comments

Cant do shit right, everytime something good happends in my life a shitstorm of bad things arrives. is like destiny wants me to be unhappy.

3-Nov-14 02:04 PM 0 Comments

I really sometimes wonder if it's better for me to just disappear. I can't get a job, I'm a depressive mess which is what I think possibly drove "her" away despite her being the same. I feel like no one wants to be around me. Either I get insulted or ignored because they think I'm weird or stupid, which is part of the reason why I adopted a "fuck it, gonna be a dick" type attitude which people tend to think that's me entirely and go on bout me being a manchild. Part of me wants to hold on for something to change later in my life such as joining the military, but there's an anchor pulling me down and telling me I'll probably fail MEPS and get me disqualified and practically lose 80% of my life plan. Was going to use the benefits as a crutch to getting a good college. I really hope something changes soon or I'm gonna give up and just shut myself out forever or end it all.

3-Nov-14 01:43 PM By A.I.M. 0 Comments

I really would like to be a screenwriter but I know it will never happen. I feel like i am just going to fail in and at everything. School is hard. My dreams feel empty and I'm too scared to even attempt to achieve them. I shouldn't really try because I know I will just end embarrassing myself. I'm still trying to find myself. I literally hate everyone I got to school with, bunch of fake, unintelligent people pleasers. I've recently stopped seeing my 'best' friends and now I know how it feels to be really alone.

3-Nov-14 08:37 AM 1 Comment

Sunday, November 2 2014

I have a comfortable apartment, a few thousand $ in savings but currently no job and I'm worried because I have a terrible procrastination problem. I've put off looking for work, socializing, grocery shopping, and many other basic life activities for several months because of my terrible procrastination in finishing some simple business. It would have probably taken around 1 day of work but I've spent the last 2 months watching stupid youtube videos about 10-12 hours every day and my brain feels like it is Jello. I'm in my mid 30's and I'm really starting to worry that I didn't feel enough of a sense of urgency and now I have no direction. I just can't stop procrastinating. Many nights I stay up until 4AM because I keep saying I'll do the work but get too tired and fall asleep only to wake up at noon the next day and repeat the cycle. I really need to stop before I lose everything...

2-Nov-14 11:20 PM 0 Comments

I cause problems wherever I go. I like people but they don't like me. I figured being good at things such as school, sports, or work would make me feel better and help me fit in but I'm not skilled nor have the mental focus/intelligence to work on anything long enough to succeed at it. Most people finish university in 4-5 years, its taking me 10 years to finish a four year degree. I just couldn't do it any other way. I don't even know what i'm going to do with this degree, IF I FINISH. I don't want to work, I've given up trying to fit in so now i just have absolutely nothing to desire to get and try at. Also, there is no point trying anything new because i always fuck it up somehow

2-Nov-14 01:12 PM By why even bother 0 Comments

Saturday, November 1 2014

I worked my ass off to get an education and career, but my husband can't get a good job, I owe too much money to everyone, my kids are lazy, and all of it is my fault. If I were even a halfway-decent human being, I would have a happy marriage, well-adjusted kids, and no debt. But I suck at life and should be dead. I would kill myself, but my family wouldn't be able to take care of themselves - the husband doesn't make enough to live on. I am a worthless loser who never should have been born let alone have kids.

1-Nov-14 05:09 PM 0 Comments

Dating a girl with 2 kids for 6 months now, spent over $3000 on her but treats me like shit calls me weirdo insults me like hell i take her on dates pay her phone bill i mean everything financially its so sad being cursed like that for the fact i know i am getting used by her she always asks for favor of money i give it to her but when i ask for something about getting intimate i get a straight no besides i pay for her and her kids everything, LIFE SUCKS

1-Nov-14 01:33 PM By tdi200 0 Comments

I'm 26. Screwed up my life. Still a virgin. Not much education... People say life is hard but I don't see anyone struggling. All I see is everyone on social media sites achieving greatness, making friends, travelling the world and I've been given this cursed lonely life. I wish I could change but what's the point now? It's too late. I'm better off dead.

1-Nov-14 09:22 AM By Why me 1 Comment

I unfortunately have multiple disability and I recently had my kids taken off me because I've full apart before they were taken off me I'm not a bad mum but I know I need help but I don't have my family to support me they just want to take my kids it's not fair I feel like I fail but I'm am trying to get some support but I don't know how. As ND all I do is cry and trying to get back to get my kids back is hard as well as hurting me like hell need help before it's truly to late please.

1-Nov-14 03:05 AM By Anna 0 Comments

Friday, October 31 2014

I am 23 years old. I have a good job but my personal and social life is going to shit. Losing friends and hard to gave friends. I ended up anti-social and have a hard time meeting new people and socializing. Having a good job and good pay isn't everything in my life. Being lonely is a bitch and a half.

31-Oct-14 08:43 PM By duhfucktolife 0 Comments

I'm always depressed. Depressed either about deceased loved ones, not getting any pussy, the future, or nothing at all.

I know I'm a waste of space. I really wish I was courageous enough to kill myself. I don't want to be a virgin loser who leeches off their parents their entire life anymore. The alternative to suicide is actually making an effort, but so far I haven't been able to do that. I've tried to get motivated to do anything productive and nothing comes of it. The only hope I have is that continuing to leech without regard for my physical health will do me in sometime around 30 (earlier is always better). There is no point in working toward a forever bleak future.

31-Oct-14 02:15 PM 0 Comments

I read the chapters, I study the homework and practice quizzes and I fail the quiz. I studied in advance, for more hours than I should, and I still failed the quiz. Accountants think my professor is a great guy, while I think he's a dick. I'm in good standing in the class, I participate, ask for help, but I have this feeling that I'm going to fail. I want to be an Accountant terribly, but my faith and hope are being clearly challenged.

31-Oct-14 02:00 PM By I dont know what Im doing. 0 Comments

there is something right in me so why the people think. its wrong and the people have no care about my ideas

31-Oct-14 01:31 PM By suicidal 0 Comments

Everything is wrong with me. And on top of all that, I met a girl and we talk over text, but I guess her and her friends just teased me and joked with me. She's probably someone totally different than the pictures. I should've known. Who was I to ever think I could get lucky? What a dumb ass...I should just accept the fact that my life will be horrible forever and nothing good will happen. It's hard to accept, but I will eventually have to.

31-Oct-14 12:39 AM By Suicidal 0 Comments

Thursday, October 30 2014

I'm failing every class I'm taking currently, and I can never seem to make myself better. I just go through a roller coaster of emotions where one moment I'm too happy to care about school and the next I'm too depressed to function and want nothing more than a peaceful death. I can't DO anything. Anything at all. It's impossible for me to succeed. Help

30-Oct-14 09:30 AM 1 Comment

Wednesday, October 29 2014

I'm officially a college drop out , no life, no Job please help me God. I'm a public failure everybody is watching my next move they wonder how I'm gonna get out of this mess if ever but my faith in You God gave me a bit of hope to make drastic changes and decisions concerning my life please don't turn your back on me hear my agony and remember me o God. I nead means to make bread please help God. I feel everybody wants me to be what they are and I believe I'm different but only you God know my course in life so please my Lord all my agony is here please remember me. I'm mocked for your name, I fight the world please accept me in your Kingdom, my life... Please come to my defence I admit I'm a struggling sinner and I'm not perfect but please Lord don't leave me a mockery, I pray my Lord in the name of Jesus. Please come to my rescue

29-Oct-14 10:49 AM By HELP MY LORD, I PRAY 0 Comments

i got my penis caught on a ceiling fan twice yesterday, my spoon is too big, i rammed a pinecone up my urethra and it felt good.

pleas ehlp

29-Oct-14 05:38 AM By billy the mentally challenged sphincter 0 Comments

Am a Christian and i think i have failed in my relationship with Christ. i try by all means to do right, but i keep on sinning and i just can't stand myself anymore. at first it was masterbation which i began when i was 14yrs old and that sinful habit has continued upto the age of 23. worse off, just this year, i have paid 6 hookers to have sex with me. i did use condoms at every encounter, but whats eating me bad is losing my salvation and drifting away from God's presence. whats wrong with me? aww! Christ Jesus went through too much for all our sins, yet, i still struggle with sin. i hate every bit of what i do and i try to stay holy and righteous, but i keep fighting the same battles with fornication and lust. am tired of this, this has to end.

29-Oct-14 03:55 AM By God have mercy on me 2 Comments

Tuesday, October 28 2014

My parents moved from their home country and gave up everything they had so that I could get a better education. I have just finished my high school exams and I have realized that I am not going to score above 50% and University is out of the question. I have completely failed my parents and failed at life and the worst part is I can't even bring myself to tell them the truth. I am a total and absolute failure.

28-Oct-14 05:10 AM By Such is life... 0 Comments

Monday, October 27 2014

people think im asian im just tired people are just h8ters i fink people should stop hayting now i have to shove my rope in my pocket comebnt like and follow me on twitter if you crye ever tmes

27-Oct-14 03:54 PM By Im not asian just tired 0 Comments

yesterday our son got taken by a malisious group called Alcateri. Oh wait my sons arm is for sale on amazon what should i do

27-Oct-14 03:48 PM By An Asain Couple 0 Comments

My names billy. I smack bobbys. This is what like is like in 9018, all the women have died so I get paid to smack mens bobbys while dressed up as cheryl cole with pink hair. Once I locked up a asian originated man a d smacked him with my double ender

27-Oct-14 03:47 PM By Billy the bobby smacker 0 Comments

I shagged a dead cat and it shat it self so i ate it, it tasted good so i murder cats like a rapid chinky on steroids just to eat their shit.

27-Oct-14 03:42 PM By DevvoTheCatshitEater 0 Comments


Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?