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Friday, April 29 2016

im simply not fit for adult life

29-Apr-16 03:19 PM 0 Comments

Thursday, April 28 2016

Hello I'm 21 female I've always been a respectful child till today but I struggle to move forward I'm still at school and I'm scared that I will fail again,I sometimes think that God doesn't care I pray,study hard but nothing

28-Apr-16 06:21 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, April 27 2016

Marriage #2, yet another failed attempt. Tried hard to find someone, he loves me, but not my kids, his are spoiled, smart on paper only. If I had only given myself time to be alone and live only for my kids I would have seen how much happier I'd have been. Now I'm miserable, we argue almost every night, I cry almost as often without his knowledge. What a wasted life. You only live once and I've screwed mine up the whole way.

27-Apr-16 08:45 PM By I did it again 0 Comments

Tuesday, April 26 2016

I sat here after coming from work where I am in love with a girl who is in love with someone else. I only talk to her on Facebook because in person I'm quiet as hell. I told her that and I guess she accepts it. She barely talks to me now. I think I scared her away like a big ugly monster. Now I'm here at home, laying on the floor and staring at the wall. No one messages me. No one texts me. Nothing. If I died at this second, no one would know. Even at work everyone else loves that girl and even some old white guy said he likes when the girl does deliveries because she's cuter than me. duh, fag , of course she is, I'm ugly. So I'll never have a chance with her or anyone else. I think that there's some type of disorder in my life. Somewhere and at some time, something got messed up. Maybe I started on life late or maybe I wasn't social enough when I was younger. I'm too quiet. Even my mom said it. Truth is...what do I talk about? Random stuff? The weather? I'll never talk about my emotions as they are too complex and it will just mess things up. There's nothing to talk about. I wish I could tell my love how much I adore her, but she'll think I'm even uglier and creepier while her bf sits and laughs with her.

26-Apr-16 09:13 PM By Beast ugly 1 Comment

grades are dropping. no motivation for academics, sports, extracurricular's, and just school in general. constantly yelled at by my mom about how much of a failure i am. she's right, though.

26-Apr-16 04:14 PM 0 Comments

I could be everything that i wanted to be. But im too lazy too realize that.

26-Apr-16 02:47 PM By just a normal college student 1 Comment

all will come to a point when they realize there is no hope in the world and no hope in your personal life. many people have seen this and killed themselves but this realization is also the opportunity to let go of all that you think you know and learn the truth about life. do you want to be a dieng insect? meaningless and to small to notice? a lonely mind that is a cruel joke cut of from all creation?? Please before you kill yourself look for the truth and ask what lies beyond this life of death, this universe of darkness, this void of empty space. What lies beyond? what was never created? and can never be destroyed? don't kill yourself yet....try to find the truth. the least you can do is try. There must be sum hope somewhere

26-Apr-16 02:04 PM By now begin again 0 Comments

Basically we can blame our parents for everything because they're the ones that made us.

26-Apr-16 01:03 PM By me171 0 Comments

Fuck it I gambled the rest too. Why? I was sexually abused as a child and addiction makes me feel better. Temporarily. I'm going all the way to bankrupt town....and I know it.

26-Apr-16 10:54 AM By Thegambler 0 Comments

its me vs the world and i aint winning

26-Apr-16 09:15 AM By optinal 0 Comments

I feel as if I fail at everything and anything I do. Even when I put my mind to it and push to succeed, I get knocked down, never to rise back up again. I keep thinking of suicide because this world would just be better without me in it.

26-Apr-16 06:11 AM By DRC 0 Comments

Monday, April 25 2016

im 24. sick of my life. no social life. no boyfriend. no motivation. feeling lazy all the time.

25-Apr-16 03:05 PM 1 Comment

Saturday, April 23 2016

I alwayz fail in my life i dnt want to live this kind of life.nd i hate myself so much

23-Apr-16 01:48 PM By cp 0 Comments

The girl I like, shot me down, I'm a wuss.

23-Apr-16 07:54 AM By Djblaskowitz 0 Comments

Friday, April 22 2016

i can't believe it once again i chickened out and didnt kill myself when i knew that killing myself was the best option. and now since i didnt do it i have to suffer. morbid fear, pain untill the next time i know again that killing myself is the only answer and again i chicken out just to suffer more. why do i keep doing this? week after week year after year. why cant i just commit suicide already. theres nothing here for me nothing but pain. even god would look upon my life and say "child kill yourself, be free from this prison of fear"

22-Apr-16 06:23 PM By again 1 Comment

Theses this dude sitting next to me and he wont stop touching my computer goddammit cole

22-Apr-16 12:21 PM 0 Comments

Thursday, April 21 2016

It's earth day the perps are after you gang stalking you so save the planet and kill yourself.

21-Apr-16 11:03 PM By 7.831Hz 0 Comments


21-Apr-16 06:49 PM 0 Comments

Wednesday, April 20 2016

survive, survive, survive, survive, survive...deaaaaaaaad

20-Apr-16 11:37 PM 0 Comments

I have a math teacher who is absolutely crazy and we have a whole bunch of tests coming up on topics i just dint understand

20-Apr-16 10:19 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, April 19 2016

People only talk to me because they pity me. I'm ugly and quiet and they feel like if they don't talk to me, I'll just sit in black silence for days or kill myself. They are kinda right, actually. Sometimes I await messages from certain people. I just sit in my dark empty room all day waiting while they talk to numerous people. Then when they message me I must wait to reply so that I Don't appear to be so lonely. Being an ugly human being is difficult. People just feel so sorry for me when they look at me. They just think, "he's slow, ugly, short, and weird. There's nothing good about him. Poor guy. He must contemplate suicide on a daily basis."

19-Apr-16 09:56 PM 2 Comments

Yep.......I just gambled away half of my life savings, I guess you could call me vulnerable. I would say I'm in the best position to give advice now tho having done not do it. jackass.

19-Apr-16 08:58 PM By Thegambler 0 Comments

Monday, April 18 2016

What would you do if you were ugly as hell and failed at everything and had crippling social problems?

18-Apr-16 09:03 PM 0 Comments

And now, they have taken me out of my violin class - something I loved to do

I don't think I can take it anymore.


18-Apr-16 07:48 PM By TakenByTheDarkness 1 Comment

My parents are always trying to make me something I'm not. They are loving parents - most of the time. I honestly think I've become an emotionless person thanks to them though. Every time I get an insult (or get hurt, etc) from somebody (not just them), I am not even affected. I never cry - I WAS NEVER LIKE THIS BEFORE. I'm 13 now, but I've though about suicide since I was 12.

But I think this was the last straw - My parents enroll me in a ton of classes (I appreciate it) and I love every single one of them. It's not like we are rich or anything either. BUT THEN THEY ENROLLED ME IN TAEKWONDO - I HATE IT. For about 6 months I thought ' Why not? I'll probably like it later...' But I still hate it. I told my parents and they freaked out. They said I don't appreciate anything that they do and my dad said I was a failure at life. And it didn't hurt one bit (BTW, this is even more proof that I've become emotionless). But I am broken inside. I am going to high school next year but I am not sure I'll make it. Also, I am a straight A student.

Please help, or I may not be able to take it anymore...

18-Apr-16 06:45 PM By TakenByTheDarkness 0 Comments

it still hurts you can't do anything to stop this from happening. to start, someone is leaving or so i think, she became a special part of my life even we only talked for a few days. she's the only one i talked to and smiled as we share our life's problems and craziness. it seems that this is not a problem for the ones who really fail at life but still it is a failure. a failure to please someone you like, failure to accept that she didn't really like you the way i liked her. as i woke up this morning, i still feel the pain or a question that is still in my mind, "is this the end of our little start?", "is she avoiding me for forever?", "can't she tell me the whole story or even the truth as i have told mine?". so anyone reading this, help me. i can't seem to just erase her out of my system.

18-Apr-16 05:20 PM By threesecondmemories 0 Comments

I'm in the ib program please help me I want to die.

18-Apr-16 10:54 AM By Kill me now 1 Comment

Sunday, April 17 2016

if ever i can reset my life, i wished i've done all the things that everyone has told me. they seem right by now. i am a talentless person, in everything that i try, i didn't excel. you could say that i know things but really i don't or i just pretend to be. if writing this would make someone happier or less alone, then thanks but i don't seem to like it. i say to God i'm sorry but this is useless. no one would like a depressing novelist, everyone is looking for a way to be happier. what is sadder than this is that everyone is expecting something from me then they get slightly angry by the time they know i can't do anything. in addition, of all the girls that i love or will love, i think they are looking for something that will make them standout from the rest and be proud they have me as boyfriend. i'm also skinny type of a person that can't protect myself in harm. i'm getting older. time is slipping and everyone is taking one step farther than me while i stayed here finding what i really am, what is my purpose. every second passes by goes to waste but i can't do anything good for now or forever. now i bid everyone farewell.

17-Apr-16 12:36 AM By threesecondmemories 0 Comments

Saturday, April 16 2016

I wish I lived somewhere dark, cold and empty. My mind state is always in sorrow and sadness. This bright sunshine doesn't help, it only worsens the situation. It's hard to pretend To be happy around my family. They see nothing wrong with me being 21 and having never had a friend or girlfriend. I sit in sadness every day because I know that I will be alone, wallowing in my own terminal sadness, until the day I die. I fall in love with girls that only speak to me every so often and already have their boyfriend. I can't speak...I am silent and it's painful. I try to talk, but it's like someone is holding me hostage telling me not to break out of my monotonous silence. Love is essential to the human spirit, but I will never feel it the way it should be felt. I will be alone forever, without end. When I am dying one day I will think back on my life of sadness and regret everything. Other people on there are with the love of their lives with their children...and there are others out there kissing the girl of their dreams in such paradise. I've never kissed a girl. Last time I hugged a girl was when I was 14 at my 8th grade promotion. I'm 21 now. That's proof that some people are destined a life of hell. I am talentless, stupid, ugly, boring, weird, and ignorant. There nothing a woman in the right mind would see of interest in me. I can't wait until I'm alone later so I can cry and cry and cry until I fall asleep. I'm also very unhealthy, poor, and weak. I can't break my silence. It's a part of who I am. I don't know why I'm like this. I will never know. But, my life is of no meaning or value. In a hundred years I'll just be some tombstone in a meadow of leaves and no one will ever know my sorrow. I won't kill myself...but I accept my fate; misery, pain, sadness, unquenched yearning for love, loneliness, and eventual death. My one and only life was lived this way. I yearn for blackness, devoid of emotion so that tears will never seep through my eyes again. God...I beg you with all my heart. Help. You know what I need. Help. I beg you.

16-Apr-16 05:16 PM By PlaguedBySilence 0 Comments

Hi, ever since the age of 12 I thought about suicide. My parents call me a failure every single day of my life and when I started high school I got called a failure by all my class mates.

When someone says some thing like that, you normally try to prove them wrong. Could I?

Well no because I am good at nothing.

I have never got over 90% on an exam.

I have never been the best at anything

(Not even the top 5)

I am not sporty

There is nothing special about me.

I deserve to die

16-Apr-16 12:28 PM By Anonymous 0 Comments

"The only people that want me alive is my family" At least the like you. I have no friends no family that like me

16-Apr-16 12:19 PM By Ill be dead tomorrow 0 Comments

Thursday, April 14 2016

I live here on this site. It's my secret world to go to when I start to hate myself again. I will always wonder why I am incapable of the most simplest things and why I can't communicate like a normal person. Usually people are either born hideous or ugly/unattractive but are brilliant and smart and that makes up for what they lack. Others are unattractive AND stupid with no talent, but they are at least funny and talkative/easy to get along with. I have none of those. I am ugly, ignorant and talentless and I am not funny and I am poor without money. I simply exist for no reason. The only people that want me alive is my family, but if they didn't want me I'd just kill myself or let myself die or try to find a way to end it - at least that's what I think I'd do. Truth is, I'm probably too much of a coward to do that.

So here I am, without a love. Without someone to love me. I am without passion and without companionship. I will never witness the beauty in life. I have tried so hard. I try to play instruments, but I am talentless and slow. I try to write, but I am ignorant in that aspect too. I try to paint, but I am horrible at it. Everything I try, I fail. All I do is comfort others and give them hope, but they just say thanks and continue with others and forget all about me. I know that someone is probably going to reply something such as "go kill yourself with bleach and so and so...." and I expect that. I don't know what to do with the rest of my life. These desires are strong and will break my already shattered heart into microscopic sadness. I fail at life...exactly what this site is for...

14-Apr-16 05:52 PM By The great failure of the Americas 2 Comments

I am a scar by Steven Barry

I am a scar

People notice me and I stand out

A symbol of life experiences

I am a scar

Often trying to hide from others

Painful or embarrassing at first then you get used to me

I am a scar

A mark for the rest of your life, like it or not

Created by knifes, razors, or physical changes

I am a scar

The reason for people to judge you

The reason for people to avoid you

I am a scar

I am also an inarticulate dumb ass.

14-Apr-16 10:28 AM By Steven Barry 0 Comments

Wednesday, April 13 2016

I tried everything to get picked at some of the Universities. I am currently in a long term relationship, and my girlfriend is studying abroad at one of the said universities. Even my siblings are studying there

I don't know how long I can hold on to everything. I wonder if my girlfriend or even my family sees me in the same light they once did. I feel so empty and lost that even my grades have started falling.

Though I am doing better than some of my mates, I still believe I've failed everyone I love, and I failed at life.

13-Apr-16 06:07 PM By RonChester 0 Comments

Tuesday, April 12 2016

a close friend of mine is addicted to eating baby bells, she eats at least 65 a day, shes losing control and has even gone to a first school and stole all the baby bells from the lunch boxes of children. shes so addicted she has made wallpaper from the wrappers and her bed is in the shape of a baby bell and she has a matching duivet and curtain set.

pm for more details

12-Apr-16 03:44 AM By cheese boy 0 Comments

hi guys, I need to vent... lol

im basically a failure at life init so basically got my geog mock (unit 3 btw) at 12pm, kmn fml lmfao

someone gellp me polease I cant crontoel my shaking I cant weven tpe


12-Apr-16 03:38 AM By the wonderer 1 Comment

Monday, April 11 2016

I'm a 26 yr old white male, single father. I work 50 hrs every week just to pay bills and buy food and gas. I've failed to succeed and have resorted to moving back home to my mom's, for the third time. ..26 yrs old, 5 yr old child, living with mom.. Although I work overtime, I can't seem to save enough to make a difference in our lives. I fear my child senses the shame when he asks me why he doesn't have his own bedroom, why we live with Grandma, and why can't we go places (vacation).

I skip meals so he doesn't have to. My mom is struggling to support her and my brother, so I feel obligated to help her out any chance I can... Every month minimum payments get higher. And every day my body and mind become more drained. I'm failing at life, but feel it was intended to be this way. No matter how hard I try, I'm set two steps back. .... How is continuing this going to help?? Or how do I change something, without risking everything for a worse outcome..

11-Apr-16 10:11 PM By Close to the edge 2 Comments

I'm a highschool with good grades and I've been blessed, but my senpai Kaito won't notice me. I'm secretly Sailor Moon by moonlight, and ditzy teenager by day light. MY BOYFRIEND IS DEAD AND SO ARE ALL MY FRIENDS BECAUSE OF OMEGA FLOWEY.

11-Apr-16 01:23 PM By Hatsune Miku 1 Comment

I fail to do the simplest things in life and I don't know why I find them so difficult when everyone else seems to manage them.

11-Apr-16 01:18 PM 1 Comment

I always irritate my parents. My mom committed suicide because of me. I am depressed. I want to die.

11-Apr-16 11:48 AM 0 Comments

Friday, April 8 2016

I am an overaged graduate student who now shows nothing of the promise others once (certainly mistakenly) saw in him. Worthless, empty accolades aside, I have squandered every opportunity afforded me: I cannot publish my work, and I am an embarrassment to myself and my colleagues. I want to die and be forgotten...

8-Apr-16 02:03 PM By Erik 1 Comment

I am depressed. I am on the verge of losing my job and going bankrupt. I am married and have 2 young kids. I want to kill myself. Can anyone save me.

8-Apr-16 05:54 AM By Taj 0 Comments

Thursday, April 7 2016

I am an angel of the Lord and I need help. I have been working with these two humans for a few years now and I can't get the older one to ask me out. I really care about him. His name is Dean Winchester. He helped save the world! Help me.

7-Apr-16 11:47 AM By Castiel Novak 1 Comment

Wednesday, April 6 2016

I am literally Death himself. If I try to kill myself it won't work. Maybe you homies can help me out. Contact my four Bros, please.

6-Apr-16 01:04 PM By Horseman of The Apocalype 0 Comments

I am an insect. They say I may bee an amazing basketball player. I am Kobee Obrian.

6-Apr-16 12:58 PM By Buzz 0 Comments

Tuesday, April 5 2016

Be aware of the self fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you are worthless, you will make it so. If you believe life is truly great and worth living, you will make it so. If you believe you can do well in life, you will make it so. Change your mind, change your life.

5-Apr-16 11:53 PM By Philosopher 3 Comments

The confu panda is a loser, but that loser became good at what he loves that he became the Dragon Worrier.

5-Apr-16 06:19 PM By itll get better 0 Comments

Monday, April 4 2016

I would like to die. I am weak , powerless , incapable. A failure. I cannot help the people I care about. I am a failure.

But I can't give up , my pain is nothing compared to what everyone goes through. A child dies every 3 second out of hunger in our world.

I feel numb , I do not feel anything. I want everything to end, but it won't do

4-Apr-16 10:01 PM 0 Comments

My proble? Everything. Including some of the people on here.

4-Apr-16 12:32 AM 1 Comment

Sunday, April 3 2016

too much pain... the pain of my life.... i only feel hurt.... ..:((

3-Apr-16 11:04 PM 0 Comments

Saturday, April 2 2016

I'm Busisiwe Hadebe i loose everytime when i'm trying to do things in right direction,now i don't know whats to do beacause i can't even keep a little job i found and i'm verry sensitive maybe i don' t know how to work with people but i think i'm the real problem,i don't nkow,coz every time i quit

2-Apr-16 03:46 PM By Busisiwe Hadebe 0 Comments

Friday, April 1 2016

hey for all you suffering, I just smoke till I cant see. good luck and never live a sober life! too much PAIN!

1-Apr-16 10:33 PM By PAIN! 0 Comments

Thursday, March 31 2016

I fail. I can't make it happen. I just fail. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know why I can't do simple things. Why I can't focus. Why I can't just be normal. Sometimes I would give up every bit of creativity just to be normal and self-sufficient and boring, just so I can stop aching and hating myself.

31-Mar-16 05:33 PM 3 Comments

Hello, am 30 I have tried almost everything but no success. I have a disability I can't walk properly my parents died when I was young I grew up with my grandmother it was so hard for me to go to school. I got my boyfriend when I was twenty five together we had a daughter when he got alot of success he left me and married some one else. I found a job in a law firm I've been working for five years but they don't pay me and about to be thrown out on the streets no rent I've tried to look for a job but have failed

31-Mar-16 04:35 AM By Grace 3 Comments

Wednesday, March 30 2016

i just want a friend. please. anyone. nobody ever talks to me and i don't know why. it really hurts. i feel like i'm invisible. someone say something, please.

30-Mar-16 10:44 PM By mika 5 Comments

Lol, sometimes I wonder what this strange force is. Words can never explain it. It's this strange force against me. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I tell them, but this force is with them too...they just don't react to it and it isn't as strong with them.

They say life's purpose is to multiply. But, I'm too much of an ugly person to attract any attention. I'm ugly as f*ck. Lol, how the hell can someone like that find someone to reproduce with? I'll never find anyone to love. Here in solitary, cold blackness I will be. I'm so ugly that I cannot ever go into daylight. I can't look anyone in the eyes. I'm out of shape, too...haha I'm a f*cking sloppy mess. Everyone I know hates me. At work people are nice to me only because they know I'm ugly as f*ck and that if they aren't nice to me it'll break my heart. I'm talentless...I like to do certain things, but I fail at them each time I try. I'm short as f* vision is bad...I don't even know how to drive...ive never had a girlfriend if you haven't f*cking noticed by now. So this is what I am: a talentless, half-blind, ugly, short, out of shape, poor, useless, dumb, loveless, sexless failure. If that's not bad, I don't know what is, hahaha. Ahhh....what a joke my life is. Sometimes I look at baby pictures of myself and laugh, because it's just kinda funny as f*ck how I would grow up to be so ugly and damn loser-like. Bye fag*got!!! :)

30-Mar-16 09:20 PM By the ugliest creature to ever walk 0 Comments

I don't know wat I m alive for I have no aim no goals. But as per principal of this world I dreamed for a average paying job not high paying job as I don't deserve that. I dreamed for love,it was with me for a while later she left. I m growing old and my parents are old too. One day they both will leave, again as per rules of nature and I will be left alone.I wake up everyday and wonder what is this world about. Who are these human beings? You might say kill yourself. I would say Lol 😊

Thanks for reading

30-Mar-16 05:30 PM By Hang me life 1 Comment

I need money. no respect for the poor. I wish I could find someone who would buy my kidney, an eye, or some other body part. I wish I could find a drug dealer that I can serve for a short time and earn some money. I have job but honestly, at the end of the month, I save nothing. all my salary is used for food and transport (I only eat once a day). if I knew life would be this frustrating, I would have died of fear in my mothers womb.

how can I get my act together.

30-Mar-16 03:25 AM By hardship 3 Comments

Tuesday, March 29 2016

I've been depressed for 42 years.

29-Mar-16 11:43 PM By tired 0 Comments

I have a 40k euro loan on my head which i think i cannot repay before 5 years

And i don't think I'll fit in the job I'll have to do to pay this back

29-Mar-16 06:29 PM 0 Comments

the only thing i regret in my life is not killing my self years ago. i feel like such a idiot for continuing to live

29-Mar-16 11:40 AM By fool 0 Comments

Avoid the grocery store at all costs it has these shitty foods:

White Flour.

Refined Sugar.


Processed meats. You don't need to eat meat. Raw oats have plenty of protein.

Homogenized hormonized milk.

Hot Dogs.

Eggs/Yogurt = Kidney Stones.

All dairy meat and flour = Cancer and death.

White Bread.

Peanut Oil.





Chemicals of any type.



Instead Meditate, sun gaze, fast, drink ozonated water and urine, eat colostrum from nature.

29-Mar-16 03:03 AM 3 Comments

Monday, March 28 2016

I suck. My lifeless life sucks, I don't feel anything anymore. It's blank completely. I can't see a way. I'm so effing useless, god definitely made a mistake by making me.

28-Mar-16 03:30 PM 8 Comments

Friday, March 25 2016

Here's an encoded suicide method.








25-Mar-16 09:37 PM By uselesswanker 0 Comments

Thinking of suicide?

Carbonated Soda.

Plastic Bag.

Zip Ties.

Baking Soda, Salt, Sugar, alaseltzer, rollaids.

Do it pussy.

25-Mar-16 09:11 PM 1 Comment

dry ice, hot water on rag, plastic bag, die you fag

25-Mar-16 09:06 PM By diealready 0 Comments






25-Mar-16 09:00 PM By shellcode 0 Comments

Declined. Foreclosed. Overdrafted. Bankrupt. Depressed. I quit.

25-Mar-16 04:44 PM 2 Comments

I'm laying here alone although I'm married. He's sleeping on the couch - again. Is it the weight I've gained? Is it our mattress? Is it that he isn't attracted to me? I'm lonely. He has a fake profile he uses on social media to solicit naked photos and pics of feet. I don't mind fetishes or porn, but the solicitation of photos is personal interaction and I hate it. He used to tell me I had perfect they sag and are uneven. He used to love to play with me and just it's a jungle surrounded by so much thigh it's frightening. I joined a gym. I hated it. I started getting up early, putting on workout clothes and going to the donut shop. I do not feel pretty anymore.

25-Mar-16 01:22 AM 1 Comment

Thursday, March 24 2016

I am sorry ...but i can't take it anymore my whole life is a burden ....

24-Mar-16 12:53 PM By snk 0 Comments

It is my sincerest hope that all of you get what you want from life. Just be happy. Don't worry about anything at all except living the life you want for yourself.

24-Mar-16 12:07 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, March 23 2016

Wow! This website is very morbid! Although I imagine it is nice to vent. I'm sure all of you lead your own lives in your own ways... This is a way of sharing with no one at all just Why you feel a little sad or angry today. I for one am just passing through. Total anonymity.

I honestly don't know if I can keep at it anymore.

23-Mar-16 11:59 PM 1 Comment

Tuesday, March 22 2016


22-Mar-16 11:36 PM By its-over 0 Comments

Monday, March 21 2016

I'm sorry I wasted my life this way. I can't take it back but even if I could I'd probably do it all over again. Obsessions come to a halt. Every one I will ever like will never want me or like me. This is the torturous reality I crave to escape. Death won't solve anything. Emotions are the backbone to life, but they are also the catalyst for everything. Emotions are beautiful, but they cause the damage we all endure. Fuck this all. Life is one big disappointment. Oh and go ahead and tell me to kill myself. Go ahead and tell me how fucked up I am. I laugh at you the same way you laugh at me. You'll die one day too.

21-Mar-16 07:42 PM 0 Comments

"He wanted and longed, ever so badly, to have her. No, it wouldn't happen; never will it happen even in a dream. Obstacles found their way to him and no one would ever know his sorrowful night. That night, into his mind entered the same plague as before. She would never be his. Not in a forever."

21-Mar-16 07:36 PM By Guess the book 2 Comments

I have a twin who is just like me. We are Saimese twin.

21-Mar-16 12:59 PM By Saimese Twin 0 Comments

I hate this guy named Connor. He is just such a cool guy and I am a mere beta to him. Also, I AM CONNOR.

21-Mar-16 12:51 PM By Reeves 1 Comment

if you fail at like KILL YOURSELF

21-Mar-16 10:32 AM By lmao 3 Comments

Keep shit posting in your mental ward you fuck ups. NO ONE CARES!!! You creatures do no not even have the regular 46 chromosomes.

47-48 = downs/retard

Decas are inferior subhuman trash.

21-Mar-16 10:28 AM 1 Comment

Sunday, March 20 2016

I posted my art on Facebook, and NOBODY LIKED IT :((((((

20-Mar-16 10:22 PM By Attention whore 0 Comments

no guy will ever love me, nobody wants to be near be. i really loved him. i tried to tell him how i feel but he shot me down. now i know that he hates me and now there is nothing left. i just want to die so badly but i'm too much of a coward to kill myself. how pathetic is that? does anyone know of a quick way out? please? i can't stay here any longer.

20-Mar-16 08:58 PM By deadgirl 0 Comments

I'm going to commit suicide and no one will even care, lol. This will be the last thing I ever write.

20-Mar-16 07:43 PM By Death 1 Comment

Saturday, March 19 2016

We've been married 6 months and have talked about divorce for 5 of those. We have a baby on the way, two others at home and I just am not good enough. I don't please him. He's always angry at something I say or do. I do cooking, cleaning, sex, laundry, etc and none of it is noticed. He always wants more. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and am just exhausted. I'm literally shutting down and don't know how to tell him. I can't keep getting hurt. It's killing me to worry about pleasing him all the time. Then there's the kids; they're acting like real shits lately and nothing I'm doing is working. My 4 year old is becoming an amazing liar. My two year old disobeys like no other. No amount of time spent with them works when all they want is their birth dad. He's long gone and I'm not good at being mom and dad. My husband is their step dad and they listen to him better than me. I've laid in my bed the last few days trying to come up with a reason why it's worth getting out of bed. I'm starting to run out of them. I don't want to be around anyone. When I'm with my husband I just hate myself for not being better for him. He doesn't even enjoy the sex anymore. I'm too tired to try new things. Plus it hurts being pregnant and having to do multiple positions because the baby bump gets in the way. I feel ugly. He says he gets turned on by me but I know he's just saying that. Not sure how much longer I can go through the motions. Do you ever want to just disappear....?

19-Mar-16 01:20 AM 3 Comments

Friday, March 18 2016

I'm a piece of shit, who'd ever love me? Not even my mom does, she only pretends to accept me because that's her 'obligation', the truth is she hates me. And she's right, all I do is stay in her away and make her suffer with my bad decisions and my shitty-selt. My father has never loved me or my family - neither he is a part of it anymore. My brother used to call me names when we were younger, well, he was right and I bet he still feels that way. I have no friends, no one, because all I do is hide away and push people away. But why should I let them see who I really am? They'd only hate me more. I can't let anyone in, I hate feeling so alone but I can't help but end up like this every time. I'm so sorry for being so boring, negative and angry all the time. The truth is my world is falling apart and it is all my fault. I have no one by my side and that's also my fault.

18-Mar-16 08:36 PM By Nana 1 Comment

I'm such a bag of sad sh*t that can't do anything right! Me equals :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

18-Mar-16 05:53 PM 0 Comments

Why do I suck so much? Every time I fail, and I fail a lot, people hate me even more:(

18-Mar-16 05:46 PM 0 Comments

Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup Soup

18-Mar-16 01:03 PM By Soup 2 Comments

I hate my life, actually I don't know why I am still here. I am made a lot of mistake in my jobs again and again. why God! always me. they're a lot another who have the wrong but all false is always on me.

Seems like the world is never fair for me. there's nothing I can do with it. Just see what you want to done for me. Lets go done, I will play what a game you wanna play for me world.

18-Mar-16 08:32 AM By B612 0 Comments

I hate this. Its always shitty. I do good haven ahit together fer a while and for some reason I always find myself falling to shit soon after. Maybe I am crazy. I don't know. Something always happens and I fall through the holes or get depressed. I hate this world. I hate what stupid bullshit you have to do to live. You can't even be homeless in peace. Its shitty. I hate the stupid government making money necessary for stability I n life. And not just any amount you have to have a shit ton. And ou have to work nearly every day. I don't know how people do it. Especially with kids. I can't even get through a day of work for even 4 hours without wanting to shoot myself. Its stupid. I hate existance. I hate being a burden. I know that's how my dad feels about me ita been said. I'm afraid of loosing people. I don't think I could function if I lost anyone else, but in a sick way I wish they were all gone so I could give up because the only thing keeping me here is knowing that they couldn't take It if I was gone even though I'm a burden. They would have waste so much time trying to help me get shit together. I hate it. I hate that that's how it is. I hate that I only live to see my family off and that after that I have nothing. I don't trust anyone. I have no friends. Has life always Been like this? I could do work in a farm and get my own food that's easy. But this. I can't do this. I hate myself. I just don't understand why I can't ever seem to grasp this life.

18-Mar-16 04:29 AM 1 Comment

life is killing me. been going down hill for a few years now. i dont do drugs or drink alcohol. no education, only did hard manual work which i cant hold onto from past and current injuries. now I'm diabetic and have high blood pressure. Also have IBD, IBS, didn't know all this till I got Medicaid. I feel worthless. I'm 56 yrs old and feel like 100 yrs old. not worth it anymore

18-Mar-16 02:59 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, March 17 2016

How do I join the KKK? I Need to send some Niggers back to hell

17-Mar-16 10:57 PM 0 Comments

XSS FLAW lolita snuff rape servers on the DARKNET oh well gfy and go die

17-Mar-16 04:56 PM 1 Comment

Whoever did the XSS for this site totally epic fails. Multiple h1 tags and now you are shit posting multiple nop characters too.

17-Mar-16 04:48 PM 0 Comments


17-Mar-16 04:40 PM 0 Comments

Credit cards are a scam. College is a scam. The workforce just causes heart attacks and strokes as well as takes away time to meditate. If you overdraft enough and you are a retard you are screwed. The bus costs money. You are probably gang stalked and electronically harrassed. No means of tranportation. You need credit for a car. You Made it through high school fine, you still don't have a degree and will not amount to shit. So do the world a favor and kill yourself. Plus it eliminates stress. If you're that unhappy with your life that you feel like ending your life then maybe you should do it. It's just one less person in the world. There will never be another Einstein or Nietzsche or George Washington or Tesla. Society is Bullshit.

17-Mar-16 04:34 PM 0 Comments

Suicide is sometimes an option. Especially if you have no means of independance such as transportation. No job no car. No way to pay the overddraft. You lost. Just end it.

17-Mar-16 04:24 PM 0 Comments

00100100 00100100 00100100 00100100 00100100 00100100 00100100 00100100

17-Mar-16 01:05 PM By Bender 1 Comment

My uncle died on 9/11. At least he died doing something he loves.

flying planes.

17-Mar-16 01:00 PM By Jim 0 Comments

Hi, I'm Dr. Rockso The Rock n' Roll Clown and I do COCAINE! What is that judge, why is my nose bleeding... I tripped. Goodbye and ku ku save yourselves.

17-Mar-16 12:31 PM By Dr. Rockso The Rock n Roll Clown 0 Comments

computer screens and televisions damage your brain and so does lack of sleep so go die on the streets you useless peon degenerate scumfuck waste of a life subhuman punass sack of shit.

17-Mar-16 11:22 AM 0 Comments

Personally, I don't like to tell black jokes. I've got a black person in my family tree... He's been hangin' there about 2 weeks.

17-Mar-16 09:36 AM By Human= white only 0 Comments

Wednesday, March 16 2016

My mother got diagnosed with tuberculosis. What am I supposed to do? She's 57 i don't want to lose her. A man like me is so helpless. Can't complain more it. It doesn't matters anymore to anyone. Its my problem I will have to deal with it.

16-Mar-16 06:28 PM By Bbq sauce 1 Comment

90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90

16-Mar-16 02:30 PM 1 Comment

August 69th, 1245 B.C.: I am friends with Adolphin Finler. I killed 194082 people and counting.

September 32nd, 1942: The war is nearly over and I have an ocean of guilt.

September 9th, 2001: I am flying a plane over New York. Goodbye, I am with the Terrorfish.

16-Mar-16 01:05 PM By Reevis 1 Comment

i have a confession... i did 9/11

16-Mar-16 12:59 PM By George Bush 1 Comment

I am mute and my mom is dead. I was once launched into space, drowned, and shot. All I have is my machete and a lot of movies mad about me.

16-Mar-16 12:51 PM By Jason V. 0 Comments

The high school I go to... The teachers (I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's pretty obvious now) all hate me... I never did anything wrong to them, I always try to listen, do work to the best of my ability. But for some reason, they always ridicule me, and put me down. They even give me mean looks and pick on me.I know what I work is good. Yet they always tell me to aim low? They forcefully pick on the most useless of things to bring my grade down. This place is so screwed up. People who don't even try actually get something? What? They are on facebook playing tetris and the teacher just ignores then and starts hounding on me. Oh well, oligarchy right? Using up their parent's money buying off these teachers.

I just wish someone or something better in the world would rise up. Please God save me. I just wish only good people in this world can gain power to help other little people.

All of the bad kids grow up to be politicians. All of the evil ones cut off the younger ones. How are we actually humans? They say we are different from animals because we can understand the abstract. But this? It seems like there are still animals out there. It's tragic. Welp, I've seen vicious evils at such a young age. A kid saying "corruption is the only way." can someone give me some Faith in life please?

16-Mar-16 06:40 AM 0 Comments

I am a 27 year college drop out on the edge of suicide.No job on career just eating my fathers money like a parasite.No friends never had a girl friend no confidence cant even go out for a minute.This social anxiety is killing me.Everything is dark no way out of this misery.The inside voice wont stop a minute telling me how failure ugly bad person i am.Just wanna die.

16-Mar-16 04:21 AM By Call Me V 1 Comment

Tuesday, March 15 2016

I don't know why I am still breathing... I wish there was a switch to turn off my life... Who am I kidding..I thought I was special.. I thought this world owed me something.. But no I am not special.. Nobody cares... Its not easy to accept the adulthood, it sucks.. Why are people like this.. Why do the society behave like this... People are insane.. Oh shit... What's the point about ranting... Life goes on... It will go on without me...

15-Mar-16 05:13 PM By Anon 0 Comments

My daughter was murderd. i like cows. bananas try to fight me in the streets. what am i doing wrong. please send cash. i dont like jim, hes gay. yall shut up. peaace out. i dont understand why you would let me leave with out saying goodbye. you have a colder heart than my ex lover. the bee movie is great. banana just loved me. ohhh god here comes grapefruit. my mommy says im special. i dont believe her. she says i should. but i dont. the doctor hates me. he says i should write a book. i hate to read. writing must suck. there is a banana out side my window. help me. my dog is dead.

15-Mar-16 01:10 PM By Mike Hunt 0 Comments

why is this white stuff all over me

15-Mar-16 01:05 PM By Toaster Stroodle 0 Comments

i have hardly ever scored good marks. I lied to my fellow friends and now i am not scoring any marks now. I am about to fail in 11th my marks are so bad i am not going to get into any good collage. I should by now leave the dream of becoming a scientist. I am a 105 Kg kid and i am not even 17 yrs old. I am addicted to technology and have given up any hope i have ever had of meeting a girl. My life is a mess, my parents are very have stopped asking me to do anything now. I am fed up of life. I have started to hate myself. IB has already fucked my life up. I rarely have any friends

15-Mar-16 10:01 AM 0 Comments

Monday, March 14 2016

I'm trying to competet to others to get to the admission to a medical college and ive tried 3 times n i I have failed in may 1st I've my fourth attempt BT I don't have courage to face it. Feel like what I'm gonna do in my life.I've lost most of my fend.few left who mock me for this..all of my juniors have became my seniors.and I m stuck here or nowhere

14-Mar-16 12:48 PM 0 Comments

I feel so unmotivated and lost. I have no clue what i'm doing with my life. I may be a little on the younger side, but that doesn't phase me very much. I hate school more than words can describe, and not because I think it sucks and I dont like going. Im extremely awkward and horrible at socializing. I don't have many friends and I don't fit in anywhere. I feel like such an odd ball. I get really anxious and nervous and it makes me feel like crap all the time. The other part is probably me just being lazy. I have no motivation to do anything, to get work done. I have to force myself to do things, it's just so extremely hard for me to get up and live lately. The thing is, I know I don't have a legitamate excuse. I'm just being lazy. I'm scared of failure. I'm scared of so many things and I want to have a good and successful life but I feel like it's just not going to happen. I probably have the ability to achieve some sort of success, but right now I'm just not feeling it. I stayed home from school today, I feel guilty. I always do. I'm not sick. I'm just so tired physically and mentally. It's so pathetic, I cried and fought with my computer as I tried to print out some school work. The computer was giving me such a hard time and It took me a while so I was going to be late for school. I absolutely hate walking in late, I always feel so out of it and hate people staring at me. This sounds like the summary of a person who's going to fail in life. I'm wearing one sock with dinosaurs on it and one with ice creams. If that doesn't represent how messy my life is I don't know what does. But in all seriousness, I just don't know anymore. I'm not happy, I have been struggling with myself for quite some time. It feels like I'm fighting in a war with myself and I'm loosing. I'm tired. I want to give up.

14-Mar-16 08:03 AM 0 Comments

i broke up. totally loser. i can't sense anything. where should i live? i belong to nowhere.

14-Mar-16 02:17 AM By sinner33 0 Comments

Saturday, March 12 2016

I won nothing in my whole life. I tried many new things. No nothing will make me comfortable. Wanna disappear.

12-Mar-16 06:44 AM By NoBuddy 0 Comments

I'm like Travis in Taxi Driver. Mad that life keeps throwing scoundrels my way to destroy me, all the time. Yes, since even when I was a four year old kid. In the moment that I let my guard down, the very instant I slip, the minute I panic, I am destroyed... and I'll rebuild, and they'll destroy again. It's so pervasive it feels unreal, absurd.

12-Mar-16 04:13 AM 0 Comments

what a miserable failure I am. I always resort to this site because I have no where else to go. I don't even know why I post here; all people do is reply to me with "kill yourself". Sometimes I write it in my dumb phone notes or diary, but sometimes I guess I just need someone to read it. I know no one cares and yeah it sucks, but there's not a single thing I could do about it. I'll always be a single, ugly, talentless loser who loses at everything. My existence is like a rock or stone that never changes or has creative things happen to it. My dreams and goals will always be just scenarios in my head. Never will they escape my mind and live out. Now I am destined to live a life of lonely desolation as I witness the people around me succeed. I should have gotten used to it, but I guess there's still some stupid part of me that isn't accepting this destiny. I shall shut that part of me down and surrender to the blade of ugly destiny that is coming down on me. Beautiful destiny will touch some, while a painful fate with a sack of ugliness on its back clutches onto others. I'm doomed and always will be.

12-Mar-16 02:39 AM 5 Comments

Wednesday, March 9 2016

Ghosts are psychic and will give you all the answers 6 inc owns it all. As soon as you die you are a psychic ghost.

9-Mar-16 09:43 PM By failure1234 0 Comments

I'm a teenager who is nearly at his adulthood. I have no friends, except penpals who are not real friends. I really suck at college, and no matter how hard I try, I always fail at everything. A lot of people mock me or make fun of me because I am acting a lot better than them. In 2013 I was diagnosed with the brain cyst and autism. My little sister will go to the elite private school next year which is super expensive, while my parents can't even give me some money to spend in my college. A lot of girls on social media reject me and consider me as a retarded person. Also, I don't even have any access to the internet because my sister turns it off every time i go to my laptop. I spend most of the nights crying in bed and not sleeping. I don't want to kill myself, but i can't see any hope in my life whatsoever.

9-Mar-16 12:04 PM By Guneo837 1 Comment

I am 24 years old, I've had a serious case of bad rotting teeth for the last 6 years that would cost me over three thousand euros to get treated but i'm too poor to be able to afford it.

I have chronic lower back and neck pain and every day I wake up with a migraine behind the eyes, my eyes are also constantly playing up and looking any bright lights, regular patterns or small case righting realy hurts, just keeping my eyes open makes me feel nauseous.

I'm currently unemployed but urgently need to find a job before I get kicked out and accumulate huge money problems: this means going back to working in meat or vegetable factories, I've always been too slow to keep up with the insane work pace and i'm no longer physically fit enough to lift up heavy loads all day which means getting constantly told off by bosses and colleagues.

I've been depressed for pretty much as far back as I can remember, I also have stress anxiety and anger management issues, when things get really bad I self harm.

I've never had a friend that I could really trust, rely on at all or close enough to talk about any personal issues.

Growing up I suffered from both emotional and physical neglect, my parents were poor and constantly arguing and fighting when i was growing up and didn't bother sending me to school until I was over 10 years old at first I did alright in studies until I realized that I wasn't at all fitting in and started getting depressed and anxious then everything just went downhill. I ended up dropping out of school after getting a basic level sales diploma which is absolutely useless in the current job market.

The closest I ever got to having a girlfriend was a girl who was cheating on her boyfriend with me but when we actually got into bed I wasn't able to perform so i'm actually still a virgin, the girl stopped seeing me shortly after.

I have an older sister who is succeeding very well in her career and achieved a high level of studies And I have an older brother who has a girlfriend soon to be wife, is building a house and has a very successful and fulfilling social life.

The only reason why I haven't killed myself yet is because I have a younger brother who is starting to turn out like me and I don't want to put him through any more trouble and I don't want my older brother and sister to suffer either.

I've tried seeking therapy but the therapist is too busy, will only see me 1 hour every month and doesn't seem to take me that seriously, doctors don't seem to have the time to take a proper look at my health problems either and I can barely afford to get any treatment.

My entire life has only ever gone from bad to worse.

9-Mar-16 06:23 AM By Hari 0 Comments

Tuesday, March 8 2016

Well see March 22nd is in a few days and mcr still isn't back together and I'm noT OKAY

8-Mar-16 06:06 PM 0 Comments

I have fell behind in school and all my dreams for university are now over with the shitty marks I get. I know people who get girls, smoke (Not saying I want to), party, drink, play sports, and have good relationships with everybody including their family and here I am with ugly bad teeth no friends and im a bit fat too, My mom is always sick and my dad works all day to support our family. Most nights like this I cry just thinking of my family and just how I am bad at everything. this is 100 percent true and its hard to believe even for myself that I live a life like this. I have wanted to kill myself so many times but never got to the point. Hopefully no one has to go through this and they will pursue their dreams.

8-Mar-16 12:38 AM By Sam 1 Comment

Wednesday, March 2 2016

Prestone AS237 Premium Starting Fluid

Plastic Bag

Duck Tape

2-Mar-16 07:04 PM By you-all-fail 0 Comments

Go drink floor cleaner, the phenol kind.

Go drink Antifreeze (ethelyne glycol kind)

Go eat aconite and belladonna seeds.

Go put ether based starting fluid in a plasic bag and tape it around your head.

Mix sulfur powder (ebay) and HCL (car batteries/lead acid) in a container and inhale.

2-Mar-16 04:31 AM By devils-incarnate-Metabumnmmmmm 3 Comments

Tuesday, March 1 2016

you know... people don't like me ... i hate myself... such a failure...

1-Mar-16 06:20 PM 1 Comment

Monday, February 29 2016

I was sick for 1 day, and now I have all these assignments, projects, and test coming at me all at once, and if I fail any, I won't pass the grade. #IFailedLife

29-Feb-16 01:43 PM By Vic 1 Comment

I have submitted my cvs throughout but don't get response and no Feed backs i have failed in liFe i want to uplift my liFe

29-Feb-16 07:30 AM By Makhosazane 0 Comments


Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?