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Thursday, May 28 2015

I'm not depressed anymore, first of all. I can't focus on anything, on a task or on life. I'm aimless.

But I do wish i could kill myself (but I'm too scared to) because my existence too hard and no reward or joy. Did awful in high school, in every aspect. I didn't learn until 4th year that I have attention problems and depression. I have so many goals and loves but don't ever amount to anything. I want to love, but am too stupid. My parents' abuse and incompetence mad things worse.

28-May-15 06:51 PM By chief red 0 Comments

I keep letting people down, I don't take initiative. I had a permit for driving and it expired before I got my license, I took the new test today and failed. for the first time in my life a girl is interested in me. She is my only motive i have ever had. but she is too pretty for the likes of me and deserves someone better. I used to think about suicide, but right now i cant because of her.

28-May-15 01:33 PM 0 Comments

I can't go on living like this. I keep failing college, and now I just got out the requirements of FAFSA. What keeps me here to keep suffering? My sister who keeps being a drama queen, to a future that I won't survive in to being a disappointment to my family. Its too much.

28-May-15 02:02 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, May 27 2015

I wanna fking do things people would say "Why would anyone do this? How could he." How I die and restrain myself from avenging myself everyday.

It's so easy to be as bad as you wanna be, even for as long as you live if you're subtle about it. Takes no effort, and only requires willingness.

Life is so unfair it is laughable. But, at least I know this is how it was meant to be. There are millions like me. That's life and the beat goes on.

27-May-15 06:06 AM 0 Comments

I m commiting suicide today. I had given my 12th exam recently n my result is published on 25th may.. I was shocked to see my result as i was fail written over there in bold letters "FAIL" I don't find any other way rather be called as a failure

27-May-15 05:05 AM By Yamal 2 Comments

I suck at like everything

27-May-15 02:04 AM By Elias 0 Comments

I think I failed 3 subjects this semester. I don't know what's wrong with me. I really tried to do my best but it's just not translating into good grades. I don't want to disappoint anyone anymore.

27-May-15 01:03 AM 0 Comments

Monday, May 25 2015

I failed the entrance, maybe luck didn't favr me this time. For atleast two year i wantd to study with u in the same school. But i still haven't lost hope, i will find a way. Jealousy is one of my friend maybe he can help. M in a big desperation bt what is a succes without a failure. U may or maynot c dis post, bt its to u , once a failure is not always a failure.


25-May-15 10:37 PM By Rajeev Empi complain to myself :-| 0 Comments

My parents thinks i am graduating in 2 days. My boyfriend thinks that i have been going to school twice a week every tuesdays and thursdays. I've spent many of those days just sitting in my car, waiting for the time pass. I have avoided many of my family to avoid school questions. I have missed many family events. Months ago i have planned to be dead by this time so I won't have to watch them look at me like im a failure. Now I have 2 more days left before the big day. My parents probably already has their outfits ready. What do i do? What do i do? Thats all i could think of all day everyday. I have taken forgranted many thinks that many people only dream of. I have failed in life. I am a liar. I am a failure. I am a disgrace. I am useless. I do not deserve to live and my love ones does not deserve me.

25-May-15 09:09 AM By KC 1 Comment

Sunday, May 24 2015

I wanna do good on my finals but the truth is all this stress and pressure just makes me wanna give up.

24-May-15 09:29 PM 0 Comments

I am so sick of feeling defeated, lonely, afraid. I have tried, there are children here who count on me, who love me and I feel like I fail them. It seems like I have never had any close friendships all my life. I am not even sure I know I know what friendship is. I school, social interaction was awkward. I had no girlfriend. I avoided people and events. I gave up on sports just a couple weeks in. Over the years I thought I might actually get past this and live a healthy happy life. I figured I would stumble into the right job, meet some nice lady and get married, etc. Today I am 47 with one teen left in the home. I try to walk the line, I am a good person but I have had some trouble along the way with the law...little stuff. Something very strange beyond my control happened to me which got me into trouble here recently. I lost my business of 15 years which I considered the only way I would ever overcome debt and be free. Relationships that were distant at best were put under a new strain. My credibility was lost. I lost two cars and tens of thousands of dollars. Its constant, I cant get away from me. I am lonely. My job is a good one but I dont earn enough money to even pay my monthly bills they just stack up. I am frustrated beyond imagination. Its Memorial Day weekend and me and my boy are just sitting here cause theres no money to do anything fun.

24-May-15 02:02 PM 0 Comments

Saturday, May 23 2015

How do I live? How does anything get into motion. I see you and it doesn't look pleasant

23-May-15 04:48 AM By Isthatyouintheshadowme 0 Comments

Friday, May 22 2015

Die.This one word keeps replaying in my head.Music is my escape,but recently its been invaded.My thoughts and music along with my life keep getting darker.One day, it wont matter if i smile. It wont matter if i have a couple of awesome friends, a caring family,good grades (which i never had).Sooner or later, all that will matter will be the pills in my hand,or the rope around my neck, or the knives in my hands making art on my arms. Thats why i stoped caring.So what if i completely fail in school? So what if my friends start to hate me? It wont matter.Wether anyone likes it or not, my end will come. Wether its tonight, next week, next month, fuck i dont care.I hope and will only try to get out of life. Who knows? I might begin a whole new life in heaven. Will you care? I dont know. Maybe im just part of the process, or just another fish in the sea to you, ready to be eaten or caught. All I know is im going to die, im refraining from bawling my eyes out, and im not the happy person everyone thought i was.

22-May-15 09:00 PM By Zara 1 Comment

Thursday, May 21 2015

i m fail in class 12th.. I prepred my exam nd then 2 time regular fail this is not fair what i can do next of my life .i really say recheck my paper . I am sucide today. When u dont do anythink.

21-May-15 06:16 AM By Simran walia 0 Comments

Schizoaffective men should be single and stay single with no friends. It is a dangerous unpredictable disorder.

21-May-15 03:40 AM By crazy person 0 Comments

I wasted the six most productive years of my life with utter stupidity, dumbness and ignorance which resulted in a loss which i guess is never going to be compensated and that loss itself is and will drive me to waste another good years and finally commit suicide and die alone in a cold dark water in a winter night.

21-May-15 12:18 AM By Loser 0 Comments

Wednesday, May 20 2015

I have no motivation whatsoever. seriosly. So im in year 12, im quite bright and have so far gotten good marks. Lately though, it seems I have absolutly no motvation to do my assignments, go to school, work out or anything. Iv always beeen a procrastinator but it has gotten soo bad.I feel that I am whay behind everyone else because I have just moved into this country and have just a few friends and im gonna be 18 soon, i havent gotten drunk, even had a first kiss let alone a boyfriend. Im so insecure and self conciouse about the most stupid things (what if when I do get a boyfriend and we cuddle- and i fart?) thats so stupid right? Far out, i am hopeless. Its so stupid because I have everyting available to me and Im not doing a single thing about it. Im just lazy. The problem is just me and I know what to do about it but I. Just. Dont.

20-May-15 09:15 PM By WTF is wrong with me? 0 Comments

If you think you're a loser, read my story. I'm ugly, fat, kinda stupid, unemployed, still living at my parents, no diploma, bearly having friends, no man, broke as shit, 30000 in depths and just turned 30. I hate my life. I can't seem to find to turn it around. Everyday I hope a miracle will happen, but it didn't. I need a friend.

20-May-15 05:38 PM By lonely girl 0 Comments

I want to rewrite matric cz i fail matric in 2010 but the problem i dont have money my symbol are maths 1, physics 1, life science 3, geography 2, life orientation 5, english 2, xhosa 4 plz any one who can help cz i want B symbols my dream is to become biomedical technologist

20-May-15 01:57 PM By Phakama Shumi 0 Comments

Tuesday, May 19 2015

After I ran over the hooker, I really began to see my life for the pathetic waste of atoms it really is. When my computer crashed from too much anteater porn, I resorted to making videos of myself shoving picklejars up my ass and masturbating with a cheese grader. I became obsessed with the human centipede and made a smaller scale hampster-centipede. Soon nothing was enough. I began to make animated videos of Shrek raping the shit out of young boys. Little did I know it would become popular on YouTube. I'm a millionaire now.

19-May-15 12:39 PM By Wallace Willbur 0 Comments

i am failure person in earth two times fail in tenth

19-May-15 02:44 AM By raunak razz 0 Comments

So, I am 49, and I am a total star at my job, make a crap load of money, and most everyone likes me. I have great health, good looking, and I like my job a lot.

However, My wife hates me, and I can't seem to get a divorce, so, I am just freaking miserable.

19-May-15 01:53 AM By fml 0 Comments

Monday, May 18 2015

I have never been good at anything no matter how hard i try. And when i make friends all of them stab me in the back. Either playing games with me or just making fun of me. I have decided that if i dont get into medical school that im going to commit suicide... there is no other choice becasue if i cant be a doctor, then i cant support my disabled brothers and everyone will laugh and make fun of me for not making it... I need to be a doctor not only for myself but to prove everyone wrong, and if i cant then they will all just laugh at me. Anybody want to tell me anything please do but this is a forsure thing.

18-May-15 10:47 PM By Hadouken 1 Comment

I have always failed in life. I always had bad luck, my first bad luck happened when my only dream was to become a fighter pilot, I was 10. I planned everything out, to do well in school, to get a distinction from university, go for pilot training and make my dream a reality. Then, somehow my eyes weakened which meant you can't be a fighter pilot as you need 20/20 vision. From that moment I never had a dream as high as this. I passed high school without studying, got into a good university somehow. My first year was bad, I had no dreams so I have anything to study for, thus I failed my courses. I managed to resit them and passed, but then came second year in which I promised myself not to fail. First semester was a breeze, I stuck to my promise but then came second semester. I don't know what happened, I didn't go to classes, missed out a lot and when exams came I knew nothing. I am now sitting here, having just done my exam, came home to see the tears in my parents eyes. I don't know what to do, I am sitting here thinking where do I belong.

ps. I was really good at badminton, I got selected for my university team but 1 week after I broke my leg in an impossible way and so that was over for me as well. This is like one of many example where I have felt failure. Seems to me everything I do ends in failure.

I fail at life.

18-May-15 07:31 AM By Loser 0 Comments

Sunday, May 17 2015

I really hate this guy named Alan. I hope he fails at everything he pursues in life. Asshole.

17-May-15 07:20 AM 0 Comments

Friday, May 15 2015


I've been logging these thoughts around with me for a while now. I don't think anybody will care about what I have to say. I'm only one special, little snowflake in a whole avalanche. But writing this down in a public place at least gives me some relief.

I have two masters degrees. Granted not in the most lucrative of fields, but they're mine none the less. And as the first person to every go to university in my family, I'm quite proud of that. But now as I'm turning 27, I feel like I have nothing, that I don't have the right to be proud of anything in my life. I've been looking for a steady job for almost a year now. I get the standard excuses, that I'm too inexperienced, too expensive because of my degrees, too arrogant because I aim too high. Most of the time I just stare at my computer, browsing various positions, feeling extremely overwhelmed with all the choices and not being able to choose one.

I've tried writing it down, what I want. But it all just seems so far away. But still time goes on and I feel like a useless person, living out wasted days. My sociale anxiety and my fear of death are only getting bigger.

I'm at a loss.

15-May-15 04:28 PM By B. 1 Comment

wow seeing you people complain about things like school grades and loneliness is pathetic try having your own biology betray you to the point of never ending physical suffering i can't even imagine the pety sht that you people complain about and evan consider killing yourselves over just wow just wow

15-May-15 12:33 PM By wow 0 Comments

After doing hard work i does not qualified ipcc now i have no option . In the whole life i alway failed

15-May-15 08:35 AM 0 Comments

Thursday, May 14 2015

i am so weak at math i really need help...what can i do?

14-May-15 07:18 PM By mallian grant 0 Comments

I failed at everything I did in life. Bullied all my life. I think I deserved it. I have no one to call or talk to. My husband does not even like me, let alone love me. I walk in a room, he walks out. I leave the room, he goes back in. Every day I wish the sun had not risen. Of course I am suicidal, thinking this is my solution.

14-May-15 11:09 AM By Tuxedo Cat 1 Comment

spent two weeks studying at university for a maths test and got 15%.

i'm sad that I never realized how stupid i was . I need a hug .or atleast more Ritalin

14-May-15 10:52 AM By sigh... 0 Comments

Wednesday, May 13 2015

Hi. You don't know me, and probably no one will ever care about what i'm about to say. But writing this here, gives me an illusion of talking to someone. maybe listening to my complains, which makes me feel less lonely and more as a human being...

I dropped school when i was 17, and moved to a different country. (I am now 22) Stuck and scared, I became a Shut-In. Hermit. Hikikomori or whatever you wanna call it. I have No friends, No education... I have shut myself in my room for now 3+ years without any social/physical contact with a human being. The only contact i have with people is Via the online games I play. I want to have friends. I want to have an education. But i'm just so tired of everything, and i have no power left. I am at a point, where I don't know what to do anymore... If anyone is willing to befriend me... or feel the same way as i do... you can add my skype: "kamishiro_rize" If anyone actually took their time to read this.. thank you.

13-May-15 10:20 PM By The loner... 1 Comment

i am stupid :) and i love cheese

13-May-15 03:22 AM By Ch 0 Comments

I'm 17, and I've already fucked up my life. I've been depressed since I was 10 and it's affected school, faith, and life. I ask myself why wait 60 years to stop breathing, and why not just end it now. it wouldn't affect the great scheme of things anyway...

13-May-15 02:48 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, May 12 2015

I dont know what to do. i have about a month left of school and I'm failing all 4/7 of my classes and I'm pretty sure that this will hurt me in the future when i'm --Trying-- to graduate.. and sometimes when i feel the motivation to try, something comes up and just drains the energy right out of me. why cant i do this? .... /,\

12-May-15 11:32 PM By DaRcY 0 Comments

I don't know why I am so messed up in life. I've been in high school for 5 years. That's bad enough, but in those 5 years I hadn't one friend. No girls either. I fail at everything I do. I am not creative, just a feeder of good ideas. I feed off ideas. I have no future. Well, I do but it's me in a grave on a sunny happy day, rotting. Goodbye world.

12-May-15 07:19 PM By TheGroundskeepist 0 Comments

Monday, May 11 2015

I just cant find any funny memes.

11-May-15 10:55 PM By /aimemes/i 0 Comments

I need somebody to see this.I hope to god somebody sees this. It doesnt't matter to me that i never had sex or never had a girlfriend or a job, it doesn't matter to me that i have no friends. I just want to be healthy. It doesn't matter to me if i fail i just want a chance to try. why cant i just be healthy and have a chance to try? i would love to fail at something because at least i could say i was blessed with the oppurtunity to try. i just want health. i want the ability to try to get a job, to try to get friends, it doesnt matter if i fail i just want a chance. i pray every second every moment i express these thoughts im so alone in the silence nothing can here me why cant i just have a chance like everybody else? i Envy all of you my heart cry's out for help i have done everything i could do to help myself but life won't let me live. i just want to be healthy i just want a chance at life it doesn't matter if i fail as long as i have the opportunity to try i will be content pls pray for me because god or nothing can here my cry's for help.

11-May-15 09:10 PM By Justwantsachance 2 Comments

I gave up everything for my depression because I thought it might help taking a break from things but all it's done is made it worse.. all I think about is suicide now and it's bringing everyone around me down.

11-May-15 03:25 PM 3 Comments

the more good i try to do the worse things become the better i try to be the more bad things get. there was a time in my life when things were so bad i new that they couldnt get worse i turned everything around dedicated my self to being better and now here i am worse then when i started. im so scared but more importantly im so sorry. I don't know what i did to deserve this maybe i was a serial murderer in a past life or a rapist maybe i destroyed planets, galaxies or Evan universes i don't know what i did but im so sorry im so so so sorry please i beg of anybody anyone anything that can here my cry for help whatever i did to deserve this im so sorry please forgive me i leaned my lesson please please forgiveme let me be free im so sorry

11-May-15 01:11 PM By plshelpme 0 Comments

Sunday, May 10 2015

I passed my matric last year but i didn't go to university because my parents are not i feel worthess bcz i don't find the job,i don't even have friends because i'm not talkative.some peaple think that i am a stupid and is the reason why i want to kill myself.i don't have a talent to show them that there is something i can do.i am dumb so i'm useless

10-May-15 03:58 AM By Asanda Gcume 1 Comment

Saturday, May 9 2015

After nearly 2 years of unemployment, and constant failure and mishaps, finally found a very nice job. Pays really well and can grant me my dreams and secure my future.

But 1 month in screwed up. Bad. Boss is extremely disappointed. Should've been more honest. I hate myself so much.

Another opportunity is slipping away from me. The best opportunity I had in my life. The only thing that can help turn my pathetic life upside down...

And I'm seeing it, slowly drifting away. No more. Too much. I'll break if I'll lose this.

Had suicidal thoughts and attempts in the past. If I lose this job, I'll lose my life. This is the only thing I have. I have no friends, lover, family. This is all I have. This is all I have.

9-May-15 10:39 PM 0 Comments

Hi ppl. I could literally kill myself with everything that my mom left me in the house but i cant. im too scared of what would happen if i failed. i suck in school; if you guys are past 7th grade then youd probably think i suck too. the only subject i am actually good at is LA. I cant do any-freaking-thing right. im just a depressed suicidal self-harming black emo chick who is very suckish in this damned world trying to escape, knowing its impossible to do righi now. What the hell am i going to do in this life? survive,no matter how bad im failing at doing that.

9-May-15 08:26 AM By Very Suckish Person 1 Comment

Friday, May 8 2015

my english is not well but I want to suicide because I am fail I every semester but my cousin brother is always pass so I feel very ....

8-May-15 10:38 PM By Mohit chauhan 1 Comment

I have major mood swings at least one a week going from extremely angry and violent to very sad and crying... and my social anxiety ruins my life.. I have no desire to get a job but no desire to really want to pass this year either.. I'm at a health school for my depression it's ok I guess.. don't really have any real friends there though.. and all my friends from my old school just think I'm a crazy b tch. And when I get in these mood swings I fuck pretty much any guy that smiles at me. I hate that I fail at being..

8-May-15 07:14 PM 0 Comments

I can't seem to pass any of my exam for the past 3 year and am getting really scared because am in my last grade and am close to my final exam please help me please am stack now

8-May-15 12:59 AM By gloria 0 Comments

Thursday, May 7 2015

I don't know what should l do . I just wanna die I'm fail in my semester for my fuck mind and I hate me I can't live a single moment . I hate and hate me but I want to live...

7-May-15 01:39 PM By tanveer 0 Comments

Wednesday, May 6 2015

I got to c-'s this semester. I am never going to get into grad school, which is pertinent for the career field I want to go into. Guess I am $15,000 in debt to work at McDonald's now...

6-May-15 09:21 PM By FuckUP 0 Comments

My life is shit I'm 51 and have finally accepted that I'm a loozer everything I touch turns to shit nothing never turns out as planned I have no home no job I've fucked off my 20 yr career I'm broke have not one friend and family is all into there own thing even my kids are gone on their own . I don't know what to do I need a boost its getting were I can't even get food to eat. All I see is death

6-May-15 06:22 PM By loozer 0 Comments

ifail matric because i was treaten badly at school and itry to re-do it,i fired at school because im lesbian

6-May-15 04:49 AM By Londiwe 0 Comments

Monday, May 4 2015

I can't share it here.. If anyone can opt WhatsApp me on 9625564555.. I'm almost next to attempt suicide so plz help me

4-May-15 12:37 AM By Vishesh 0 Comments

Saturday, May 2 2015

I am committing suicide tonight. Thank You for reading this. I am a piece of shit

2-May-15 05:28 PM By Andrew 3 Comments

Friday, May 1 2015

Hi every one, I am a totally frustrated young man. I started education happily but after obtaining the best result among my co-student in my village for my university reguirement, life became so difficult for me. It's almost 4years now since I sat I 've not being able to further my education due to lack of sponsure now I 've decided to go back to my village to met my uncle who for the rest of my school days were against my schooling in the city. Pls advice me what to do.

1-May-15 05:35 PM By mohamed kamara 0 Comments

hi people

let me introduce myself .

my name is Ritika.

I m counselor from delhi, India .

feel free to ask anything about.

I will try to resolve your problems.

I ll listen you carefully.

you people can share your pain, talks or anything(which you can't share with your family, friends, husband , wives).

I just want to spread happiness everywhere.

I want to see you all people happy .

if anyone interested thn please let me know.

1-May-15 03:46 PM 1 Comment

hi friends .

how are you all ?

I hope , everyone doing well.

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I am well wisher (female)

1-May-15 03:36 PM 1 Comment

Hello I fail at life. My life began to go down the shitter when I had unprotected sex with an llama. At this point, I developed a strange tic that caused me to dance and gain rainbow colored polka dots on my genitals. The one positive is that I still enjoy myself quite frequently. If you're ever feeling frisky then take a poo in your bath tub and roll around in it. Once you are sufficiently lubed, then begin masturabating with a Hot Pocket that has been cut in half. The combination of spicy Hot Pocket filling, dookie, and your hand will create a sexual experience that is matched by nothing else. If that doesn't ruffle your jimmies, then try rubbing your dick over some barbed wire. If that doesn't get your goat, nothing will

1-May-15 02:52 PM By cuzco 0 Comments

I have an over sized head and a really small dick. I put bananas in my pants to make me look big but eventually the truth is going to come out. I went to the doctors office but they just laughed and said that it will eventually fall off. If anyone out there is kind enough to follow me on twitter then please do. You will like me because i post nudes. Also if anyone has this problem then please contact me. I look out the window and see myself flying but is really to my death. I think im going to join isis, the kkk, or the neo nazi party! Hail!

1-May-15 02:35 PM By Nathan Wegener 2 Comments

I'm tired of being alone. I just want them to be happy, I wanted them to be proud. I was raised believing that crying was ugly and weak and that I meant nothing if I wasn't being useful. Now I'm a failure and everyone has left me. Even the few people who listened left. I'm too dumb and useless to live in this world. I can't even graduate high school. I don't deserve happiness. Everyone else will forget me and move on, any grief over me will be a passing thought.

You say there's a light at the end of this tunnel.

But all I see is a train.

1-May-15 12:47 AM By deardeath 0 Comments

Thursday, April 30 2015

I'm going to fail out of university, I'm a complete failure at life, not just because of that, because of everything. I want to die, I want to leave. I like life but I don't want to disappoint anyone anymore, I don't want to embarrass anyone anymore. I don't want to live

30-Apr-15 07:13 PM By WP (K) 0 Comments

Im not white. In my part of the world if youre not white youre not beautiful. Guys just see me as a friend but never anything more. So i went and bought a bleaching cream from a cheap shady store that probably has shit dangerous ingredients but Im using it day and night in hopes to get whiter and be noticed by people. How fucked up is society. But its not like i have a great personality that theyre ignoring anyway, my personality sucks. Im a lone loser and an introvert with no communication skills and no sense of humor. Also failing my classes so theres nothing im good at in life anymore and the guy i really like is now ignoring me i might as well just do the world a fabor and die

30-Apr-15 04:02 PM 1 Comment

I go to the bathroom every night and cant find my penis. I scratch and dig but i have no luck. In the end i just let it go. If any of you have this problem please teach me how to live with this problem. P.S. I am a women

30-Apr-15 02:52 PM By An wan 0 Comments



30-Apr-15 05:54 AM By NO 0 Comments

I could be fairly successful, but im a little b*tch. I never try in my subjects and spend time complaining to Billy about how I could be better than him if I get off my lazy ass. I thinki im really cool because I got a good mark in an economic essay- when really I just waste my days printing little pictures of Nigel Farage and going to JJs.

30-Apr-15 02:54 AM By Jack Woodward 0 Comments

Wednesday, April 29 2015

I am so sad. Not depressed, no; just sad. I have always been one of the smartest people in my class, but ever since I started freshman year (this year) I feel like shit. I hate myself so much for not being smart enough to be in the top 10%. I hate myself.

29-Apr-15 09:00 PM By Madison 0 Comments

I suck at everything. Kappa

29-Apr-15 08:19 PM By Sadistic 0 Comments

I'm not depressed. my antidepressants stop that. I am an idiot. I just make life harder for myself. why? cos I loathe myself.

29-Apr-15 07:34 PM By bob 0 Comments

I hate my life, i failed at life, my education my future is doomed. I overthink, bipolar and my gf hates me.

29-Apr-15 06:00 PM By H 0 Comments

miss u manoneet

love u

29-Apr-15 04:22 PM By :( 0 Comments

hi friends

it seems all r disturbed .

guys let join me on whatsapp

leave ur comment with your number

we ll discuss our problem and will sort out .

love u friends

29-Apr-15 03:51 PM By well wisher 0 Comments

Dear all

why I am always fairer in life. first I fail in education the love after that my life

every day I am thinking how to get successful. kindly support for me I need to become a good business man




29-Apr-15 12:40 PM By sudarshan 1 Comment

well this is it i just packed my cloths in garbage bags and wrote an im leaving letter to my rents. i will be going out into the woods today and never coming back im currently working on getting rid of the evidence that i existed. what made me make this final decision? well im pretty sure i had a mild stroke last night and im only 21. i have no reason to live and can't adjust to the violence of the reality we live in. don't know why im writing this none of you will understand but i just want to say thankyou all for being there. bye and perhaps just maybe i will see you all in another life where the tides will have turned

29-Apr-15 12:32 PM By bye love you all 0 Comments

Tuesday, April 28 2015

My life has been nothing but misery n pain day in day out i even wonder how i wake up to a repetition of yesterday .. Everything i involve in failsn it has made me believe money is everything. Never known love i even think am gay. i smoke weed n its the only time i can't say am at peace from reality.

i try songwriting but am afraid of failing as it has always been. I even doubt if there's a god because it's unfair to live like this .am 21 but i can say what i have achieved throughout my life from education to love life even business which seems like sth blocks me from achieving getting so close then it backfires on my face its like its happy or sth . They talk about 'fitting in my shoe' but a minute in my head will make u thank 'god' forever . Its not self pity i wallow in because i have tried almost every thing from charms praying to god but nothing happens if anything happens is that my head voices go silent . Suicide has never been an option for me but when i look around its more of a reality than an option. Used to read the bible about how god used to help his people but now?

28-Apr-15 09:32 AM By Kim 0 Comments

I'm still in school. And in really conflicted coz as much as I hate school I don't wanna leave/get older. I suck at school and life in general and no matter how hard I try I suck at everything. I mean i know I have it good in terms of my life and emotional state (ie suicide isn't even near an option and will never be) but I just can stop feeling what a failure I am. I just wanna curl up and sleep and sleep and wake up and for me to just be happy.

Life doesn't work like that.

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Monday, April 27 2015

I'm just tired of screwing everything up every relationship even self destructing I struggle with spirituality with self and with being da best man I can be I feel pittyful full of failure and excuses broke as hell and useless

27-Apr-15 07:25 PM 1 Comment

I cant take this anymore IM alone I lost all my friends and Lost the one friend who actually knew the real me I have no one my family complain about my anxiety and laugh at how quiet and shy I am they hate me I have no one plus I just cant even pass my uni exams I swear Im sorry about everyone I dissapointed Im sorry im not the ideal son maybe when I leave this cruel world my parents will be happy I wont waste any more of their money I have no one and I just cant take it anymore I am tired Of being strong as No one even cares about me when I care about everyone why Did I turn Out to be the weirdo thats what people call me as no one understands sorry everyone

27-Apr-15 05:25 PM 1 Comment

i can't believe that i listened to people when then said things will get better. Everybody always said it push through the darkness they said you will see the light and things will get better trust me.. but they lied it doesnt get better it only gets worse i wish i killed myself years ago that is the only true regret i have in this life. if anyone is thinking about killing yourself do it! it doesnt get better only worse. Time. Time makes things get worse. you stop growing eventually and you start decaying the emotional problems that you have now are nothing compared to the physical decay life will bring you. don't make the mistake i made. things Don't get better. free yourself now. help me please

27-Apr-15 11:19 AM By liars 0 Comments

Saturday, April 25 2015

All my life I've failed. I'm finally starting to realize why I turned out the way I did, but unfortunately, it's too late. I've really screwed up my life and disappointed my family for the last time. No one really believes in me besides my sister. I'm trying to make things right but it's so hard to admit to all the wrong I've ever done. I just wish I could start over and grow up normal like everyone else. I have a good family for the most part, but somehow, I still turned out a terrible person. I'm going to start asking God for forgiveness and make my life better, because I'm only 23, so I have time to live a decent life. My adoptive mother and birth mother are part to blame for the way I turned out. I'm not on here to bash them or make them look bad, but trust me when I say, it's not all my fault that I turned out the way I did. I don't even know where to begin to apologize to every single person I've upset. It's too many people. But I'm going to make an effort to apologize to every single person before I make the final move to California (fingers crossed that it works out). I just don't want people to think I'm a terrible person without understanding why I've fucked up so much.

25-Apr-15 06:13 PM 2 Comments

All these stories prove what I've been telling for a long time already: this "life" thing is wrong in itself. Its hard to spot happiness anywhere in the future when one knows there are so many people suffering out there. So sadness is the only "real" condition, as happiness can only be manteined through self-delusion

25-Apr-15 04:30 PM By Justin 0 Comments

Hi everyone! I don't think my life sucks that much, but I'm dissapointed with where I am and get really down from time to time about it. I really appreciate sites like these to vent!

I was such a good student in highschool, I don't know how I got to the sad state I'm in now. I got accepted into university in the city on a full scholarship into an honours program that would let me apply to veterinary school (my dream!) a year early. I really liked it there, but in a whirlwind of a year, I failed out. I think it was because it was such a huge change for me that I wasn't ever able to adapt in time. I could have friends and join a sports team for the first time in my life! Without constant farm chores I had complete freedom! The first day of classes I was completely taken aback. My professors assigned us the whole chapter to read and all the questions to do at the end plus the seminars and labs to fill out each week (we had never done these in my small rural highschool). I was overwhelmed and didn't know how to pace myself or where to seek help. I fell behind that week trying to complete all the work and never managed to get caught up again. I ended up being formally removed. What a beating on my self condfidence. I lost my scholarship and academic standing, as well as blew any future chances of becoming a veterinarian all in less than a year.

I moved to a different city to get away from it all. I speak the language well enough, but people still know that I'm not a local when I talk. People are really polite, but they're not interested in becoming close like I crave. It's a pretty quiet city. I've been stuck in the same dead end job for a while now, and only fly back to see my family once a year. Calling home is difficult because of the time difference. I'm so lucky they're so supportive of me, but it's tough to be the lowest achiever of my family. I'm embarrassed at how often I've called my mom at midnight to cry. After all these years I've never had a boyfriend. I don't really know anyone and nothing ever seems to work out. I get so lonely sometimes. This year, after 2 years since I left university, I enrolled in college classes to get my average back up but I failed out again! All the same problems came running back out of the framework! I'm devastated! All the friends I was with in university are graduating now. I'm proud of them, but my heart's up in my throat when I read the happy Facebook messages. I was supposed to be well on my way to my dream job of science and medicine and animals. After all these years, I blew my second chance at going to school. My academic standing is shaky, (1.2/4), but my money's run out and I don't want to risk my future GPA by taking anymore classes and failing them too. I know vet school's a bust, but I don't like being a nanny and waiting tables! I want a degree, I want a career!, but at this point, I don't know why I'm still failing. I thought I had matured, that I was motivated!

I can't believe it's back to getting another job, but I'm just so disappointed that I still can't trust myself to follow my dreams. If any of you have any inspiration or advice, I would love to hear it. Thank you!

25-Apr-15 08:07 AM By Hopeful girl 0 Comments

Friday, April 24 2015

Ever since I got into highschool my life has turned upside down. My grades dropped (I understand the stuff but the tes trees are seriously fucked up), my parents hated me, my wieght has gone up (My AP classes give me no time to play) and all I do is lock myself in my room everyday after school. But during school I have to listen.I have to listen to my friends complain about how they cant go to Bali for chrismas breaj or cant get the latest game on Steam and when I get home I just cry because I will never have any of what they have now. I dont even know where my futures headed. All i am good at is making friends where I cant even maintain my familial ties. I feel the world has selected against me. And when I WANT to create change, society is the ONLY thing that keeps me back. Im 16 and I hate this controlled world we live in. Where numbers on test papers determines the numbers on your cheque. Where there are huge imbalances between people.... I hate that, but I cant do anything about it.

24-Apr-15 01:48 AM By Finch 0 Comments

Thursday, April 23 2015

FUCK THIS SHIT. I hate almost everyone... I hate the world I live in. I hate the people that inhabit this disgusting, corrupt, infectious city. I just want to leave this terrible hellhole and find some place where something is REAL instead of the homogenized crap that floods the world. I hate the school system. I hate the Government. I hate society. I hate the system that we have set up for us. I hate the organization of the modern world. I hate MTV, I hate Newsweek, I hate Walter Cronkite, I hate Watered-down television shit, I hate porn. Literally all I want to do is play guitar and drums (and sing, but my voice is godawful, lol I mean like it sounds like an influenza-ridden triceratops^^Having sex with Lee Ving after shooting up heroin.). I don't know what to do with my life...

23-Apr-15 07:20 PM By FuckBoyJohnCenaBalognaSandwich 0 Comments

I'm 15, I suck at school (and apparantly life in general), I have no idea what to do with my life. None of my career goals are possible. I have no social life and no scholar-abilities. I have the ability to be a successful musician, but no way of starting a band or getting a record-deal (I live in buttfuck-Columbia South Carolina). I hate myself and no one can help me and I don't know what to do. All I want is to run away and walk the Earth... No career, No responsibility, No school... Just me, a car, my girlfriend, and some guitars.

23-Apr-15 07:01 PM By Joe Fuckface 0 Comments

My life is a failure dressed as a pretty, smart, twenty-something woman. My outside appearances are a complete facade. Truth is, I completely hate myself. If it wasn't for my religion, I would be dead by suicide by now. I seriously fail at everything I do. I am worthless, unlovable, and a mess. I'm in therapy, but I don't know if it's really helping me at all. I've burned too many bridges in this lifetime. I just need a way out of my toxic brain. I am a failure. Nothing more, nothing less.

23-Apr-15 06:33 PM 1 Comment

I'm 23 years old, still living with my parents because I never saw any type of spark or interest in anything. I've never had a real job. I'm on thin ice in college. Everyone I try to get close to I always mess things up and make things worse. No friends that are willing to hang out with me. For that matter might as well say no friends. The love of my life I can never get to look my way. Every woman I've tried to get close to ends up hating me or cheating on me. At this point I'm even getting my own family to hate me. I've had thoughts of suicide. At this point it's all just a gamble on who first pulls the trigger.

23-Apr-15 12:33 AM By FailJay 0 Comments

Tuesday, April 21 2015

I suck so much, I wish i could just end it all. My life is just a string of disappointments and failures.

21-Apr-15 03:47 PM By captnfail 1 Comment

i fail at life. a lot of fails

21-Apr-15 11:34 AM 1 Comment

i fu*king hate my life. im terrible at photoshop and everyone laughs at me like im a dumbas*. i wanna die

21-Apr-15 11:20 AM By person 0 Comments

Monday, April 20 2015

19years doing matric South Africa

I never did anything best,excelent, perfect meaning 100% and feel proud of my self. I guess i dont belive more to my self. Then again nobody is perfect. U know i'm trying/doing my best but is not enough. People sorrounding me its like they don't see what i see #school_teachers, friends my parents whole community.. I believe that i'm different i'm not like you, you,you i'm me why can't i be given a chance to do things ma way.. i dont get it i dont life i'm just triying to find a purpose to this life me living...

20-Apr-15 04:54 PM By Lost 0 Comments

Time will tell guys dont worry.

Good things will come dont be in a hurry for when they come they will flow overwhelmingly in a flurry.

Sadness can take over our lives as we know it

To the point where it gets hard to control it

Finally we will understand,

That under our God's wonder and joy we are cleansed

under an eternal faucet

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Sunday, April 19 2015

I am in college. 21 years old. Male. My face always looks fat while my body is muscular. But you don't walk around with no clothes on do you? So I constantly get rejected by girls who choose guys with better looking faces who are in worse shape than me. My GPA in college is 2.3. After 3.5 semesters. Not bad enough to fail out, but low enough to raise eyebrows. I have no friends. I have not gone to any social events to talk to people that were not mandatory. I actually failed out of my college and got readmitted. I watch loads of porn and masturbate because it has become an addiction after seeing porn at the age of 8 for the first time. So 13 years of porn, 9 years of excessive masturbation. I always have a sad look on my face because my face is always fat. I have had sex a total of 3 times. I have not had an official job yet. I am one week away from actually failing out of school, when I should be graduating. I am taking the same course for the fourth time and im still failing because i never go to class. I dont go to class because id rather play video games then walk around getting rejected by people and excluded from circles.

19-Apr-15 10:03 PM By some dude 0 Comments

And to true failure, I have been to the darkest parts of hell in the mind.... Don't condemn people for where they are on their journey, everyone is in a different spot you know. Ten years ago, I had not been to the darkest parts, and 15 i was in heaven if you were to ask......

19-Apr-15 02:24 AM By yo guy 0 Comments

All I can say is that although this is not what you want to hear, you all have to dig deep, deep down inside and ask yourself who (not what) you want to be. You have to figure out the purpose you want to fulfill in life, not the purpose god gives you. You must understand the difference between the two.

19-Apr-15 02:17 AM By yo guy 0 Comments

Saturday, April 18 2015

It feels like I am trying so hard at life ,and have everything going for me ,but I feel like a failure. I should of been great in life I had wonderful parents ,and grandparents I was spoiled, I am pretty, nice , have a house , a pretty newish car, a husband, 2 kids, a cat , a dog, a supposed to be great job. Everyone believes in me ,and tells me I will go far. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? But I can't seem to succeed in life. I get fired from every job or almost fired before I quit. Usually for very stupid little things. It feels like life is against me. Like the universe hates me ,and I constantly get dealt bad cards ,because it feels like I used up all my luck with the nice family I was born into. My house is falling apart don't have the money or the knowledge to fix it. My kids fight with me a lot ,and yell at me even though I am so nice to them . I try to get onto them and they tell me they love me and they are sorry. But it seems to happen so often. My husband is bi polar and even though he is acting loving now he is soooo moody and angers easily and I constantly have to watch him ,because he has a roving eye and has had multiple affairs that he won't cop to ,but I have heard rumors seen evidence here and there ,but I don't know for sure ,and can't bear too face it ,but I can't afford to live on my own ,and I can't move in with my parents too many pets, don't want to disappoint my sons or my family,and I can't get with someone else ,because I am too awkward in way not good with guys I get too nervous when I think there is a possibility for romance ,and can only date really good friends or at least I did before I got married. My parents and sister shelled out all this money for a career for me ,and I am failing in my career . My deals keep falling thru. My money is fast running out ,and my husband has so much child support he barely contributes anything and he gets fired from jobs a lot ,and he only works fast food currently. I am supposed to hold the family together ,but I am just so tired of pretending everything is fine I would kill myself ,because I don't feel there is any hope ,but I don't want to hurt my sons or my parents, or sister. I just wish things would get better I keep telling myself they will ,but I really think it is hopeless and my future is doomed . I feel like I will have to work till I die ,bouncing from one job to the next. I just wish I wasn't such a screw up ,and everyone depends on me. I wish in a way so many people didn't love me and support me cheering for me ,because it hurts knowing that I am just going to let them down whenever I finally come clean about the situation they just threw there money into the wind and I will never amount to anything no matter how nice I am, how pretty I am, or how much I try . I will always be a mess. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't have mental illness, a gambling problem, or really any vices, I go to church , I am nice to everyone ,but the universe still is against me ,and I try hard ,but I feel sooo lazy and useless. I can't loose weight kept the same baby weight on since baby was born 10 years ago , have trouble keeping my house and car clean ,but I try, very disorganized ,but I try, I just feel fat, lazy, sad, anxious, and aging ,but I have no real problems compared to everything out there on the news ,and on this blog. I feel stupid for whining ,but I don't know where else to turn ,or what to do . I am afraid people will see I am a fake when I want to be a real success. I just wish I wasn't me ,and could really be a good person who could do what was needed to take advantage of all these blessings and make things work for her ,but time flies by so quick ,and my head feels fuzzy ,and I feel depressed and panicked ,and the more depressed and panicked I get the more I don't do anything ,besides distract myself. Keep throwing myself out there hope one day it matters and life doesn't disappoint and suck so much. What does the other people have to master life that I don't have why can't I make something of my self and lift my husband and children and myself out of poverty? I wish I were better

18-Apr-15 04:20 PM 1 Comment

I ama life failurebecause I am always sad,friendless, lonely rejected and shunned. People say I am evil when I am not, I hopefor death and to fade in oblivion. I wonder how things ever got to this point. I hate my life, my self and everything I have done because they are all worthless. Dear Lord God, What is my puropse? People say I am evil and Im starring to believe it, if this is a way of punishment, please end it. If I was a bad man in my past life pls end this one because its a vale of sadness. Nothing More.

18-Apr-15 06:11 AM 0 Comments

although I am broke, my life is much better than it use to be nevertheless, I am still a big 4ke up.

I don't have a job, people disrespect me and judge me. I suffer from irrational anxiety. I freakout in social gathering and around hot chicks.

I am exhausted (for just writing this 3 paragraph). God damn motherKaffule!

18-Apr-15 04:01 AM 0 Comments

Friday, April 17 2015

I fail in 12 th standard. I pursue course of bca I again fail in 1 year after I pass first year. then second year also fail then I pass second year with atkt of 4 subject now I am in third year but my paper are running now I defenetly fail all subjects I have now 14 subject I pass ithink 4 subject now m so desperate to doing all subject preparation because now my age is 24 I am so crying now because I spend 6 years in my bachelor degree I am confused what to do next plz help me help me

17-Apr-15 08:04 AM By vinay 1 Comment

Wednesday, April 15 2015

I overthink to much I losed my career

15-Apr-15 04:19 PM By Mlungisi Maluleke 0 Comments

See i believe that none of you are true failures because if you were a true failure then nothing in life would matter but finding the absolute truth to existence to know what you are. but since you are all still complaining you havent come that far yet but trust me you will fail 100 more times and then you will finally ask the only important question "What is I".... im a true failure youre all fakes!

15-Apr-15 12:35 AM By truth 2 Comments

Tuesday, April 14 2015

I don't know how many times I came here to complain,or to go over some of your complaints. Some made me feel better about myself,and some made me even more depressed.

I have been a failure all my life,and no,that's not an exaggeration. But I realized I was to blame in most of the situations because of my attitude to life in general. It's because I've always been a quitter! Whenever the going got tough lil old felly would bail. I never put the extra effort,and if I did it was just a few times but I still bailed. Be it relationships,school or whatever,I never tried! Which is why I don't have either of them. Did I think it would be easy? That I would just wake up and ride life smoothly? That there wouldn't be any hurdles on the way? That I don't even have to work to get what I want? That things will just fall onto my lap for my taking? Without having to work for it? Really? Life doesn't work that way,if it did,there'd be no beauty to it.

There's nothing wrong with complaining,and I'm still gonna come to this site and vent. But question is,what am I gonna do after I fail and complain a million times? Go a few more years hoping something big will happen to me while I'm in my parents' basement? Or get my hind up and do something with my life?

14-Apr-15 11:30 PM By FellyM 1 Comment

I'm failing plenty of classes in high school and I'm putting on a lot of weight at the same time all while doing nothing to fix either problems. I simply don't care anymore. My motivation went down the drain years ago.

14-Apr-15 09:04 PM By Mark 0 Comments

Reading you guys complain about your life makes me fell about mine

14-Apr-15 08:39 PM 0 Comments

Hi. I haven't come here to complain. I just wanted everyone on here to know they aren't alone and if anyone needs someone to talk to, leave a comment and I'll listen. :)

14-Apr-15 10:43 AM By Nicole 4 Comments

I hate my life. My job sucks. My wife hates to death.

14-Apr-15 09:09 AM 1 Comment

Monday, April 13 2015

M a student of pharm d m continusely fail my exams. My degree of 5 years become of 7 years. M extremely depress.nd my health is getting down day by day.i want to get out of this degree immediately

13-Apr-15 11:21 AM By amna ali 0 Comments

Sunday, April 12 2015

I have nothing to live for. I'm 17 and doing my AS levels. education isn't for me and i can't study. none of this shit eneters my brain and my whole family thinks of me as the golden child due to good GCSE results. Either way, my failure is inevitable. My attendance is shit, my grades are shit and i feel shit every single day. I will not get the grades to do the uni course that i only want to do because my family want me to. I have nothing to live for. Each day is a failure and worse than the previous. I wish my mum didn't love me as much as she does or that i didn't owe her so much. That would make suicide simple. I have no idea what i want to do with my life in the slightest. All I want personally is a beautiful wife, children and happiness. I wish I did not have expectations. It is very deeply saddenning to know that I will not be totally happy ever again in my near future. And thus, will my death not be a solution? Am i a mere burden? i want to end my life. I have nowhere to go.

12-Apr-15 05:42 PM 2 Comments

I feel so incompetent in life. I kept on thinking that maybe I just don't try enough to prove myself. But I feel so done. I cannot fathom seeing myself fail and get hurt. I fvcking have too many self issues. And I am so insecure of too many things

12-Apr-15 08:46 AM By asd 0 Comments

Saturday, April 11 2015

I am a shameful failure: a complete waste of my own time, and much more importantly a waste of the time and money of those who foolishly continue to care about me. I have no valid excuse for not being a success; I am (supposedly) rather intelligent, having gotten excellent grades in high school and through most of college. Ultimately, though, I ended up flunking out, for some reason; in the past I've said that it was a result of developing severe problems with depression, but it should be obvious to anyone with a brain that that's a bunch of bullshit because being depressed doesn't absolve you of personal responsibility. Now, years later, I'm trying to go back to school, but so far no university wants anything to do with me. Looks like I've squandered any chances I might have had at educational and career success. I deserve this as punishment. I will go to the dregs of society where I belong, or perhaps I'll just die, which might be for the best.

11-Apr-15 06:17 PM By Moron 0 Comments

Anti-depressants is all you need. Don't suffer in silence, meet your doctor. say Doctor Phil sent you.

11-Apr-15 04:55 PM By Doctor Phil 0 Comments

25 no ged single mom parents doing their own thing no help shitty boyfriend trying to connect with others to get better not crazy but on disability from adhd,depression,bipola1 child hood trauma looking for ged math help if interested please call 216-326-3386 thankyou id appreciate it name alyshia reside Cleveland east side

11-Apr-15 02:28 PM By fucked 0 Comments

Fuck everyone that dislikes me or hates me. Fuck you. I am better than you.

11-Apr-15 01:37 AM 0 Comments

Friday, April 10 2015

Im way past done with failing.I suck, I might as well die.It wont matter to anyone else.Ill just be one distraction out of the way.

Bloody arms are red,

Attitide is depressed,

Life is killer,

cause im too 'different' from the rest.

10-Apr-15 10:18 PM By Blue→Red 0 Comments

I came here to talk about how shitty my life is. How Im disabled from the military. Have only enough money for rent. Have no memory so I fail university. But then I saw all the people, young people, posting similar things. How they fail at school, have no drive, no goals, think they are ugly, fat, lazy, want to kill the,selves. And it t me. It is not you guys that are shitty or ugly or dumb its the way our systems work. I can explain chemistry on advanced levels but I cant pass a test without notes. Why do I need to memorize every detail when I can just take notes? Why is it bad to work at McDonalds? Its because no one teaches us that there are inbetween areas of life. Its not pass or fail. There is nothing wrong with you people and I vow to spend the rest of my days figuring out how to change the education system so this doesnt happen to anyone else.

10-Apr-15 02:44 PM By Cal 0 Comments

I'm 14 years old. My entire life has been screwed since two years ago. I'm failing the 9th grade, I missed every day of the 8th grade and I'm sure I'm not going to make it into the 10th grade. I hate myself, I can't stop procrastinating. I've been told many times I'm extremely mature for my age. I guess I can agree. I feel worthless, I'm now going to an online school, have not one single friend. And spend all day laying and bed doing absolutely nothing except writing in my diary. I've gotten severely bored of everything I used to love doing. I've become paranoid, and afraid of even leaving my home. I feel like I'm wasting my life away and that it's always going to be like this. I've given myself a bad reputation to every school in the district and hate online school. I have no credits and the year is almost over. Motivation isn't existent. I just feel worthless. I don't want to die, but death is the only thing on my mind. I feel like it's the only way to get out of whatever shitty mess I've gotten myself in. I've gained so much weight, but I've stopped eating because I never have an appetite and I just feel so lost and so weak. I can barely get myself out of bed. I barely sleep, or I sleep too much. I can't trust anyone. I just feel so horrible. I didn't think any of this would ever get so bad but I can't even go to the store without being too scared. I just don't know. I've tried therapy but then get too scared of judgement to go, I just feel like no one believes me because of my age.

I don't know what to do. Please help

10-Apr-15 02:31 AM By Jessica 4 Comments

Thursday, April 9 2015

I fail at life, I'm lazy and have no motivation to finish high school, I have no friends, no girlfriend, I'm ugly, have no talents or interests, I just feel like dying in a hole as I am a worthless piece of crap wasting the air that others could be breathing. I'm 16, soon to be 17 but I have no hope that I'll have a good future as I have no drive to do anything. I fear I'll be working at McDonalds as a janitor making minimum wage.

9-Apr-15 05:02 PM 2 Comments

I am 18, I went to college when I left school but eventually dropped out. Then my girlfriend dumped me. This year I tried to go back to college but dropped out quicker than the first time. I have been single now for around one year and hate it, I wouldn't say i'm a bad looking guy I just don't go out much to meet women. I'm extremely lazy and spend most of my time gaming which holds me back from becoming a teacher like I want to be.

9-Apr-15 04:08 PM By Why me 0 Comments

Lost my job today im short ugly and 18 male I wanna die. No girls think im attractive and im poor with no intentions of going to college. Idk so much..

9-Apr-15 03:24 PM 0 Comments

I'm 25 still doing my matric feeling like just wasting time because I'm too old ,all my friends they are telling I must just quit and look for a job because by the time I finish I will be too old and I will never find a job ,I want to be a professional nurse.

9-Apr-15 04:39 AM By karabo 1 Comment

Wednesday, April 8 2015

I failed another class and I'm really depressed about it. It makes me feel worse because the previous times I failed, my family have been so supportive. Yes, they reprimanded me but I'm expecting worse than that. They hardly said any discouraging comments. Now I can't bring it up to them because I'm so ashamed of myself. I really want to die but I can't bring myself to do it. Like, I just wanna get involved in an accident that would give me sudden death. My siblings never failed a class and I feel like I'm the failure in the family. I know I am. Please just let me die. PLEASE.

8-Apr-15 06:53 PM 0 Comments

I'm still in high school, but most of whatever i did was never good enough. I failed so many of my class i sometime feel like I'm hopeless in life,. I know that I have really bad grades, but whenever i try to bring it up, i can only do it for about 2 weeks max!Why am i so bad?!

8-Apr-15 06:17 PM 0 Comments

I just want to painlessly now.But i know i have a few more years of suffering in this genetically inferior(ugly) body.

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Tuesday, April 7 2015

since i was young i knew i was different. i was in my own world. the things that most kids liked i didnt....i wasnt as good at sports.....i liked science and english. i grew up with dreams as far as the horizon. the last two years of my life have been the worst ever. im not sure while im still here. i want to die. im susida; but dont have the courage to end my own life becasue what lies past this world scares me. I got accepted to the school of my choice only to not pass a class the first semester. i was then suspended.....i was crushed beyond words. i reapplied and was deneid. now through the process i made a mistake...a clerical error that has doomed me again. i have had 3 deaths in the family, personal injury , trouble finding a job, supporting myself, saddled with debt, i have no life. i have forgoted what joy and happy feels like. now that stuff almost hurts. i wish i had a terminal illness, so i could take a pill and sleep. im so tired of so tired of people telling be im great....beleiving that i am and then having life knock me down. i hate breathing knowing that im here. exisitence hurts. i was baker acted because i wanted t okill myself. now im going down that path again. i cry all the time soemtimes at random. my meds arent working. i dont have health ins and cant afford my key med so im even more unstable. i havent eaten the whole day because i keep gagging. i wish i had the strength to kill myself. i dont. i look at the years to come as only torture. i dont want to see them. maybe this is hell i dont know. perhaps attonment fro past sins. i hope to die soon. just have to pick the right method. we value life...we should value when people want to end it too

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If only I did well in school. Ever since I was a child my grade sucks. My parents call me stupid all the time. I ended up in a bad high school, and at now at Community college and even there I did badly. Why am I so stupid?

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Is there any guy in here who is suicidal because of any reason other than ugliness?

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when i am 25 i lost my 27 i lost my 30 i lost my buiseness and home.i am fail in my life.i lost everything in my life now.what i do now.

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I have everything I need to be happy. My parents try to provide me all the things to keep me happy and motivated. But my past is hell. I have lived through my parents fighting in front of my face and they separated at that time, in kindergarden and school I was bullied, when my mother moved around with us to live with her lovers I was in between their fights as well. It was like she didn't care how the fighting and screaming affected me. A year we lived with one of her lover who had a son and he peat me up almost everyday but not bad enough to spark anyones interest. At some point my mom and dad got into a bad fight mother didn't let me and my brother see dad. So I just made a deal with my brother that he will stay with mom and I go with dad. And so I lived with dad about two years never seeing my mother.Somehow I was happy and confident child at that time. I cried a lot but I never let anything or anybody bother me and my happiness. Anyway me and my mother started talking again but she wanted to go to work in Egypt so even if our relationship was fixed I had little time with her. Me and my dad moved to house again to look after my brother and dog when mom was away. She worked in different countries for three years. When she came back she was changed she was perfect mother. Mom and dad made up and we all live happily together from that on. But I can't say I'm happy. When I got 14 then everything went down hill for me. It was like the past hit me like a train. I was anyway lost all my confidence I ever had and I started to care more about my grades that were really bad. My parents were not happy with me the actually never have been because I'm not smart. At that time I just wanted to hide away from everything I still do. Everything was all of a sudden too much. I started cutting to ease the emotions to punish myself for being so pathetic so dumb so useless. I have always been the quiet one I don't like to speak, I don't know how to speak but being social is needed to succeed. My grades are still bad, I'm worried I don't finish ninth grade and get accepted to high school. I have no talents like really I have tried so many thing and nothing suits me. I try to learn bass guitar but in two years I'm still shitty at it. At least it's one thing I love to do but I hate disappointing my teacher because I can't play. And my father is getting tired of wasting money it if I don't succeed anything. I'm just useless, worthless and weak. And I'm ugly as-well now because of my scars so even doing the lowest job of all would be impossible for me. I could clean other ppl toilets in future but as I said I'm weak person I have no fight in me to ever succeed in life. Maybe I should just off myself so nobody has to ever waste their time and money on me and I think I'd be much happier six feet under. Everybody fades away and everybody deals with it so I'm sure the two three friend that I have will go on. I'm sure they will because they are strong and successful, when one negative shadow is gone it definitely would do no harm. Now I just have to find courage to do what I need too do

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Life is so so hard. Everyone seems to succeed but me. I worked hard and received fabulous grades and received a graduate degree but still I can't succeed in life. My whole family is well off and I'm the joke of the family. I don't have friends or a boyfriend either. It just all sucks!! It makes me just want to buy an RV and go live in the mountains. Why does everything seem to work out for everyone else and not me?

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Monday, April 6 2015

I'm so sorry for wasting your time hey. I'm so stupid.

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I am by far the worst person I know. I really do try my hardest to be a success and make someone proud of me, but I fail at everything I try and have nothing to show for anything I've ever tried. I had so many goals but I haven't achieved anything. I'm completely talentless. I'm so ashamed and angry at who I am but I seriously don't know anyway to change things. The worst part is that as a child I was told that I was quite intelligent, so why I make so many mistakes and why I am no good at anything just confuses me. I was born premature and was lucky to be alive, I had severe asthma, have since developed an inherited heart defect, bipolar disorder, early stages of schizophrenia and unknown yet irreversible nerve damage in my back which causes constant pain. It is clear I am a mistake and shouldn't have been alive, I do believe in a higher power and believe that God is trying to tell me I am not meant to be. I hate two whole world for creating me and am angry at everything lucky enough to achieve just one thing in their life since I've achieved nothing. I have a pet dog who is the only thing worth anything to me and if I didn't have her I would have killed myself so that I can finally achieve one good thing and done the world a favor. I'm sorry for being alive, I just don't trust anyone to care for my dog but I promise that one day I will finally end my worthless useless life and can stop hurting and disappointing everyone.

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Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?