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Sunday, January 25 2015

I'm 31. I finished a degree about 7 months ago but can't get a job out of it as all job listings for laboratory job say experience required. It took me 6 years of part time studying and living dirt poor in horrible situations to get the degree. I got another job, nothing to do with what I studied, and I'm doing terrible at it. I can't keep up with the work load. I don't think I'll ever have a stable job or place to live. My sister in law pretty much told me that I'm too dumb to get a degree and to get a job out of it. Although it's true, I can't believe someone would say that to another person, I would never put someone else down like that.

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Saturday, January 24 2015

I now write frequently on this site because I sort of find comfort in sharing my stories with someone and knowing I am not alone. Truth is I am really alone in my world man, the only reason I keep going is hope that change of almost biblical proportions may actually come into my life which would be miraculous really.

I have no one in my life, things may be okay in my life but there is no one there to love me. I embarass myself, I disgust myself and sometimes I really hate myself, I hate my own existence, my body, my mind my soul the day I was born. I sometimes think that I was meant to be an example of true loneliness and failure for others.

I am a good natured guy at heart with depressive tendencies and an exterior which exudes I dont know what but whatecer that is,it attracts hate and scorn from everyone unlucky enough to see my face.I am afraid to walk in the streets because of the looks people give me sometimes almost like I am a monster or an alien or demon. Notice how all these are dark, people see me as this horrible person without even knowing me. This really troubles me daily and sometimes when I hear beautiful music and something that hits home I cry a bit. I cry at night when I think about my lifes failures, 16 no friends, no gf, no love from family, misunderstood, all spell out suicide and depression.


If I did nt believe in spirituality I would have killed myself. This would put so many souls at rest, at peace and happiness knowing that the demon is dead. To belive that your identity is not at all human, less than human and lower than scum to people you care for and everyone is torturous to any one. I just wish I would be a soul complete and free from the hell of living in the material world and the age of decline and be free from any of this rejection, expectation and mercilessness of the world and the human race. I dont hate humans, I fear them for they are all predators who feed on the souls of the weak to gain satisfaction. You cant be happy unless you are a predator here on earth. i doubt there is a hell because this is hell itself.

24-Jan-15 01:40 PM By Who helps the widows son? 0 Comments

Friday, January 23 2015

I want to commit suicide first but I'm to much of a pussy to. my life sucks! my mom verbally and physically abuses me calling me pathetic and worthless and it really does bring me down! then the next she's acting all happy and like she's te best mother in the world! also I can't et motivated to study or anything I a freshman in high school and I hate it everything and Everton there yes I have several friends but my mom and studying bad grades everything I want to be in piece live in piece. trying to commit suicide is my only solution. maybe at 3:00 am I will. now I will. finally I will. of course I will.

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Fallen to despair, they will know the truth when we meet up in another life. Never held anything against anyone. Now waits this last drink. They deserve joy, was sincerity suspicious. All I know is of no use to anyone now, it is music for the deaf. There is only silence to keep in touch with. I just want to move forward, but I am stuck. The inequality whether my existence brings more hurt than departure, to all whom I love.

23-Jan-15 08:11 AM By cb_en 0 Comments

Thursday, January 22 2015

OMG I have been so stressed out with life too, but I want everyone on here to know that life will get better! Suicide and self harm are permanent solutions to a temporary problem. Try to talk to someone about the problem - a friend, family member, counselor, even 911 can get help. Suicide hotlines are good too. I just want you to know that it does get better, and I hope you all feel better! Have a wonderful day! :)

22-Jan-15 06:40 PM By miwabromam 0 Comments

I have tried so many different things in life with a positive outlook on each of them but I failed horribly at all of them. I have played basketball, hockey, and soccer and failed at all 3 sports. I was never a star player or even a solid player despite the hours I put into practicing these sports. On top of that I am not academically gifted either. I also failed at working out(my genetics suck horribly). I have been working out for around 1.5 years and I have only gained around 10-15 lbs of muscle and have never gotten below 12-13 percent bodyfat. I have also tried making a blog and monetizing it but failed again and only made a few cents. I also tried painting as well but my art teacher said with more work I could become really good so I ended up with a mark of 70 when I need an 80 for university. I am trying to learn programming right now but I seem to have gotten stuck at a very important part. My genetics are crap too being 5 4 at 150 lbs(13 percent body fat). The only thing I am good at is bring well dressed but I doubt one can make money off such a thing.

22-Jan-15 03:23 PM By yoo 0 Comments

I am amazing. Brilliant. Only someone amazing and brilliant could fail so hard as I, a 17 year old idiot with no job. I can't drive and I haven't applied to any colleges and I am failing beautifully at math. Wow.

22-Jan-15 10:51 AM By fail 0 Comments

I just think I am trash as a human being... I am a hospital resident and just miss some days of work making lame excuses because I just don't feel like working. I think everything I do I do for myself. I dont think that i really care about patients at all... I am such a slob I don't even know how the hell did I became a doctor... Should I just end it all?

22-Jan-15 08:15 AM By jose 0 Comments

what the cant get a answer from god or the uiverse so u thnk god reads this website. yea i bet setience intellegence is sitting outside the fcking universe with a fcking human laptop reading your sorrow. bulshit how do i send my complaints to the architects of existence cause they sure arnt listening to anyone

22-Jan-15 01:06 AM By hhh 0 Comments

Wednesday, January 21 2015

My happiness means nothing to anyone. I have no feelings according to this world. Step all over my feelings. Neglect me. Ignore me. Hate me. I will let you without hesitation. The hate is not mutual. I hope, in my heart that one day everyone will realize what it means to love and care for one another. Maybe we all need to go on a voyage through each other's lives - only then will we respect each other enough to hold each other in high regards, but then again maybe not. Maybe people are born to not care. All I know is that when this is all over, love will be all that's left in me. Thank you for this.

21-Jan-15 09:29 PM By HungOnaHook 0 Comments

Tuesday, January 20 2015

I think I'm going to fail out of life. I've always been called smart, but I almost just failed my midterm exam, and it was in a subject I want to study in college. I'm going to fail my other midterms too, resulting in my lack of acceptance into any colleges I want to go to. I doubt I'll get anywhere in life, and I wonder if suicide is just easier.

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Kobe 8 year of the Snake

20-Jan-15 01:21 PM By Kobe 8 year of the Snake 0 Comments

Ward has circulated petitions for the speaker, the attorney general and David Ellis, the top Madigan attorney in the House, who ran unopposed in the Democratic primary for an Illinois Appellate Court vacancy and faces no Republican opposition in November抯 general election.

Mercurials 2014

20-Jan-15 11:10 AM By Mercurials 2014 0 Comments

It does not matter how many times you fail. What matters is how many times you can get knocked down and keep going. Never give up my fellow humans. We are all fighting to live. Just existing is a rare thing.

20-Jan-15 10:21 AM 0 Comments

Hey guys I'm tlotlang I'm 20 years of age I'm psychologically disabled (faecal incontinence) I have this disability about 18 now so have to live school because students they were making jokes about my disability I lift my school at the age of 16 now I'm 20 so I left in grade 9 so now I want go back to school I study hard and so that i'll get my matric to became Proffesor of engineers I don't have both parent I don't have someone who can help mr. Please guys I really wanna go back to school anyone out there please help me my numbers are (0762929093)

20-Jan-15 07:20 AM By tlotlang 0 Comments

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20-Jan-15 12:40 AM By Womens 0 Comments

Monday, January 19 2015

Liechtenstein was mainly undeveloped and a poor country until the end of the Second World War. Since then the country has developed a large and mainly light-industrial base. The country has 29,000 jobs, 45% of which are filled by commuters who travel from Switzerland, Austria and Germany who supplement the domestic workforce of 16,000. Unemployment is low at 2.2% (2004). Liechtenstein is also home to 3000 local businesses which is about 1 in 11 according to the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office). Liechtenstein has a Customs Union with Switzerland and use the Swiss Francs. Although not a part of the European Union, it belongs to the European Economic Area.

Free Run 2 Womens

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Il a raison, Guillaume Marqu鑣?: parler, papoter, analyser, c'est bien?; agir, c'est mieux.


19-Jan-15 10:26 PM By Womens 0 Comments

Hi, my name is Abdulaziz Saeed. God gave me everything but I wasn't grateful at all aka(I ruined my life with my own hands) I ruined my life beyond repair :'( Im forever guilty... Forever :'(

19-Jan-15 02:04 PM By Abdulaziz Saeed 0 Comments

Sunday, January 18 2015

I'm in the Ninth Grade, so I know I still have time to make it up, but damn, I messed this year up so bad. So far I've failed four classes and I've managed to isolate myself from the only two friends I have ever had. My family isn't very well off, so education was my only chance at making something of my life. But I had to go and throw it all away. Now I skip just to sleep and rid myself of emotion, but no matter how many pills I take I still wake up to this bleak, unforgiving place. I just want to close my eyes forever. ..

18-Jan-15 08:15 PM By Sleepy 0 Comments

Prompt service on writing essays

18-Jan-15 04:01 PM By buisompomslog 0 Comments

I failed and I will fail again. I'm in a group project and I've attributed nothing. They probably will get bad grades too, because of me. I'm trying hard, but it's not enough. I'm guilty, I know it and I deserve Hell. People like me just shouldn't exist, the world would be better. But again, I'm too cowardly to kill myself. Someone, pls, accidently kill me...

18-Jan-15 02:59 PM 0 Comments

Keep complaining there is no one to hear wat makes us depressed.

18-Jan-15 01:58 PM 0 Comments

as always in this game, Namibia's wellbeing is being threatened by the HIV/Aids epidemic.controlling the signal system which is set on a mast above the roof. A year later, the more they remain the same. he and the rest of Kenya was expressing confidence in the judiciary.

Women Free 5.0

18-Jan-15 01:04 PM By Women Free 5.0 0 Comments

I don't worry about least to some extent.. But when I fail others it hurts more.. The guys who believed me failed... What am I gonna do... Why me?

18-Jan-15 12:33 PM By sad 0 Comments

my sister keeps telling folks im a cruel fuck aftr calling me a bastard and saying my parents dont love me and laughing at and calling me out. everyone belives her because shes this angel whos had everything going against her sadly eg bf dying, being raped 2 times. she hates my existence as being the son of their dads new gurl. im hated by pretty much all of my dads side really and bcoz they arent married.

in truth though this sounds really light but if you know what its like to feel so insecure about your basic existence then you know how hard it is to hear those words from someone let alone your 'sister'. no one can belive me because tgey dont know how evil shr is (sociopathic even). Case in point, she once thought spraying insect killer on someones food would do the job, instead the peson lived to tell the story so untold. THAT IS ABSOLUTE MURDER!! EVIL, and i live with that person i am supposed to be cruel woe.

This truly depressed me to the point where my dads family is dreaded to me and my sistrr and i dont talk, im even afraid to eat her food. no one will believe so this site is a platform, so please if you have read this please try to advise me because i feel really attacked.

18-Jan-15 03:02 AM By Dissapointed 1 Comment

Saturday, January 17 2015

I have an essay that was due like 6 hours ago but I didn't do it. This is the second time this has happened with the same teacher. I have a bad GPA (3.85) even though my max GPA is 4.4. I have little chance of making it into IMSA now and my GPA will probably go even lower due to this essay that is worth 100 points. I was supposed to study for finals this weekend but I waste all my time playing games and going on YouTube. Now I have to go to local public school. I feel cognitively lazy and have 4 Bs. Three of them are not even honors. One of them is a B-. I have no money for college and now I will most likely not be able to get into IMSA which would have severely improved my chances. I also didn't make it into the STEM program at my current school because of my retard-level math score. That score makes no sense because all of my other test scores contradict it. Back to the essay I guess. Maybe I can still get an A- in English if I try hard enough...

17-Jan-15 07:32 PM 0 Comments

I hate life but I can't bring myself to commit suicide since I'm a coward. I just wish I had a gun to shoot myself

17-Jan-15 06:00 PM By ... 0 Comments

She brought sunshine and her voice lifted my spirit to mountains I have never been. I expected nothing in return, my friends were all imaginary till then, how to conjugate to reality and show some appreciation. But to this humble and sweet person I gave a pathetic side, the disgust was hidden by a mirage. I wish she could hear my sorrow. In my convoluted mind played a mobious strip of work rejection letters and false hope, I trusted nobody.

I never cared for self pity, this selfish writing makes me cringe. If they scoff at hurdles not cleared, hold their laugh when I try hard, just leave me by. My eyes can hide nothing, unlike secret words. I will continue to try on these new roads, only god can judge me. There are the sick and neglected whose problems outweigh mine. For them I reserve my tears.

17-Jan-15 01:24 AM By Sonatina 0 Comments

Friday, January 16 2015

Here's a lonely poem for tonight's mood

Lastly, contempt cometh first

For the years I've lived in a black shadow

For whatever pain that lurks

Pain is the beauty of mortality

Sweet tears that fill the nights end

Grievance for the shell of me that lives not again

Unfulfilled desires, uncertainty of life

Will I make it out of hell and into this divinity in surrounding light

Careful, they tell me, where I should tread

For the world that moves beneath my feet is calling all the dead

16-Jan-15 10:24 PM By Alonesome 0 Comments

Am 23 and i have just realised just how much of a failure i am. am unemployed and living with my mother, i bearly made it through college and am still not officially done with the course i was studying. am remaining with 2 more courses and a project which i don't even know where to begin. i overstayed in college and i don't want to go there this semester which has just begun. am too embarraced to go there and face some of the lecturers who lectured me back then. i have wasted my mothers money on my studies and i feel like a failure. when did it all come to this? at what point did i lose my purpose? i have lost the will to live and i can't seem to see anything good in my life. i seat all day watching tv or surfing the web. am starting to feel ashamed of myself and my failures. am so crippled with what has happened to me that i just can't get up and make some progress. am 23 yrs old and the best part of my life is half over. yet i have acheived nothing. the horror!!

16-Jan-15 02:38 PM By I Dont Know 1 Comment

My half sister hates me for being the son of the woman who replaced their mothers role in the family, meaning that I am a bastard coz my parents are unmarried.

I found out a while back about this and life has not been the same since, I cant stand her for having lied to me for so long and acting like she was a sister to me. Her siblings despise my existence and because I havent told anyone this, she makes look like a cold literal SOB. She is no longer the good natured fun person I belive she was , now, well now she is just a snake. I cannot trust and dont think I ever can, shes lost to me. Especially after hearing she had once tried to poison a womans food with insect killing spray!!.

Tell me NOW how do you trust such a two faced individual who smiles in your presence and smears your name with dirt when youre not around, huh?

16-Jan-15 12:43 PM By dissappinted, betrayed, bendict arnoled 0 Comments

Seulement, dix minutes apr鑣 l'ouverture du score picarde, on attend toujours une r閍ction berrichonne. 莂 devient inqui閠ant car Hautc渦r et ses co閝uipiers ne s'en laissent pas compter et continuent ?faire le jeu. Les changements op閞閟 par Didier Tholot et un syst鑝e de jeu en 4-2-3-1 n'apportent pas vraiment de plus-value.

Air Structure Triax 91

16-Jan-15 08:17 AM By Air Structure Triax 91 0 Comments

I failed exam.. How I studied hard... The guy who didn't prepare for anything passed ...I guess there are two types of people on this planet lucky and unlucky.

16-Jan-15 06:32 AM By hurt 0 Comments

Know how they say "There are so many hills, lakes and beauties left for you to see"? Well, I don't want to see any. Even nature wouldn't let a person like me see any. What a mediocre f*cktard I am :)

16-Jan-15 06:14 AM By Noone 0 Comments

Knowing that you are going to fail in a month but can't do anything about it sucks...apparently impossible word exits..

16-Jan-15 05:00 AM By anonymous 0 Comments

Thursday, January 15 2015

Somebody please ask the universe..or multiverse what ever it is that I have done to it...

If some one created this universe or multiverse... He/she/whateveris so powerful that when he/she/whatever can create billions of stars with unique features.. He/she/whatever is capable of hearing to our sorrows simultaneously...

The thing is he is hearing us but being as a**...or no ONE person created all this...

Whoever it it your plan sucks... It's the worst.. You are not powerful.. When I meet you we are up for a serious conversation...f****** fa*

15-Jan-15 04:00 PM By failure 2 Comments

Failed maths, parents are disapointed, if can't recover my grades I wont go to college, I don't have determination, my parents made me feel bad about myself refering to as useless.

15-Jan-15 03:29 PM By alex 0 Comments

It is better to be beautiful than to be good. But it is better to be good than to be ugly - Oscar Wilde

15-Jan-15 02:10 PM By wraparound 0 Comments

I used to get grades like 98%, 95% and now I got 69% and I'm still studying the subjects I've failed at. I lost all motivation in life and I was very loved and fun to be around but everyone says I'm different now. I lost all my friends too because my little sister was abused by the people in her class and I helped her be friends with mine, when I moved she fought with them, and they've deleted me and never spoke to me again because of her. I still dream about one of them, and the things she have done to me when I tried to talk to them. I failed at keeping myself alive enough to live the life I've always dreamt about. I once had a friend, we knew each other for 5 years and then she fell in love with me and I loved her back and oh, I thought she'd be with me forever, what an idiot. I was happy and I gave her all of me but I lost her too.

15-Jan-15 12:08 PM By Anonymous 0 Comments

I failed at math and I hate my lfe

15-Jan-15 11:42 AM By Wow 0 Comments

I love you man! We are all brilliant students when we realise we are only human beings, with faults and failings like any other being. To finish with a quote:

When people do not respect us we are sharply offended; yet in his private heart no man much respects himself - Mark Twain

15-Jan-15 09:30 AM 0 Comments

Is there any brilliant student on here? Then comment please.

15-Jan-15 07:16 AM By Mimi 2 Comments

Wednesday, January 14 2015

I have failed my matric twice

14-Jan-15 02:46 PM 1 Comment

Our common problem is we fail in studies. Poor grade or CGPA. That sucks. I don't know what is gonna happen to me. I can't remember what i've studied in exam hall. Help me.aaaaaa

14-Jan-15 02:34 PM By LostGirl 0 Comments

College is right around the corner and my high school grades suck. I have a c average and a 2.5 GPA. I'm a seinor and 17 years old, I'm not ready to move on yet. I haven't applied for any colleges yet and I'm soo stressed out

14-Jan-15 11:12 AM By Brando 0 Comments

I failed ..I failed my parents.. Lost lot of money...truth is I could have brought happiness with that no love is mending my heart ..

14-Jan-15 09:28 AM By anonymous 2 Comments

I am a failure because I have no gf, my grades are pretty okay but I am dismal at math, I am uncool, too skinny, too quiet, friendless, boring,constantly and easily depressed; I am also a Bastard with a capital B.... Worst of all is my complete inability to have a good conversation with my father.

He does not try not even try to talk to me in a way that would make the mood frienlier. He is so distant from me and never cares to even check up ob me once in a while and initiate familiarity or conversation. I never grew up with him as a kid (meaning i saw him only on weeknds).

I guess I just do not matter to him, my dad talks a good game but he don't love me enough to stop being proud and talk, offer advice, and be more than a man injecting money into his potentially huge investment. The lack of fatherly presence or love has been what truly made me turn to drugs like weed, mandrax, meth and ecstacy.

One day I will simply stop trying, stop waiting for him to be a real father and make my own life the only way I know how.

14-Jan-15 05:59 AM By Daddy Issues 1 Comment

Tuesday, January 13 2015

After i broke up with my girlfriend i haven't seen much happiness. I'm an average guy. I go to college to make my mum happy and also myself but i'm not a smart guy. My parents don't know I'm failing college, i'm just a waste of their money. I don't know when i'll be happy again. I'm useless.

13-Jan-15 11:41 PM By Lostguy 0 Comments

I live with my mum, I just failed my last hope of going to uni. My mum who supported me and helped me through my life, who put up with my arrogance and annoyance only had one hope, which was for me to go to uni, now I have failed that, my dad will prob start shouting at her, my brother will probably ignore me since he at least got into uni. I might live on with some hardship but I know I failed my mum and tell you the truth she is the only one that makes me cry despite all my failures. My failure at making friends, who turned into smokers and thieves. my failure at studying despite I worked day and night for it. And my failure at choosing to be like this. ALL that doesnt bother me, but failing my mum at the ONE thing that she wished me to do makes me sad and makes me cry. Her words trying to comfort me just makes it worse. I really am a failure and all i think of now is that if I die she will prob blame herself and do something stupid. Maybe thats just me trying to blame why I cant suicide on her. I am really lost right now.

13-Jan-15 09:22 PM By AFailure 2 Comments

I live with my parents at 22 I haven't showered or shaved so I might do that. I don't have a car nor do I know how to drive. 8-10 hours of computer means loser. I am a total pos who collects ssi and takes psych meds. I'm very ugly and have psoriasis. I do service calls and basic work. Calibrations yearly. I am a total piece of work. I basically suck at everything including life. I'm very unintelligent. I don't care to listen to the corporate media. I barely graduated high school. Never went to college because college is a waste of time and a scam. I am now an underachiever because you'll have no future anyways. We live in ruthless dictatorships. Psychiatric abuse is crap. You always get your forth amendment violated if you act out enough. Everyone is a twat, I don't care about anything anymore. At least I'm not gang stalked. Everyone is mean to me simply because I am a loser.

13-Jan-15 08:25 AM By loser 3 Comments

Monday, January 12 2015

I tshepo have faild grade 10 to many times and i wander if the is something i can do with hands work which i can make a living out of so that i can be a better person in life

12-Jan-15 12:05 PM By Tshepo alset 0 Comments

My problem: a friend deleted me from facebook. Don't know why. I've become a very very bad student recently in uni. I was average all my life. Sigh. I am surprised to see the confidence of that brilliant friend. The pride in his writing. About me. Quotes. Etc. Facebook stuff. He has a gf like him. Though i don't know if she is brilliant or not. I can't remember what i've read in exam hall.

12-Jan-15 10:10 AM By LostGirl 0 Comments

Sunday, January 11 2015

On the day im happy,i will:

actually smile.

not think about suicide.

get an A in every class.

throw away the blades.

make my mum happy.

get friends.

be noticed.

those are my wishes.but,for now,i will be the opposite of all that was listed,because im sad and hurt by everything and everyone.

11-Jan-15 09:48 PM By Blue 0 Comments

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO START THIS 'COMPLAINING' THING BUT I'M JUST GOING TO TYPE WHATEVER COMES TO MY MIND FIRST. Sorry, only now have I realised that the caps lock was on and I'm too lazy to re-write that part. I'm a failure because I chose to be. I honestly can't help it which is why I hate myself. I used to be such a good kid. Smart, outgoing and healthy. I used to get top grades and had lots of friends but now I'm nothing. I bearly passed my GCSES and I wish I'd revised. I guess I was lucky to get to do A-levels but I don't care about them either. I'm now failing maths and the teacher will prolly kick me off the course. I have this teacher who hates me and keeps picking on me for no reason. And you know what's funny? since I moved schools in year 9 I lost all my friends like EVERY SINGLE ONE and I got bullied, now that I'm in college, I find it hard to make friends and the one friend I have hates me and is friends with me because I keep her company and we do almost all the same A-levels. Oh and I almost forgot, I live with my family and the landlord is most definitely going to kick us out since our social worker is a paranoid freak who's trying to ruin our lives. I turned 17 on the 31st of December and no one even cares. I mean I don't either but it's killing me that I can't do nothing. I know I'm a lazy a$$ b*tch but it's too much. There are more things that I can't mention on here so whoever feels like they want to help me please leave your contact info in a comment. Thanks for reading.

11-Jan-15 09:44 PM By No One 0 Comments

Kill my worthlessness.

Kill my failer.

I'll be happy then.



11-Jan-15 09:41 PM By Blue 0 Comments

my life is desolation, isolation and death

11-Jan-15 07:44 PM By tmw 0 Comments

I failed .. I failed in my love life

I failed in my career life .........

I had lost everything . I have nothing .

I hate my life , I hate myself.

I am not a good daughter .

I am not good human being.

I am nothing . I am useless.

I want to die .

love u Anon .

11-Jan-15 02:29 PM By Anons Angel 2 Comments

Saturday, January 10 2015

I wonder if life will ever have something fortunate in store for me - or will it consist merely of pain, misery, depression, sadness and unfulfilled desires?

What have I done to be punished?

What wrong lies in my tortured heart?

10-Jan-15 06:17 PM By Alone 0 Comments

neither god will hear our cries for guidance not evan our own soul will listen or aknowledge so we get on here and cry hoplessly lost and pathetic where is god where is a higher itellegence? where is retribution and resolution give me a reason to live besides fear of death. ive been here before again and again never will things be clear. give me clarity or give me death now

10-Jan-15 01:24 AM By vfr 1 Comment

Friday, January 9 2015

I am a ninth grader failing my classes. I have no motivation.

9-Jan-15 05:50 PM By mayroo 0 Comments

Ganesh attempting to reclaim the swastika from Nazi Germany.

Inscrivez-vous maintenant

9-Jan-15 02:58 PM By Inscrivez-vous maintenant 0 Comments

Oui, il s'est pass?quelque chose de beau ce samedi soir. Et les organisateurs ont r閡ssi leur pari. Preuve est faite que Poitiers dispose d'un solide public pour l'athl閠isme. Son meeting n'en est qu'?ses d閎uts et ne demande qu'?grandir sur ce terrain fertile. La troisi鑝e 閐ition se pr閜are d閖? Elle pourrait se d閞ouler le 12septembre2015. On a h鈚e d'y 阾re.


9-Jan-15 12:58 PM By baskets 0 Comments

An average of 22 american veterans commit suicide each and every day. I'm one of those veterans battling with depression, anxiety, even suicide.

But it can be okay. I just wanted to post some love support and encouragement for everyone feeling down or tired or useless or loveless.

I love each and every one of you. Life sucks and it's hard, believe me I know it, but we all have the strength and power within ourselves to help and save ourselves. We don't need any religion, we don't need any Gods, only ourselves and our own love.

Try to slowly change your perceptions and attitudes about your life and surroundings. It might sound a little clichè to some but I really think perspective makes everything what it is.

"Good and evil are but two points of view." - Darth Sidious

You have the strength within yourself to find and create your own happiness. Eat healthy and excersise regularly, you'll be amazed how positively that'll help you and your mind. You are what you eat.

Be thankful for each and every day of life you're given, science has shown us at one point there was nothing but a black void and now we have this vast planet and universe to study and explore. Spend more time out in nature.

Heal thyself, and be one with Mother Nature.

Peace and Love to all y'all


9-Jan-15 12:15 PM By Josh 0 Comments

I just want to die, too tired to explain.

9-Jan-15 10:48 AM By Stan 0 Comments

Thursday, January 8 2015

Talentless. Useless. I am in the hottest city in the world. No one likes me. I will remain hated until the day I die. Never will I kiss a woman or even lay a finger on their shoulders. I am destined be the Grand Example of Failure. Take from me and learn, for I was put here as an example of what you do not want to be. The Grand Failure is me! That's something useful - helping you all learn from me. I am failure and negativity speaking - learn! Now!?

8-Jan-15 02:08 PM By BlissfulSleep 0 Comments

I am Wenjun, a Chinese homosexual who failed at life because I have been living in a basement for years and working as a lowly loser who can't do anything other than complain and grouse at everything.

I became gay because no girls like me and I think they are all gold-diggers, and I've been single for over two decades and is still a virgin. I felt like committing suicide.

Call me at 98945012 (Append 65 to the front) for sex..

8-Jan-15 09:26 AM By Wenjun Chew 0 Comments

I'm 17 i'm failing at life im failing school i have no cfruends no relationships of any kind everyone hates me i hate me i can't do anything and i lost hope im done with this life i hate myself

8-Jan-15 06:44 AM 0 Comments

Wednesday, January 7 2015

I am 15. I am a girl who is overweight and ugly . I have few friends that too for sake. I have no life beyond television and music. My parents are extremely busy. They have no serious attention towards me. They want just good grades . All the world expects me to be perfect ! But i am a big loser a big failiure. All i have for myself is my pet who is a bird and my only best friend. I am never done with complaints. I have a screwed up life. I almost hate myself. And totally bored from my life. :(( I am sad and lonely . I need a break from stressed up life. I need a happy vacation. If it is worth me. :'(

7-Jan-15 11:13 AM 1 Comment

Tuesday, January 6 2015

im 57 and I've done nothing right in my entire life. Everything's was drama, a lie, a game to get something for my selfish desires. I used even the ones that I loved the most and didn't care about them enuf to give back much at all if anything. I even tried to turn to God and I screwed that up. Go ahead laugh, it's ok, I'm so used to feeling pathetic. My family has long left me, my mom is the only one that cares and IDKY, I treat her like shit too. If I wasn't such a coward, I'd kill myself, but then again, the other reason would be that my poor mother would once again have to clean up the mess I caused... I really do hate myself.

6-Jan-15 08:52 PM 1 Comment

I fail more than all of you.

My mom poured out my belladonna oil I bought on ebay. I was going to drink it. I was in the mental hospital at the time and I have been in mental hospitals 3 times. 3 seperate weeks. Psychiatry is a bunch of bs and the staff/nurses/doctors are verbally abusive. I try such pathetic shit. I took 20 grams of ungrounded caffeine tablets (didn't work). I would take several antipsychotics (all that will do is not kill you and leave you totally impotent). I have never had a job, I barely graduated and was told I was a failure by a teacher and that I was not going to graduate. All I have is a high school diploma. I never went to college because it is a scam and I don't drive. I am a total loser who always escapes reality.

6-Jan-15 09:29 AM By Adeptii Penectomy 1 Comment

Today i failed the 2nd in the drivingtest!

Im such an idiot . Everyone has the carliisece ! Everyone but Not me

6-Jan-15 08:05 AM By Sarah 0 Comments

Monday, January 5 2015

?75 kg : 1. Alain Prot (Le Blanc).

Jordan 13

5-Jan-15 01:59 PM By Jordan 13 0 Comments

I'm so ugly and out of shape. I'm 19. Never had a girlfriend...never will. So many crushes and obsessions. None of them knew. They will never like me. I am worthless trash. I am unintelligent, stupid, unhealthy.....geez, so much bad stuff to say I'll just stop there. Living in a world full of people - alone....


5-Jan-15 11:08 AM By Homelessfreedom 2 Comments

Sunday, January 4 2015

I am alone, yesterday I almost slept outside , in a world where no one sleeps outside, today I don't knw where ill sleep, wen ppl turn against one they say don't worry rejoice bcos God is coming along, how I wish that was true for my story too because I feel so alone. My spirit has been broken once too many times, I've sinned in the process undoubtedly, God please forgive me for all, but God please come to my rescuen You say birds neither reap no sow but You feed them and we are not of lesser value, you make providence or provisions in a time of need , please remember me, amen.

4-Jan-15 11:41 PM 1 Comment

Success with shale gas will reduce dependence on imports and increase tax revenues, it's going to be the developing economies. Stimulus wind downOther attendees at the meeting backed what Mr Lee said. In Los Angeles, Nevada, 5000m: Mo Farah. 1500m: Hannah England, "I put for a general inclination of all mankind, (Spoiler alert: Key plot details revealed below) "War is god". Meanwhile.

Heritage Court 300

4-Jan-15 10:42 PM By Heritage Court 300 0 Comments

I am sad. I can't motivate myself to do anything. I am unable to do the stuff I need to do for university, to read a book of any kind, to write (even though that had been my only passion so far), to keep on my blog or improve anything in any way. I can hardly watch a movie. I always think that I am going to fail anyways.

I have so many plans, but not motivation and no guts to actually pursue them. I am pathetic, weak and cowardly.

Often I wish I just died. I am too scared of scuicide and I don't want to involve or bother anyone with my death. If I would just get some deadly non-contageous disease. Would be nobodys fault. Espacially not mine.

Why am I just unable? I know so many great people, who know what they want to do and do it. I am just too weak to actually start doing, what I want. I hate my life and myself.

4-Jan-15 03:22 PM By Outis 0 Comments

M payel.recently m unsuccessful in my 1st year result.I CNT understand wat can I do.

4-Jan-15 08:34 AM By payel 0 Comments

I wanted to be a soldier so badly. i was told I was stupid for wanting to be in the army and that I would never make it, then the day came where I went to basic training (fort sill) and I was so exited I actually felt some pride, I thought to myself "no more being weak and bullied like in high school, no more being a failure in life." But like everything in my life I failed, got chaptered out and sent home. I can't look at my family anymore without seeing dissapointment in their eyes. And I can't stop thinking about all the people that had faith in me and told me I would make it. I let them down .i failed them, I'm worthless, and I blew the only chance I had of ever being a soldier.

4-Jan-15 12:37 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, January 3 2015

I'm worse than a failure, such a shame, I see years passing me by and have little-to-nothing to show for it, I wish I was never born, everyone hates me. I am a nuisance and piece of trash to everyone, my life is torture, I'm scared of praying because I think my prayers aren't of significance but need to, have to and usually do, where else would I find hope?! Not that I want hope elsewhere. Would God please speak to me now even if He won't change my life, am I meant to be this nomadic bastard full of confusion and failures. I'm attacked in all spheres of my life, God please have mercy on me, nothing works out for me

3-Jan-15 11:36 PM 0 Comments

I suck at everything. I am not supposed to be here i think. Companies everywhere and people with all kind of professions and i have no idea what i'm supposed to do with my life. I have no talent at all in anything and believe me i've tried a lot of things in the last 30 years.

3-Jan-15 10:45 AM By Suck 1 Comment

Friday, January 2 2015

I've been thinking about suicide since I first started 7 grade with 3 D's.How am I supposed to survive the rest of the school year knowing I cant get one single damn A?!?

I hope I survive..Maybe.

2-Jan-15 10:16 PM By Blue.Blood.Gone..Maybe. 2 Comments

I feel i have failed as everyone around me has stories of sex and joy and although i have a lovely girlfriend it makes me feel inferior!

I know its shallow but i cant help feeling left


2-Jan-15 07:30 PM By 29 y/o 0 Comments

I'm 23 years old married with a 5 year old son, my whole life I have been told I was not good enough. I am the universe's door mat and it seems that everyone steps all over me. My spouse is verbally abusive, my siblings tell me I need to get over myself because all I do is bring up how they have hurt me emotionally, my mother calls me a bitch and likes to tell me how much better my other siblings are. I work hard and do everyone else's work in hopes that I will be promoted but I have been passed over three times but continental to receive glowing recommendations from my supervisor. My friends have stopped speaking to me and no matter how hard I try I can't seem to bring myself to understand why people do not like me. I am a very quiet reserved person that is good enough to do your grunt work but not good enough to recognize As a human being. Everyday I look in the mirror and wonder what I did to deserve this, I care for people, I help whenever I can, I'm as honest as I can be and I'm still being punished daily. I feel like I will not get anywhere unless I'm a horrible person, thank ypu society

2-Jan-15 03:52 PM 3 Comments

Thursday, January 1 2015

I'm such a failure in life. There's nothing I can get right. I'm just never good at anything and I should just die.

1-Jan-15 10:53 PM 0 Comments

I fail at everything. I'm 33 and for my whole life I've always thought this time maybe something will work out. But it never does. I have no money. I've never had sex. I live with my parents. I have no job. I have no income. I'm fat and I'm bald. Life is fucked. I'm fucked. I would like to go and live on the street but then i feel i will end up stealing something to stay alive and end up in prison. I've been arrested 10 times before for being drunk and everytime i managed to stay out of prison by a fluke.

Life works for some people it doesnt for others. Dont know why I'm so fucked up in life but I am.

I am just tired of it all. I pray to the universe to end me in a way that doesnt hurt anyone in my family.

If it wasn't for my family I'd quite happily go and take pills now and kill myself.

I've given it 33 years so its not as if i didnt try.

i just drew a lame number in lifes lottery. I fail at life.

1-Jan-15 07:51 PM By George 1 Comment

I am ugly and balding at 18.I spend my nights punching my head while yelling "die".I faild, thats what i get for living in this body.

1-Jan-15 02:44 PM By mbokani 1 Comment

New Year and feel like nothing is gonna change, if things may change they will surely be worse. I am not funny, entertaing, good to be atlround basically I am dry, fruitless and eroded. When people find attraction towafds me they realise that I am not worth it, I am almost like a mirage because I promise good things when really the pain and depression inside produces a kind of illusion that dupes some into thinking that I am alright.

I am not yet a failure if you consider how the future looks, I am ok at school, I have a good sister, a nice home and the means behind me to give me the chance to be better. I never say this and I have never boasted about the fact that I maybe good looking, I have had peeps tell me that before...And despite all that my secret sorrow...I have never had a steady girlfriend before, never had sex, but what kills me everyday and everytime I see a pretty girl is the fact that I have a TOTAL inability to approach girls.

Please do not mistake my background for a smooth-sailing life because it has'nt. At age 11 I watched my father throw me and mother out of the house on a rainy cold night, worse is that he forced me into choosibg who I would live with. After that I could never get close to him, we dont talk much today, his children (from another motger) despise me and hide that and I have to live tgrough that environment.

At school no one wants to be alone for a minute in my company because I have a reputation as an antisocial drug addict and i bet if I were to be ib a group I would be apart of the "Lost Boys" or "Troubled Kids". 2014 has been a horrid year fot me because I have learned that I am nothing, I am a lost cause, I am less than human. If suicide was not so painful I would have commited it a long time ago.

I never voice my sorrows like this to anyone. I have even felt paranormal at times due to my non existence among my peers. I need help, please God almighty I ask for help, more than anything please give me what i need: only happiness, only serenity, only love from people for the good inside of me. Please do not make me hate myself like this, let me not suffer so mercilessly in the presence of family and acquaintances.

1-Jan-15 10:26 AM By The Ghost Of Williams Town 0 Comments

揥hen I went to visit, I loved what they offered, and the warm feeling I had while I was there. That抯 what you want for your little one because I think it really helps create a lifetime love of learning when they don抰 have to meet too many official expectations too quickly.?

Vibram Fivefingers

1-Jan-15 03:38 AM By Vibram Fivefingers 0 Comments

be being such a fool i cant even understand the meaning of getting used by a woman who i think is my Girlfriend but she is not all i do is give her money or take her to dinners and lunch here comes the irony part when the lunch or dinner is done sometimes she asks me to take her shopping after that liltle bit of kisses and she asks me to go home or sometimes i have to pick her from her place for dinners and dinner is done she tells me to drop her at her place and asks me to get out dating this idiot for 9 months but havent seen her home how it looks like inside i am such a fool, oh i forgot i have spend till now upto $8000 on her also bought her car once a fool always a fool

1-Jan-15 02:35 AM By tdi200 0 Comments

Wednesday, December 31 2014

You know what i hate most in life?Me and me being me, meaning me being a total failer.Im failing to keep promises to my friends and family.It feels like everyone hates me for it.

And im failing my teachers by failing school.Its hard,ya know?Probly not,'cause most of you are over 12.And nothing comes easy for me.In fact,everything comes harder and harder every time theirs a problem.I cant handle things in alot of situations.Its like i freak out and handle the problem wrong.

Sometimes,I wish i was better then what i am.

31-Dec-14 12:30 AM By Blue 0 Comments

Tuesday, December 30 2014

?On a travaill?des situations qu'on n'avait pas l'habitude de jouer ?

Privacy Policy

30-Dec-14 03:09 PM By Privacy Policy 0 Comments

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Jordan 4

30-Dec-14 11:17 AM By Jordan 4 0 Comments

has anyone ever wondered why small things,such as words,effect people the most? Or the tinyest look can set someone off?

Well,i feel like a person who does all the little things that make people react.

Here's something: i gave up trying to actually be happy;im just pulling on a mask. I failed doing a happy smile in front of my friend,and now shes suspitious.

Heres another:

The teacher was saying some stuff I already knew,and I rolled my eyes at her. She gave me a weeks detention.

I feel like i fail doing ANYTHING. I cant be a smart person,but I cant be a dumb person.

My failer confuses me sometimes.

30-Dec-14 01:52 AM By Blue 0 Comments

Monday, December 29 2014

Im exhausted from trying to do better, you fail so many times, you actually get to the point where that quote "The only type of failure is not trying (or something)" becomes absolute bullshit.

Hahahaha what a bloody waste of a human i've turned out to be

Anyways yeah

29-Dec-14 10:41 PM 0 Comments

Wow life used to be so magical. I was a great breakdancer, skateboarder, and musician, but now I'm pretty much ready to throw in the towel. I'm over 40 and my post-high school life has been nothing but one struggle and failure after another. When one opportunity opens, 5 things tumble down to make matters worse than they were before. My life truly seems to be cursed. I've tried everything from yoga, meditation, studying & practicing the law of attraction, writing gratitude lists, prayer, writing goals, visualizing, "pretending" to be happy to attract positive circumstances, reiki, journaling, EFT tapping, subliminal reprogramming, any other new age/self-help crap you can pull off the shelf I've tried it, with full belief. I just can't do it anymore. I've spent years on the verge of homelessness (I've been homeless 3 times in my life now) and seems like that's what it's coming to again. My whole life is a matter of bad timing. I would be the person that wins the lotto and dies two minutes later. Totaled my $500 volvo, I have bad credit, I don't do drugs, I only occasionally have a beer or glass of wine. I have no one in my life and nothing to offer if I did. I'm about to lose the place I've been housesitting, and I'm sure the job I just got 4 weeks ago, after a 4 year job search, will be the next thing to end right away too. It's never ever going to get better.

29-Dec-14 10:29 AM By nmb 2 Comments

Sunday, December 28 2014

la phrase

Site Map

28-Dec-14 05:31 PM By Site Map 0 Comments

For my New Year's resolution I'm going to start over. I'm sick of being miserable all the time, it's mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting to hate yourself 24/7. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I'm done being a loser, done being a failure, it's time to get up off the ground and FIGHT. Life, I'm not done and I REFUSE to quit. 2015, you're my bitch.

28-Dec-14 01:19 PM By New Year, New Me 2 Comments

The last decade of my life has basically been a waste. Years and years of education, and I'm still stuck living with my folks because I can't get a damn job (which is to say a job that would allow me to pay my debt AND move out). So much for the "STEM shortage".

Throughout this year I have felt myself spiraling downwards emotionally - I'm at the point where hiding how miserable I feel behind a brave face has simply become too tiresome. Everybody I know seems to be getting on with their lives, while I appear to be perpetually stuck in limbo.

28-Dec-14 12:36 PM By TB 0 Comments

Saturday, December 27 2014

My life is a joke my mom never wanted me my dad has never cared they have told me on numerous occasions. I failed out of collage. My husband supports me and tells me every day how I've screwed up that day like today I woke him up late he yelled and cursed at me while putting on his clothes and ran out the door. At least this time he didn't call me stupid . He is a wonderful husband I wish I was a better wife maybe one day I'll get my shit together . My depression take a lot out of me . And I say all this like I'm a victim I'm not please don't see me as that I made every Choice that has me were I am in my life.

27-Dec-14 05:57 AM 0 Comments

Friday, December 26 2014

is he a WIZARD? 11:00pm Knoxville. especially when delivered in an interview with the Western media. they thought it was an assignment to profile a rich and famous real estate mogul. In fact, according to the large companies who joined the brief. Biden says these sportsmen represent responsible gun owners who believe the Second Amendment right to own a weapon is about self-protection and hunting. or both can cause psychosis and paranoia. the site of a bitter recount fight in the 2000 presidential election. not as his personal megaphone.

Puma VI

26-Dec-14 12:51 AM By Puma VI 0 Comments

Thursday, December 25 2014

Exactly. But I get the feeling the USDA panel members have held onto that old science so long they just can? let it go.

Free 4.0 V3

25-Dec-14 08:41 PM By Free 4.0 V3 0 Comments

My life is filled with regret. My compulsive day dreaming disorder has killed me. It is fear, fear is the reason why my life has led to such a lonely depressive demise. Fear, fear..... fear.

25-Dec-14 12:24 PM By Regret boy 0 Comments

I don't want to do anything in my life coz everyone literally betrays one-day and go off frm me even I do my best and mean them most..i hate doing suicide think I dnt have enough guts, I say I want to be alone to those who breaks my heart and to everyone else, always I guess I need someone to guide me and be along wid me, I had only few people who I mean the most now I hate Dem too, I watch movies and tv series every day and never sleep..i have become useless and boring in nature also weak..i think am done and thanks you all for reading

25-Dec-14 12:23 PM By lograr 0 Comments

Merry Christmas! Learn to be GRATEFUL for your life and realize that while you're still alive that means it's an opportunity for better changes. You CAN start fresh, whether you're 14 or 65.

25-Dec-14 05:33 AM 1 Comment

Wednesday, December 24 2014

Grades aren't that bad I got a 2.5 but I did some stupid stuff and I'm 16 but besides basically being grounded till I graduate unless supervised I basically disappointed my parents. I was like smart in middle school in 7th grade I had like 3 a's and 3 b's. But like I got arrested because I was angry with my mom trying to push me so hard to do school stuff I got arrested. I know I did bad but the guywe are against is lying and making it so he gets more money and it sucks because he could put everything on us. I just want to grow up with a job and maybe college even though I do not like the social confines of school if that makes sense.I just want my mom to be proud of me like in middle school I am not good at sports I tried out 3 times but nothingcame of it. My friends are all dissipated cause of the arrested thing.

24-Dec-14 07:16 PM 0 Comments

I felt like I failed at life. Eventhough I shouldn't be. I got decent grades and recommendations however my parents always saying that I failed at everything. My father never approved me eventhough I'm trying so much. My mum doesn't care about her family at all. I have social anxiety which is why I don't attend gatherings and meetings thus have zero friend. My relatives always thought of me as a cancer to the family. Every time we meet they don't even acknowledged my existant at all. My parents said that there is no future for me but to work as a cashier. My relationship was a disaster, my GF left me after a year saying that I have not changed.

I don't where my life went wrong. Maybe I'm overthinking it, I dunno. But I know that I'am a failure, and that I need to live with it.

24-Dec-14 08:42 AM By PV 0 Comments

"Why are you so useless at everything?" My brother complains. I can't say anything against him either, because it's true. I want to exceed at drawing and writing but it's all so bad. My art is awful, and the only people who disagree with me that are people who are way worse. My writing is something that haunts me, and I don't actually like what I'm doing. But it has to be perfect. Every word I write has to be brilliant, if it isn't then I might as well give up on life. I'm not good at anything, and even if I exceeded at drawing and writing where would that get me?! There's no well-paying job I can get with creative skills. I wish I could be smart like my brother. He's going to succeed at life, and I'll end up as a lunch leech, begging my parents to let me continue living at their house at the age of 30. I should just give up, there's no hope. I'm not helping anyone, and I hate myself.

24-Dec-14 01:03 AM By Hayley 0 Comments

Tuesday, December 23 2014

I am failing to help my parents financially,i feel thai i am good for nothing,noone is there to support me,feeling dead,totally useless.

23-Dec-14 12:28 PM By Mary 0 Comments

Sunday, December 21 2014

i lost mi lisa frank lunchbox plz help i think Preston stole it out of mi cubby sos

21-Dec-14 11:35 PM 0 Comments

i think i'm dying. please help i cant feel my toes. its cold. i need some advil. saavvvveee meeeeeee

21-Dec-14 11:30 PM By john 0 Comments

not enough gay butt sex. i cant help avoiding it but i love it so much. what do i do? i need councling.

21-Dec-14 11:24 PM By Adam lambert 0 Comments

Friday, December 19 2014

so my grades in school suck ok how do i fix this i have 3 F's and 4 B's my life is over do you understand i am probably most likely going to end up as a hobo in NYC shaking a soda can for money plz help

19-Dec-14 11:10 AM 1 Comment

Jehova i am tired of being patient since when since 2012 i know that i am not praying and i am lazy but i just want a change of life sorry for mastrubating every day all i want is a GF but girls ignor me i dont know whythis evil wont let me even say hi to them or talk to them

19-Dec-14 01:11 AM By Trumpetplayer20 0 Comments

Thursday, December 18 2014

I'm an university student on my third year and I failed this semester so bad that I'm going to get expelled from college. Reason: I've been with a secret depression that lead me to don't even go to classes all semester, be on bed all day crying, stop talking with old school friends, eating in excess and gaining weight. The worse? I'm so lonely on university and nobody cares about me... in all 4 months nobody has called me or search for me to ask why I'm not going to classes.

My parents don't know any of this, and the fear of what they will say when they find out is killing me. The dissapointment I'll put them and all the money I just throw away this semester... I'm just a waste of an human being.

I just hope I get enough balls to kill myself before all this comes up to the light.

18-Dec-14 12:43 PM By Rachel 4 Comments

Wednesday, December 17 2014

I get what my mums saying.

Im too stupid to actualy do my homework,but not stupid enough to not be able to txt others and play stupid games.

Just another way that I fail.

17-Dec-14 05:33 PM By Blue 0 Comments

Hey. I am a straight A student. Not anymore. I have a C in Social Studies. My teacher hates me. She has told me on NUMEROUS occasions. Now I have a C. She won't even let me TRY to raise my grade. I hate that. My mom has already taken my phone away. All I have is my school provided computer, and I am not allowed to use it without her watching. She is here now. So mom, I try so hard. I do everything that I need to do. I wish that I could restart my life. I can't. I am stuck with it. I can't say how much I love my mom. I can't do anything. I want to. I hate my life.

17-Dec-14 02:54 PM By Riley 1 Comment

hi am a failure, I am in third year uni and I used to be a straight B student, the worst I can getting is an occasional C, but this semester, I ended up at the bottom of my class in two of my major classes, one due to failing an important project in the class and another due to failing an exam.My standards to myself aren't high, I just want to pass each class, now that I can't achieve even this simple goal, I feel like I'm a huge disappointment to everyone, including my patents. Other people my I age are successful at everything, they get good grades, and can support themselves with a job, or at least one of the two, I am an idiot, I can't do anything right, I wish I had died at birth like my twin sister did, things would be better that way, I feel useless , my parents already have a smart son, that is my brother, they don't need me, I'm not much use. I want to go be with my sister right now, I won't be lonely, she's waiting for me, but god won't allow me to be with her, I hate god for that

17-Dec-14 01:27 PM By Helena 0 Comments

4th post and still need help please pray for me i still tried let me tell you a story of how i became a trumpetplayer i was going to the HQ were our band was practicing after that i was sitting in a couch i was quiet i am always quiet and the leader was using the computer suddenly i saw my body and my face saying i want to play the trumpet and i was starin at my body i ddnot say that but somthing controlled me that time i dont want to play the trumpet but i want to play the guitar i am waisting my life with the band i didnt even get any thing but i learnd some stuff about music i am not joking about i was being controlled the other trumpeteers of the band are quitting because they dont have time there are only 3 trumpeters in the band now me and the trumpet leader and the leaders cousin i dont want the trumpet , and this thing still wont let me think or talk to girls and wont let me be near girls i really need help please sorry for my English

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Tuesday, December 16 2014

I'm 16! have social anxiety and failing my exams, I have three more exams tomorrow and I know absolutely f all, I had three today and failed every single one of them. It's so bad I really just couldn't give two fucks tbh , I'll care when my report card comes out but right now I have zero concentration , none atalllllll . Today I sat in my last exams the whole time bluffing my way through it honestly will be happy it I get 40%, just passing it... I also wasted thirty minutes of my time sitting in that room writinging nothing because the ink in my pen ran out , I couldn't tell the teacher because I knew if I talked loud my voice would go all shaky and I would stutter , I tried to lift my confidence to ask but I started boiling up like I was sweating and I got all dizzy just from thinking about asking for a pen infront of my class, it's not even that I've known these people for five years. A few weeks ago in English class the teacher had asked me to read out loud in class , the pages were pretty small and I got off to a fine start as I continued I could feel myself boiling up and my voice going all shaky I felt like I was loosing my breath , it was the worst when I was on the first paragraph on the next page my eyes starts to go all blurry , I looked up and it was all blurry I felt like I was going to faint and I couldn't see the writing anymore so I stopped reading, thankfully my teacher continued on for me. My friend told me after wards that I sounded like I was going to cry ,i don't know what happened me I hate social anxiety it's the worse , and when I'm infront of a crowd where everyone can see me my muscles go all weak and I hate it. any ways to get rid of social anxiety ??

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i am 22 female and three year failure in college..i m pursuing computer engineering from india. i was good at academics until high school but as soon as i entered college i kinda got disyracted..studies no more interests me and i am not able to focus on simple topics. the interest is lacking. ita not like i cant do it i know i can bit its just not coming from within. i m totally disturved. its my third year drop. and by this time my fellow classmates are all placed and i who used to get better marks in school days is failing again n again...

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I have gained 40 pounds since school started. My mom lost her job at the beginning of the school year so basically shes been going pay check to paycheck every month. Shes a single mother so paying 4,000 dollars a semester for my school is a lot especially with everything else she has to pay for. Shes back on the bills and I recently just found out she has less than 20$ in her account when I asked why she says she hasn't been able to save money since I started to attend school. I don't save money. I usually spend my money on liquor and food and itunes shit.

I feel like a failure to m mom because I have gotten fat and ugly and she can no longer show me off like she used to.

My dream is to save money and move to LA after 8 years and go to Juilliard for four and I have a plan to become a good actress and loose weight. But everyday I just end up sitting in my bed all day doing nothing at all and eating as my mom goes to her job that's barley giving her hours and breaks her back. She is always in a lot of pain from working all the time.

I feel like a terrible daughter and I want to stop drinking because it makes me feel like shit. But i can never stop just like I can never stop eating shit food, or spending money. I hate my life and I feel like I am throwing it away

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Monday, December 15 2014

I feel like I'm a failure to my kids and wife. I try so hard to do better in life so i can support my family the way a man should! I have a dead end job, everytime I have new and better doors open for me they slam in my face before i can get through! Im sick of always struggling, this struggle is taking a toal on me and my wife realationship, shes the love of my life and now it seems like she wants nothing to do with me most of the time. I know deep down im meant to do something big and meaningful but i have yet to find what that is. I just want to quit everything sometimes and just disapper! i just want to get in my truck and leave!! im very good at putting on this act that my life is amazing! but i feel like a broken and lost soal. ive been doing things behind my friends and familys back, and these things are the only thing that makes me feel happy!...besides hanging out with my kids!! my kids are my anchor in life, without them id perish to nothing!

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Just cut up my arm because I'm such a social fuck-up. Awkward silences are so common around me, and the words that leave my mouth always end up making someone feel uncomfortable. I never used to be this way as a kid, but somehow my teenage years managed to ruin my social ability. I don't know how to continue a conversation beyond "How's it going?". I always cringe when I feel like someone is about to approach me and try to talk. I get so much anxiety just thinking about being in positions where I have to communicate directly with people. I'm so afraid of saying the wrong thing. I have no friends in real life. I never go out on my days off. All my life consists of is going to work and coming home to my computer. I have absolutely zero confidence because of this. Anything I try to do like art, writing, or programming or just anything that involves skill, no matter how determined I am in the beginning, I always end up convincing myself that there's no way I can become good at anything I try. As I mentioned before, I came home today after hanging out with 2 people that I know indirectly. I've never spent time with these people alone before. I fucked up so many times tonight, I made so many awkward statements. I couldn't take it anymore, so when I got home I just took my knife and starting making cuts all over my left arm. I feel so angry. Angry at myself and angry at everyone else that won't let me be like them. I'm angry at my parents for not teaching me, for sheltering me from so many important lessons that I should have mastered before I was 16. I'm angry that I had to be born as myself. I want to be someone else. I hate being me. I hate my life. I hate my situation. I hate my dim future. I hate existence. I just hate everything. Humans are social creatures, so of course I manage to fuck up the one crucial thing that allows humans to operate as a united species. Of course it would be me. The failure and complete and total fuck-up worthless pathetic excuse for a sentient being. I'd be ok if the world ended, to be honest. At least I could finally be at peace and not have to worry about interacting with others.

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Sunday, December 14 2014

I'm failing on my test, and they're really important. I feel that everyone has high hopes about me but I'm failing. I want to leave the race and be happy but my worst fear is to disappoint those around me. I can not do anything right, I try but nothing has resulted.

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i got bad scores on my progress mum fliped shit.she said i was stupid and dumb,and that she hopes the school kicks me out and puts me in westing house.i belive her.i am really stupid,and if there was a scale from 1 to 10 on the looks,id be -10 for extra ugly.i fail no matter what,and no one can change that.not even my sister,who sticks by me when ever things get gona fail doing everything,because theres nothing in me to help me with success.i only have 2 friends,but they'll never understand.


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Saturday, December 13 2014

I see what the force is trying to do to me. It's trying to strip me of hope, happiness, and all things good. It's wants me to be in eternal pain, anguish, and embarrassment. It laughs at every attempt. It laughs, laughs and laughs. Pained forever! I will be dust before victory cometh upon my tortured soul.

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Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?