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i fail at life
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Tuesday, July 29 2014

All my life since birth of over 31 years ago, my parents were always poor, fighting, arguing and endless domestic violence, shoved into a foster home at an early age briefly, grandparents took me in and they were poor from generation one. I was always in trouble a lot from a to z at school, home, the public, been arrested, harased by the police endlessly, no job ever wants to hire me an i mean not ever, people look at me funny, never had any friends in my life and I mean never, no girlfriend ever in this life, all girls even the fat ugly ones hate me completely, can get no play from not even a homosexual man. I suck at video games, reading, writing, can't even figure out to say when i talk to people. I can't even make any sense when I talk and I talk slow, I move slow, I have no skills in anything at all. No car, no job, no bank account, no home of my own. Every social site I join: instagram, facebook, myspace, youtube you name it, nobody never ever leaves me any comments, messages and never any views on my youtube channels and videos and even if i do get comments, they're always negative comments nonstop and thumbs down. Is it because I'm a short black man at 5'7 because of also how i look. Also in public places like all stores i get accused of wronging customers, stealing, doing vandalism. You name it, nothing good ever happened to me at all in this lifetime and i think i am god named failure. 31 years alive and can't seem to ever get anything out of life not even my own death when i drink raw sewage on purpose. What is the common denominator?

29-Jul-14 01:25 AM By KrippleKatt 0 Comments

I don't know if I can take the pressures of life much longer. My company keeps trying to give me more money and has raised my vacation time to 6 months a year. It may sound nice but it is a burden, it means I keep having to come up with more awesome things to do with all of the free time. I will just go ahead and let you know right now, if you went somewhere I have been somewhere cooler, if you bought something I bought something better, if made sex with someone super hot and I sexed up someone hotter, you get the picture. But with all of this I am still unsatisfied and can't have a true relationship because I have what they call a micro penis. I am thinking of just taking my F-40 off the side of a mountain at 764 mph to get the world speed record on the way out.

29-Jul-14 12:13 AM By BuckinCali 0 Comments

Monday, July 28 2014

I always thought I was going to a great university. The education was advertised as the best public school degree I could obtain. The classes turned out to be super easy and I breezed through like the rest of my peers. The professors never even showed up or required us to be present in a classroom. I thought this happened at every institution. It was revealed that my degree was just one of many used to keep athletes eligible. I didn't see myself working at Home Depot the rest of my life. Thanks UNC

28-Jul-14 10:30 PM By failfest 0 Comments

My real name is Eaton Loads. I tell people I went to a community college but the truth is I live in a halfway house for retards and wrap butterscotch candy all day. I stalked and assaulted a woman because she went on one date with me and then got a retraining order. So they sent me here.

28-Jul-14 10:15 PM By SadUCF* 0 Comments

I own a failing restaurant my parents gave me. I'm losing money every day and in major debt. I have no real friends. I spend most of my time on a sports message board trying to impress people I don't even know acting like some big shot millionaire but truth be told...I'm a big loser who will again wake up tomorrow morning in my grandma's basement. I just can't believe I where I am not now. FACT.I failed at life.

28-Jul-14 09:32 PM By S Cook 3 Comments

All of the women I date are only with me for my money. They don't even pay attention to my personality - they just like going on exotic trips and having me buy them expensive things. I will never find true love. I fail at life.

28-Jul-14 06:53 PM By M4 0 Comments

I was a film/english major, so even if I did go back to school, I could do little to have a happy and successful life with a degree in said subjects. What is kerfvffle?

28-Jul-14 06:36 PM By Browns fan 0 Comments

I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you've hit the nail on the head. The problem is something too few folks are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I found this in my hunt for something regarding this.

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28-Jul-14 12:43 PM By Robertfath 0 Comments

every now and then i come back to this website to remind my self that i haven't changed since 2008.

i live alone, i have no friends, i work like a dog for very little, i have no money. i simply failed at life.

28-Jul-14 11:10 AM By mr fail 0 Comments

Sunday, July 27 2014

I cant get a job. I graduateed and people got jobs and i am very sad

27-Jul-14 06:34 PM By Hi 0 Comments

I am such a massive failure, i can't do anything. Not even the simplest job. No one will ever hire me. I failed all my college and university attempts. My girlfriend left me, not because i'm not a good person, but because i just can't get a job. Fuck this world and screw me!

27-Jul-14 11:24 AM By Humpteedumptee 2 Comments

Saturday, July 26 2014

20y male

First year of computer engineering.

I passed only half of the exams I have to give while guys that were shouting 'I didn't even studied' or 'I've already gave all the exams' walked happily around me.Now I will have to give them all at September.

I feel so worthless, I'm just a huge disappointment to my parents that love me more than I deserve.

I don't even know why did I passed those exams or why did I flunk the others, I'm effin clueless about anything I do.

I wish I could die tonight while sleeping. I can't bear living in this society anymore.

26-Jul-14 06:34 PM By Isaac 0 Comments

Just failed uni because of insomnia & depression. No one around for me to reach out too. Gonna be homeless soon, my parents disowned me. I'm in massive debt and I'm only 20. I'm a lonely; poor failure. I don't know what to do anymore. I think I'm done with life.

26-Jul-14 05:17 PM 0 Comments

I hate liabilities, especially unnecessary or unavoidable and right now I'm forced to live with some because there's no escaping them as yet. This is not good for me because I'm not balanced and I hate imbalance. My needs, necessities and responsibilities have since doubled, which means more pressure suppressing my futile self. I'm a stay at home dude with no work, no income I'm forced to live through handouts and begging because I can't supply for myself nor ones I love. I feel like a failure and it looks like things are about to take a turn for the worst. God please give me good work to get bread while it is still in at my disposal.

26-Jul-14 03:00 AM By Humbled 0 Comments

Friday, July 25 2014

Give me a reason not to kill myself. My life is devoid of any happiness or friends. I have failed high school while old classmates go to universities. I don't know how to drive and never had a girlfriend. My parents don't cheer me on. They see nothing wrong with a 19 year lot without friends, a job, a girlfriend, money. So please; tell me why I shouldn't kill myself, because for once in my life, I'm actually considering it.

25-Jul-14 10:16 PM By Adrian 3 Comments

Hi I'm a 24 yr old woman.4 months ago I joined a learnership which turns out 2 b something completely different from what was mentioned in the application. Those months that I have spent there have been hell and I'm not sure I will reach the end of the program, I really dnt wana quit but I feel tricked cz I'm doing something I didn't sign up 4. I hate every1 I attend with and I hate going 2 school and this experience has made me a miserable person who has grown 2 hate people in general. I'm not sure what my way forward is because I can't sit @ home and end up being my momz responsibility but if I continue with the program I'm gna lose the person I am FOREVER and I'll nevr b happy.

25-Jul-14 05:44 PM 1 Comment

i m fail in my life but i know the life is give me an everytime more leason and i m enjoy my life every bed time and good time because nobudy going with me

25-Jul-14 12:26 PM By ankit 0 Comments

Thursday, July 24 2014

i got less mark in my exams ...and now i dont know what to do.....because its my fault ....i do regular chatting....the whole night and day but now i realize my mistake...but i m affraid that i m disappointing my mom........i dont no what to do....

24-Jul-14 07:22 AM By suzen 1 Comment

Really want to die. Did growing up and now that I can't do anything I want to now more than ever. No one in my family will care and they might benefit

24-Jul-14 01:32 AM By Sucker 1 Comment

Wednesday, July 23 2014

I had everything going for me in my life...but I made mistakes that I feel so sad and guilty about...I hurt myself and punish myself but it doesn't take away my guilt and pain...I'm still in the middle of waiting for the outcome of what will happen to my life...if only someone can help me, but I can only blame myself...

23-Jul-14 10:32 PM By sadness 0 Comments

i wish i could carry on being a student for ever... but obviously i can't afford that. ironically, i can't afford to be a graduate either because most of the jobs i'd like to do do not offer any remuneration. which is just a fancy way of saying there are too many overqualified people in the world so we've decided to reintroduce slave labour under the title of "unpaid internships" where you're supposedly gaining 'valuable insight into the industry' and 'honing your proffessional skills' all the while slowly drifting towards homelessness and losing 5lbs a month because you can't afford food.

but hey, at least you've got your priceless work experience which in itself is really nothing more than a gap year from complete unemployment.

and there's no point considering doing a postgraduate degree because everyone else is doing one anyway and you probably value your arm and a leg too much to use them as payment for one more year of learning none of the things employers actually look for in their employees.

to sum up, there is no point to anything, the future looks hopeless, people are stupid and the world is broken. so yeah, 'suck' doesn't begin to cover my view of the current state of affairs

23-Jul-14 12:35 PM 0 Comments

Tuesday, July 22 2014

I'm failure at everything happened to my life , LIKE THIS one i fail to spell the right words I'm not even english , I'm arabic but i speak english , i suck at developing apps , i suck at making good money online without (scamming) i suck at making friends online , i suck at getting huge number of followers in instagram without (Buying fake followers) , i suck at high school i suck at losing weight , I'm toll failure dude,

i also suck at killing my self , every time i have hard time i attempt to injure my self and make me suffer but i can't , i just " CAN'T Do Nothing" P.S i have the money and i have a gold health i tried to be the best but I'm not even perfect at doing things , i suck at singing people says i have a good voice , but i dont know I'm not confident. its hard for me to explain , i have the material but i dont have the machine u know what i mean? like i dont know.

22-Jul-14 07:22 PM By bader 1 Comment

Life is not easy to me.

Wish i was born rich.

Bill gates- if you are born poor its not your mistake, if u die poor its your mistake

mmm... He fucken dont understand.

i fail at life im not perfect. My goals are bronze while other turn in to gold. So unfair i try hard

i feel bad about my self so, i smoke weed it makes me feel good. Im Age 18 i think future future! i dont want to suffer no...

I think a lot of bull shit and ask why i was born im no smart i come from a poor family more shit

22-Jul-14 04:46 PM By My life 1 Comment

Yesterday I offered to do a job for free and I got rejected. I am that desperate. The person didn't even look at my face when he said "no".

Cruel world! Hopefully one the 20 jobs I applied to a month ago will respond to me.

22-Jul-14 04:05 PM 0 Comments

Monday, July 21 2014

i just succeeded my first year in university , now in the second year we have to pass an exam witch includes subjects from the first year! but i really don't know anything about these subjects ; i didn't assist to these classes and i should've never passed :'(

i really don't know what to do , i just wish i can study anything abroad , find a scholarship to any country , i just want to escape my future failure :'( oh lord help me

21-Jul-14 07:55 PM 0 Comments

Where ever I go, people end up disliking me. I try to be nice for a while, but eventually I just drift into my own little bubble, ignoring everyone, looking like an arrogant, stuck-up d-bag. I cannot communicate with the world around me anymore - I feel myself slowly losing the ability to connect, and to make my-self understood. I fear I'll en up all alone, friendless (I already am), without even any contact with my closest family.. and then I'll simply disappear, disappear completely..

21-Jul-14 06:15 PM By failfast 0 Comments

Sunday, July 20 2014

I seem to just suck at everything. There are people who excel without trying, or atleast when they try they reach their goal. When I try at something, no matter how much effort I put I STILL END UP NOT SUCCEEDING !! its just not fair, I try and still I dont achieve what I want.

20-Jul-14 08:09 PM By Ariana 2 Comments

Life is what you make it. And I made mine hell. I am 24 I have a loan of £5000 which i struggle to pay back. I owe another bank £2000 from when I was a student. I still need to pay my student loan back which is around £7000 as I have decided to quit university due to my depression. My parents have never achieved anyhting in life and my sister is seriously ill. All the pressure is on me. I moved country twice. I dont have real friend, they all talk behind my back all the time :/ i havent got a penny to myself ;/ i have just been told off by my dad as i havent paid 2 months rent :/ he also said to me if i dont pay it till tommorow i will not be eating and he will consider chucking me out so i will be homeless :/

20-Jul-14 05:19 PM By Paul 0 Comments

im failing at life! im 37 years old, worked in extrusion from 99- 2012, hated it, since then ive worked several different jobs that all sucked and now im jobless without any income at all. i dont know what to do with my life because im not sure what career i would like to have. i dont have a college degree and each day things seem to be getting worse. btw my father passed away on jan 25 of this year and my dog of 16 years died on june 18. i live with my mom and im single. not sure what i should do. i wont work at a job if im miserable doing it. period.

20-Jul-14 04:55 PM 0 Comments

Am 30 years my problem is that i drop out at school doing Grade 11 long time ago but know i realise that without education am not going anywhere ,i need to get educated

20-Jul-14 03:54 PM By Nonzaliseko 1 Comment

i'm almost 30 and i work at a dead end job making a little above minimum wage, only because i chose it and i can't force myself to leave because i don't really have to do anything, i surf the internet all day long, nobody even bothers me, but the irony is its killing me inside, i have career dreams to fufill, but this job has robbed me of 7 years of my youth, all because i think this job is easy and i'm getting "free money" so to speak. fuck....why can't i realize that its robbing my dreams and life and time? why can't i just quit??? i've never had a girlfriend because i'm depressed and fat because of my situation i eat alot. and i don't even talk to girls because i don't think they like fat guys. every time i lose weight, i binge eat and gain it all back, f me. its my job that's causing all this, i have to fing quit! oh if i only have the courage to just fuckking quit. someone, somebody, something give me the courage to quit, because i'm not sure if i can

20-Jul-14 03:20 PM By confused 0 Comments

Saturday, July 19 2014

My parents try so hard to help me. I see the good in what they are trying to do. Yet there is unwanted pressure on me every single time, they swear at my bad grades and just make me feel worthless on so many occasions. I see that I struggle to complete simple tasks quickly because I am scared of failing and there are many social attitudes to which my parents are to blame for. They think that I make them suffer yet they are oblivious to the suffering that they are causing me. I work best alone and death is probably my avenue to such a path.

19-Jul-14 10:25 PM By George 0 Comments


I'm here to explain how I'm a failure in life, these days whenever I look into my future I see either a lonely life of sorrow and misery, or an eventuall suicide.

I was born in a country I don't belong, and I'm sure I'll fail at getting a citizenship elsewhere. I was recently accepted at a university in the uk and am starting this september, and I'm sure I'll fail at the foundation year let alone the actual degree.

I suffer from extreme social anxiety and am completely terrified of social events, just walking on some sidewalk is hard work. I can't even speak to my family anymore. I'm such a failure I can't even write an application without doing something wrong.

My writing hand is bad, I stutter, I speed walk in public fearing sounding foolish over making small talk and avoid eye contact fearing harmful thoughts or misjudgement from people.

I doubt every action I do, as I fail at everything.

Everyday I wake up wishing I had died in my sleep.

Even while writing this I'm sure someone out there is thinking "what a pathetic wimp."

Thanks for reaching this far.

19-Jul-14 09:35 PM By Mortimer 0 Comments

I feel worthless. I have nothing to live for. I work everyday, most of the time I'm sick. I had to move in with my kids and of course I get used an I can't do the things I want to do. I'm so depressed I contemplate suicide on a daily basis. I'm such a failure. I'm about to lose my car, my storage unit with all my belongings. I sometimes wonder why I was even born I serve no purpose on this earth. I feel I just take up space. I'm so tired of waking up with nothing to live for. People say pray, or get a hobby. But it seems my prayers go out the window. An as far as hobby it takes all my strength just to get up everyday. I just once want to get up an have something to live for!

19-Jul-14 03:37 PM 1 Comment

The past few days have been the worst time of my life. My parents always talk to me about never doing drugs and that how they are so against drugs. I smoke marijuana quite often and I feel that because of this, I have failed them. Mostly my father. I decided to grow my own plants in the windowcill of my bedroom, clearly a terrible idea. My dad found them but didnt say anything until days later where my mother found out aswell. I have always told them that I would never lie to them and I have failed this. I told them that it wasnt marijuana. Knowing that I never lie to them, they believed me. But I can see in my father's eyes, that he isnt proud of me. Sometimes he says that he loves me, same with my mum, but I can see hes not telling the truth. I cant possibly be as good as he would have hoped me to be. I used to be a straight a student. But now im absolutely useless. I know they are disappointed in me. I might aswell just move out so they dont have to look at the disgrace they have created or even end my life. I am a failure.

19-Jul-14 08:15 AM By Louis 0 Comments

Friday, July 18 2014

I've wanted to commit suicide for a long time. If only I wasn't such a coward. I'm scared of the pain. I'm scared that it's not going to work and I'll just be in agony for hours, or days, or weeks. I don't want to do it alone. I want somebody to hold my hand and tell me it's going to be okay. I want somebody to hold me. I've never been held before - not since I was a kid, and not by anybody but my parents. I don't need a first kiss or to lose my virginity. I just want a little comfort, and a little affection.

18-Jul-14 11:42 PM 0 Comments

I was born in hardship out of conflict into circumstances and for a good purpose, hopefully. I was a great deal of burden, I didn't know then but maturity made me realise now. I am scared of looking at my age because I'm such an old failure! I had big plans about my life but they all failed I couldn't achieve neither one. From a terrible childhood to a terrible adulthood that's been my journey thus far. I am a mock to everyone that ever wished me success and invested in me for profitability because to date I am nothing but a failure with no progress in life. My life is like vanity! I need my territory, my pride and to mate those are my natural needs but I am like a caged lion. Nothing I try to do seems to prosper. I have failed in many attempts for a better life. I watch my peers pass me by on a daily basis because their success accelerates them to the core and my failure decelerates me to the verge. I have no harmony in my life. I feel neglected and disowned without an intercessor, never mind the troubles sometimes all I long for is my Lords voice! God please make your purpose known to me, reveal yourself in my life but even such prayers seem as if they vanish in the sky maybe it's because I'm a horrible sinner but I try to be a better sin I just have a sinful nature which I hate but still I have not given in to sin I try my best to fight it everytime I can. I am ridiculed, mocked and not respected among mankind like I'm cursed. God please hear my cry to you and open all shut doors of progress but above all please reveal your will to me upon my life. Please forgive me my sins I do not deserve to even be called or be regarded among your children, teach me to forgive I won't say I'm perfect at it but I don't have grudges. Above all I acknowledge I can never match your intellect or wisdom I may be rumbling like a fool with no point of reference for my agony but please do not be angry with me and disown me. I do not know what the future holds for me but Father in Jesus Christ name I ask, please remember my name in the book of life. I do not know what nonsense I will do tomorrow or the day after I feel doomed and helpless but please forgive me my past, present and future sins LORD. I'd be lying if I said I do not wish the same for my loved ones, please remember their names as well in your book of life. I'm sorry for asking so much LORD. May Your NAME be exalted and Your will be done upon our lives forever AMEN.

18-Jul-14 05:28 PM By Humbled 0 Comments

I am falling and will shatter into one is going to come and collect the pieces......and neither do I expect anybody will show is I who must assemble is i who must learn to rise.........IT WILL BE ME WHO WILL SHINE IN DARKEST TIMES AND BE MY OWN LiGHT

.......when i fall on d darkest path and have nothing but hope to last....I will shine one last time...and whatever I see will be mine!

18-Jul-14 08:33 AM By LOGAN 0 Comments

Wednesday, July 16 2014

I am peaceful person want to stop rivalry war every time but least I got involved in it.I al last give up em just have the war my only dream to got up in peaceful world but I know it is mere a childish dream.

16-Jul-14 11:32 PM By dastan 0 Comments

I am a complete failure and there is nothing special about me. im 22 but look alot older which makes me feel insecure. im a virgin who has never had a girlfriend and girls sure as heck don't flirt with me either. girls don't even check me out in public which is why I never leave the house because I hate it. I have been described as dull average looking. the worst thing about me is that I don't have a job and still live with my parents. I just hate my life!

16-Jul-14 11:17 PM By social misfit 0 Comments

I am 22. I can't find work. I a loser, a failure and most of all a burden upon all, I have no motivation to do anything no ambition. I pray god please just rid this earth of me forever.

16-Jul-14 01:44 PM 0 Comments

Monday, July 14 2014

You know what i realized, people say yourself, think about others ypu have so much to live for, dont give up. Wow so you want me to be misersble, on meds and suicidal just so you can sleep at night. How am i selfish because i learned that i am a loser and there is no rainbow. Who are you to judge me. I dont have anything in life i can live without nor people who would die if i did. They would live life, a little sad but the would live. And here i am miserable as all hell living to please you. Why cant i please myself. I mean do you really want me to go another 5 years sad as hell

14-Jul-14 08:00 PM 0 Comments

I haven't even had any of life's major responsibilities ,yet I can't cope with life. I can't even step out, coz I cannot hide how miserable I am from body is decaying from inside because of all the hate I have for myself. God why did you have to choose me to be such a looser. Why didn't you just kill me along with my mother.,, atleast she would gave taught me a little about how to live life. No one on this forum can tell me how pathethic I am because I know myself how pathetic I am.

14-Jul-14 05:57 AM By ro 0 Comments

I have lived life like an compleete idiot, not like a mature adult, running away from all hardships because it was like I was viewing my life from the outside, now I am at a junction when all of it has come and hit me hard on the face, I just don't know how to reverse it.I live with complete hopelessness.when will I learn to take my life in my hand.why can't I be strong to face my bullshit.I did not choose to be born, then why do I have to keep living this tortureous do I fight when my will to fight is no more.please someone answer me. I am in despair.please God just kill me.

14-Jul-14 05:50 AM By ro 0 Comments

I just want to die. 30 years and am so dumb.I cannot live a adult life.everything about it scares me. I am so embarassedcand dissalointed in my self because I keep failing. Have no job.have no major a relationship but he will leave me because I am such a loser, I couldn't stand on my feet.if I am such a burden on the planet, isn't it just better to die. God please take me away , I haven't grown up normal human beings. Why am I so scared to do anything.god I beg of u to kill me before I spoil my father's reputation anyfurther.

14-Jul-14 05:27 AM By ro 1 Comment

Sunday, July 13 2014

I'm single, unemployed (in a village), broke and almost 30.

That's me.

13-Jul-14 08:57 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, July 12 2014

Stupid World





12-Jul-14 03:24 PM By Dawer 0 Comments

Life is hard man you work and work and work and you don't get want i always fail man i never succeeded in anything its tough i live in africa man i see people who are soo poor i just wanna give up is go to collage to succeed to not end up like them to help them but it seem s

12-Jul-14 05:19 AM By mohy 0 Comments

Friday, July 11 2014

Well . ive studied so damn hard for this exam and still fail . i felt so worthless. even my peers that didnt study that hard can score , i studied for week and still... i should just quit in everything

11-Jul-14 11:20 PM By sad 0 Comments

Wednesday, July 9 2014

Well right now I've just found out I've failed my first year at university and I have the option to re-sit but I know I'll fail again because I was never good in the first place no matter how hard I tried so there's no point in failing again. I have no part time job and can't buy anything I want. I feel to quit at life because everything people do at my age 20 is stupid. I'm even considering suicide tbh.

9-Jul-14 08:39 PM By David 1 Comment

When I was in grade school I failed, I repeated and all my peers advanced. In highschool I failed again and was told to swallow that bitter pill and watch my peers advance, at the end of highschool I failed again but this time I knew I hadn't failed and what I was accused of was wrong. An innocent individual that I was I went through severe depression and forged a lot of documents in hopes of getting through college, needless to say I couldn't advance. I try my best at life but I'm just not good enough. I don't even know why I am here, I have no friends, I sit lonely all day long with not one person to talk to.

Life is hopeless, I know I am a capable person, nobody wants to give me a shot.

I don't know what I am good at

Life right now is hitting it's final lows and I might not be able to withstand all the pain.

I am numb and it's nobody's fault. Failure is all I have ever known in my life. I am 27 and I have no aspirations no desires. I will die a lonely depressed person and since death is not naturally coming I feel like I should induce it.

9-Jul-14 06:55 PM 1 Comment

The world is based on looks. If you have the looks, you have everything. If you're ugly, you'll have nothing. That jail mugshot guy secured a modeling contract, despite his record. Now he'll make thousands a month. That's proof. Looks are everything, I'm ugly so I'm nothing.

9-Jul-14 08:36 AM By Adrian 0 Comments

First i had to repeat 8th grade because i didn't get into medical science group due to m low percentage then i didn't get good percentages in 9th and 10th grade then i didn't get into the high school i wanted even though my fellow classmate who scored less then me got selected.

9-Jul-14 07:47 AM By Ahad 0 Comments

It's my birthday. No one wished me happy birthday. No one cares. 19 and worthless. Happy Birthday Adrian.

9-Jul-14 01:06 AM By Adrian 7 Comments

Tuesday, July 8 2014

im a pagan and dont speak my own language

8-Jul-14 06:25 PM By jin 0 Comments

Im 87 and don't know hw to act my age

8-Jul-14 11:26 AM 1 Comment

Monday, July 7 2014


Work hard to get what you like,

otherwise you´ll be forced to like what you get.

7-Jul-14 01:38 PM By fromme 0 Comments

Hello, Everyone I'm a boy. I just wanna told u dat "If u hv d guts to change d worst thing in u,U r better to live.if not u hv to think again"...

U never knw who is waiting for you..n what opportunities r der for you.........

7-Jul-14 01:05 PM By S.Z.A 0 Comments

Everyone think im a dork (which is true).

I have almost no friends and they don't care about me.

The only man i have ever kissed in my life is my dad on the cheek.

I hate my life, the world, the whole humanity.

I have no goals in life. Im just a bunch of atoms that happens to live.

I always feel empty, sad or mildy amused.

I have no real happy memory in my life.

Im always bored.

7-Jul-14 08:49 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, July 6 2014

I'm 22years old i hv boyfriend we live in the same roof he has a problem when month end he start to push me away i dnt know what to do

6-Jul-14 11:23 PM By Minah 0 Comments


How are you feeling? Desperate? Hurt? Cold, your hands extremely cold, your chest must be in pain, a throbbing numb pain that resounds through your body with the beating of that heart you deem so miserable.

Truth is I want to die. I have been fantasizing about suicide for so long now... and yet... Here we are... Im still breathing, all my symptoms are still active... everything in my body is hurting and I am still alive.. why? Goodamit because I am a stubborn son of a ... I am about to loose the love of my life... I just failed an examination and made my parents very upset with me... My admission to university and all of my dreams are in the verge to crumble... just like so many other things have crumbled before...

I am going to take a shower now, and breathe... and in a paper I am going to write down all the things I can still do to save my future...

Try it... Sit down and in stead of letting that beast of sadness and hate run and destroy you from inside... write it all in a paper... cmooon you lazy ASS HOLE do it... for me?

Nobody does anything for me anymore... Will you? Maybe... do it, write it down...

If what you see there can't be fixed then find ways to make it better.... if it can't be better... find ways to make it bearable until you can make it better... if you can't do that...? Im sorry...

This is just the advice of a hurt 18 year old boy, rambling and hurt.

6-Jul-14 11:35 AM By A hurt person 0 Comments

I am 35 years old..i have a temporary job, in which i have to appear in interview in every 6 months and money is also not very much.I am married with no child. Condition at home is so poor that my parents have told me to leave the house along with my wife and i had asked them for 2 months. So, i decided to do do this 6 months course and after doing that i can get a respectable salary. But my fears are..will a company hire me, a 35 years old, after completion of course..and if not..then what will i do ?I cant go back to my older job...i dont know what to is very costly course and i have no money..what to do..also I am very fat..why will a company hire an ugly fat man ?

6-Jul-14 01:38 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, July 5 2014

The weak sit around and cry about their lives.

The strong stand

but still die a little inside

5-Jul-14 08:18 AM By sadsummer 0 Comments

I was an above average student. Had decent marks in all courses. Did MBA joined a firm. The client took back the process and lost my job. Worked 4 yrs there. The experience was of no value. Left home country and landed in Gulf. Searched a job of choice for three months Could not secure one. I am going ti join a small firm a base level employee for a salary of almost half of my colleagues or class mates work. It will take years for me to get in to the level of my friends' current state. By the time they would have grown many folds. I cannot reject the current offer as I invested all my resources I had to come here. Now I am not in a position to come again. also my time is running out and I am off the track. I may never come back.


5-Jul-14 07:29 AM By A Looser 0 Comments

Friday, July 4 2014

If a fish and a human switch places, they will both die of suffocation. Location matters.

4-Jul-14 12:29 PM By Mandelbrot 1 Comment

Thursday, July 3 2014

City lights shine on the harbour, night has fallen down....thru d darkness and d shadows I will still go on!

3-Jul-14 01:16 PM By Logan 0 Comments

Y is it difficult 4 a man 2 tell his woman that he wants out of the relationship? I will not force him 2 b with me, if he wants 2 leave he can go but it would be nice if he tells me that he's sick of me not just disappear.

3-Jul-14 09:52 AM By sad 0 Comments

Wednesday, July 2 2014

I'm a girl. And I feel like my penis is too small. I'm not completely sure this is normal.

2-Jul-14 11:05 PM 1 Comment

Tuesday, July 1 2014


No life

No hope

No money

No education (Cant afford)

my parents fail

i fail

i am poor

living in a strange state ( city )i cant even remeber its name

soon i will be homless

had one girlfrend a true love she left me for better i had to let her go i didnt wanna see her suffering my heart still hurts after long time like it was yesterday

i am destroyed

sad and alone i cant even cry

no friends

humans are dumb mean brainwashed animals living in ilussions

this world is a joke

there is no love in this world

maybe i am dead and this is hell?

please stop this madness..

i dont wanna be here anymore

i am thinking about suicide every day ..

please just hit me with the axe in forhead take a shit on my face burn me and throw me in to the wind..

1-Jul-14 01:19 PM By Name 2 Comments

Here I am, I never thought that I will write this but what the hell.Life never was smooth for one bit. My studies were not the best but is decent enough but where I come from, only the best can survive and there is no second place. My stepbrothers are so far ahead of me in any aspect. Well they most likely are having a good life. My parents never praise my good work once and always use other as a benchmark. What more my dyslexic nature is limiting my potential. Imagine what it like not being able to spell when your an adult.Seeing my friends succeed in some way is painful. I didn't make a lot of friends as many see me as not in the 'trend' and by trend is those korean trend.I did whatever I can within my power and sacrifice my time, effort and blood but yet I am still behind.

The world seem to be moving ahead and I can't seem to keep up while using all my effort.I don't trust my family any more after my saving are gone. I suspect my mother did something with it but I will never know since she became a half retard after a stroke. My father is a strange person to talk to. I wouldn't feel like he a father at all in any case.

My relatives are all after for the shares of property of my dead grandmother. It already some time after her death and they are still fighting over the shares.

I broke up with my girlfriend long time ago and the pain still remain. She left for others since they were better than me in any aspect.Till today, I have that bitter feeling and that she in a better situation than me.

My mental health seem to be failing on me. Since I was very optimistic about life when I was young but that change slow to being a realist after many unpleasant event. BUT! it doesn't stop there. I soon became a pessimist and my joke are full of sarcasm and bitterness. I always went into depression when something unfortunate happens. I had one when my hope and dream of joining the airforce got burn to bits when I found out my medical wasn't good enough. I only know that during the days of my exams. My grades suffer after that. When I graduated, I felt very empty.

Right now...I feel very very very tired...So tired that I want to sleep for a long time.I don't know why I keep moving on despite not knowing what is my end goal. Maybe I am a fool...

Or just an unlucky person who was born at the wrong time and the wrong people to be with..

1-Jul-14 11:18 AM By Dasa 0 Comments

I fial grade 10 bt am lookin for job bt nw am 21 years old

1-Jul-14 10:20 AM By Thabiso bereng 0 Comments

Monday, June 30 2014

HAIL Satan, i was good boy once, i never talk in class, calm, nice, helping others the only problem is that i cannot study, i try every time and i fail, now i failed my degree and i have to go iti course, all i did in my life was big dick, i have no good marks at +2, once I got to satanist and he say your goodness ruining your life sell your soul to devil he will purchase everything on this earth, i cut my finger drop my blood on paper and sell my soul to devil who is the lord of the hell, after few days I got 3000 rs frm my uncle and get a job of small salary, the satanist say the devil is still working with you he is began to give you everything, he tell one thing always work hard so devil can perform miracle, GUYS If ur a loser dont worry our devil(satan) can help you, sell your silly soul for your great victory, each day my satanic power is growing now i am not a loser anymore, Hail Satan Hail forever you are our god

30-Jun-14 01:50 PM By jorgbe 0 Comments

I used to be an A grader. But things changed, i failed maths and just passed in physics. I knew this would happen because I hate studies. I love one thing - programmimg. But my parents want me to go the best university and so they want me to *literally* study for 6 hours during summer vacations so that i can get admission. Although i sit in front of books, i dont study, just pretend. As this didnt bring the results they wanted, they made me join extra classes (I dont study there either).This leaves me without the time to follow my passion and without any bookish knowledge. I dont see any future in front of me. All i see is darkness that is killing me inside.

30-Jun-14 09:56 AM By deadSoul 0 Comments

Bad outcomes is what my life is made of. No girls, only boring ducking family. These girls at disneyland told me to take a picture of them with their phone (it was the only time a female talked to me the whole day) but instead my brother replied for me and took the picture. Then she took a photo of me my dad and brother and when the photo was done, I tried to see, but instead she showed my dad. It's like everyone's plotting against me. Even the ocean. Whenever I'm there and talking loudly about things (because the waves are loud) when I'm talking about stuff I don't want my parents to hear, the waves quiet down instead. The world is plotting against me. Next thing I know the sidewalk is going to swallow me whole. Or the trees are going to hang me.

30-Jun-14 12:18 AM By Bad things 0 Comments

Sunday, June 29 2014

Hi this is not a complaint. I just want to know or understand the purpose of this blog. Thanks

29-Jun-14 10:35 PM By Latoya 0 Comments

I'm 21. And today I realized that I'm nothing but a failure. All my life, I used to think that hard work and nothing but hard work could get you places. As a kid, I gave up so many things only so that I could concentrate on my studies and my career. I gave up on exploring and honing my ability as a writer and debater, I gave up on a relationship, I gave up on my friends and family. You know what the end result of all that is? Today I have nothing. Today I realized that there is no such thing as 'hard work', because no matter how much I tried, I failed and I failed today too. I see people who didn't work as hard as me, doing so much better than I am today. I also realized that I'm a socially awkward person. And my family, no matter how accepting they are, I know they hate my ways.

I hate myself right now. These might sound like the ranting of a sore loser...well, maybe they are exactly they are.

29-Jun-14 11:31 AM By Chiks 0 Comments

I'm a loser at relationships and life in general. Looking back, I knew I shouldn't of got married. Yet I did. Then divorced by my choice after 20yrs. Living with someone now for more than a few yrs. this relationship is failing and has been for yrs. I can hardly stand my relationship with my kids. I'm convinced it's mostly me.

29-Jun-14 08:21 AM By Mona 0 Comments

My soul is worth less than the dirt you walk on. I mean nothing to anyone. Go ahead kill me. That's why I'm out late at night, semi-hoping someone shoots me. But I'm scared that might come true, but why am I scared? What's there to lose? Life? Pshhhh!

29-Jun-14 01:52 AM By Eaten by Satan 0 Comments

Hi i m 31 year old looking for job but i didnt finish my matric my life is struck i have no way to go can i get help plzz

29-Jun-14 12:43 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, June 28 2014

I live with ma mum n dad my two sisters n uncle I'm a 22 year old young laddy and last year I repeated my matric sadly I failed again but I was this close to pass because I failed two subjects which is maths and accounting another problem is I'm disabled

28-Jun-14 06:19 AM By Brenda 0 Comments

I just can't seem to get things together. The way I think and the way I feel are wrong. I try to make things better but they just get worse for everyone including myself. I wouldn't do anything to end my life because I feel like that would be even more failure. I just can't keep my mouth shut and I piss everyone off. If I could just stop feeling anything that would be better. I have no control of my life, but even if I did, I would be even worse off because I don't know what to do with my life. And I take my anger out on others that don't fully deserve it. I say things that piss people off. I care too much, but it still doesn't matter because I still don't solve anything even with my efforts. I may submit this post and some how ruin my life even more by doing so. But my dad said I already did that when i was 11 and that I would hate myself the rest of my life. And he was right, I do. And I have the rest of my life to look forward to knowing that there will never be happiness for me. And that my dad had no hope for me, So I got that going for me. kerfuffle

28-Jun-14 02:59 AM By none 0 Comments

Friday, June 27 2014

I can't believe how terrible my life is. When I was 7, a family member tried to murder me, again when I was 8, he gave me brain damage from all the abuse he did to me, now I'm hardly intelligent enough to pass my classes. My family doesn't get me, they say that I won't accomplish anything and are constantly yelling at me... The only time I feel like a decent person is when I'm acting, yet I suck at that, like everything. I am lesbian but go to an extremely homophobic school, and I feel like I am lying to people by dating boys and I am not truly happy. I have very few friends who I feel I cannot tell anything to, for I have trouble talking to people. I live in Alaska, and during winter, I feel so terrible and depressed(too bad winter lasts 7-8 months here). I am also ugly and fat, I have tried dieting many times but I have been unsuccessful. There are very few times in my life that I remember being happy outside of doing plays and musicals. I hope it gets better.

27-Jun-14 10:20 PM By Katie 0 Comments

I am a student of 12th grade and i am of 19 currently, in my whole life i failed nearly in every exam i gave, but thank to gujarat board syllabus, they pass every student till they pass ninth grade, and unfortunatelly i passed in my 10 board exam with the help of some strangers who were sitting around me, today my 11th 2nd semenster result was announced and i was failed in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology which are the major subjects, but still i think the world is very big something at somewhere the god has

27-Jun-14 10:12 PM By Shivam Upadhyay 0 Comments

I thought I was intelligent, but I'm not. I'm just another dumb fuck. I'm too nice. Someone else would already kill people if they were me. I'm useless trash. Somebody needs to take me into the desert and bury me alive. Either that or burn me at the stake until I'm ash. I don't know how everything turned out so bad and boring in my life. I'm the ugliest man to ever walk the earth, so for that I'm paying the consequence of a bad life. Please, don't breed unless you're a beautiful man or woman with a lot of money, or else your child will one day end up like me.

27-Jun-14 01:59 PM By Dead 1 Comment

I fail at life because i get good grades. I am the most awkward person oyu could ever meet, with the geekiest hobbies and literally no friends. I can't get talk to girls at all, let alon e get a girl friend. Oh and I get persistently bullied.

27-Jun-14 11:16 AM 1 Comment

Thursday, June 26 2014

I fail at life because I am to afraid to stand up for what i believe in. I am 25 and i have a 4 year old daughter who i see mabye once a month. She does not have my last name because i let her have her mothers. I roll over and dont stand up for anything. I work a crappy minimum wage job and bearly have enough money to eat let alone go anywhere or do anyhting. i just fail at life and dont have the fight mode in me to do better

26-Jun-14 02:38 AM By Nick Not Named 1 Comment

Wednesday, June 25 2014

I failed in my life because of the gulf country. I m working in kuwait. But I lost my mother, wife & my religion also. Now I have one job in kuwait. But I dont like to work here. So now I m trying to get a good job in my country.

25-Jun-14 07:16 PM By Rashid 1 Comment

i fail at life,im unemployed and i live with my parents ,im turning 24 now and i still haven't finished my degree i've been working on since 2007.

have no friends and i suffer from depression since i have the feeling that im a worthless human being.

i come from a poor family and my family is disappointed by me.

i am very ashamed of myself.

25-Jun-14 05:19 PM By mr fail 1 Comment

I failed I really messed up this time. i am 25 year old.. i expled from university.. now i have just intermeditae educatiion.. my family andf relatives tease me everyday "do somthing" . what should i do now.. i runied my life with my hands.. this happend because of a girl. i loved her too much.. i have 5 yaers relation with her. but he cheat me.. and left me alone. after her leaving.. i quite class. i used drugs.. i was physco.. i tried to suiced..

now i want to study .. and try to do it.. but i failed.. i don't know what happend with me now.. i closed that chapter of my life.. but she live in my hearts at somhere corner.. i want to study .. i want to do somthing.. i want to improve my self.. plz help me.

25-Jun-14 03:20 PM By Hasan 1 Comment

I am going to be homeless next week, and this is probably my last fay using the internet. I need to find a way to kill myself painlessly before this happens, if not I'll just jump of a rooftop.

25-Jun-14 01:35 PM 0 Comments

I failed I really messed up this time. I am in 10th grade and I failed my IGCSE because i skipped so many lessons due to bullying. Now that I failed my IGCSE no other school accepted me, the rejected me, every single on of them. I can only improve if i change schools because i can't handle the bullying in my school anymore. Because i failed my IGCSE's I will probably have to re-do 10th grade which will only lead to more bullying. I don't know what to do and everything sucks. I failed math so badly that i feel embarassed that they sent my exam, I failed science so badly that it feels like a joke and in History I didn't understand a single question. Now that i probably have to re-do 10th grade I'll probably fail again cause I'll have no reason for going to school. My parents think i'm some kind of freak and they think i need serious help just cause i feel like there is more than just school. I have no friends because they think that i'm a fail. oh and last night i wanted to bake red velvet cake and i forgot the baking soda, fail. There is no one who believes in me anymore, not even myself and i guess it's safe to say that i fail at life.

25-Jun-14 11:26 AM By Jay 1 Comment

i m a engineering graduate computer sciencce but i dont hv any job ...plz help me

25-Jun-14 04:44 AM By Raman sharma 0 Comments

Tuesday, June 24 2014

I always manage to mess up everything that could be good in my life. I suck at everything and nothing ever works out for me. It's a miracle that I have friends (because I am worthless), though I don't have a best friend. I feel alone and I don't know how I can make my life better. I live at home and am always stuck taking care of my little brother (so I don't have much of a life). I just can't take it anymore. I just want to escape it all. I'm not suicidal or anything. I'm just stuck in an endless tiresome rut that keeps getting deeper and deeper. I think I'll soon hit rock bottom.

24-Jun-14 04:32 PM 1 Comment

I stopped talking to all my friends after I graduated because I felt like a failure. I couldn't find a job and now I'm working at some dead end job with minimum wage pay at a company thats going bankrupt. I've been applying endlessly to other places but I must've received about 100 rejections. The only places that accept me are scam pyramid companies and I keep falling for them like an idiot. I live with my parents who support me and see me as a failure that can't find a job and who only takes money from them. My boyfriend is too good for me and I have no idea why he even likes me. He's going to leave me later when he finds an amazing job at some top company like I know he will. I am getting so fat by the day and am at my fattest weight. I am ashamed to see people because I know they'll look down on me and think I'm a loser. I have nothing to show and my negative attitude doesn't help either. I'm basically unattractive, employed at a dead end job that I'm overqualified for, broke, and I live at home with my overbearing parents. What a life.

24-Jun-14 03:04 PM 0 Comments

i am in my early forties. I am not married , never got drunk, useless material . I do a job in a steel plant in coal handling plant.. having to handle many people, machines , conveyors.. on top of that bosses complaining , subordinates life is a living hell. i got into an mba to change my job but to no use.. my father objects to my going...i am feeling helpless and useless..what should i do. little time is left.may god help me and poor souls like myself.

24-Jun-14 09:14 AM 0 Comments

I am seriously a failure. We were told no dating in the office, but i am. My productivity has drasticallly gone down. So am headed for a review meeting. I just feel as through am going to die. Funny thing is, my angel tried to warn me about this, but no, i would not listen. I do not know why i do this to myself.

24-Jun-14 08:52 AM 0 Comments

I am in my late forties, divorced, never was able to get pregnant, then I fell in love. I have been waiting for a commitment after 2 1/2 years. Now my love is moving away. I feel as if I have failed myself.

24-Jun-14 01:25 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, June 22 2014

if you are healthy physically and mentally and you are complaining about your life than you are truly a horrible human being. i will say this again if you are a healthy human being and you have the ability to move, think and preform tasks than you are the most lucky person and you should be eternally grateful in each moment. if you are healthy and you complain about life no matter how f'd up your situation than you seriously need yo reconsider your perspective on life. to have health is to have life, to have health is to have the ability to overcome and transcend anything. i say this now because my health is failing me im a young male and my time hear is coming to an end, i never had a girlfriend a job, friends or any aspect of life because of my health. be grateful cause next time around you might not be so lucky

22-Jun-14 01:52 PM By health 3 Comments

For four years I have worked hard for my exams at college. Last thursday was my final exam and whilst everyone is going out and celebrating I'm stuck at home. The past four years I focussed more on my studies than on having a social life. I feel isolated and very much alone. I don't have any real friends and I have never been in a relationship.I am introverted and it takes me a while to trust people because people have let me down in the past. I've realised that the only thing I was ever good at was academic studies. I don't have any common sense and I always embarrass myself. When I think about my future I feel afraid because I know I am going to die an old, lonely virgin. I have and will fail at life.

22-Jun-14 06:31 AM By Iamsoalone 0 Comments

I am doing my final year law and also doing an additional company secretary course. I feel lke I have no practiCal knowledge or have any idea about what I'm doing. I feel like I wasted 5 years of my life. I dont know anything and I suck at public speaking too. I get very nervous and I have become an introvert. I feel useless when I see my friends working and doing so well. I feel dumb and least interested. I am a failure. Help!

22-Jun-14 03:05 AM 1 Comment

I have spent the last 43 years on this planet trying to figure out why everything is so wrong with me. I finally found the answer. The truth is I'm a complete failure at life. The day I realized this was a sad day. Ever since that day the only thing keeping me sane is knowing that I will die just like every one else. Whether I die today or 40 years from from now makes no difference once so ever to me. I'm married, have kids, financially stable, and smart but it all ends there. I've spent my entire life pretending everything was ok and phsyching myself to believe that my expectations would be fulfilled. Now that I know the truth I no longer have to play the game, I just go thru my daily motions while knowing death is certain. Whatever my problems, no one would understand. Believe me, I just spent 43 years wondering why no one understood. I'm a failure as a human being, I failed at being a person. It doesn't get any worse than that. Hope is no longer part of my life. I'm done, now it's just a waiting game.

22-Jun-14 01:30 AM By ifailedatlife 1 Comment

Saturday, June 21 2014

After I got my degree I left a promising career to join the military. My only reason in doing so was to join an 'elite' unit. I got the chance to go to selection for this type of unit and with just one day left I got injured. Shattered my foot, now I'm medically ineligible to try again without a waiver. Waivers aren't getting approved due to draw downs in the military. Now I'm stuck doing a job I hate for the next 5 years making a fraction of what I could as a civilian. I won't complain, I'm a big boy and I signed the contract. Now I just have to shut up and hate my life for the next 5 years...awesome.

21-Jun-14 08:28 PM By anonymous 0 Comments

Wow i read my comment and nothing has changed still single, humping my bed because its been over 2 years since i had sex. My bestfriend moved. I spent my while savings trying to stay in my place til i found work. I got doop out of 10 grand of my GI bill money for a clasd i never learned anything from. I keep gaining weight. Hard to believe i was 140 and sexy 2 yrs ago. I am so pathetic i bring my guinea pigs cage in my room so i am mot alone. My bed time is 7-8 every day including weekends. I have no money and i am so stressed i went from looking 22 to my actual age. Man it feels good to vent to strangers cause i cant discuss this with family. The are against suicide.

21-Jun-14 07:08 PM By May 4 th 0 Comments

My life is ruined... I failed at school, and now I don't know what to do, because my parents don't have hope in me ... What shall I do , I have no idea how am I going to continue my life ;(

21-Jun-14 12:43 PM By Alex 0 Comments

I recently got a degree in a way that I didn't want to achieve. I was 2 marks off the thing I want to get but I have failed. Currently, my sister, my dad and mum are disappointed and are ashamed of me. Without sounding too cliche, but I have really dishonoured my family. I can feel the hatred and shame bestowed upon me. I have tried my hardest at my degree and I have only achieved an average, yes I can get into a Masters degree but still, I have failed my family and I feel a great deal of shame. Please, all I want is for someone to tell me that this isn't the end, that life still continues.

21-Jun-14 10:06 AM 1 Comment

I try to study but I can't.some days I am able to finish a whole textbook while most of the days I while away all my time without reading a single page.I have a very important exam coming up in two months time and yet I can't get myself to study.I can't get myself to open my books.I also eat a lot and unable to get the enthusiasm to exercise.

21-Jun-14 08:52 AM 1 Comment

I got HIV at 12 and am now 40. I'm lucky I'm alive. I got a degree and masters. I traveled and lived around the world. No-one knows I'm HIV and I kept this secret for 28yrs except with ex-girlfriends. I got AIDS 5 years ago and haven't been working much since. I'm in a rut and am in a relationship I hate. All those years of developing my career down the drain. When I meet people now they take an instant dislike to me. I can't make friends, I hate my relationship and I don't have any confidence. I'm pretty much fucked.

21-Jun-14 08:24 AM By Bob 1 Comment

Friday, June 20 2014

I failed at life and it sucks..I never knew it was going to be this depressing. I was doing better at 22 than I am at 27. I have a part time job because I can't seem to find something better, single and and have herpes.. yeah it sucks and to make matters worst I still live at home and haven't gotten laid in over a year. The last time I actually made out with a girl was 3 years ago..I thought it was going to get better, it only gets worse FML.

20-Jun-14 08:39 PM By Loser guy 0 Comments

I started an internship with a university professor's research group and as someone who's younger and stupider I can't grasp anything and all the experiments I do fail and I always run into roadblocks and I feel guilty for getting paid to waste the chemicals and energy and time in this lab at everyone else's expense. I'm so worthless I can't even answer the simplest of questions. How can he look at me the same way? How will anyone look at me the same way? I bombed my last school year and this couldn't get any worse. I'm going to be a failure and disgrace everyone

20-Jun-14 03:55 PM 0 Comments

Thursday, June 19 2014

I failed in medical track in the preparation year because of chem exam ! I want to be a doctor,and it's not a dream it's a goal.

19-Jun-14 07:21 PM By الهنوف 0 Comments

You all think your a failure but the truth is your a a bunch of idiots because it's not you who is the failure its Sciety. society has destroyed and deteriorated both your minds and your bodies, Gmos, television, video games, porn, competitive pressure,economic slavery, materialism,governments, wars, dimwit education, and ignorant parents, you are NOT failures your society is fail. you have failed your earth and have failed nature, your forefathers have failed you. your parent brought you into a world that was broken and is on a path of devolution ultimate suffering duality/separation from source. a failed experiment, nobodies happy And You think You are the fail. pathetic brainwashed people complaining about grades, jobs, money, sex, friends, and personal happiness look around you it was over before it begun! and for those who do become successful in this world. They are the Ones who are the ultimate fail!

19-Jun-14 01:58 PM By youniverse 2 Comments

I live in india and i dont know what to do in future i suck at everything

19-Jun-14 12:11 PM By John 1 Comment

She is here right now.... In my head....lying down embracing eternity. Preparing for forever, I love her. She will always be here with me. Wherever she goes, I know she's right here. She doesn't even know me, but little does she know we are spending forever together. I kiss her and tell her I love her. She smiles. She loved me. She will love me. There's no schism. It always has been. Like the the universe. You can't change it. She's here...she's here and will always be. Paradise while I'm alone

19-Jun-14 06:58 AM By The love of my mind 1 Comment

Wednesday, June 18 2014

I am a pathetic loser who can't find a job or even get an interview. I wasted four years in college and now have massive debt that I can't pay back all because I am too much of a loser to find a job.

18-Jun-14 09:21 PM 0 Comments

So I got kicked out of college with my degree so screwed up that it's basically unsalvageable. Failed a core class twice and I don't think I'm smart enough for it. Can't find a job and have no marketable skills. Probably going to kill myself. It was nice knowing you guys.

18-Jun-14 08:05 PM By Ben 0 Comments

I have passed my grade 12 with very poor points i have nothing to do my mother can not help me i desparately need help iam a 23year old girl

18-Jun-14 10:02 AM By Siyamamkela mamkeli 0 Comments

So I mentioned his name today. I was so embarrassed because he knew how disoriented I get when I am around him. I cannot quit because my boss needs me. I wish I could die.

18-Jun-14 07:17 AM 0 Comments

im not doing too good at school. i have no talent like my dad have. feeling depresed on seeing how suck am i to both of my parents. i am grateful to be honest, but the thing is im not doing any good for my parents after all the education i received using their wealth. i felt fcking bad. feeling like i shudnt have born or exist, all those kind of thoughts. school is fcking big thing in life where its all or nothing, where at th moment im gonna get nothing cuz my success pretty much lies between passing grades. i just hope for the best. it does not happen everytime but i still believe in that little hope im wishing for. fck me, may my path leads me a better place

18-Jun-14 04:44 AM By asian marley 0 Comments

I have one friend and I barely see him, so I don't know if it's right to call him my friend. I'm 21, never had a girlfriend and never had sex. I plan on going to college next year but I'm incredibly scared of making social contact with anyone good looking, and it's not because I'm ugly, actually I think I'm a pretty decent looking guy, it's just that if the person infront of me is very good looking then I feel like shit, I feel worthless,especially if that person is a young female,then my voice starts to crack and somehow it sounds softer like not my actual voice like I'm making an effort to speak. I'm unemployed, no friends, no girl, not in college, zero social experience, average body. Been planing on starting P90X for the last 4 months but I always find an excuse. All that at 21. I don't even have any siblings to tell about my problems. All this shit inside of me. I'm not happy and each passing day I question myself "what is it that you didn't finish all this yet?".

I don't wanna die but I don't know if I wanna live.

18-Jun-14 03:47 AM By That d00d 0 Comments

My parents said that I suck and have no talent. I feel numb. I'm getting bad again.

18-Jun-14 01:10 AM By bethany 0 Comments

Tuesday, June 17 2014

I passed all of my exams and I was prepared, not to mention studied really hard but my last exam is history, and I can't seem to memorize anything. We are travelling so summer school is not an option, and basically I'm afraid to tell my family because I don't want to be yelled at or beaten. I don't know what to do.

17-Jun-14 03:46 PM By Fang 0 Comments

I want to go my college like before but for my frustration I can not continue my study so what should I do now..I tried everyday I fight with myself to study but I dont know..m getting hopeless day by day..there is only darkness in my life now..I never expected my life like this..I want a solution immidiately

17-Jun-14 03:42 PM By manita 0 Comments

People say dogs are a man's best friend but i'm not so sure because my dog doesn't even go to school or have a playstation

17-Jun-14 10:17 AM By Suspicious 0 Comments

I have tried all my life to succeed - top student, best grades, always beating my friends but now I find myself behind all of them. A dead end job, no prospects and management I would gladly see fall from the top of a building. I feel like my soul has been torn from my body, leaving a dark pit of rank despair that is reaching out with shadowy tendrils, clawing at the remainder of my life and chipping away at my sanity... How has it come to this? Am I worth anything anymore? How can I move on? I feel like there is no point to life but existing, moving like a lifeless shell among the other dead leaves of the world.

17-Jun-14 09:52 AM By Bozquam 0 Comments

If I bang my head on my desk will all the bad come out

17-Jun-14 09:44 AM By You Dont Know That 0 Comments

Dear God,

I am just not cut out for life. I am in love with my co-worker, so much so that we are sleeping together. It was the one rule i had to follow. My work has become so bad, my bosses are complaining like daily. I have so many unfinished tasks. Am tired. I wish I could just disappear.

17-Jun-14 08:02 AM 1 Comment

I am internet addicted and surf the web 24/7. If I fail my next exam I will get kicked out of university.

17-Jun-14 06:01 AM By nerd 0 Comments

Monday, June 16 2014

i failed in college and now i have nothing. ican not do anything. now ihave no reson to live. ican not sleep. i am hopeless now i need help

16-Jun-14 07:14 PM By jayvir 0 Comments


Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?