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i fail at life
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Wednesday, March 4 2015

I fail. I graduated high school with a GPA of 2.2 and an act score of 18. I barely got into a community college which I failed out of at 18. I am now 21 and already in debt of about 5,000. The only job I can get is working as a care provider for 8.15 an hour and I am barely making it. I have very few friends. I want to study psychology but I can't even get back into the community college, I don't qualify for in state tuition and my grades are so shitty that I won't get any scholarships. I dont understand anything about school. Never have been good at school. There is no use at trying because I'm just going to fail. I can fuck your brains out and that's about all I'm good for. My family is disappointed in my and I never finish anything. My life hasn't even started yet and I've already failed at it.

4-Mar-15 10:53 AM By con 0 Comments

I failed in life. I can never become what i want to be. I am afraid of trying any more. I am worth nothinhg. I am a useless person.

4-Mar-15 09:11 AM 0 Comments

Hey Wild Cat Scientist, that was an entertaining post. You should write more.

4-Mar-15 04:09 AM By some internet stranger 0 Comments

Tuesday, March 3 2015

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3-Mar-15 06:59 PM By American Football 0 Comments

It really is a hard knock life when you don't have many friends, are just above poverty level, live with your mom. Don't have a vehicle nor even drive for that matter, because you don't have the skills because no one was around to teach you, but that's neither here nor there at this juncture in life, because you've developed a comlpex for being behind the wheel anyway- I suppose riding shotgun with your brother while you both were drunk 5 or 6 timezs wasn't worth it afterall.

When school liked you, you liked it... which sadly was as rare as getting the color of gumball you wanted from the machine. Intensifying your self pity you can't even remember a time that happened... in fact, normally you got the color you despised. Needless to say by the time you reached middle school your mindset was as such, school wasn't worth the price. Day after day of getting the wrong color can weigh on a person. Looking around at the other people ALL getting the color they want! They're always winning while you're always losing... falling short, inadequate, worthless, inferior, feeling lower than dirt as every dirty look, every harsh word, everyday of having to sit alone at lunch eats you from the inside out. Grades mean nothing to you anymore, skipping school, escaping the negative feeling becomes all important. You play hookie more than you attend class now, hanging with the crowd who will try and convince you its cool, but something is never right and, looking back, they were just as hurt as you.

Situations like thi, if not taken control over, can lead to all kinds of mental complexes. A mentality that you aren't smart enough to pass a simple school exam becomes you never being confident in your own abilities later. Being dishearted over that one girl who called you ugly in school manifests into a belief that you aren't worthy of being loved. Seeing all those other poeple in school who seem so happy and cool. while you're a walking misery, causes you to distance yourself later because you believe everyone is better than you and you aren't worth their friendship.

Now, you're shy. A total shut-in, but others don't talk to you ONLY because they think you must be uptight! Or... maybe they feel the same way as you do. Yes, even that one girl at work who walks around like she's better than you and seldom talks and when she does its always a rude remark! She, can relate with yo, so despite her ignoring you you still value her even more than those who are friendly and nice.

Everything we think about ourselves is instilled there. From real circumstances comes false ideas.

I'm tired of typing lol. But the above is my complaint. Its not you, its me. But at the same time it is you. It just made me feel better to pretend I'm narrating a story line.

3-Mar-15 02:45 PM By Wild Cat Scientist 0 Comments

Just don't be ugly and everything will be alright.Mark my words.

3-Mar-15 12:14 PM By rodriguez 0 Comments

Fellow fuck ups! Just start smiling now, least we can do! Smile through the doom and gloom, trust I really fucked it all from day one to this moment! from now let us detach from the pain and just take some time to appreciate everything, it will benefit the whole, one simple win we can all do is smile, please join me in this humble smile and let's win something for once! Peace

3-Mar-15 10:58 AM By last resort... smile 0 Comments

My life sucks, I couldn't become what I wanted too, I have no friends in my college, I don't like anyone, I hate myself also. I have failed in ststudying, I couldn't live myself or even for others sake. I feel like I want to die, what ever I do, I will be disappointed. Every one in my class are first and get good grades but I couldn't even pass in the subjects. But one thing I know this as happened to me because I couldn't become what I wanted. I used to beg my death. But I always wanted my death to look like accident or natural, I should die like that. I am always in front of smart phones and laptops and tv. Why am I like this. I realised but couldn't change myself. I failed my life.

3-Mar-15 04:26 AM By alsatian 0 Comments

I always wanted to become a unique and great fighter but my parents put me in an engineering college and wasted my 18 years.I couldn't study, I have failed in four subjects and i became worst, started to bunk class and go to a lonely place and speak to myself and record what I spoke like a Mental. Now I am always unhappy, angry. And i started to Search about foreigners of different countries, I became crazy about foreigners. And I tired of trying to stop all these kind of activities. I wanted to be good but I couldn't, I wanted to become what I to, but I couldn't. I failed in everything in my life. I don't like anybody and don't like love also. I have become useless guy.

3-Mar-15 03:54 AM By joe 1 Comment

There is good we can all do if we keep trying. I get very depressed sometimes but it is important to stay focused, especially for the ones that you hold close to heart.

3-Mar-15 02:35 AM By Stephen 0 Comments

Monday, March 2 2015

Just like your fingerprint, You're unique. People who post on this website have already given up, don't let that be you. Work hard and be dedicated, The rest should align along.

2-Mar-15 03:31 PM 0 Comments

I hate life I don't know what to do , I'm doing really bad in my studies and I feel I can't pursue in anything , I have a gf but I don't think I'm the one for her so yea I basically wanna give my life away , but what should I do ?

2-Mar-15 01:26 PM By xavier 0 Comments

I'm searching for like minded people in California who are through with life. Please leave contact information so we can connect.

2-Mar-15 09:37 AM 0 Comments

I've been buying lotto ticketsfor 10 years now, I just want to be rich. Will that make me happy? Happier maybe, but damn it, why are some people luckier than others?

2-Mar-15 08:59 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, March 1 2015

Life has been so hard and unbearable for me. i can't seem to make things work at all. most of my effort, self motivation and my best just isn't good enough. my high school years were terrible, but atleast i managed to pass all my exams, now college was an endless source of grief and untold misery for me. i failed during my first year, my second year wasn't as bad as my first, but thinking about my past failures caused deep depression inside that i no longer had any strength left to go on. my life was practicaly over when i dropped out of college. everything that could go wrong went wrong. my life still sucks and it appears that other people i met in college seem to be doing so much better than me. just yesterday, i met some former college mates and they have jobs, they are driving cars and are in serious relationships. i have non of those and i just feel so much of a loser. no job because non of the companies i applied to would hire me, no car or money and girls simply ignore me. wish my life was better.

1-Mar-15 05:47 PM By Christian 0 Comments

I'm tired of feeling guilty for everything I haven't done. There is no absolution, I just want to go out in the cold June rain.

1-Mar-15 09:57 AM By Sinking ship 1 Comment

Saturday, February 28 2015

I fail over and over again at everything. I used to read lots of books, being interested in foreign languages and history. Ever since I entered High-school I became more and more lazy and unmotivated. I don't do anything right, I don't read anymore, I don't have a passion, a specific hobby of mine, a special thing to part me from other mundane students. I am a boring human being if not even worse. I am a failure.

And to make matters worse, I'm also stupid and I think I may be mentally slow. I'm currently studying at mathematics and computer science profile because of my father's pressure to form a logical thinking. But it doesn't suit me at all. I feel I have lots of lacunas and I'm just to distracted by too many things, uninterested and I do procrastinate a lot.

God, I'm so lazy. Some days I just wish I could sleep forever, like in a deep sleep where I just got to dream whatever I like. I'm to much of a coward to commit suicide and there are times that I think life is beautiful...but I still feel like crap.

28-Feb-15 05:19 PM By a girl 1 Comment

I failed to keep my parents marriage safe I feel like a useless child . I couldn't even keep my parents marriage what good am I . Day by day , I'm getting hurt wherever I go , I make enemies in school when I want to be friends with them . I can't even cry anymore I just feel sadness . I just want everybody around me to be happy in exchange for my happiness

28-Feb-15 06:18 AM By I failed 0 Comments

Thursday, February 26 2015

I hate my life. No one cares.

26-Feb-15 11:46 PM 0 Comments

21, lonely and useless

I don't have a job, live with my parents and I'm extremely shy one of the reasons I won't get a job, besides the fact that I don't go out looking for one i just send resumes by email, I haven't finished highschool, I am in community school (I think that's what is called) at 21 only had one job in my life which was with my dad so doesn't count, no friends, still a virgin, my brother thinks I'm useless he hasn't said that to me but I know he thinks so and I think my dad feels that way too, my mom is like she doesn't care sometimes, I'm always ignored when I say things or when I want to do something my brother is always saying the cons, I'm only feeling ok when I watch TV or Netflix which is what I do most of the day I don't even want to go to my classes anymore which is only 3 days a week for 2 hours. I want to die, I don't want to kill myself i couldn't do that to my parents nor my cat, sometimes I want to get sick and die so it won't be as sudden and painful for my parents, but I'm tired of feeling like shit everyday, I want to be successful, i want to go to college and get married, but I just don't do anything to change my life besides crying and feeling like shit, I just want the pain to stop already.

26-Feb-15 07:33 PM 2 Comments

How sad is the life of the ugly human male. Forced to suffer and be at the bottom of mankind.

26-Feb-15 12:12 PM By baldlose 1 Comment

Wednesday, February 25 2015

I have ruined my life because I procrastinate too much, even know I'm procrastinating.

I'm stupid.

I'm not lazy I just get distracted too much. If I could rid the distractions my life would be soo much easier and more complete.

From now on I will NOT procrastinate (lets see how that goes :p) and I will try and do something in order to become a success in life.

25-Feb-15 02:44 PM 0 Comments

can wait to pull the trigger and blow my brains all of the wall. to bad if the roof springs a leak and ruins the hard wood

25-Feb-15 09:48 AM By Rifleman 0 Comments

Tuesday, February 24 2015

I lack the initiative to do anything substantive, so it's no surprise I've never done anything worthwhile. Still, getting, let alone staying disciplined isn't as easy as it seems. If I didn't work at a family business, I'd probably be dead, which I wouldn't mind. I've failed at everything I've tried. No one has done so little with so much. Yes, failure is part of life, but I have a tough time with menial tasks, despite my efforts. In short, "Failure" is my middle name. At 47, I doubt I'll ever do anything worthwhile, even if I develop better disciplinary habits. I suck.

I wish all of you the best.

24-Feb-15 09:40 PM By Reds 0 Comments

I'm failing the studies I have indebted myself to. And soon I will not have any place to live. I'm a stupid lazy turd that had too high expectation of himself.

My parents are poor as fuck. I don't know where I'm going and what I'm doing with my life.

24-Feb-15 08:57 PM By jo 0 Comments

hey guys , my life sucks

i feel no one like me

i want to help my family but i can't

i don't want to say : "WHY?"

but i don't know what to do

i'm confused :(

24-Feb-15 02:02 PM By hamed 0 Comments

Why was I destined for shit

24-Feb-15 10:11 AM By brett 0 Comments

Why don't girls like me? Sounds so cliche right? But, honestly, why? They all hate me. I knew I was ugly, but I didn't think I was THAT ugly. I don't talk to anyone all day. I crave attention. Give me it.

24-Feb-15 12:18 AM By Why 3 Comments

Monday, February 23 2015

my life its very non cool it sucks cuz my friend tudor keeps his hand on my shoulder.that sucks:(

23-Feb-15 07:18 AM By ionceltrist 1 Comment

Luck always gets the better of me. Fuck.

Fuck my life.

Why did God even send me here when life smothers me every single minute?

... Why does sadness even exist?

23-Feb-15 01:26 AM 0 Comments

Sunday, February 22 2015

I am heading to a great embarrassment today... It's inevitable ..I am in a situation where nobody can help me or help myself...

22-Feb-15 07:20 PM By anonymous 0 Comments

Saturday, February 21 2015

I'm just a big failure joke. I'm always in last place. Quiet in school with no friends. Bad grades. No girlfriend, no car no driving skills, fat ugly, short, poor....everything bad. I suk at everything I do so I just live in the fictional world of gaming, but even there I suck and am last place in everything. I don't know why I suck at everything. What is talent? How do people accomplish anything in this world? I cant i csnt

21-Feb-15 08:42 AM By Failure 0 Comments

Thursday, February 19 2015

why is the male gender so fucked up

19-Feb-15 06:45 PM By charli 1 Comment

I just want to die.I can't go on anymore,everyone hates me because i'm ugly.I tried to fix myself but it's only getting worse and every next day it's more painfull.

19-Feb-15 01:29 PM 0 Comments


You're annoying. Stop visiting this site, it only makes things worse for you. You'll read this post and think to yourself, "Some stranger on the internet hates me, boohoohoo!" Who cares if people hate you! Move on with your life, damn it!

19-Feb-15 11:48 AM 0 Comments

Dear Sir, if my misery makes you happy, then browse my personal records, send me fake job offers use it against me or whatever. I brought this upon myself with my desperation and arrogance. I didn't want an enemy, just wanted to forgive a friend, however I failed that too. I've seen misery before in childhood, some vaguely shared, but many things are better left unsaid because only stupidity comes from my mouth. I don't want to self harm, because I worked hard for my mother for everything I have, even though it may mean little to anyone now.

I'm already in pieces, the best that I can do is apologise to all those who I have the misfortune to offend by my existence. I just don't want this senseless hate, I'll leave now with disgrace, but I will love you, even if you hate me for whatever reason. Farewell.

19-Feb-15 08:07 AM By Stephen 0 Comments

Why do I feel so angry all the time? There's this rage within me. You know when you boil water and it boils over? That's how I feel. I can't cool down. I just want to punch people in the face, I have an aggressive demeanor. Ahhhhh I want to just calm the hell down for once!

19-Feb-15 05:08 AM 0 Comments

I'm that person that would kick you while you're down. I would use your weakness against you. I would be happy and thrilled to see you suffer in misery. I love seeing you fail.

19-Feb-15 01:47 AM 1 Comment

Wednesday, February 18 2015

I'm a misanthropist, therefore, I hate you. I hate all of you.

I think we're all selfish, greedy, whiny, ungrateful, lazy, and ignorant slobs.

18-Feb-15 05:17 PM By I hate you 0 Comments

I have been jobless since May 2014, and have hit a wall where I have no desire to look for work. Yet I hate that my life consists of Netflix, and all things internet. FAIL.

18-Feb-15 04:21 PM 0 Comments

They say the truth will set you free; the question is into what? Firstly indeed I satisfy the parameters of a colossal d*** head by my gift to hurt people with words, even when I don't realize. However this time was unique in that deservedly but secretly I discovered what an oblivious moron thou art. I was so devoted I completely overlooked sarcasm as a complement. Moreover, the slow firing of my neurons from long term reclusion and unemployment prevented me at first from understanding what I had said, but as usual it was something severely dark and disrespectful. Unfortunately by that time there was so much hurt on both sides, that I was left feeling completely numb and deranged that the only condolence I could provide was yet another disturbing contextually lacking insight from my complete numbskull. That is when the panic and anxiety returned; what a nightmare. Yet here I am trying to purge myself and maintain a semblance of normality. But I'm convinced my visual cortex can't process the beauty of this world, or basilar membrane will never transduce the music of this world.

However, now all this mess I’ve created has fallen on my conscious so heavily that each walking day the image that greets me in the mirror is of mental sickness and spiralling thoughts. It is pointless to even try to ask for forgiveness anymore, the only god I know is this universe, and it has many gifts in store. I feel so sad for my mother’s sake that I have brought even more shame. I calculated that 1 million seconds ~ 277 days, and adding to that fateful day, is precisely October 1, a Saturday. So if I can regain focus, it gives me something to work towards while I sort out the affairs.

18-Feb-15 10:50 AM By Ste 1 Comment

I hate my boss. He embarrassed me and keeps threatening to sack me and i can't get a new job. i hate life

18-Feb-15 09:52 AM 0 Comments

I hate good looking people. Why am I so insecured? Gorgeous people make me sick.

18-Feb-15 07:55 AM 0 Comments

Tuesday, February 17 2015

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17-Feb-15 03:48 AM By Danielmirl 0 Comments

Monday, February 16 2015

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16-Feb-15 10:40 AM By Danielmirl 0 Comments

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16-Feb-15 07:16 AM By Devotion 0 Comments

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16-Feb-15 04:54 AM By Danielmirl 0 Comments

You cannot fail living. You either are alive or are not. Every life affects others in all ways because its quality is based on the perceptions of the lives around you. Learn from your mistakes while you can because you may not get to a choice on all aspects of the story.

Compete less while sharing what is healthy of yourself; you will find life to be full of great things. Pain is not forever. Love will not save you and above all accept responsibility in your part in the story you have helped to choose to write.

I certainly am not blameless in my story. I am cast as the hero and the villain from my perspective. There were decades that I blamed others for failures and misconceptions, which were my fault.

All of that matters little now. Someday you will realize it too. Next time you think you have a big problem, ask yourself this question. "Will it matter in 100 years?" If the answer is no, it likely is something you can get past. It is likely something that may be important to you now but will seem irrelevant when you're older.

I wish you all the best with your struggles, and hope you find a path you enjoy.


Good night.

16-Feb-15 02:41 AM By CDH 1 Comment

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16-Feb-15 01:58 AM By Danielmirl 0 Comments

Sunday, February 15 2015

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15-Feb-15 05:23 PM By Danielmirl 0 Comments

I feel like a loser at 53. I have multiple graduate degrees, have traveled, married (no kids), just moved into a new profession - and am now struggling again like I did when I was 24. I know this is depression - but it just sucks as this is not the life I had always hoped I would have - and now it feels too late...

15-Feb-15 03:50 PM By Middle Aged Male 0 Comments

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15-Feb-15 02:39 PM By Danielmirl 0 Comments

Guys, Im making an entry here, because the people to whom I usually explain are the ones involved in this screw up. If I may call that.

So, some of your friends don't like the other, whom do you hang out with? One is hurt? Can you see him hurt? What does he mean to you?

I fail my friends?

15-Feb-15 11:40 AM By Found it and then lost it again. 0 Comments

I have a boyfriend of 11 years that lives with his parents and has no interest in living with me. He also takes no interest in spending any time with me. Because I have recently finished a degree and I am dirt poor, I have had to go from living in student accommodation to living with my boyfriend and his parents. I hate living here, I feel so out of place, and I just want to get my own place but I can't yet as I have only just started a new job and so don't have the references needed to get myself into a rental property. My boyfriend has had a stable full time job for years yet shows no interest in living with me, is not willing to move out of his parents house and into a rental property with me.

15-Feb-15 01:15 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, February 14 2015

I will never be worthy of anything or anyone. No one likes me, no one believes in me, and everyone thinks I am so ignorant and stupid. I am smarter and more capable than they think, I just don't need to talk about it or show it. I already know that I will never have a girlfriend or wife - I accept that. But the hard part is learning to live. Being alone in a natural world of hunting and building is easy, but being alone in this new, cruel world of "it's who you know, not what you know" is hard. I will remain worthless, ugly, and hated. I can't stop that, but one thing I can change is my viewpoint on life. In time I will see the world for it's goodness. Thank you for reading this. I may be as dumb as everyone thinks, but at least I know who I am, and I accept it. Goodbye.

14-Feb-15 09:04 PM By Worthless 0 Comments

Friday, February 13 2015

my life has no meaning. i will never be able to fly in one of those planes that can land in water. i am lost.

13-Feb-15 02:47 PM 0 Comments

Looks like i will be getting kicked out of uni for failing a retake. This is after I've spent a year working my butt off to save up for a masters.

13-Feb-15 01:21 PM By failed 0 Comments

i feel like i am a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again. when i start again i do not want to make these mistakes again.

13-Feb-15 10:05 AM By fail guy 0 Comments

I'm pretty happy, not every single day but I try. I've worked hard to accomplish many things in life, travelled extensively, fell in love, educated, and just simply trying to enjoy each day for what it is. I don't understand why people give up on themselves so early on in the game.

13-Feb-15 03:35 AM By winner 0 Comments

Thursday, February 12 2015

Maybe one day I will be able to be how I used to be, so happy and contagious, not a negative thought on the horizon.

Maybe one day my body will tune and heal itself and work properly.

Quickly now! I don't have much time left!

12-Feb-15 10:25 PM By globbers 1 Comment

i have a french test tomorrow on stuff that the teacher didnt teach us and i dont know how to revise for it

12-Feb-15 05:10 PM By failure 0 Comments

Kerfuffle should be alllllweooed

12-Feb-15 02:07 PM By Kerfuffle 0 Comments

i feel as i i am a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start all over again and not make the mistakes i have before.

12-Feb-15 08:29 AM By i failed 0 Comments

Dear Daniel Mirl, nobody gives a shit about essays. Enough already! This site is my guilty pleasure, I find it interesting to read about people's struggles. Failing school at 13 is hilarious, just wait till REAL life begins when you reach adulthood.

12-Feb-15 02:43 AM 1 Comment

Monday, February 9 2015

Have been here before, but i must admit that my life still sucks. am too crippled by anxiety to go out into the world and make things happen. what happened to me was a tragedy and am haunted by all my failures and shortcomings day and night. honestly my life has become so unpleasant and so routine that i don't even know what i'll do tomorrow. despite how distasteful my life is at the moment, i know God is still God.

9-Feb-15 01:17 PM 0 Comments

Hello, Alisha here! Just want everyone to know that that guy named Stephen is C-R-A-Z-Y! In fact, I think everyone who has visited this site are completely strange people. A "social anomaly" if you will.

9-Feb-15 11:23 AM By Alisha 2 Comments

My penis is only 10 inches and my girlfriend laughed at me and told me to kill myself but I couldn't tie the noose correctly so I cried myself to sleep until I ran outside in front of a truck but I didn't die im just in a full body cast and now I can't kill my self and wtf ;-;

9-Feb-15 02:02 AM 0 Comments

Saturday, February 7 2015

Please show them god, moderator, whoever, that I did not write the Alisha complaint. Someone was trying to provoke me. They succeeded, now I have lost a good friend. Serves me right for ever coming here. I'm sorry for coming back, but I had to clear this up. Goodbye for good.

--fragile as the first

7-Feb-15 09:48 PM By Stephen Stan 0 Comments

------- A thousand thoughts ------

I take their advice and wisdom seriously. The tone of my voice is serious, hold me to his much and believe me in this. These good people helped me and they are appreciated, and I know who they are. I already thanked them for their kindness, beauty and intelligence in the human nature. I have faith in them and know they are genuine from their grammar. I have deep insecurity issues and bpd. I've been ungrateful by coming back here. Moreover I blame myself for my own problems; they should not carry any weight. They haven't done anything wrong, I'm sincere in this. It will take all my strength to overcome this, leaving this site is the first step. Believe me, I will not be back. I tagged this message with unique identifier for this purpose.

7-Feb-15 08:03 AM By Stephen Stan 0 Comments

Friday, February 6 2015

My amblyopia gave me my wandering eye ;( should I cry about that too. That eye is lazy like I but for you friend eye will keep trying. ;P

6-Feb-15 11:22 PM By Stephen Kong 0 Comments

WHO IS DOING THIS TO ME? Don't they CARE for the psychological DAMAGE they inflict. I already have problems, I have never cheated on a person. I have been abstinent. I'm struggling in life already. Now this is pushing me over the edge. They just using people and then throw them in the garbage. They belittle us when we are already vulnerable. What do they want from me, to kill myself, would that make them happy? They only care about their future. If I become lost my mother has to pick up the pieces. I'M FED UP! WHO IS DOING THIS TO ME! AND WHY THE F*** ARE YOU! THIS IS SERIOUS!

6-Feb-15 07:18 PM By Stephen 0 Comments

I spend all my days looking for work and waiting for just one mobile message from my only friend. Nothing ever came. I came here when I was so lost and sad. But I just lost my mind even further through this torturous medium trying to look for her. Even when I thought I found her, I still couldn't understand what was going on drunk on tears like the loser that I am. I thought I was human to someone, I'm nothing, I'm nothing! I might as well be dead now I can't go back to this asylum another back turned like every other friend I deserve this because I suck because I can't find a way to reach people because I feel into some sick game what rules.... i have fallen al-right like f*** Humpty dumpty, no worries stephen just pick yourself up and try again, i don't think so.a dfa sf

6-Feb-15 04:22 PM By Stephen 0 Comments

I failed two subjects in matric trice and im scared 2 go an rewrite because people will think im crazy

6-Feb-15 03:52 PM By Prince 0 Comments

This guy Stephen cheated on me with this homewrecker named Alisha. I was always loyal and faithful. I have a full-time job and a bright future. He was a good boyfriend, but he had wandering eyes. This girl spends all day on the internet and is failing school, yet he wants her. It's ok, I'll move on, I deserve better.

6-Feb-15 01:25 PM By S 0 Comments

You broke my heart Alisha, you broke my heart. Lucky I still have my big teddy bear to clutch for comfort.

6-Feb-15 10:44 AM By Stephen 0 Comments

I fail in life! I was given just one job : to study for a better future and I have wasted my life mostly on the Internet. I have no hopes for myself. I am 17, failing in school. And I just have no will power to learn from my mistakes. I STILL am on Internet writing this post. I am a loser.i have no interests, no goals, no talent and am aimlessly going about in this circle of life. I have so many upcoming tests and even then I choose to be here. I wish I was a better person. I wish I could just get all this time back and put it to better use! I FAIL! I FAIL! I FAIL! I FAIL! I FAIL! Please people suggest something. I have no plan B.

6-Feb-15 09:24 AM By Alisha 0 Comments

Dear friends and Rosie,

Please trust in yourself, I know easier said than done. I too have studied and am trying to find work to be self sufficient. In utter isolation, I've contacted past professor for advice. Unemployment is demeaning, it deprives us of our sense of purpose to make us feel sub-human; friendship appears mutually exclusive, in my case I don't feel I even deserve to be around these caring people.

My self worth was always 0 so I enjoy when I can apply knowledge. I hope you are refreshing your knowledge. Communication was never my strong point, apparently having a network is important, go figure. I've contacted many people in my community/field, but haven't received much interest.

But we must keep fighting and remember our efforts. No sense looking in the rear-view if you are moving forward. My parents are also shamed around friends/family. I talk with my mother, she got a sensing of my despair and told me there is nothing on the other side, she has been there, and so I better make the best of this life. I love my mother and her stern words. I always appreciated what she went through to raise me. We just want to care for them like they did for us.

Sorry for this monologue, I hate this site, it is good to release, but I will be departing. There was a compliant from someone telling me that I suck and they were right about everything. But there is a complaint regarding mathematics, definitely from someone different, which bugged me and does not appear genuine. They are probably angry they didn't receive a wake-up call in bed. Sorry you had to hear that, I take offense to mathematics very seriously.

I wish you all the best my friend in securing work soon. Take care and may the gods of happiness shine upon you.

6-Feb-15 09:12 AM By Stephen Stan 0 Comments

Will I ever be happy again

Will anything I say or do feel genuine again

I care so much but do so little

I live in fear and loneliness

6-Feb-15 08:10 AM By lost 0 Comments

Trust I seek and I find in you

Every day for us something new

Open mind for a different view

and nothing else matters

6-Feb-15 02:43 AM By Metallica 0 Comments

Thursday, February 5 2015

I fail, fail at everything...I'm trying, I swear I am, but I am so useless that it never works. I don't really have anything to speak of. I'm 24 years old, my parents pay for my apartment because I can't find a job...I'm trying, I swear I am, but I never get the call to say I got the jobs I applied for. Talking about my parents...I can't even face them. i don't want to see the disappointment in their face. I know they are ashamed of me. Last time I had a face-to-face conversation with my parents was in September. why are they still paying for me? Because it is even more shameful to have a homeless kid. At least my other siblings can make our parents proud. Amongst my 4 siblings I am the only who can't achieve anything. Why am i not moving back in with my parents? Because they don't want the neighbours to see me.

What else do I have? a university degree in a field I like. I really do, but I can't find a job because of budget cuts all around the city/country/world. I try dating, but every time I think i am ready I question myself what is the point. The person will get tired of me and will kick my sorry ass out when I will be getting comfortable. Who I am kidding I don't even let that happen. I go on the date then I just stop talking to the person...not that I think this person would talk to me after anyway. I prefer to be pretending I'm the one who is not interested. I try, i war I do but I don't want to be disappointed, I can't handle it. I'd rather be alone for the rest of my life...hide under my blankets and wait for time to pass.

Last night I googled myself and + the only accomplishment I have ever made. Turned out it got delete the Internet. Perhaps the fact that that accomplishment happened 15 years ago is the reason why it is no longer there.

5-Feb-15 08:29 PM By Rosie 1 Comment

Why me?

All I want is a life with no stress. Be happy free from pain.and just breath easy..

5-Feb-15 04:02 PM By Jack 0 Comments

Dear Sir, as my story lies that I've been a boy with no knowledge. I've been telling that I will not able to do anything in future.As our Principal also says that I'm a very weak student in all subjects.I failed in Preboards and now the Board is appearing in less than 1 Month is left.If I can't do anything then I know that I will be bullied by my father and then my life will be miserable.I want to know the answer of one thing that what I should do now.I will be very glad if u can provide me a time-table for my daily routine sir.

5-Feb-15 12:22 PM By I Know I will fail in my CBSE Board exam 2015 0 Comments

This site sucks.

You suck.

You're weak.

You're inadequate.

You're a quitter.

You fucked up.

You lost everything.

You had it, but you're a selfish, ungrateful bastard and lost it all.

You're merely human.

Try, try again.

5-Feb-15 10:28 AM 0 Comments

Forever trusting who we are

No, nothing else matters

5-Feb-15 07:56 AM By Stephen 0 Comments

Wednesday, February 4 2015

mathematics and its necesseity in life is killing millions of youngsters dreams yearly and theres no solution. Not for me, math will really kill me. The worst is everyone round me is great at it and Im horrible even though I work hard at it more than them.... Guess Im not as I was made to believe huh, what a wake up call.

4-Feb-15 03:34 PM 0 Comments

Tuesday, February 3 2015

My father tells me to speak up to my mother....but, I don't care what happens or where we move. He keeps tell me to speak my opinion, but sometimes I want to speak out against him, but then he'd consider that wrong. Sometimes you just can't win.

3-Feb-15 08:26 PM By Torn 0 Comments

I cant think of any chapter of my life where I didn't fail. I did well in school but never finished college. When people hear that I dont have any degrees they look at me with confusion and disgust. I have no friends. The only person who I talk with will only call when he has problems. As a teen my siblings and I were not really close, my mom was full of mental issues and my dad although a good provider, was into friends/gambling. I didn't finish college because i couldn't handle it along with a full time job out of high school. Girls in my high school despised me because for whatever reasons due to my better grades, looks. I always had better guy friends so the girls hated me for friending their boyfriends. Most of them were bullies yet managed to stay in school and now have high paying careers where I am post partum depressed and unemployed. I had a complicated pregnancy and fast foward I am failing as a mother, wife daughter and sister. I try to brings siblings together but most of them dont care to meet up. My husband works all the time and is just another grown up kid. I married young and never follows through on my dreams- would've failed anyways. I supported my parents at one point financially then my brother then my husband. All our savings are gone. We are delinquent on credit cards which we used to pay hospital bills. We had to leave our house due gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning incidents that no one could figure out what the source was. I have sold my jewelry to pay bills. As soon as I have some extra money to pay for debt something else major comes up. I cant live up to any expectactions. My son is so young but already lashes at me. He has his own other issues. I am in my 30's but look much older. I just feel like I shouldn't even try to hope for things because nothing seems to fall in place. Lost work, house, in major debt, no friends literally and estranged family. I can't understand why my child doesn't get healthy. Sick over sick weeks. I dont neglect him at all and doctors say hes will grow out of this or that. I just dont see any light anywhere.

3-Feb-15 06:45 PM By stuck 1 Comment

Hi everyone first time posting I have failed at everything Iv done so far in life I failed at school and at college failing at both I have no motivation to do anything I can't communicate with people in a professional level I'm so depressed lately I have no feeling at night all I do is worry about the future and the fact I will not be able to provide for myself I have a supportive family and my girlfriend left me because I kept being an asshole about my career Iv been with her for 4 years we had sex with each for the 1st time with each other I had some problems in my mind about sex and I couldn't get hard for a girl until she came around and fixed it and I put all my shit on her and made her hate me and there has been constant arguments about my job and my life between my mother and family and my girlfriend and I was stuck in the middle and I was trying to please both sides and not be and I got put in a comfortable habit and was depressed and I have effected her for the rest of her life how can she get with anyone else after all this like I fucked up And my job I quit everything and like my comforts to much I'm lasy as fuck and I can't do anything for myself now I have no girlfriend who has been my support mechanism for 4 years and no job and no quilfacations and I think in a failure Iv been on anti depressants and Iv thought of suicide everyday for 5 months and I don't want to do it for my family sake

3-Feb-15 01:18 PM By Daniel 0 Comments

May the Lord return in multiplies to those who have given kindness, may he continue to bless their beauty and intelligence. I beg for forgivingness for transgressions if I have unfortunately misled or offended, shown gratitude in incorrect ways, or not been mutual to their circumstances. I hope God knows how much respect I have always held for them, they are my idols. I never wanted them to see my humility, if it hurt them in any way I don't think I would be able to live with myself.

3-Feb-15 02:04 AM By BrokenLines 0 Comments

Monday, February 2 2015

When I rise up and live in eternal happiness and boundless existence. When the golden lights casts down on my soul with purity and fatherly, motherly love. When God lifts me up, I won't remember all this earthly chaos and unfortunate twists and turns. For I will be in the grandest grace of Him. I will rejoice - and all the anguish, tears, solemn thoughts, and pain will be a life forgotten. I will take with me the memories of love on earth, for that is all I am. The only hope.....the last will.

2-Feb-15 08:28 PM By I wont remember 0 Comments

I'm paranoid I can't even sleep any more. I don't know whose face I am seeing or what is happening. Nothing is making sense, everything is so vague and now I don't know what is going on. My mind is slipping, I'm looking for things that aren't there. There are no real signs or mail coming in. I feel lost in darkness and trying to find light switch but I keep reaching and there is nothing there but more darkness. This is madness, my writing makes now sense to me, I need a understandable sign from sanity not more madness. Is anyone really there or riddle or what or who or why ....seen

2-Feb-15 05:09 PM By SOS 0 Comments

Why do the angels torture me through this medium when they know how to contact me properly. I will never know. God rest my soul.

2-Feb-15 11:29 AM By Finished 0 Comments

Small things can depress me for a whole day. Petty shit like telling me I suck at soccer,Saying Im a waste of space, ignoring me around town, failing. I am a real fuck up in life, truly. 17 yo no gf, real friends no shit.

I am nothing, my body my face my mind are all ugly and sometimes I fear my reflection. I even think that Im not really a person sometimes, a ghost or "phantasm".

Theres really is no happ

2-Feb-15 10:28 AM 0 Comments

Ok I admit it was all about love. When she left I was distraught because for the first time I realised I could love someone more than myself. It was subtraction, my difference was negative. I wish I could have integrated better, d(society), but I just never gave a friend. You know she gave me unconditional love, like a mother, that is rare. But the variables were too complex and my functions spit out garbage. I hope she is doing well somewhere, anyway I got to get back to reality. But I will remember the projection of her smile onto my life vector.

2-Feb-15 05:52 AM By Mihart Cavin 0 Comments

Sunday, February 1 2015

My family has seperated me I have not one friend after living where I have for almost four years failing as a spouse, failing as a mother, failing as a worker, failing to find purpose ive given up.

1-Feb-15 07:43 PM By name 0 Comments

I am 17 years old, I love smoking weed and hash and i'm falling behind on school, what i've learned is that everything DOES turn out the way its supposed to turn out cause on high school i've failed the last year horribly and blamed it on smoking weed, but even though the year after it I didn't stop smoking weed and still passed school, right now i'm on a MBO school and I have to work with programs such as Premier Pro, After Affects and what-not and I feel like i'm behind MAJORLY compared to the others, i unno what to do all i know is ima smoke a fatty everyday to keep my spirits in.

1-Feb-15 04:58 PM By mitch 0 Comments

I am 17 years old, failing my third year of high school in a row, and unable to even catch back up by the end of the year. My parents are going to flip. I'm too depressed and anxious to even get through high school, and I honestly can't even picture myself existing in 20 years, so what am I working for? My whole life has been centered around my brother and I've been pushed to the back burner since the day I was born. I'm done.

1-Feb-15 04:26 PM By Anon 0 Comments

As stated previously. I am 26 unemployed, and I live with my mother. I failed out of college now I am trying to go back to be an RN. But there is no way I will succeed. I have no way to pay for college save loan's, and to top it all off I cannot apply for unemployment because I agreed to resign so I could be rehired. I could probably get a 4.0, and not get into any RN programs, but I am giving it a shot anyways. I have no complaints. On that note I need a smoke, and to study.

1-Feb-15 01:04 PM By Andrew Gavin 0 Comments

I am 26 unemployed, and I live with my mother. I failed out of college now I am trying to go back to be an RN, but there is no way in hell I will succeed. I have no way to pay for college save lones, and to top it all off I can't apply for unemployment because I agreed to resign so I could be rehired. I have no complaints. I am going back to school I probably won't get into any, financial aids, or any lone's. So I could probably get a 4.0, and it still wouldn't mean a thing. I have no complaints. Save this I want my old job back so I can get out of my house, and on with my life.

1-Feb-15 12:57 PM 0 Comments

Report cards are coming and I'm failing math :-0 and a 56% in history :( FML my whole life is going to be taken away from me!

1-Feb-15 09:47 AM By FML 0 Comments

Saturday, January 31 2015

Ok so here is the thing. Ever since I was a child I always felt I didn't really fit in whatever situation I was put in. I was socially awkward and always seemed to be missing the point of whatever it was I was meant to be doing. I just didn't get life and how to live. I am highly competitive but don't like to fail and therefore won't put myself in positions where i will probably fail. I always liked to prove to the world that I had absolutely everything figured out.

Anyway enough about my weird mental state I actually came here to complain about boys. Yes I can hear you collectively sigh...Not again some emotional girl coming to complain about her love life (or lack of).

Anyway, this friend of many years has told me he really likes me (he used the words 'first love') which only freaked me out not because I don't know how I feel about him but because he lives on another continent and now we are in a weird situation where he treats me like his girlfriend but actually we haven't even kissed because of never being in the same country so for me that is weird because we are super close but I don't know if I will ever love him as much as he seems to loves me so right now seeing as I really do like (and may even love) him a lot I am stringing him on and will probably do what i do best which is push him away at the first chance I get because I am emotionally unattached and don't like complication and at the same time figuring myself out but I still want to be with him all the same...and yes I don't understand what I just wrote so I don't expect you to follow along with that either.

Next I have weirdly fallen for another guy at the same time. But the thing is that not only are we from very different religions and therefore neither of us would go there...We have only met a few times but I swear that tension was tangible and I really want to explore it despite my conscious but that is proving difficult as whenever I see him it is in the most inconvenient circumstances and also I am such an awkward person that I just...

And now I am sitting in my room alone on a Saturday night just really angry because I just don't know how to do life.

And the worst part is that I have only explained a fraction of the messed up situation that is my life...Because the rest is far too complicated to even write down. So it is easier to just write about my failed love life.

Is it really cliche if I bring up my weight now...

I just want to be able to be

31-Jan-15 06:13 PM By who cares even 1 Comment

We're moving again. When I met you I had a good job. But, I left to chase a unrealistic dream at a bad time. The 2008 destroyed all of that. I went to work in NYC, where I always wanted to work. A complete disaster. I had two bosses who wanted me gone the entire time I worked there and, by the way, the commute was an hour and fifty minutes one way. We came here to start over and we're still broken and broke. I did find a job here but they fired me. I guess my gut feeling was right and my boss really did not like me. I am getting too old to relearn and get certified in my profession. I feel like a misfit. I have asked God to give me a

31-Jan-15 04:23 PM By The endless freefall 0 Comments

My god what have I said, who have I wronged? I once knew a poor soul who killed himself and I always wondered how one could sink so low. Well now I know, the damage people do with words is remarkable. It is barbaric! Rather than break bread, communicate, love one another, we'd rather hurt one other. Oh lord, when in due time this high voltage capacitative discharge runs through my heart, nobody will give a damn aside from you, because only you can see what lies in my heart. I have affairs to sort out, but I am man of my word. And I will make sure to record my exponential decay so that the time constant can be found for scientific purposes. Will that be something useful for you f-----? Kick a dog while it is down, break someone else's will. I wish we could play, but this game of life isn't for me. The rules are the logic of madness. Sorry if I have disappointed you lord, there is something terribly wrong with me as I cannot understand this world.

31-Jan-15 11:18 AM By Smileyface 0 Comments

Dear Universe,

Hurt me, spit on me, eat my shorts. You bitter, unrelenting, coward. You have my email for professional contact. I will see you in hell.

Yours Sincerely,


31-Jan-15 05:41 AM 0 Comments

I lost my job and I feel useless as fuck.

Everything on earth seems to put me down. I can't go to sleep, or end the day feeling like I matter or did something even remotely productive. I sit around all day playing video games, doing some washing, and spending hours applying for jobs, online and in person.

I really want my hairdressing apprenticeship back. I want to learn, earn money and be trained in that field. I miss talking to different people every working day. I miss when leisure time was precious. I am sad, I am a mess and I am alone.

31-Jan-15 05:27 AM 0 Comments

I dropped out of my PhD program, the top program in my field, because I am unqualified to be in this institution and I see my utter incompetence compared to my peers. During the past two years, the only metric of my success has been relative to the PhD students around me, which has eroded my self esteem to the point of clinical depression. I've also suffered from sexual harassment at work.

In terms of personal life, I would say that I'm attractive, and I am lucky enough to have many opportunities for both meaningless and meaningful sex. Yet I feel empty nonetheless.

I also recently watched two of my grandparents die in front of my eyes. I held their hands as their lives slipped away in a haze of morphine.

Now I'm searching for a job on Wall St. Although I'm getting many interviews and am receiving a lot of professional attention (my resume is impressive on paper), I have forgotten the majority of what I've learned and I'm terrified of being exposed because I consider myself a fraud.

I do not harm myself. I do not think about suicide (anymore). I have gotten help, but I still feel moments of utter despair.

I know that I'm extraordinarily lucky to be in such a fortuitous position, but I feel my life is hopeless anyway. I need to readjust my world view and focus on the positive instead.

31-Jan-15 01:47 AM By E 8 Comments

Friday, January 30 2015

I feel really bad. My friend cuts. I cut.Were both thinking 1 thing:suicide. I'm sick with what I'm guessing a cold. I don't know how bffs doing. I feel terrible, like everything is my fault.

30-Jan-15 07:37 PM By Blue 0 Comments

I am Wenjun, a Chinese homosexual who failed at life because I have been living in a basement for years and working as a lowly loser who can't do anything other than complain and grouse at everything.

I became gay because no girls like me and I think they are all gold-diggers, and I've been single for over two decades and is still a virgin. I felt like committing suicide...

Pls call me at 98945012 (Append 65 to the front) for sex...

30-Jan-15 08:58 AM By Wenjun Chew. 0 Comments

I am Wenjun, a Chinese homosexual who failed at life because I have been living in a basement for years and working as a lowly loser who can't do anything other than complain and grouse at everything.

I became gay because no girls like me and I think they are all gold-diggers, and I've been single for over two decades and is still a virgin. I felt like committing suicide..

Call me at 98945012 (Append 65 to the front) for sex..

30-Jan-15 08:41 AM By Wenjun Chew 0 Comments

Thursday, January 29 2015


We get report cards tomorrow.My arms are itching at the thought.I suck at school.The highest grade i have is a B.Mum already thinks im stupid.


29-Jan-15 10:06 PM By Blue 0 Comments

Failling my matric give me hard time in life because i almost commite suicide.I got suplmetary of Economics and Accounting but negative attitude i got from my teacher made my mind to not write it....They said NO ONE PASS SUB.Am feeling bad of myself and disappointin my parents because my two sisters quit at grade 11 @ school....Department of Education promise to give us second chance in NYDA am still lookin up to with hopeless faith;( am wondering what South Africa wuld be after this CAPS took over

29-Jan-15 03:45 AM By Nontlanta Damane 0 Comments

Wednesday, January 28 2015

Do I meet their contradictory selection criteria? No! Do they have music in the workplace? No! How can they work without music- it's misleading. I am a dickhead, but why we even discussed this role if there is no music in workplace. I have better things to do with my time, like living life and breaking expensive equipment. I will even fail to return to this site.

28-Jan-15 08:55 AM By Heart_Machinoid 0 Comments

Tuesday, January 27 2015

kjkljljkjlll omg are you greaking kidding me where is my complain i just freaking typed out i spent like a couple minutres on that are you greaking kidding me are you frekaing kidding me and i wasated time i coud=ld have been doing homwok on tha liek what the actual heck?!

27-Jan-15 10:01 PM 1 Comment

when im gone.(my version.)

i got my ticket for the long way out.

2 bottles of pills for the day.

ive been through mountains,

been through rivers,

experianced things that gave me shivers,

but it wouldnt make since to you.

when im gone.

when im go-ne,

you wont miss me when im gone.

you wont miss me,

you wont care,

you wont care if im not there,

no,you wont miss me when im gone.

(which is true for me.)

27-Jan-15 09:13 PM By Blue 0 Comments

i have no hope for love..i feel so ugly. my hair is thinning badly. im crying so bad. i think my future husband will not love me. all my life i am single. i feel so ugly. im frustrated. cry cry cry.

27-Jan-15 01:01 PM By blad 0 Comments

Monday, January 26 2015

I realized this when i first started typing on here:

almost no one answers your txts unless the problem's realy bad,like suicide bad.

but heres what i think: you dont care about wouldnt care if i DID atemp dont care if i cut.oh,what am i talking about?

no one cares about me!

so go ahead.skip this wont matter in the end.

26-Jan-15 11:17 PM By Blue 4 Comments

First thing: no complaints! I am 53 and have failed at a variety of things but I feel a person is only a failure when they give up! I have worked at 3 different professions with each coming to an end leaving me high and dry. But, if you want something you have to be open to any and all opportunities, specially the ones that don't look like good ones. Learn to find the good in everything you do. I am now dying in a painfully slow physically constricting way yet I will fight every day of what's left. Stop drowning in misery, self loathing and negative crap. Make decisions, follow up, stand as tall as you are and push towards what you can. Just stop staying stagnant by those who have no dreams, dream large, largest as your imagination can conceive. Anything less is still more than most aspire to. Remember, 1000 failures are erased by 1 success, and its all yours!

26-Jan-15 03:59 PM By Tantagoth 1 Comment

Once I completed BEng degree, commenced Masters studies which took negative gradient; not due to lack of effort though, which made it all the worse. Now I'm left with no work references or useful work experience. As this drags on I feel like I am becoming unemployable, would take any job if someone would give me a chance. I have been called so many things useless, autistic, incompetent.. I suppose I am incompetent for life, the words have hurt but possibly helped me study harder. I can live without a single friend and be hated forever for whatever reason, but I need to find work before it gets too late. I have read some stories here and my heart goes out to these people. I shouldn't even burden the angels with any of this as they don't deserve it. I'll just thank them and apologise that I bothered them.

26-Jan-15 03:14 PM By cv.end 1 Comment

Sunday, January 25 2015

I just took a bunch of depression quizs,and they all said i have major scared.

25-Jan-15 11:27 PM By Blue 0 Comments

I'm 31. I finished a degree about 7 months ago but can't get a job out of it as all job listings for laboratory job say experience required. It took me 6 years of part time studying and living dirt poor in horrible situations to get the degree. I got another job, nothing to do with what I studied, and I'm doing terrible at it. I can't keep up with the work load. I don't think I'll ever have a stable job or place to live. My sister in law pretty much told me that I'm too dumb to get a degree and to get a job out of it. Although it's true, I can't believe someone would say that to another person, I would never put someone else down like that.

25-Jan-15 03:16 AM 1 Comment

Saturday, January 24 2015

I now write frequently on this site because I sort of find comfort in sharing my stories with someone and knowing I am not alone. Truth is I am really alone in my world man, the only reason I keep going is hope that change of almost biblical proportions may actually come into my life which would be miraculous really.

I have no one in my life, things may be okay in my life but there is no one there to love me. I embarass myself, I disgust myself and sometimes I really hate myself, I hate my own existence, my body, my mind my soul the day I was born. I sometimes think that I was meant to be an example of true loneliness and failure for others.

I am a good natured guy at heart with depressive tendencies and an exterior which exudes I dont know what but whatecer that is,it attracts hate and scorn from everyone unlucky enough to see my face.I am afraid to walk in the streets because of the looks people give me sometimes almost like I am a monster or an alien or demon. Notice how all these are dark, people see me as this horrible person without even knowing me. This really troubles me daily and sometimes when I hear beautiful music and something that hits home I cry a bit. I cry at night when I think about my lifes failures, 16 no friends, no gf, no love from family, misunderstood, all spell out suicide and depression.


If I did nt believe in spirituality I would have killed myself. This would put so many souls at rest, at peace and happiness knowing that the demon is dead. To belive that your identity is not at all human, less than human and lower than scum to people you care for and everyone is torturous to any one. I just wish I would be a soul complete and free from the hell of living in the material world and the age of decline and be free from any of this rejection, expectation and mercilessness of the world and the human race. I dont hate humans, I fear them for they are all predators who feed on the souls of the weak to gain satisfaction. You cant be happy unless you are a predator here on earth. i doubt there is a hell because this is hell itself.

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Friday, January 23 2015

I want to commit suicide first but I'm to much of a pussy to. my life sucks! my mom verbally and physically abuses me calling me pathetic and worthless and it really does bring me down! then the next she's acting all happy and like she's te best mother in the world! also I can't et motivated to study or anything I a freshman in high school and I hate it everything and Everton there yes I have several friends but my mom and studying bad grades everything I want to be in piece live in piece. trying to commit suicide is my only solution. maybe at 3:00 am I will. now I will. finally I will. of course I will.

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Life is endlessly cruel. And cruelly endless. Eh?